FREE Sample of Ecover Dishwashing Liquid

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I have a piece of GOOD NEWS to share!

For those with sensitive hands and to those who did not win in the recent Ecover Give-away, here’s a chance for you to get your free Ecover’s dish washing liquid!

The branding agency that I normally work with for product give-away informed me that they have gotten their hands on some 100gm sample packs of Ecover’s dish washing liquids.

So if you are interested to get a bottle of sample for yourself, your friend or your family members, all you have to do is hop over to the link below and fill out a simple and short online form:

That’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy right?

The redemption period will be until 31 August 2014 and there are only  about 30 sample packs specially reserved for my readers. I am so excited to share these samples – they are miniature tubs, in  the shape of the normal sizes.

Since 1980, Ecover is the world’s best known brand of environmentally friendly household cleaning products. Ecover is powered by nature and produces cleaners derived from plants and minerals. This means its products are free from harsh and sometimes harmful chemicals, that may cause dry skin and blisters to the skin.

Ecover products are made in Belgium and the bottles are made from sugar cane-based polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. Their eco surfactants have been tested to provide powerful cleaning with complete biodegradability and low toxicity. A win for us and for Mother Nature!

Don’t let this opportunity to try out this super mild dish washing liquid slip away again.  Quick hop over to the link above to request for a bottle.

And I need a favor from those who are requesting for a sample to please leave a comment here to let me know that you are interested.   Thank you!






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Our Saturday – 23 August 2014

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Today is a school day for Alycia and Sherilyn. It is a replacement school day for holiday taken during the recent Hari Raya celebration.

When her 2 sisters woke up at 5:45am this morning, Cass woke up too. She normally wakes up when her 2 sisters wake up and prepare for school.   I think Cass should not have any problem waking up early for school when she starts Primary 1 next year. She is an early riser and goes to bed pretty early too.

So what did Cass do so early on a Saturday morning?   She is still very much hooked on hooking Rainbow Loom bracelets.  This morning, she made 3 flower rings, which she said  will be given  to anyone who wants them.

Nice?  Any takers?  ;)

The rings are  pretty easy and fast to churn out.  And they look so pretty on Cass’ cute stubby baby fingers  ♥♥

I know I am going to miss those cute baby fingers of hers very soon and I am feeling all sappy already, thinking that she is fast growing up and no longer a baby.


Later, we dug into some yummy breakfast at our favorite cafe – Casa Del Cocco Cafe.  This cafe serves healthy Italian dishes.  We love their healthy breakfast sets, which come with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh fruits with plain yoghurt.   We love their different varieties of egg dishes cooked the health freak style.

Healthy Green Omelette (eggs + pesto) with alfalfa sprouts for the little girl in green, wearing her freshly churned out green flower Rainbow Loom ring…




To all my readers, I wish you’ll have an awesome weekend with your loved ones.   Did your eyes tear after reading today’s newspapers?  I had an emotional morning at the gym today – working out on the air walker while reading the newspapers.  Pictures of grieving MH17 relatives brought tears to my eyes too.  I forced myself to flip away those pages and stop reading when I felt a lump choking in my throat.    My thoughts are with the family and friends of all those on board MH17 and may those who perished RIP.


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My Thursday

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Hubs was in a mood to have lunch with Cass and I today (we seldom have lunch together on school-going days), so we had claypot fish noodles in tong kwai and yam soup at a nearby restaurant.  After lunch, he needed his coffee fix, so we went to Doifee Cafe to have a cuppa latte.  I warned him not to order anymore cakes as the girls and I are totally fed up with cakes lately– cakes from cafes and cakes from his shop.  But he still ordered a slice of carrot cake (supposedly for him and me) and tuna sandwich for Cass *BURRRRP*!   My foodie hubs is at his happiest when he is surrounded with food and good coffee.  Thus, I think that his job as a caterer suits him like a glove.  Oh yeah, if you need a caterer, give  me a tinkle ;)


We left the cafe with the carrot cake untouched and had it boxed up for take-away instead.   That will be the girls’ dessert tonight.  I ain’t touching anymore cakes for a long time, unless it is my absolute favorite like pandan chiffon cake (must be homemade, that is!) or my favorite flour-free orange almond cake from Nutmeg.

