Cass’ Yamaha Piano Lessons

Cass learning musical notes from flash cards that teacher K made.   Cass is being taught musical notes based on do-re-mi rather than ABCs.  Yesterday teacher K flashed the musical notes cards at an alarmingly fast speed, as part of the training in teaching her to do speed sight reading.


Cass managed to read the notes at a speed of 32 seconds for about 10 cards.  That is considered slow. And she is to ramp up the speed by next week. So, here’s to more work for me in practising with Cass at home!


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Super Lutein Goodness

The Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases (JAPA) have over 6,600 doctors in Japan with stringent guidelines for certification of natural remedies. More than 20,000 are sent to them annually for approval but only 20 are recommended. The criteria for approvals include:

1. All ingredients must be pure and natural without fillers or additives
2. There must be zero side effects towards the human body
3. Clinical test reports to confirm that the product actually helps the prevention of chronic diseases and cancer
4. Company not in debt, strong financial standing, without disputes with anyone and guarantees the continued quality of the products and the security of the production process
5. Approval for the quality supply of raw materials

And Super Lutein is a certified product, with numerous other certifications around the world. In Malaysia, Super Lutein has Halal certification and is registered with KKM (Ministry of Health) and approved as an over the counter product. It’s formulation also has patents in several major countries.



Super Lutein sold as a stand alone product for 8 solid years in Japan with increasing sales each year before Izumio was introduced.


Delivering 6 carotenoids, anthocyanin, DHA and Vitamin E to the body

SUPER LUTEIN is a well-balanced mixture of lutein, zeaxanthin, crocetin, ?-carotene, ?-carotene, lycopene, anthocyanin, DHA and Vitamin E.
The first seven ingredients are all phytochemicals: antioxidants that actively work to neutralize free radicals created through oxidation triggered by extrinsic and intrinsic factors on the body such as UV rays, blue light, air pollution and physiological stress. DHA is an omega(?)-3 fatty acid derived from fish oil, and Vitamin E is an antioxidant found naturally in various foods.
Ingested, the nutrients work alone and synergistically in combinations to help to maintain eye and skin health, prevent damage to vital organs and protect the body from illness.

Lutein + Zeaxanthin

Lutein by itself is found in the skin and retina of the eye; however, lutein and its coexisting molecule, zeaxanthin, are the predominant antioxidant pigments in the macula. Together they block UV rays and blue light from reaching underlying structures in the retina, thereby reducing the risk of light-induced oxidative damage that can lead to macular degeneration. They also work in combination with other antioxidants to neutralize free radicals produced by oxidation.

Lutein + Zeaxanthin + Anthocyanin (blackcurrant extract)

This triple combination contributes to providing the nutrition required by the eyes to maintain good vision, while anthocyanin by itself is known to contribute to improving blood circulation.

Lutein + Lycopene + Crocetin

This combination provides nutrition for maintaining healthy skin. Additionally, recent research suggests that crocetin contributes to managing skin inflammation caused by UV rays, and that consuming lycopene is a preventive measure against various carcinogenic diseases such as prostate cancer.

Lutein + DHA

DHA alone is said to improve blood circulation, reduce bad cholesterol count, support brain development and protect the ophthamalic nerve. The combination of lutein and DHA has been found in breast milk, which is said to contribute to infant eye, brain and cognitive development.


Super Lutein Authentication of Safety

Super Lutein has obtained U.S., Japan, Australia and European Union manufacturing patents. Beside this, Super Lutein has also obtained Japanese health food supplement GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) and Japanese Omni-directional ISO 9001 and ISO22000 authentication, and become the healthy nutritious foods association’s members as well as recommended by the Japanese Association of Adult Disease Prevention.

If you wish to order or know more on the product, you can email me at



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Dinner – 24 April 2015

Dinner came very early today as Mandarin tuition class began at 5:45pm at home.  At 4:45pm, I started to work in the kitchen.  After an hour, this is what I churned out…

A big batch of pasta with beef and portobello mushroom bolognese sauce.

