Grilled Chicken With Japanese Potato Salad

Remember my post dated 10 May 2015 where I wrote about our Mother’s Day dinner at Kozaku-Ai Modern Teppanyaki Kitchen? I told my girls that I would try to dish out the fried chicken with Japanese potato salad dish for them soon. And I did! It sure was a big hit with the girls!

My creation — grilled chicken with Japanese potato salad…


the Japanese restaurant’s version…

Cass helped to make the potato salad…

Japanese potato salad using Just One Cookbook’s recipe, which I adapted a little.   Composition – I used washed potatoes, carrot, sweet corn kernels, cucumber, 2 hardboiled eggs, Japanese mayonaise, spring onions, pepper and salt. You can even add onions but I was time-pressed to peel onions, so omitted it but replaced onions with spring onions.


Mine is way healthier than the Japanese restaurant’s as mine was grilled vs. deep fried.

I used boneless chicken thighs — marinated with soy sauce, coriander powder, garlic powder, pepper and palm sugar (gula melaka) syrup.

Chicken was grilled in oven setting of 180C for 10-15 minutes on each side.


This dish is definitely for keeps if you have young kids.  It can be eaten without rice as the potato salad is pretty filling. You can cook a bigger portion to last you  2-3 meals. It did last us 3 meals and Sherilyn even brought some to school for recess the next day :)


Super Sprout Natural Food Powder – Share&Win Contest and Promo Code!

One of the things that makes me really happy is healthy food. I love being surrounded with all things healthy and colorful. Thus, I will go gaga inside an organic shop or at the fruits and veggie section of a supermarket. I love dishing out colorful meals and smoothies for my kids too. :)

Yesterday, I was one very happy health freak mommy when I received my package of healthy fruit powder from Super Sprout Malaysia, comprising of blueberry powder, beetroot powder and ginger powder.  Thank you so much for sending these good stuff to me Reako Sdn Bhd!  I love them so much!!

Why is Super Sprout so good?

Super Sprout powders are natural food powder which can be used in cooking, baking (bread, cookies, cakes, tarts), smoothies, yogurt, salad, soup, sauce and basically any recipe.

Not only can Super Sprout powders improve the colour and taste of a dish in a very natural way, the food powders also enrich nutrient  profile and improve digestibility of the nutrients found in them.

Using Super Sprout powders is easy peasy too. Just a teaspoon a day — sprinkle, stir, mix or add into any dish you like.  No fuss, no waste, no mess.

Super Sprout powders are suitable for the whole family’s consumption, including children of one year and above.

Super Sprout powders come from 100% Australian grown fruits and vegetables.

I could not wait to try out the powders and made a quick dash to the kitchen to whip up my smoothie-of-the-day, which was orange + green apple + Super Sprout blueberry powder for the girls.

I whizzed a teaspoon of Super Sprout blueberry powder with the fruits for 20 seconds on my Blendtec blender.  Then, sprinkled another teaspoon for decor.  I was worried that my fussy girls wouldn’t like the taste but they were awed by the vibrant colors of their smoothie and bolted down their smoothie in a jiffy!

Mine was orange + green apple + beetroot powder.  I find that beetroot powder is much more palatable than taken raw. The beetroot powder is super fine and slightly saltish, which tantalizes my palate.  I love it!

I used a teaspoon of Super Sprout beetroot powder to pulse it with my fruits and sprinkled another teaspoon for deco. Don’t you just like the reddish pinkish hue of my smoothie? It’s good stuff, bursting with flavors and nutrients ok.



I wasn’t in the mood to eat any meat yesterday (again!), so I whipped up something that’s excitingly meat-free for lunch.

I had toasted sprouted wheat bread with cream cheese and Super Sprout blueberry powder. The combo tastes like blueberry cheese spread, with a hint of saltiness and tanginess. Just perfect for health freaks who are on a low-carb diet.  You can drizzle some Manuka honey, maple syrup or palm sugar syrup on the toast, if you fancy it slightly sweet.

