Namoo On The Park @ Publika

We planned to leave KL for Ipoh very early in the morning today but as expected, work cropped up and hubs had to settle some work at his office. So we had to drop our plan of having good old Ipoh hawkers food at Kwong Heng.  Instead we went to Publika @ Solaris Dutamas to have lunch before our journey to Ipoh.

Hubs brought us to Namoo On The Park. This restaurant serves Korean fusion cuisine with an interesting Tex-Mex influence.

The first dish that came was Bibimbab Hot Stone Beef Rice with kimchi.  For someone who does not fancy eating rice, I could not resist trying out this very flavorful rice served in hot stone bowl. It was pretty spicy and the girls were gulping down cups of water after each spoonful or rice.



The  Namoo Galbi Beef Ribs were scrumptious – very enjoyable to the last bite and bone licking good too – justifiable for a RM53.90 price tag.


Carbonara pasta with raw alfalfa sprouts for the kids


Beef rice burger. The rice burger was firm, sticky and dense and does not break up easily. It was chewable with a nice texture and way better than eating wheat flour buns. The burger was flavorful and served with some salad and french fries as accompaniments.



Red Velvet cake with butter cream.


The damage…




Namoo On The Park is located next to one of the cleanest and coolest playgrounds I have seen in KL.  It reminds me of the park at Marina Cove in Singapore – check this out…


My odd ball no.2 gave me another eye-rolling moment when she wore her thick GAP jacket to play in the park under a 36 Degrees C sweltering heat!!  She got scalded by some hot acid spewing out from my mouth when she refused to remove the jacket!  My terrible tween, who sometimes makes me feel like she is a twin of the devil!



After our lunch at Namoo, hubs dragged us all to Whimsical opposite Namoo to have some really whimsical desserts like nasi lemak ice cream (yes you read it right – nasi lemak in ice cream!) and cotton candy Affocado!  Stay tuned to catch the pix!




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Our Sunday – 15 September 2014

Cass woke up early this morning and while eating her fruits, she handmade this snail out of BlueTac for me.



Cass – “mummy, I made this little snail for you. You are just as cute as this snail”

Awwww, she made my day, with such a simple and cute gesture.   Later my baby girl told me this “mummy, I love you more than anything in this world… more than errrrm…. more than…. more than I love RAINBOW LOOM!”  

What? She compares me with rainbow loom??  LOL!

Just a short post before I call it a day.  Tomorrow  we will be heading back to Ipoh and then to Penang and I have not even packed our clothes!  But who cares, I am going to get my beauty sleep now and will summon the girls to pack their clothes themselves tomorrow morning!

Have a great week ahead and happy holidays to those of you holidaying with your kids! :)

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Applecrumby & Fish Sale!

Remember the pretty  Stephen Joseph Go Go backpacks that Cass received from Applecrumby & Fish last week?   If you have been eyeing the backpacks too, you can now get them at a 20% discount from Applecrumby & Fish!  They are having a sale now!

From now until Tuesday, 16 September 2014, Applecrumby & Fish will be having a storewide 20% discount in conjunction with Malaysia Day.  What good news to share with everyone!

Besides bags, Applecrumby & Fish carry a wide range of good quality baby and children products.

I am now eyeing this cute Stephen Joseph Pop-Up 3D umbrella  for Cass.  Sherilyn and Cass are always fighting to hold the one and only kids Minnie brolly that we have.   With a new kids brolly, the skies will be bright for me even when it pours!   LOL!


And this pair of gorgeous pink Stephen Joseph rainboots! Just perfect for the coming rainy season.

And this cute napmat, which will come in handy as the girls will be cramping in to camp with their cousins in New Zealand in December.

Vitamins too!


Quick hop over to Applecrumby & Fish now. I know I am a tad late in letting you know but you still have 2 days to shop! :)




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The All-Natural BugsLock Mosquito Repellent Band

Woohoo, these BugsLock bands came just at the right time for our holiday up North!!  Thank you so much BugsLock Malaysia for sending these awesome pawsome mozzie repellent bands over!!