I used 2 big packs of antibiotic-free Australian minced beef, 2 big punnets of luschious portobello mushrooms, 1 whole garlic, loads of onions and 5 big juicy tomatoes.  The tomatoes were pulsed for a few seconds with a little water in my Blendtec blender (my most helpful kitchen helper!).

Seasoning used – sea salt, garlic salt, dried rosemary, mixed Italian herbs, black pepper and a piece of rock gula melaka aka palm sugar (the tomatoes were a tad sour, thus the need to use palm sugar).  This time, I skipped the bottled spaghetti sauce (am trying hard to avoid buying bottled sauces), yet the sauce was still irrefutably tasty! If the most persnickety girl says it’s tasty, it really is good!

What you see above can last us for 3 or even 4 meals:
1) Dinner for the girls, the  Mandarin tutor and me today.
2) In the foreground, the pasta in the glass container is to be frozen. That will be lunch for Alycia and Cass next  Friday (Friday is the only day that Alycia does not need to stay back in school and she comes home together with Cass)
3) The sauce in the glass container on the top left hand corner is extra sauce. I can use that for wraps, pizza, pasta or to be eaten with my raw alfalfa sprouts on a weekday for lunch.
4) The sauce sans noodles in the brown bowl is tonight’s dinner for yours truly. I ate only veggies with the beef and mushroom sauce. I don’t take carbs for dinner. I don’t fancy wheat noodles anyway.  They’re empty calories and only make you full and fat.  Sad but true. So if you want to get rid of that muffin top, ditch the wheat noodles first ok?

On most nights when the Mandarin tutor comes to our house, she gets home-cooked dinner on-the-house from me!  She comes in the late evening and by the time the class is over, it will be 9:30pm.  Even if she does not get a proper meal from me, I will get her some buns, which she can eat while she teaches the girls.  Some of you may shoot me for spoiling the teacher but I spoil people selectively, i.e. only those who will not go overboard and take advantage of me will get that privilege. Only people who truly deserve perks get them from me.  I believe that if she is happy teaching the kids, she will put in her all in teaching the kids.  Oh, by the way, Alycia and Cass eat their meals during tuition too, BUT only occasionally and only if easy-to-eat meals are cooked.  I want to create a very relaxed and conducive learning and teaching environment for both the girls and their teacher so that everyone is happy. The kids love their tutor and I think the tutor loves teaching them too :D


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Health Freak Mommy Listed as Top 20 Must-Read Health & Fitness Blogs!!

Hey, hey, hey, you know what?!  I just discovered last night that my blog, has been listed as Top 20 Must-Read Health & Fitness Blogs / Websites 2015 !!  I had to blink my eyes and rub them to ensure that I ain’t seeing the wrong blog. It was already 11ish pm and I was feeling really bushed from a hectic (which day ain’t hectic for me?!) and bad day.  I had an argument with the eldest girl just a moment before this surprise discovery, over an overnight school trip for prefects but I don’t want to delve into the details. She reads my blogs and then always queries me on why I expose her secrets!! So I better end here.  Anyway, my awful day ended in a sweet note with my discovery! :D

Just click on the link above to read on. The post is dated 15 January 2015.

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Product Sharing Session on Izumio Hydrogen Water and Super Lutein – Sunday, 26 April 2015, KL

Folks, there is a product sharing session on Izumio hydrogen water and Super Lutein at the Naturally Plus office in KL this Sunday, 26 April 2015.

For the many of you who have emailed me to inquire on the products, here’s a chance for you to find out more on the goodness of the products and how they can help to battle diseases and disorders.

If you are interested to attend, kindly RSVP by Friday, 23 April 2015 by emailing me at :)



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Hungry? Order Food Online from Foodpanda Malaysia!

Do you often find yourself too tired after a long day’s work and that the last thing you want to do is to cook?  This is actually a common problem among many busy people and they often find using a food delivery option much better than going out.  If you want to order pizza, you can use home delivery option, but what if you want to order food from a local restaurant or get a bubble drink and need to check menus and prices before ordering? Fret not for there is a solution for you now!  You can now order any food or beverage of your choice online and have them delivered to your doorstep at the click of a mouse without leaving the comforts of your home, thanks to Foodpanda Malaysia!