Effective today for a month, my duty as cook would resume as the MIL has left for Hong Kong today.  Today is also a no-maid day for me, which means I will be a full-time maid cum cook, on top of my chauffeuring and tutoring chore *sobs*

Now, I have to get back to toilet scrubbing and floor mopping. Hopefully my part-time maid will come to my rescue tomorrow!



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Papa’s 71st Birthday Celebration in KL (16 – 17 August 2014)

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My beloved papa celebrated his 71st birthday with us in KL this year.  His birthday was yesterday, 19 August but he and mum came to KL on Saturday to have a small celebration with us.  We make it a point to go back to Ipoh to celebrate his birthday almost every year but this year, his birthday week did not coincide with any public holiday or school holiday, unlike previous years.  Initially we wanted to make a trip back to Ipoh on Saturday and return to KL on Sunday but dad being the ever loving and sacrificing dad said that it would be too hectic for us as the girls had to go to school on Monday. So, he volunteered to drive down to KL.  My 71-year old dad driving his car on the highway – that actually got me worrying about him.  Thank God he and mum reached KL safely and returned to Ipoh safely the next day.

The chocolate fudge birthday cake is from Les Deux Garcons Patisserie.  The cake was very chocolaty, moist and not overly sweet nor cloy.  Simplicity and elegance best describe this chocolate cake, baked by a French baker.


My parents with their ‘chan kar’ – my mil.  Picture is cropped coz my MIL does not want her face to appear in the world wide web :D


The birthday dinner was held at Pik Wah (MABA) Restaurant @ Jalan Pudu.

The Four Seasons dish… which was enough to fill our tummies up with just this dish alone.


There was also a bowl of sharks fins soup, fried chicken with prawn crackers, veggie and this must-have longevity noodles.


Dad, mum, Cass and my youngest brother, Roy.  Isn’t he good-looking? Well, he is still available (ahem), holds a good-paying job, holds degree from a UK uni, is a fitness freak with six packs and has everything a girl wants.  *clears throat*   I hope Roy, who is in his late 30s does not read this post else he will be ballistic and fuming mad with me for ‘advertising’ his availability lol!

Cass looks mopey in the picture as she was down with a slight runny nose that night.


Dim Sum brunch at Oriental Pavillion @ Jaya 33 PJ the next day.   Cass sticks to my mum like bee to honey and calls her granny ‘best buddy’ :)


The Rainbow Loom bracelets that Alycia, Sherilyn and Cass made for koong koong for his birthday :)


After brunch at Oriental Pavillion, we did some shopping at Jaya Grocer before adjourning to Doifee Cafe @ Taman Desa for some nice coffee and cakes.




I pray that God will bestow my papa with the best of health, razor sharp mental acuity and impeccable physical mobility always.  Happy birthday papa and may you be blessed with many, many more birthdays :)


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When Will The Rainbow Loom Bubble Burst?

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My baby girl woke up even earlier than I did this morning. She knocked on my door at 6:30am and when I saw her, she had already gotten herself ready — teeth brushed, clothes changed and hair nicely tied up.  She must have woken up at 6:15am or even earlier.

So why did she wake up so early this morning? Babe, it’s a Saturday and mummy wants to catch up on her beauty sleep!!  I felt pissed off a wee bit that she woke me up from my dream… albeit I cannot really remember what I was dreaming about haha!

So this is the motivating factor…

To hook her loom bands for her teachers… she said that she wants to give her teachers and besties each a loom band before she leaves kindy for good in 3 months’ time!


Rainbow Loom has such a phenomenal influence worldwide. Kids and adults alike love them and wear them.   Even the plumber who came to our house to fix our kitchen tap two days ago, who claimed that he is illiterate was seen wearing a loom bracelet.

In case you do not already know, the creator of Rainbow Loom is Ng Cheong Choon, a 45-year-old Chinese Malaysian, who until recently worked as a crash test dummy safety engineer in Michigan. At home, he noticed his daughters making rubber band bracelets on their fingers. Eventually, vague trappings of an idea began to form in the recesses of his head: a plastic loom toy that would help weave the rubber bands into bracelets. Unlike most people, who think of innovative ideas but never act upon them, Ng got to work on it, visualizing the toy that would become the Rainbow Loom!

