Mega Lego Project – First Phase Completed!

There… finally the girls have erected the first of three Lego houses!   I am so mighty proud of them coz you know why?


This is the reason why…

This Lego with 2,032 pieces is meant for 16-year olds and above but my girls – aged 6, 9 and 10 managed to co-build this!  They take turns sitting at the table, spending an hour to two each time per person working on this project.  For Cass, I have to teach her some Maths as some of the pieces that look similar measure differently in size.  I really have to applaud their patience and I am amazed that Cass can read the Lego legend so well.   She is the one who completed the third floor of this house last night!  My girls are definitely better than me in the department of patience, critical thinking and three-dimension interpretation!

Here is the backyard of the house…

This Lego project is an excellent way for my girls to kill time during the school holidays.   It helps with building their problem-solving, organization and planning skill, teaches them to think in three dimensions and enhances critical thinking.

Now, I sure hope someone from Lego reads this and rewards my girls with some mega Lego sets for them to work on during their next school holiday! :D

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The Girls’ Mega Holiday Project

This is the girls’ first holiday project…

To construct a row of 4  Lego shop houses!

A friend of the girls’ aunt in Hong Kong gave this to the MIL.  And now the MIL has delegated the girls to construct this mega project :D

Today is the 4th day the girls are hard at work.  They take turns constructing the shop houses.

This is the girls’ first project and after 2 days, they completed the first floor.

Chief contractor with the sidekick at work…

This morning, Sherilyn constructed a part of the second floor of the first shop house before she left for the enrichment center.  Cass is now taking over.  There are 3 floors for each shop house!  This is by far the mega-est Lego project for the girls!

I am amazed with the patience that my kick-ass girls have to patiently sit for hours looking at the legend and finding the pieces.  I know I have absolutely zilch patience for something like this ha!  I see stars looking at the thousands of Lego pieces, especially those button-sized ones!  And I feel woozy just looking at the thick booklet of legend.  No way can I sit for hours on end hurting my fingers doing this!

Lego is a toy that requires absolute  patience, endurance (for harder ones) and some brains to do!  I fail in the patience department, miserably!!

I wonder if the girls can complete the entire mega project before they leave for New Zealand in 7 days…

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Of Bribing A Child

Today I bribed Cass!

I told Cass that if she would let me record a video her dancing and singing to Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass song, I would give her a reward *evil mum*    Now she is bugging me to shoot the video so that she can claim her reward!

Coz I think Cass looks too cute when she sings and dances to that song.

But don’t shoot me just yet.  My main purpose is not to show off how cute she is when she sings and moves her booties to the song of All About That Bass.  I want to record the video for remembrance sake.  For her to watch it when she grows up.  And for me to watch it many moons down the road and have a good chuckle all by myself when my babies have left the nest.

Would you bribe your child to do something similar to this?  Do you think I am teaching her the wrong thing?  That by bribing, you can get anything that you want?

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Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer Car Decor Kit

Christmas is exactly a month away.  This year we will not set up the X’mas tree at home as we will not be at home for almost the entire month of December.

To get the Christmassy feel, I decorated my car instead…. with a set of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer car decor kit :D   It comes with a pair of antlers with a bell on each antler and a  big red nose! :D

Can you see it?  Look closer!   Rudolf the  red nose car is smiling at you!

Last year, we saw this car decor kit at Cold Storage in Singapore.  I had wanted to get a set too seeing how cute it was on our Singaporean friend’s car but we forgot all about buying it, haiz..

Anyway, our dear friend gave me a set of pink bunny ears car decor when she came to KL mid of this year. This bunny ears car decor have certainly made heads turn and put a smile on almost every one who sees it. There were even passers-by who stopped short of what they were doing just to snap a picture of my pink bunny car!


So, whatcha think? Cute?  My girls love it and so do I! :)

This car reindeer kit is available at Cold Storage @ RM29.90 a set.  I hope Cold Storage would carry more designs in future.




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Our Sunday – 23 November 2014

We were out at Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall today. After lunch of dim sum at Han Room, we went our separate ways. Alycia and Sherilyn wanted to follow daddy coz daddy is a softie and will say yes to almost all their whims and fancies. Grandma and hubs’ aunt went shopping separately. And I wanted to do shopping. Cass was at a crossroad. She could not decide who she wanted to follow. Her heart wanted badly to be with her sisters. She stood there indecisively, shifting her eyes between ‘Team 1′ (comprising daddy and sisters, ha!) and ‘Team Mummy’ and had a hard time deciding. Finally she chose ‘Team Mummy’!  So much for watching too much of the Amazing Race with her sisters, haha!