What is Foodpanda?
Foodpanda is one of the top online food delivery networks available not only in Malaysia, but from the entire world. They were launched in Malaysia on 26 March 2012. You can easily check out various restaurants listed there, check their menus, prices and order online in a matter of time. You can search restaurants in your area and can filter them according to your choice.  Foodpanda is operational in many countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, India, Vietnam and many more. Currently they have tie-ups with more than 600 restaurants in Malaysia.

Foodpanda cover 7 geographical areas right now which are as follows:
1. Kuala Lumpur
2. Petaling Jaya
3. Sunway – Subang Jaya – Puchong
4. Cyberjaya – Putrajaya
5. Melaka
6. Penang
7. Shah Alam – Klang

You will need to select the area and then enter the delivery area, after which you will see a list of all restaurants in that area. You can easily filter restaurants using ‘Cuisine Type’ filter at the right side of page. After you see the restaurant of your choice, you can check out interactive menu of that restaurant. Here you can add items to your order. On the right side you will see expected delivery time, total order value, delivery fee, etc.




You can then use ‘Order Now’ button where you will need to enter contact information and contact number. You will received a confirmation SMS to confirm the order. Easy peasy, isn’t it?

Foodpanda provides a wide range of restaurants and cuisines options. Delivery rates are fixed and depend on area. You can also choose ‘Cash on Delivery’ option.

To get discounts on your order, you can check out Foodpanda latest vouchers at, which is one of the top deals websites in Malaysia.

Foodpanda is also available on app.  You can easily download it on your phone to help you to order on the go. Use Foodpanda Voucher APPME15 to get RM15 off on your first order at Foodpanda.



So from now on, if you are hungry and in absolutely no mood to cook or go out, give Foodpanda a try and enjoy the best dishes of your choice delivered to your doorstep!


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Of Exams and Results – IQ or EQ Is More Important?

As the girls grow, I tend to be less uptight in their exam results. I used to have a hangup and obsession with test results, placing emphasis especially on Alycia as I know that she can be groomed to excel. Lately, I have learned to let go. I don’t revise with her anymore. She prefers to do exam revisions herself in the confines of her own bedroom. I only guide the two younger ones. Not getting an A does not upset me that much anymore, especially if I know that they have worked hard. But it’s a different reaction from me if they do not bother to study or shows a lackadaisical attitude academically and then produce crap to me after the exam! Yes, I can be a tiger mum too!

On Sunday, Alycia suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to inform me of something!

Alycia – mummy, would you believe it if I told you that I got no. 1 in class?

Me – really? Where’s your report card?

Alycia – my friends from xxx class (the top elite class) told me that their teacher told them that I am no. 1 and that I will join them in after-school tuition soon. My Science teacher also hinted something to me.

Me – OH!!

So I’ll see ** tap fingers on table **

Getting first in class is not everything, as with getting straight As. I think having a high score in emotional quotient (EQ) is much much more important for a person to achieve happiness and success in life, agree? I think Alycia has lots to learn in building her EQ.

Yesterday when receiving Cass from the school van, she was holding a bunch of test papers. The moment she alighted from the van, Cass excitedly told me that she scored 100% in her Math test! In fact, she scored As in all her test papers! Though thoroughly overjoyed over her achievement, I know that this is only her very first test and that her tests will only get harder in the exams to come. Furthermore, I know that Cass still needs LOTS and LOTS of drilling in her Chinese language to be able to survive in a Chinese school.

Anyway, I shall seize the pleasures of the moment and enjoy my daughters’ mini achievements and celebrate with them… with rewards for them of course :)


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Hydrogen Water Facts

My dear friend who introduced me to Izumio Hydrogen Water attended a seminar on hydrogen water in Singapore and later in KL a few days ago. She has jotted down notes from the seminar and shared them with me. Now, let me share with you the goodness of hydrogen water.