Ng Cheong Choon and his family.



When will the Rainbow Loom bubble burst I wonder?  Every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street and mall is seen wearing a loom bracelet.  What am I going to do with all these colorful rubber bands when the Rainbow Loom bubble bursts and my girls no longer want to have anything to do with them?  I think I should keep them in a box and keep them like how my mum has been keeping all my most-loved-collectibles since I was a little girl.  When my girls re-discover them again many, many moons down the road, I hope that these will give them the warm fuzzies of their happy childhood days.   Till today, I still love my 3-decade old Sanrio collectibles. I love them to the moon and back and will never give them away :)


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The Things Some Mindless Drivers Do

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The other day when I was driving Cass back from kindy, I saw a man driving a Kelisa. My eyes almost popped out when I saw that he was carrying a baby girl (about 8-9 months old) with his left hand and maneuvering the steering wheel with his other hand!! No one else was in the car. He was making a left turn on a busy main road… very slowly. What if his baby wails, whines or struggles? Or throws up and kicks up a big fuss? That area is a busy business centre with heavy traffic. He cannot possibly stop short in the middle of the road to attend to his restless or crying baby.

The next day, I saw a lady driving her car… with a dog sharing her seat!  The pooch was seated in front of her, facing the steering wheel.  It was about 6:45 in the morning when the skies were still partially dark.

And then there is this elderly man in his mid sixties who would park his car about 5 meters away from the traffic lights and hogging almost three quarter of the left lane every single morning at my neighborhood. I can see that his mobility ain’t very efficient but hello, why do you want to park your car right smack in the middle of the road to the inconvenience of other road users?  I can only surmise that he is doing it just so he does not have to find a space to park his car. Also,  he can get into his car and drive away easily without having to pay for car park.  He does this every single morning and I think he eats his breakfast at the nearby coffee shops. His car poses a danger to all the motorists as it is obstructing the traffic and some motorists driving hastily to work could possibly ram into this old man’s car, thinking that it is a moving car.

In today’s Sin Chew Jit Poh newspaper, my MIL showed me the picture of an incident in Taiwan. Someone snapped a picture of that car with a kid sitting on top of the car roof!  Mind you the kid was not sitting inside a car with part of his body protruding through the sunroof.  The kid sat on top of the roof of the car!  What kind of parents would allow the child to sit precariously on a car roof?   W. T. Fool!!

Lack of foresight and brainless are all I can think of to label these people.

Short cuts in life do not guarantee time saved. In fact, it may be disastrous and you end up wasting more time.

Why wait for an accident or something tragic to happen before some people realize their mistakes and foolishness? Haiz…


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Cass The Vainpot

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A promise is a promise.   I promised Cass that I would get her a new swimsuit after she lost hers at Pavillion Shopping Mall two weeks ago.

So here’s the little vainpot in her new Frozen swimsuit, which she loves to bits. If you like it too, you can order it from my online store :)


Here’s a picture of the lil’ vainpot taken this morning just before school.   She got up at the same time as her 2 che ches at 6am and started her day very, very early today.   This morning, she is on a vanity mode.  She brushed her hair for the longest time, put on a headband that she has not worn for yonks and wore her bright red Adidas sports shoes to school, complete with socks. She normally wears slippers or sandals to school as kids have to remove their shoes before entering the premises.

What will Cass be when she grows up? Right now, she tells me that she wants to me a model and do catwalking when she grows up. She always pretends that she is a model and sways her butt as she walks. She likes dressing up and wearing my heels. Thank God she is vain and very fastidious in her appearance, unlike her che che who is totally un-vain, sigh… but I don’t quite like the idea of Cass  being a model though! I’ll see… whatever will be will be. I just hope that Cass will grow up healthily and happily and that’s what matters the most.



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BaNaNa Fitness Special Bootcamp Exercise @ Plaza Damaz

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Hear ye hear ye all you fitness buffs and those who intend to melt away your belly fat to have a fabulous bod!