Crispy, yummy and wholesome sprouted wheat toast for lunch, with a hard boiled free-range chicken egg, avocado and fresh blueberries.  I love the colors on my plate – so vibrant, so enticing and so healthy – anytime better than a plate of nasi lemak or chicken rice 😀


In the afternoon, I made myself a cuppa Super Sprout ginger powder tea, sweetened with palm sugar syrup. I used a teaspoon heap of ginger powder and a drizzle of palm sugar syrup to a cup of hot water.  Drinking this ginger tea brought back sweet memories of my confinement days where I was treated like a queen — I had sumptuous meals in my bedroom 4-5 times a day and gulped down cups after cups of ginger tea 😀

Ginger is well-known for reducing gas and painful spasms in the intestinal tract.  It also reduces menstrual cramps, has a warming effect, stimulates circulation, inhibits such bacteria as Salmonella and protozoa and prevents stomach ulcers.



Share & Win Contest For Health Freak Mommy Readers!

Reako Sdn Bhd is now running a Share&Win contest in the Super Sprout Malaysia Facebook page.  The winner of the contest will get a Super Sprout powder worth RM59!

Contest deadline is 31 May 2015 midnight.

All you have to do is:

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Validity of promotion code is from  now through 30 June 2015.

All the best in your contest and I am very sure that the winner will love the gift of health from Super Sprout Malaysia! :)

Cool As Cucumber

It’s already 9:30pm and the big girl started to work on her school Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills) project.  She whipped out a screwdriver from daddy’s tool box and began to assemble the project item – which is a wooden tool box. Then, she painted the tool box.

I wanted to strangle her for doing her homework at the eleventh hour!  This girl gets excited only at the eleventh hour, even during exams. Why doesn’t she have my genes?!! My good planning genes?  She’s just like her daddy – cool as cucumber and drives me bonkers with the nonchalance.

But I have to give her an iota of credit — for being pretty hands-on in completing this project in under an hour.  I would have fumbled with this thingy as Kemahiran Hidup was not yet introduced during my time. Thankfully I married a man who is pretty hands on with tools, which Cass calls Daddy The Handy Manny!


The VALUE in Izumio and Super Lutein

Everyone says it is expensive, even me. But that is because we have not yet been hit medically like some of you reading this, where each pop of chemotherapy could run up to more than RM10,000. And then the doctor tells you that you need at least a dozen cycles. What about doctor’s fees and hospital bills, let alone drugs? What about all the family members you inconvenience because you are in hospital and sick?

Their time, your time, parking, petrol, it all adds up to dollars and cents.

I have gone through a rough time (financially, emotionally and physically) with Cass – from the moment we were told the harsh reality that she had Grade 3 Kidney Reflux (Grade 4 is the highest and most serious grade) and later even hit harder when a scan revealed that she’s got a duplex collecting system on her right kidney. From the day she was attacked by her very first UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) attack at 6 weeks old right until her surgeries at 13 months old, hubs and I had spent between RM70,000 – RM80,000 on outpatient medical bills, her antibiotics, expensive imported probiotics (which did not help at all in preventing UTIs), supplements (at one period, she was on some very costly cactus juice, cranberry juice, cranberry powder and some kind of enzyme. But all these did not help to prevent the UTI attacks.), numerous hospitalization bills on months that she had serious UTI attacks which required hospitalization and finally, the major surgeries in May 2015 that cost us our arms and legs. What I had gone through with Cass is life changing.

Hubs and I exhausted a big chunk of our life savings to pay for Cass’ medical bills and supplements. We are still bringing Cass to see doctors to find out why she is still dribbling urine. But ever since she started consuming Izumio, her urine leakage has improved tremendously. She is totally off diapers at home and only wears diapers when she goes to school and sleeps at night. Sometimes, she is off diapers when we go out. Cass is due to do a Cystoscopy Scan next month but we will call HKL to inform them that we are not going ahead with it. I am pretty certain that the test will yield no concrete answer and diagnosis. Perhaps I should still see the surgeon to update her on Cass’ improvement.

Even if you have great medical insurance that takes care of all your medical bills, why go through the suffering when you could be healthy and well? In Cass’ case, she is not insured and no insurance company will insure her as her problem is congenital. So instead of paying for her medical insurance, I am paying for her supplements.



If you could pay RM1,000 per month for your family medical insurances, why not pay RM1,000 per month for Izumio and Super Lutein? Or RM500 or RM2,000, whatever your budget allows. Plus you get to earn it back or lower your costs for the products should you refer anyone to the products. Heck, in order to prevent cancer and chronic illness, do you not think it is worth it? Especially if you are not yet sick? What is the price tag you would put on your own health? Your family’s health? Do you really want to wait till you are critically ill and it is too late?