While going down the escalator…

Cass – mummy, do you know why I chose you?

Me – why?

Cass – because that team has so many people already. You are alone, so I am giving you my support to be in your team! I will always support you just like how you have always supported me during my time in the hospitals.

Side track a bit. A few months ago during a pap smear procedure by my gynae, Cass followed me into the procedure room. When the doctor shoved the metal apparatus (whatcha call that?) into my down under, Cass held my hand assuringly and squeezed it just like how I did to hers during each of her procedure at the many hospitals that she went to. She told me that she wanted to support me just like how I have supported her. She also knows that I hate peeling crabs and prawns, so she does this tedious job for me and puts the crab / prawn flesh into my mouth with her hand each time we eat prawns and crabs :)

My baby girl tugged a string in my heart again today. She is really ‘tai sek’ (worth loving). And for having her join my ‘team’, I rewarded her with a cup of Boost Juice again! :D

Cass is my ever willing model as well, helping me model some of the clothes that I sell at my online store.


Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope you are all having a great time chilling out with your family and friends.

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Health Freak Mommy’s Meals

I have been kissed by some bugs that the drama queen brought back from either school or the enrichment centre.  She has been having flu (not the full-blown kind that warrants sick leave) for quite some time already and just don’t seem to get better.  I am now suspecting that she has sinus.

Anyway, since I have no appetite to eat anything that is oily, I whipped up my kind of health freak meals  for myself for breakfast and lunch today.

Here’s my lunch consisting of sprouted alfalfa, avocado, cucumber slices, a boiled free-range chicken egg, baked cashew nuts and macadamia nuts, raw pumpkin seeds, seasoned seaweed  and some homemade fried onions that I have in the fridge.  The fried onions (non-oily) imparted such an intense flavor to the bowl of raw veggies. Very flavorsome and refreshing indeed!

Breakfast of sugar-free skinny yoghurt, baked cashew nuts, raw pumpkin seeds, ground raw hazelnuts,  seasoned seaweed and a drizzle of palm sugar (gula melaka syrup).  I know you are about to think how weird the combo is but let me tell you that my bowl of healthy yoghurt gave  me so much comfort. Very soothing and cooling on my scratchy throat. This is definitely the food for a lackluster soul!

I hope the girls and I don’t fall sick. We have 2 more weeks before our New Zealand trip. We don’t want to be quarantined upon arrival in NZ, knowing how strict that country is! So from today onwards, there will be strictly no deep fried food and no spicy food :)



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Vanity Is In The Air

Cass is indeed a lucky girl!  A few weeks ago, santarina sent her another set of toy. For the vain pot who has always been pestering me to apply makeup on her face, she finally got her own makeup set! A wooden toy one that is, haha!  Cass is so so happy with this toy!

Her Sevi vanity set (designed in Italy) is made from wood and consists of lipstick, nail polish, blusher, eye shadow, comb, mirror and perfume.   This is Just an awesome toy for little girls!  Even her 9.5-year old second sister likes it!   I always think that there is a little child in all of us and sometimes it takes our favorite  childhood things  to unleash the childishness in us and let our imagination run really wild :D


Princess Elsa wannabe applying nail polish.  Finally she’s got her own bottle of nail polish! :D


” Squeeze squeeze some perfume on my armpit too!”

“Let me put some colors on my eye lids too!”

” And finally, the pink lipstick and I am all set to go for a ball”    Cass always pretends that she is  a  princess who is going for a ball :)

I should have gotten Sherilyn this set of  pretend make up years ago.  Did you know that she had broken a handful of my lipsticks and eye brow pencils over the past few years?  In fact, she broke my eye brow pencil again just a couple of months ago!!  She has a very inquisitive mind, a pair of very itchified hands and vanity is the name of her game!