They came in the girls’ favorite colors respectively – pink for Cass, yellow for Sherilyn and orange for Alycia.

But Cass and Sherilyn could not wait until Tuesday to wear it in Penang.  Yesterday they tore off the BugsLock zip lock bag to wear it when we went out for breakfast.  And they came home unscathed by the wrath of the hungry mozzies :)

A pink pretty dress to pair with a pink BugsLock band, how matching eh? ;)

Unlike other mozzie repellent bands, BugsLock has very powerful smell of Citronella – a plant that repels mozzies naturally. Citronella works by masking the surrounding scents around you, your home and garden that attract mosquitoes, preventing them from coming too near.

BugsLock is made of 100% natural ingredients. It can be worn on the wrist or ankle.  It can also be hung on belts, bags, strollers and just about anywhere.   BugsLock is effective for 240 hours of usage. When not in use, just put the band back into the BugsLock zip lock package and seal it securely.

The BugsLock band is adjustable, thus can be worn by young kids  and adults of all ages.   It is DEET-free and non-toxic.

Did you know that there are many imitation BugsLock in the market? Although the copycat BugsLock price is cheaper, it is ineffective and even harmful to your health as it may contain chemicals. The authentic BugsLock has certification by Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Institute to certify that it is safe for humans and free from harmful chemicals. Bugslock is also registered under the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The good news is that Bugslock is very affordable and is  available in Malaysia. At only RM13 per piece (with FREE postage, yay!!), you can get it for everyone in the family!    Protect yourself and your loved ones from the deadly Dengue fever.  Get some BugsLock bands today!  Do check out the BugsLock Malaysia website for further information.




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Sherilyn’s Homemade Potato Salad

Today is the first day of the UPSR examination for Primary 6 students.  Sherilyn did not have to go to school today while Alycia needed to.  Tomorrow it will be Alycia’s turn to enjoy a day off school.

Instead of going to the enrichment centre in the morning, Sherilyn decided to follow me to the mini market to get the stuff that she needed to prepare potato salad.  She will be taking part in a ‘salad making’ competition organized by the Girl Guide movement that she joins in school.  Today is testing day where she will prepare the food, to be brought to school for her Patrol Leader to try tomorrow.

I told Sherilyn that if she wanted to do something that I do not agree with, she will have to do everything on her own.  I gave her another suggestion, which was easier to whip up but she was darn steadfast in her decision. I did not want her to bring eggs and mayo to school as these 2 items have risk of breeding salmonella if left in room temperature. Sherilyn only wanted to make potato salad and nothing else!  This girl can be really pig headed in certain matters and nothing can make her change her mind!  That’s my willful child.

Back home, Sherilyn wasted no time and got off the ground immediately.  She referred briefly to the potato salad recipe stuck on the fridge door and swung into action in the kitchen, with apron on and hair tied up.

The only thing I helped her was to prepare the wok to steam the potatoes.  As I worked on my computer, she got herself really busy in the kitchen.

A couple of hours later, her potato salad was ready!


She forked out a little of her product and shoved it into my mouth.  I  commented her that it needed a tad more salt and pepper and she darted back into the kitchen to add more salt and pepper.  She kept a portion of the potato salad in a take-away box to be brought to school tomorrow, saved a portion for her 2 sisters and brought a small portion to the enrichment centre for her friends to try.

The final product tasted impeccable!    Cass commented that it tasted better than those served at Japanese restaurants.  Sherilyn is now at the enrichment centre.  I’ll bet she will be deliriously overjoyed when she finds out that both her sisters polished off her potato salad and praised it sky high! I think she will excel in being a chef. She’s got the natural talent and love in cooking .

Sherilyn did not chop off part of her finger (again) and did not break anything or spill anything in the kitchen. She passed the test!


