New Izumio And Super Lutien Stock Arrived!

My new stock of Izumio and Super Lutein arrived today – for my customer and myself.  I am so glad that this time, I don’t have to lug the stock back from the Naturally Plus office. Each box weighs 7.5kg and I normally have over 10 boxes collected. It does not help that we live in a condo.  Our trolley can only fit in 6 boxes at one go and I normally have to make two trips from the basement up to the 5th floor.

I paid Bemalas courier service to do it for me this time and receiving the stock has been a breeze!  I still had to carry the heavy boxes and stack them up nicely in the storeroom though, before some neat freak comes back and barks *roll eyes*  I enlisted the help of #2 and #3 since they are drinking the Izumio too.  Did I tell you that my most preferred job at home is delegation?  Haha!

Cass and I were down with a cold and phlegmy throat 2 weeks ago.  I pumped us up with Izumio and Super Lutein and again, we got well after just a few days, without medication.  Next, the mil caught the flu bug and the flu bug bit me again. I was sneezing non-stop yesterday with a slight cough.  Again I pumped myself with extra Izumio and Super Lutein, went to bed at 10:30pm, got up at 6am this morning feeling fresh and fully recovered! I am so happy!

In Malaysia, doctors are quick to prescribe antibiotics for any symptoms that remotely seem like an infection. Even the elderly are true believers of antibiotics as it is all that they know, a generational thing, until educated by their younger peers.

Take control of your health. Educate everyone around you.
Prevention is always the smarter choice. If you loaded up your body with powerful natural antioxidants, you will not have to consider antibiotics let alone which type.

Do give me a call 012-266 4290 or email for more information about Izumio and Super Lutein.  I’ll be glad to tell you more about these wonderful supplements 🙂


First Day Of School Holiday

Activity on the first day of school holiday today…

Cass and her 2che playing Blokus and Chinese animal chess. All started in  a jovial mood but it ended with 2 sore and screaming girls with no one admitting defeat, haiz…

But all was peaceful again when they were glued to the idiot box.

As I am typing this post now, Alycia and Sherilyn are downstairs playing badminton, jogging and then to the gym.  Cass and I will be joining them at the gym in a moment.

I’m still enjoying my school holiday, though I feel like I have so little time left to do my own things when I get an extra of 2 hours sleep in the morning. Oh well, I can’t have the best of both worlds.   Anyway, I am still happy it’s a holiday where there is no stress to rush from one thing to another 😀



Start Of School Holidays

School is out, YIPEE!!  Each morning as I drag myself out from bed at 4:45am feeling woozy as a result of insufficient sleep (less than 6 hours), I would wish that it’s actually a holiday that I have forgotten about and I could plonk myself back onto my cool and comfy bed.

What I am going to do during this 2 weeks school holiday is:

1) Catch up on my sleep
2) Sleep in
3) Repay my long overdue sleep debt
4) Be lazy and skip my morning exercise so that I can sleep in
5) See sunlight seeping through the blinds in my room the moment I open my eyes

We haven’t exactly confirmed on any plans yet but making a trip back to Ipoh and possibly to Penang to see Cass’ surgeon is on the cards.

What I really want to do right now is just to sleep until I turn insomniac 😀

This is my raw green of the day for today-

While our girls had herbs and spice cheese spread on crackers, I had my cheese spread on green capsicum. I wolfed down the entire green capsicum. It’s funny how we can condition our minds to love something that we once hated knowing that what you put in is only good stuff.  Capsicums were never in my list of favorite veggies. I never liked the pungent smell but I am now hooked on them. I eat one capsicum everyday.

What I really like about capsicums is that no matter how much I eat them, I don’t get the bloatedness that I get if I eat other raw greens. Plus capsicums are loaded with nutrients like vitamins A, C and K, carotenoids and dietary fiber which makes them immensely beneficial for the overall good health.  Capsicums also have vitamin B6 and folate that help to lower homocysteine levels, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.  Best of all, capsicums are inexpensive, can be easily washed unlike leafy veggies, you can munch them as you would an apple making it really convenient for you to load up on your phytochemicals and they are crunchy, sweet and bursting with goodness!  Capsicums just got right up my alley 🙂


Gravy Baby @ Taman Desa

On Saturday morning, a Wesak Day holiday, we had an early breakkie at 9:30am at Gravy Baby, which opened its doors for the first time on that day.  Gravy Baby is a cafe that serves gourmet pies, sandwiches, cakes and pastries.  This cafe is opened and run by some British chefs.