Christmas has definitely come early for Cass and she will be expecting another gift from Applecrumby & Fish soon.  Thank you so much santarina!! :)


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Early Shopping For Cass

Yesterday we went to Mid Valley Megamall for dinner and then brought Cass to shop for her school uniform and school shoes! Yup I know I am a tad early but if I do not shop for the new school stuff now, I am afraid that we won’t have much time. At the start of the school holidays next week, we will be heading back to Ipoh for a few days. A week later, we will be off to New Zealand for several weeks. Once back in KL, I would need to recuperate from my trip ha! On 30th December, Cass is scheduled for an MRI scan at HKL and on 2 Jan 2015, she would have to be in her ‘big kid school’ for orientation and to sit for a LINUS test. Finally on 5 January, Cass will be in Primary 1. I know all these will take place in a flash.  Come 5 January 2015, my life will pretty much change too.



Can’t believe my baby girl will be in Primary 1 in just 1.5 month’s time!  I still treat her like a cuddly baby and still carry her all the time.  I know I will definitely be emotional when I see her donning her  school uniform in the classroom.


Yesterday the drama queen went for her very first hip hop dance public performance  @ the Setia Alam Eco Park.  Check out her video in my other blog.

Happy Sunday peeps!


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HFM Resuscitated and Alive Again!

I hope you are just as happy and thrilled as I am that you can finally see white and not red in this blog!   Finally…. after 3 days!  Though it is only 3 days, it felt like 3 months to me!   I was on tenterhooks for the period my blogs were dead, feeling darn anxious on the fate of my 2 ‘babies’.   I did not know if I would lose them forever or get back only parts of them and lose parts of them.  I was hopeful of getting them back safely in one piece. I prayed fervently and PTL, I got my ‘babies’ back.   Yeehaw, Health Freak Mommy is out of the woods finally (singing to the tune of Out Of The Woods by Taylor Swift!) :D

My blog will now be white since I am now whitelisted by Google. I had to rid the old purple colored theme anyway.  According to the 3 ‘doctors’ who treated my domain, the virus stemmed from the blog theme.   Words cannot describe how happy I am to have my ‘babies’ back and in one piece, albeit the domain host did some modification and upgrading.  Thank you to the 3 fantastic guys at Exabytes  who have so kindly helped me recover my blogs by removing the virus, did some procedures on them and then helped me to submit my blogs to Google for verification and whitelisting.

Thank you to all my blog readers  who took the trouble  and time to send me messages and emails to inform me that my blogs had been infected by virus.  Thank you for coming back after all these years to read the crap I write.

Cass is sending a flying kiss as a gesture of appreciation to the 3 guys who helped me resuscitate the blogs and to everyone who likes to read her stories :)


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HFM’s Back But Still Not Out Of The Woods Yet!

Hey peeps, Health Freak Mommy is back after being in the pits for 2 days!   But she is not 100% out of the woods yet.

My domain host has already cleaned my blogs of virus. So the blogs are safe to visit now.  However, my site is still flagged by Google as my host has just only cleaned the site today.  We have already notified Google to whitelist the site but this  will take several days for Google to review and to whitelist my sites.

When you hop to my blog, you will still see the red Malware notice, as shown below. Click on details and click on ‘Visit this unsafe site’. No doubt it says unsafe, but it is now clear of virus.  It seems that the virus stemmed from the blog theme which we have now removed.



SIGH!!  This is the umpteenth time since late last year that my blogs have been injected with spam, virus, malware and possibly hacked.  I cannot even recall how many times my blogs had been compromised.

Enough of  my blogs being hacked.  See my kitchen below.  It was hacked today!  Hacking continues tomorrow. We have to engage a contractor to hack down all the kitchen wall tiles as the tiles are starting to bulge out from the wall, no thanks to the contractor who did a very shoddy renovation job to our unit 6 years ago.  Everything done by the contractor had to be redone by us at our own expenses now from the bathrooms and now to  the kitchen.  If we do not do anything about the tiles now,  the tiles will one day collapse onto someone unlucky who is in the kitchen. We definitely do not want that to happen.  And I. Hate. Renovations!  Our kitchens are in a mess and very, very dusty now.


So yup, my situation is one of messy now.   Blogs are in a mess. House is in a mess.  And my mind is in a mass of mess with too many issues to straighten out.   My non-stop emails with the domain host (my mind is boggled reading so many IT jargons), messages to customers and suppliers, cleaning up the mess in the house and groping in the dark in the kitchen as the light switches are all yanked out too.  But I am certain that this low point is just a passing phase.  Life is a roller coaster.  I will surely reach the top again :)



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