I have seen too many families scrounge up money when a family member falls ill. A colleague of mine had cancer when he was 50. He exhausted all his life savings and claimed all his insurances up to the cap and could no longer claim a single sen the following year after going through many rounds of chemo. Later, he borrowed a big sum of money from a friend but could never make it to return the money to his friend. He died on the OT table in one of the many surgeries that he had to go through. He was about 55 years old that year. I felt so sad over his loss.

Desperation sets in when a life is at risk. And believe me, it could happen to ANYONE. Even you. Even me. Even if you are keeping yourself super healthy by eating lots of vegetables and drinking lots of water and exercising. Everyone’s body is different, our pathways are different. Even when someone leads a really healthy lifestyle, other factors could produce an abundance of free radicals unknowing to the person. It could be stress, it could be lack of sleep, it could be exposure to certain particles in the environment, it could be application of creams, powder, you name it. We do not know the reasons why our body breaks down and allows cancer. Sometimes it is a combination of factors. Canned food, bitterness, working near a paint factory, exposure to radiation, ingestion of heavy metals, etc.

If you were critically ill, terminally ill even, but knew that Izumio and Super Lutein offered you a chance, you would even pay more for it. But why wait till then?

For more reading on Izumio and Super Lutein, please click on the following link:

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I can be reached at should you require more info on the products.


Frying Fish – Successful Attempt!

Who hates frying fish?!

I hate the oil splatters on my skin. You can never miss at least a drop or two of hot oil splatters on your skin when you slide the fish into the wok unless you wear gloves and a full body protective suit.  Once, the oil splattered onto my eye lid and lips, bugger!! And never once had I been successful in frying a fish without getting the fish skin stuck onto the wok and some meat detached from the bone. I hate serving fish that looks like half of it has been eaten by a cat!

Last week, I gave fish-frying one last try!   I patted dry the fish with kitchen towels before sliding it into the wok (this step is crucial to ensure minimal splish splash of oil and for a crispy outcome).

The moment the fish touched the hot oil, the splish-splash of oil jumped out of the wok. With one hand holding the fish and another hand holding the wok lid to shield myself (LOL!), I quickly closed the wok with the transparent lid.  This time, my fish turned out PERFECT!  I was SO pleased with my little achievement and proud to show the girls that their mummy can finally dish out a perfectly fried fish with skin and meat intact!  And the fins were crispy too! 😀



I can only deduce that a good non-stick wok is key to getting nicely fried fish.  And I am glad that my new non-stick wok comes with a transparent lid with a steam hole – just perfect for me to peep at the fish whilst it’s being fried inside. It’s kind of therapeutic to see your fish sizzling nicely inside without getting any smoke and oil splatter outside 😀

So yes, the fish was perfect this time — I would rate it 9/10! 😀

I did not marinate the fish but stuffed some cut kafir lime leaves inside the flesh through the diagonal lines that I cut on the fish. After the fish was fried and removed from the wok, I fried a handful of kafir lime leaves. The leaves turned out super crispy and aromatic – like eating chips!  With the remaining oil left  in the wok, I drizzled some soy sauce in the wok of oil and let it heat up for a minute. Then poured the sauce onto the fish and serve!

Our dinner of fried fish and Nasi Briyani (bought for dinner yesterday but was not eaten as we had dinner at an aunt’s house).



Google Translate Mobile App For Education – Very Useful For Banana Parents!

Today I discovered something very, very useful for banana mummies like me who always try in vain to guide their kids in Chinese.  For someone with very, very limited knowledge of the Chinese language, I get really, really frustrated when my girls run to me and cry for help on days when the Mandarin tutor does not come.

Thanks to my good friend, Mumsgather who is ever so willing to share what she knows with us in her Facebook page, she shared this Google Translate app with us today.

I immediately downloaded this app (on my desktop computer) onto my Samsung mobile phone and within a minute, the app was successfully downloaded.