We thought we were early but there were many early birds earlier than us.  The entire neighborhood has been waiting impatiently for the opening of the cafe. By the time we left, the cafe was already packed to the brim. Foodies and food bloggers, all well equipped with their DSLR cameras were seen snapping pictures of their food and the establishment.

We waited pretty long for the food to arrive . As they are still very new, things were moving pretty slowly.  Pies and waffles were not ready yet. We were really disappointed as our main intention of going there was to try their gourmet pies. We came back the next day to take away some pies.

Finally our food came after the long wait.  Everyone patiently waited for me to snap the pictures before we attacked and dug into the food.

Check out the curry puff on the below right picture. It cost a whopping RM18!  The spiciness level of the curry puff is very mild and suitable for those who cannot tolerate hot and spicy food but have a penchant for spicy food. The taste and texture are somewhat similar to Murtabak but this is purely my own opinion.

The bill came up to a choking RM200+ with taxes and that’s just for breakfast!!  Food was just OK, nothing to shout about.  To be fair, we will have to try other items from their extensive menu before I can finalize my review and I think it won’t be too long before the foodie hubs who enjoys gourmet pastries, cakes, sandwiches and coffee drags us there again!

I heard that the inventive cocktails at Gravy Baby are mixed by a French bartender who flew into KL from a stint in Buenos Aires.

The next day (Sunday), we had 2 takeout Blighty-style pies that cost a frigging RM46+ (RM20 each plus service tax).  The size of the pies was pretty small – not filling for my 3 growing girls. For that price and 3 girls who were still hungry after sharing the pies, I think I’d get something more filling for them the next time. The petite pies would be perfect for someone on a diet.  Sorry, there is no picture of the pie but the slow-cooked beef pie was yums… but a tad expensive.

Here’s a picture of Gravy Baby’s pie, picture credits to Eat Drink KL.

Off the pie section of the menu, you will find a long list of tempting options like braised steak & ale pie or blue cheese, potato & leek pie – a credit to the team led by Gravy Baby executive chef Paul Elliot, who spent the past few years helming the kitchen at London’s Army & Navy Club.

The next time we have brekkie or lunch at Gravy Baby, we will definitely try their pie bundle. I am sure having hot pies served with accompaniments like mash and beans at the cafe itself would give us a better experience vs. taking out.

Gravy Baby
5A, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opened daily, 7am-11pm

TGIF – 20 May 2016 (A Close Shave!)

Yesterday morning was a hectic one for me. I was supposed to do some banking, fill up petrol in my car and do grocery shopping but some urgent work cropped up in the morning. I rushed out a customer’s membership application with a stack of forms to fill out, had it couriered to the Naturally Plus office, made some phone calls, sent some emails, arranged and met up with a friend to get some Izumio and Super Lutein in advance for this customer, yadi yadi yada…sigh… and the whole morning was gone.

This morning I accomplished what I was supposed to do yesterday. After doing some banking and marketing with the mil, I sent her back. Then had brunch with the hubs while waiting for our cars to be washed at an Indian eatery.

I had my favorite tosei rawa, washed down with fresh coconut water.

Today I almost got a summon ticket from a DBKL officer. Had I ran just 5 seconds later to my car, I would have been screwed and RM150 poorer!  I had parked my car at the road side to walk a few steps to a van to buy fish.  Just after I had paid for the fish, I saw a DBKL officer targeting my car.   I ran as fast as I could, just like how I used to when I was a sprinter during my school days towards the officer, flashed my sweetest pleading smile  at him (in between gasping for air), as if to motion to him to spare me from his wrath.  He looked at me rather forgivingly albeit with an air of arrogance (cheh!) and walked to the next car right in front of me – flashed out his gadget and took a picture of the car number plate before keying in the details. OMG, that was a close shave!!  It could have been my car, GAWD!  The fish could have cost RM150 more instead of RM60. I thank God for his mercy!  So, the month of May ain’t that jinxed after all. I must continue with my daily morning and nightly prayers to remain sane and safe.