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Cass’ New Backpacks From Applecrumby & Fish

Last week, Cass got a very very big surprise!   When she ripped open the box of goodies, she could not believe her eyes.  Inside the box were 3 very pretty and colorful backpacks and they were for her and her 2 che ches!



Cass kept exclaiming this “mummy, they are so beautiful!!  Which one should I choose?  Which one huh?”  Even I had my OMG moments when I saw the Stephen Joseph Go Go backpacks as they  were really very pretty in sweet pastel colors.


The quality and workmanship of the Stephen Joseph backpacks are impeccable…


The backpacks are spacious and most importantly, the material is very easy to clean and is water-proof.  You can easily use a piece of wet wipes to wipe away dirt or stains.


The straps are adjustable too.  This backpack is suitable for kids 3 years and above.  In fact, I carried this backpack  to Cass’ lantern party at pre-school on Friday haha!

Wanna make a wild guess on which design Cass chose?


Cass told me this “mummy, I lost my Hello Kitty backpack at Pavillion but look, I now have 3 new bags!“   Her che ches told Cass that she can have the other 2 backpacks too!

My SIL from Hong Kong also bought Cass 3 new Hello Kitty bags as she knew about Cass’ loss.  Oh baby girl, you are so lucky!

So, Cass has 6 new bags now!  Cass added “see, you do good, you get good karma!”  To recap, after Cass lost her backpack in Pavillion last month, she told me that she will not blame the person who took her bag. She said that perhaps the person who took her bag was poor and needed her bag, so be it and she will forgive that person!

Cass was indeed over the moon over her new bags.  Thank you very much Applecrumby & Fish for the backpacks.  Cass and I love them very very muchie :)

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Our Sunday – 7 September 2014

Just a short post on an update of how my Sunday has been, before I hit the sack. You know, my life is very much like Cinderella ever since my live-in maid went back for good 2 years ago. During the day, Cinderella does chores, all types of chores.   At night, she must be in bed before 11:30pm as she  has to be up by 4:45am the next day to get Alycia and Sherilyn ready for school.

This morning I was in for a shock of my life. I jumped out of my own skin when I opened the Tupperware container to get some cashew nuts to eat for breakfast.  A cold reptile was inside the Tupperware!! All I could say was “OH MY GOD!”  and then screamed!

See that bugger inside the Tupperware container?  Someone ate the Digestive biscuit last night and did not close the lid tightly.  And the bugger partied at night and crept inside to have a time of its life licking our food, EWWWWEEE!!  Damn the bugger. I have set so many lizard traps in the kitchen but it is so darn smart to avoid getting trapped. It must have seen its siblings and parents trapped inside the trap in the past!!  See, even lizards have instinctive survival skills!


I quickly close the lid tightly and waited for hubs to wake up to settle this sh*t for me.

Meanwhile, Cass could not help touching the outside of the container to ‘pat’ the lizard and kept commenting “awwww, the lizard is so cute and adorable. Why does it have a transparent body?  Mummy, please don’t kill it, pleasssssee!!”  So…

Hubs woke up and brought the container to the balcony to release it.  The bugger lept out of the container and fell 5 floors down!   Hubs told the girls that the cicak committed suicide by jumping to its death.  Seriously, do you think it will survive the fall? I am just curious to know!

Today, we went to hubs’ uncle’s house to bid our  good-byes to hubs’ aunt who was returning to New Zealand.  The girls are pretty close to their ‘yee soke por’ and ‘yee soke koong’ (hubs’ second uncle and his wife).

Yee soke por gave the girls some Hello Kitty souvenirs that she bought from Japan recently.

Cass posing with a Hello Kitty pillow, a Hello Kitty water-based air purifier  and a Hello Kitty night lamp. Thank you so much for the Hello Kitty collectibles yee soke por! :)


Then we spent our afternoon at Bangsar Village.  Back home everyone had chores to do.  This is something that the girls learned that they cannot shirk.  However, exemption will be granted during the exam period :)

I pray for a happy new week ahead for me, my loved ones and to everyone out there. The past week has not been very smooth sailing for me and I pray that it will pass.  G’nite, Cinderella has past the curfew hour and she better logs off and heads straight to the bedroom right away!