A friend of mine is organizing a BaNaNa Fitness Training (special bootcamp exercise) and has asked my help to spread the word around. My hubs has been attending this bootcamp at our neighborhood for almost a year and it is very intense. If I have the time, I will attend too. I am all for fitness but unfortunately, time is not on my side for now.

Here are the details of the BaNaNa Fitness special bootcamp exercise:

Venue: The Space, C1-3 (above Dynasty Club), Block C, Plaza Damaz, 60 Jln Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur

When: every Monday & Wednesday,

Time: either 10am-11.15am or 8.30pm-9.45pm by Rapid Fusion Fitness

Price: RM299/mth (Early Banana Rate at RM799 for 3 mths).

For more information, you may send all enquiries to or call 016-217 1060.

The organizer is offering a FREE trial if there are 5 or more people. So gather your friends, colleagues, husbands, wives, siblings or your boss to try out this fitness bootcamp for free! Don’t let this opportunity to jump-start your health and fitness regimen slip away ok! ;)

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Blast From The Past – Hidden Treasure

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During the girls’ school holiday spent in Ipoh in June 2014, while my mum was digging out my old ‘treasure’ from her antique ‘treasure chest’ for the girls consisting of my three-decade old collection of Sanrio stationery items, the girls stumbled upon some old post cards in a chocolate box where I put all my most loved things.

They were some post cards that my dear papa sent to me from Japan and Taiwan, dating back to December 1984.  I was 10 years old then.  I felt like I was going through a real time tunnel when I read the post cards.  I still remember very vividly receiving those post cards after waiting for them for weeks. I remember standing at the front door to wait for the postman to come everyday. I would run out of the house to check the post box each time the postman on bicycle rang the bell on his bicycle.

When I finally received the post card from my papa, I remember reading it over and over and over again, till I could purge out every single word in the post card when I closed my eyes :)

This post card from my papa is dated 6 December 1984, sent from Osaka, Japan.    He told me that he went round looking for the musical box that I had requested him to buy for me but they were all too expensive, so he did not buy one.  He told me that he would get the musical box for me from Taiwan at his next stop.


Hidden treasure – post cards from my papa that I had kept for 30 glorious years!


The next post card from my papa, sent from Taiwan, dated 10 December 1984.  He told me that he could still not find me a musical box.  I was crestfallen.


But a big surprise awaited me when he returned to Ipoh from his holiday!   He surprised me with a very pretty musical box and loads of goodies from Tokyo Disneyland!  I remember clearly that he bought me a very cute bag in the shape of Mickey Mouse head and three gigantic pencils, each for my brothers and me from Tokyo Disneyland. That day was one of the happiest for me as a little girl. Life back then was so simple.   Those gifts from overseas meant so much to a 10-year old ‘kampung’ girl, LOL!

In my next trip to Ipoh, I must remember to hunt for the musical box that my papa bought for me. I know it is hidden in the same treasure chest.

How many of you are still keeping the letters and post cards that you parents or friends sent to you when you were a kid? Apart from these post cards from my papa, I am still keeping the letters that my best friends and pen pals from Germany and Hong Kong sent to me.  They are priceless gems!  Reading them gives me the warm fuzzies :)


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Cass’ Ultrasound Scan at HKL – 7 August 2014

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Cass and I were at HKL from 8:30am through 4ish pm yesterday.

Upon arrival at 8:30am, we had to go to the specialists clinic building to register and to get a referral form.  Then, hubs drove us  to the pediatric building for the ultrasound scan to be done.   After the scan was done, we had to wait over an hour for the hospital shuttle van to bring us back to the specialists clinic building as hubs had something to do at his office.  Then we waited for another 3 hours for the urology surgeon to arrive and finally we got to see her.

Cass, having her lunch of corn flakes at the hospital…


And finally, had her blood retrieved… which was as usual fuss-free and drama-free from this brave little girl.  And for that, she got a cute Princess band-aid from the nurse as reward! :)


We are now awaiting the hospital to call to give us a date for Cass to do a URI (something like Magnetic Resonance Imaging).  For this procedure, Cass would have to be sedated via IV.  And if URI does not have any conclusive findings yet again, then she will have no choice but to do undergo more invasive diagnostic tests :(    But I know my tough little cookie will breeze through them again :)


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