All About Cass

I have a love-hate relationship with Cass. I love her so deeply despite her many flaws and imperfections. I’d do anything to save her life, no matter the cost and that’s what I have been doing since having her into my life.

Whenever I visit Cass in school (2-3 times a week), she will say such sweet words to melt my heart — “mummy, do you know you look really gorgeous? Just like a model!” or “I miss you a lot mummy”. After a minor accident in the condo toilet early this week where I tripped, fell flat on the floor and bruised my knees and hands, she’s been reminding me to be extra careful. She even persuaded me not to go swimming or jogging in the morning anymore!

But this girl can make me so furious that I can strangle her, kick her out of the house and disown her for good. She really has a stubborn streak in her. Yep, she can be fiercely headstrong and tenacious and would never give way, admit her mistakes or say an apology when she is wrong. The nasty and unbelievable things that she says to me sometimes can snatch years away from my life. That’s what I always tell her.

Perhaps it is with this willfulness and perseverance in her character that make her mentally and physically strong to grapple with all the lemons thrown at her in life. She makes really refreshing lemonade!

Yesterday while meeting Cass’ teacher in school for payment of book fees, I asked Cass’ teacher for her class and standard positions in her recent exam. I could not wait till next month to collect the report card! I could not believe my eyes when I saw a single digit number on both columns in her record book for both positions! While I am very happy with her very mini accomplishment, I know that this can only mean more hard work for her, in which case, it will be more torturous for the both of us. She drives everyone bonkers during Mandarin tuition classes on some days, with her ending up being whipped, grounded, crying and sitting at the naughty corner.

As promised to her, Cass has been claiming her rewards from me earned during her recent exam and she still has a few more gifts to claim.

Below – this picture was taken last week at Mid Valley Mega Mall. Cass is still very much obsessed with Shopkins and her collection of the Shopkins family has now expanded exponentially!

First Half Of May 2016 – Random Things

I have always been very wary of the month of May.  If you follow my blog, you would have read that the month of May is never kind to me.

Well, this year’s May started off well. I was thinking the ‘May Hex’ has probably ended. Not until the past few days when the jinx started to creep out creepily!

Yesterday, I had a bad fall at the toilet of our condo. After sending the girls  off to their school vans, I went to the toilet before my jog.  Just as I was getting out of the cubicle, my right leg was inadvertently hooked to the long hose of the bidet lying on the floor. I fell flat on the toilet floor BAM! Thankfully the floor wasn’t wet. I thought I had broken my left leg and hands. Everything happened in a flash. It hurt like hell. A blue black bruise and bump formed on my left knee immediately.  Thankfully I could still limp out of the toilet to start my jog cum brisk walk at the walking trek.  My hands and legs felt sore today.

Today is Sherilyn’s turn to ‘phook kai‘ (in Cantonese it pessimistically means slumping on the street).  After alighting from the school van in the afternoon, she tripped and fell, hitting her face on the sharp edge of the stairs, when she was walking up the stairs to the lobby. I didn’t see her fall as I was waiting for Cass to get down from the van.  When I saw Sherilyn, she was trying hard to stifle a cry.  This drama queen is usually very mettlesome and hardly cries when she hurts herself. This fall must be really hard and bad.  She asked me if her right cheek just below her eye  was bleeding.  I got a shock. There was a blue black bump there, as if she just got punched.   And the shin of her leg had a long graze mark and the skin was yanked off.  OUCH!!!!  She had an ice cube compress on her cheek back home.  Thank God she did not hit her eyes or nose!!