I quickly snapped a photo of one of Cass’ Chinese story books using the Google Translate app by following the very detailed step-by-step tutorial in the app itself and voila, within a minute, the page was translated from Chinese to English with Pinyin too.  Wait, there is even icing on the cake!  You can even tap on the audio to hear the translation in Chinese!!  This is too good to be true and it’s so easy and convenient to translate any reading material in any language to a language that you want! This is even better than Line Dictionary and Pleco.  I can’t wait for my girls to come home today, so that I can teach them how to use this wonderful app!


What Makes Her Happy

What makes Cass really happy when she comes home from school is finding her favorite food sitting inside the fridge waiting for her to dig into 😀

She would scream out in excitement and without even washing her hands, she would tear open the ‘treasure’ and lay her dirty hands on them, much to my hollering for her to wash her hands first.

But it makes me really happy to see Cass so happy.  She really deserves all these little treats to make up for the difficult time that she’s had when she was a baby.




Izumio and Super Lutein For Fever

On Friday I was still well, despite feeling a tad exhausted. For the past 1 month, sleep-ins on Saturdays have been a luxury of the past.  Alycia has to attend compulsory tuition in school on Saturdays in preparation for the UPSR exam in September. So my Saturdays are just like any other school-going day, with my day beginning at 4:45am and I was going from badly sleep deprived to chronically sleep deprived, with a maximum of 5.5 hours sleep a day.

Thus, with only Sundays to repay my heavy sleep debt, this is way not sufficient!  How long more can I lay in bed when at the back of my mind, there are 1001 things to be done?!  Chronic lack of sleep is damaging ok — you turn foggy and grumpy, it dumbs you down, lowers your immune system, lowers sex drive and may even increase risk of death!  I am clearly aware of all these but unless you are in my shoes, you will never know how much I have on my plate and how I wish there were 2 extra hours in a day for me to sleep! I can sacrifice all my entertainment and social life but definitely not my beauty sleep!

On Saturday, after dragging my butt out from bed at 5am with a heavy head, I did some house chores and after Alycia had gone to school, I went back to sleep… on Cass’ bed.  Cass got up at 7am and she asked me not to worry about her. She stroked my head and face, kissed me and went about to do her own stuff while I lay half-dead on the bed. Again, I dragged myself out of bed at 8am to make fruit smoothie for the girls and to bring Sherilyn to the tuition centre. Then, had breakfast with Cass and hubs.  Back home, I forced myself to mop the floor and wash the bathrooms, did several loads of laundry and did some chauffeuring.  Weekends are no-maid days.  I dozed off while sitting in with Cass in her piano class (hopefully her teacher did not see me snoozing away at the corner of the class haha!). Back home, I was getting chills, had bad headache, body ache, eye ball ache, zero appetite and my legs felt as if they have been flogged repeatedly by a heavy object. My body felt like a burning charcoal but I felt cold.  I am certain that I had fever.  But I persevered. I drank 3 packets of Izumio hydrogen water and popped 4 Super Lutein throughout the day. In between doing house chores, I stole some time to nap on the bed.  Yeah, on the bed!  I hardly ever nap on the bed during the day and if I do, I got to be really sick.

Hubs had promised to bring us to the mall for me to get my weekly dose of stress  retail therapy after a week of slavery but I had to tell him that I was in no mood to walk or go anywhere. My mind was still raring to break free and shop but my body was weak.  So he brought us to a nearby new Japanese eatery for dinner.  Hubs ordered all my favorite dishes but I had zilch appetite. I only shared some Chawan Mushi with the girls that night.

I told hubs and my Charlie’s Angels that I was pretty certain I was going to be down with Dengue Fever as I had all the symptoms of Dengue and I remembered I was bitten by some farking mozzies too!  For the last 2 weeks, I have had over 5 friends and their kids who were down with Dengue Fever. A friend’s hubby nearly lost his life and was hospitalized for over a month for Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever. His lungs and kidneys failed him. We were all praying for his recovery and he had just been discharged after over a month in the hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness and losing part of his memory too.   I had all the symptoms of Dengue Fever (I Googled to check on the symptoms!).  I told hubs to be prepared to take over all my roles should I get admitted to the hospital. I prayed fervently to God that I would be spared from the deadly Dengue Fever. My kids need me and I just can’t be hospitalized.