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Don’t worry, you did not enter the wrong blog.  This is Health Freak Mommy and I am spotting a brand new look and color effective 6 September 2014!

So why the sudden make-over?

No, it is not because I am so free till I have nothing better to do than to play around with blog themes.  For Pete’s sake, it is now midnight and I am dropdead tired ok. Today is a maid-less day for me.  But I just realized that for the past 9 months ever since I changed my blog theme (the previous change was due to incompatible theme with new version of Word Press and not because my hands were itchified), most of the links on my side bar were not working.  My ‘categories’ and ‘archive’ links were not working, not a single one!   The links were leading to a dead end.  How could I have not checked that every single link was workable back then? Haih…

My first guess for the dead links this time round was also incompatible theme. My guess was right. Gggrrrrr, I so hate Word Press!  So I dreadfully went to my blog dashboard and toyed with a few themes before deciding on this one.  Not my ideal theme but because time was not on my side, I settled for this one.

Anyway, I kinda like this new theme, albeit I am not used to seeing purple in my blog and not used to such a gigantic header.  Anyway, I am glad that as for now, all the links are working.  And all other widgets and important functions are A-OK.

Can some kind souls just play around my blog?  Just try out the ‘Category’ and ‘Archive’ links and do leave a comment in this blog post too.   Do me a favor pretty please? *flutter eyes*  Thank you :D



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Wednesday Grilled Dinner

I love dishing out grilled fish, meat and veggies.  I call them my ‘healthy homecooked fast-food’.  And they taste really good too.  Most importantly, grilling food in the oven is sweat-free and oil splatter-free too!

Funnily, for someone who gets ‘heaty’ very easily, grilled food somehow does not make me feel heaty or sick, unlike deep fried food, which would give me an instantaneous after-effect.  That is how sensitive my throat is. Thus, I have completely stopped eating deep-fried food for the past one year, well almost. If I am at a function and nothing else is served except deep fried food, I will then have not much choice but to eat whatever is served and then face the aftermath.

Yesterday was a hectic day for me.  Alycia and Sherilyn were back from school at 4:30pm.    They are normally famished whenever they are back from school.  My ‘farn thoong’ (rice-pot) will always demand for rice with dishes.  So a grilled dinner came to mind. I actually thought long and hard on what to cook for dinner in the morning.  After my half-hour run in the morning, I settled for a grilled dinner coz that’s the easiest and fastest dinner to dish out.  Plus the girls love anything that is grilled.

In the morning, I marinated the salmon fish and chicken. At 4:30pm, I cooked the rice and chucked the fish and chicken into the oven. By 5:15pm, we all had dinner. By 6:45pm, I sent Sherilyn for hip-hop dance class and did some grocery shopping. At 8:30pm, I fetched her back from class. Oh yes, by 9pm I was drop-dead exhausted.  I have been cooking two meals a day these days as I am sick of having takeout food.

My salmon fish and chicken were marinated with all the herbs and ingredients that you can see in the below picture.  I used black pepper, oregano, Italian herbs, turmeric (for chicken), blackstrap molasses (for chicken) and my latest new found love – ground cumin and ground coriander seeds.  These two robust herbs can add so much flavor to my meat dishes.

I marinated the chicken drumsticks with blackstrap molasses to give it a nice brown color as well as a touch of sweetness.  I actually did not know what to do with the bottle of organic blackstrap molasses that I recently bought as I did not like the taste of it when consumed neat.  I have read and heard all the ravings about how beneficial blackstrap is, so I bought a bottle to try.  Now I have found a way of using it.  Today, I used the blackstrap molasses to replace dark soy sauce when I cooked braised soy sauce chicken and it turned out very well too. :)


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