Back home, Cass told me that she stepped on some dog or cat poop in the school field during PE session today. OMG, I flipped when I saw her shoes and socks. And the stinky odor, GAWD!!! The OCD in me just flew into a rage!!  I ordered her to remove her shoes and socks immediately while I quickly grabbed a plastic bag from the kitchen for her to dump the shoes and socks inside. Then I threw them in the refuse room outside our unit.  When I went back inside our unit, Cass was standing on the part of the floor where she just stepped her pooped laced shoes. I went ballistic and unsavory words flew out of my mouth in a rage.  I hollered at her and asked her how she could be so dumb to stand on the floor that she just stepped with her pooped laced shoes.  After cleaning up Cass’ feet and flooding the floor with Sol-U-Guard disinfectant and Sol-U-Mel odor remover, I scrubbed her clean in the bathroom before she is allowed to have lunch.

At the height of my vexation, Cass asked me this question, with an ignorant look in her wide eyes, “mummy, which is worse – step on poop or fall down and hurt yourself?  Which one do you prefer? I rather step on poop.  Tell me mummy, tell me which is worse!!”

I had to stifle my chuckle upon hearing that innocently hilarious question thrown to me by Cass.  LOL!

And my answer to her? You guess.

Cass has always looked at the glass as half full. Never half empty. And I admire her optimism in life despite the challenges thrown at her repeatedly.

Life with kids is ALWAYS dramatic. Never ever a dull moment.  I never asked for all these problems, heart attacks and drama.  But I did ask God for children when I could not have any 16 years ago.  So yeah, I will just write all my rants off in my blog.  And pray that  the remaining days in May will be pleasant and uneventful with NO MORE DRAMA, please God!

I will have to learn to master the job of motherhood until I have them down cold and laugh off each drama instead of sulking over them 😀

Here’s our healthy, wholesome and yummy home-cooked lunch for today:

Pumpkin porridge with pork ribs and sauteed lean pork slices with big onions and ‘jar choi’ (preserved veggie). YUMS!!


Dark Chocolate Muesli With Skinny Yoghurt

Today I had quite a heavy breakfast of bitter gourd and pork yee mee. I also pecked at hubby’s char siew and roast chicken.

Being a flexitarian, my meat quota for today is almost met and I know the hubby is going to bring us to devour on a carnivorous dinner tonight.  If I bust my meat quota for the day, it will make me feel really cloy and bloated.  Thus, I had something light yet yummy for lunch today! 🙂

I had skinny sugar-and-preservative-free yoghurt with dark chocolate muesli, organic five grain crackers, organic black sesame crackers, roast pumpkin seeds and a teaspoon of Pic’s almond butter. I also shared half a raw green bell pepper with Alycia.  Raw green bell pepper is the latest addition to my clean eating diet.

Of all the brands of muesli that I have tried, I like Emco brand (imported from Czech Republic) best in terms of texture, taste and price.

I am sure many of you have cheat days during the weekend where you indulge in everything and anything that your heart desires.  Don’t forget to go easy on the portion and don’t stuff yourself silly. And don’t forget to eat clean again for the next five days.  Happy weekend everyone!


A Card From USA Received Via Snail Mail

A couple of weeks back, I received a surprise in my letter box.  It was a birthday card all the way from San Francisco, USA.  My friend of over 3 decades posted it to me.   I can’t even remember when I last received a card by snail mail from a close friend.  So this birthday card came as a big surprise to me.

Jo and I got to know each other when we were twelve. She was transferred from another school. We were besties the following year, when we were in Form 1 and remained good friends until we left school after Form 5.  We did many crazy things together, along with our other crazy classmates and laughed like crazy everyday.  We went on school trips together and cycled round our neighborhood together every evening.  We even went to school together everyday since we lived near each other.

One of my best memories with Jo was our many camping trips to Pangkor Island and Pulau Kapas in Terengganu when we were 13 and 16.  We also attended a 10-day Wilderness Adventure Camp in Lumut (similar to Outward Bound School) together when we were 16 years old.

Our friendship took a breather when we went our separate ways after we left high school.  She is now residing in the US with her hubby and baby girl.  Late last year, we met again in Ipoh and our friendship rekindled 🙂