All that I ate on Saturday was half a bowl of bitter gourd pork noodles with Cass for breakfast, fruit smoothie, 2 oranges, 2 golden kiwis, 1 huge mug of fresh coconut water, lots of water and some Chawan Mushi.  Along with 3 packets of Izumio hydrogen water, 4 Super Lutein capsules and almost 10 hours of sleep from 10pm through 7ish am on Sunday, I woke up feeling 101% well and energetic!  Woohoo, I couldn’t be happier waking up feeling SO renewed and recharged. The girls were delighted when I told them that I was well enough to go to church with them!

Today, I had so much energy that I could lightly jog 3 laps and then adjourned to the gym and worked out for another half an hour on the Air Walker.

Did I also mention that ever since I consumed Izumio hydrogen water and Super Lutein, the cold numbness and pins and needles on my hands have been reduced? I can’t say that it is 100% gone but the discomfort have certainly been reduced, so much that I can even sleep on my sides without waking up like an invalid having to shake my hands and fingers to restore them to function!

So yes, Izumio and Super Lutein can heal fever. I have friends who have since stopped bringing their kids to the paed’s office for fever meds. They feed their young kids and babies with Izumio and Super Lutein and the fever usually subside within 24 hours.

I am again spreading this hope to everyone out there with an ailment. There’s a cure to whatever ailment that you are suffering from. I have faith that all my ailments and disorders will be cured and controlled and so will yours as long as you’re willing to give yourself a chance.

If you wish to find out more on Izumio and Super Lutein, do email me at

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My Thursday – 14 May 2015

I’ve been feeling draggy, really bushed and shitty since yesterday, no thanks to PMS. This morning, I downed 2 packs of Izumio hydrogen water and it has never once let me down.  I felt like a wilting flower restored back to life after the 2 packs of Izumio.  The Japanese man who came up with this product is indeed a genius!  No wonder, it is also called miracle water!

I was not really in the mood to work but in the mood to do online shopping!  Gawd, I need to stop shopping and save $$!  To distract myself from loitering at my suppliers’ websites,  I did something fun to perk my mood up.  I googled for ‘Health Freak Mommy’ and  aha, within 0.33 seconds, about 479,000 results were churned out by this smart engine, WOW!  I also found many of my previous blog posts mentioned in several interesting places *mood lifted instantly*  😀

My Blogspot blog posts pinned by people whom I do not know in Pinterest…

My recent post on homecooked Korean style seaweed fried rice…


My post on this fine dine restaurant (Bracu) that we dined at in Auckland last year…


My very old post on homecooked pan-fried prawns…



I also found my blogspot blog ( listed in a UK website and pray tell how it’s listed there!!  And here’s what this UK website has to say about my blog:

2,962,163 – Rank in United Kingdom

3,950,200 – Worldwide Rank

Monthly pages viewed 7,885
Monthly visits 6,804
Value per visitor
Estimated worth £2,568.05 *
External links 183
Number of pages 3,465



Did you see how much my blog is worth?   Do check out how much it’s worth in GB Pounds!  In another site in the US (, my blog’s name landed there too and it’s estimated to worth a whopping USD338,345! Hmmm, anyone wants to buy it? 😀

For more reading on Izumio and Super Lutein, please click on the following link:

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Home-cooked Meals For Recess

This is an almost nightly affair for the drama queen.  Before she eats her dinner, she would ask me if there is enough food for her to bring to school for recess the next day.  If yes, she would quickly keep some in a stainless steel container with cover.  The next morning, I would wake her up 5 minutes earlier and she would put the container of food into the wok to heat up. She’s pretty hands-on in the kitchen :)

Sometimes I will heat up the food in the microwave oven for a minute.

I cooked this with egg plant dish with minced meat, tomatoes and fermented soy beans (‘taucheong’) sometime last week. Yes, another one-pot dish.  You can even throw in some beans to add more fiber into this dish.  Just this dish alone is good enough if you have no time to dish out a 3-dish dinner. And it’s so appetizing and yummy!

I also made a quick soup using chicken ribs, dried mushrooms, radish and cabbage with salmon balls (yeah yeah, salmon balls are junk and I was duped into buying them ok!)

And this portion is for Miss Drama Queen’s recess the next morning.

A warm home-cooked bento box for recess – anytime better than sausages, nuggets, fish balls and cold nasi lemak from the school canteen! Have I told you that the food sold at the girls’ canteen REALLY sucks?  I shudder just thinking of them. Poor kids.