Hydrogen Facts

1. Even when a heart stops beating, Hydrogen gas can be administered in patients to resuscitate them or via Hydrogen through an IV drip.

2. Hydrogen water is used in Japan now in sterile treatments, for example, to increase probability of pregnancies.

3. Hydrogen water suppresses obesity, lowers body fat, glucose, insulin and triglycerides.

4. Hydrogen water suppresses accumulation of fat in liver.

5. Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease patients to consume 5 packets Izumio per day.

6. To lower cholesterol, one can drink 2 packets Izumio per day

7. People who consume a high fat diet should consume Hydrogen water to increase their life span.

8. For hormonal regulation, Hydrogen increases the good hormones while decreasing unfavourable hormones.

9. The negative thing about Hydrogen is that it allows one to drink more alcohol as it clears up a hangover instantly.

10. Hydrogen allows one to work longer hours because the body’s immunity is strengthened so you do not fall sick and can work longer hours (which could be a bad thing).

11. There is absolutely No Side Effects drinking Izumio Hydrogen water AT ALL. You could drink a whole box in a day and there will only be good reactions and zero bad side effects.

12. Conventional medicine or drugs work on a specific organ, to a specific operation towards one direction with some adverse effects
but Hydrogen works in most organs, with multi functions, with no adverse effects only good efficacy.

13. Hydrogen water in plastic/PET bottles actually have no hydrogen in the water as Hydrogen escapes plastic.

14. Hydrogen water in aluminium cans contain only 10% of hydrogen compared to Izumio as it is packed in a 4 layer aluminium non-permeable material allowing Hydrogen not to escape. The internal lining of the Aluminium is a food grade material that does not give contact between the Hydrogen water and the Aluminium.

15. Izumio Hydrogen Water has been declared safe to drink by the FDA, NASA and the strict Japanese Authorities, plus the authorities of countries where Izumio is available.

As testified by Dr Shigeo Ohta (Nippon Medical School), founder/researcher of Hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant.

The diseases shown in the image are those treatable with Izumio Hydrogen water



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IZUMIO – Antioxidant Hydrogen Water



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Fool-Proof Way Of Tenderizing Beef Steaks Naturally, Anyone?

And so this is the black pepper steak that I pan-fried last night.  It was my first time pay-frying beef steaks.  I had done my homework by googling on ways of tenderizing the meat (with salt for half hour) and how long to pan-fry on each side. I even used a timer to time the 2 minutes frying on each side and pounded the steak with the back of my kitchen chopper but… why was my steak still a tad tough?  It was juicy and tasty and there was still a tinge of pink in the middle but the meat just ain’t tender. WHY???!

I covered my non-stick wok with the glass lid with steam hole that comes with it when frying my steak. Could this be the reason why the steak ain’t tender enough? Does covering the wok during cooking cause a higher temperature and I should then shorten the cooking time to only 1.5 minutes on each side of the steak? Did I make a mistake by covering the wok during cooking?

Why can’t the meat be tender and  juicy like those expensive steaks from hotels and restaurants?   Could it be that they use meat tenderizer? But I don’t like adulterating my food with food additives and chemicals.  I read that citrus juice like lemon and orange  and even papaya and pineapple can tenderize the meat but wouldn’t you think that the steak would taste kooky with a tinge of fruittiness in it?

Despite the steak having a  tough texture (not rubbery texture), the kids loved it nonetheless. They commented that it would be nicer if the meat was more tender.

I still have 6 more slices of steaks in the freezer and I ain’t going to fry them until I find a fool-proof way to produce really nice, tender and juicy beef steaks.  Does anyone have their juicy and tender steak secrets to share with me? Pretty please? :)))


Sherilyn’s big bowl of rice covered with dishes (and she topped up more four-angle beans and meat later.  She also ate 1 hard-boiled egg but that’s not in the picture).  After dinner, she chowed down a bowl of ice-cream with strawberries.  She eats SO much it shocks me and I wonder where all the calories go to coz she is still so slim!  Jealous!!

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