Home-cooked Dinner With Love

My lazy cincai dinner for tonight…

Meatless fried rice composed of 1 big Bombay onion, 1 large bulb of garlic, Edamame beans, avocado oil, chopped scallions, 4 eggs, few dashes of soy sauce, pepper and a large cup of LOVE.

Decor – blanched organic broccoli and organic cherry tomatoes and a few shakes of Japanese seaweed seasoning.


Braised pig hands (or legs?). The MIL bought those pig hands just before she left for Hong Kong. I’ll never buy them when she’s not around as I don’t really fancy them and only really like it if it’s cooked with black vinegar. But I am too lazy to cook it with black vinegar coz this involves a lot of peeling and slicing of ginger. Today, I had a light-bulb moment and thought of an easy peasy way of preparing the pig hands just the way the girls like it.   Just dump those piggy limbs into a big pot of water and add soy sauce, dark soy sauce (you can use black strap molasses for a healthier alternative), pepper, star anise, rose wine, ginger, garlic, spring onions and rock sugar / palm sugar. This is the same way for preparing braised chicken.  Boil for 1.5 to 2 hours or until at desired tenderness of the meat.  The girls loved this dish!

Why do I say that this meal has a cup of LOVE in it?

Here’s why…

My baby girl helped to remove the Edamame beans from the pod and peeled garlic.

And Miss Drama Queen helped to chop the Bombay onion and garlic. Did you notice what she was wearing? HA HA HA!

Yup, only a drama queen could think of wearing goggles when peeling and chopping onions.

What made me ROTFL was when Cass stepped into the wet kitchen and with a stunned and innocent look, asked…. “2 che, are you crying?”  And Miss Cool Drama Queen replied “NOOOOO!”

What a brilliant idea of wearing goggles!  The best part was Miss Drama Queen told me that she loves chopping onions and garlic. I can’t believe my ears. I’m so in luck!  I have found someone to take over the chore that I absolutely hate, thank you God for sending me a precious gem!! 😀



The Modern Lab Coat: No Longer Simple and Straight

The time for plain, simple lab coats with no frills seems to be in the past. Workers in the healthcare, science, hazardous manufacturing and foodservice fields who might wear them as a part of their daily uniform want more options. Rather than the traditional straight-line lab coat with a single pocket at the breast, these workers now want more complex cuts like those in dickies lab coats. They seem to crave a sense of fashion that allows them to showcase their own individual personalities. Here are a few things that are different about the modern lab coat.

The world is accustomed to the stereotypical lab coat that may be knee-length or slightly longer. In the past, this has seemed a way to protect clothing, or exposed legs for those wearing dresses or skirts. Many modern lab coats now stop mid-thigh or are cut even higher. This prevents workers from feeling that there is too much cumbersome material to handle while they work. Shorter lab coats tend to offer a bit more flexibility with walking.

The open lab coat with no buttons did not give the range of style preferences that are now available to wearers. Lab coats come double-breasted, fully buttoned and with prominent collars. In some cases, newer lab coats resemble blazers or pea coats and easily blend with the fashionable clothing worn underneath them. There are quite a few style options, too. They can be made with stretchable snaps, belts, large pockets for storage and contrasting stitching to allow each wearer to personalize. To the surprise of many traditionalists, white is not the only color for lab jackets anymore. Many people are choosing gray, navy, black, beige and other neutral colors for their uniforms.

Traditionally, lab coats have been a single layer of fabric. Modern coats have lining or several layers to protect wearers from harsh weather or work hazards. Some even have secret pockets inside the coat for mobile phones and other items that should not be vulnerable to getting lost or falling from outside pockets.

The idea to give lab coat wearers some fashion choices is a trend that is not likely to fade. In fact, it may begin to reshape the conventional idea of a lab coat for industries who depend on them for workers. Lab coats have evolved beyond their functionality. They are also a way to make a fashion statement while honoring the requirements for a job.


Our Hazy Sunday – 4 October 2015

Our fears came true.  Schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday (5 – 6 October 2015) caused by the worsening haze.  API at our place today was over 300! This means exam on Monday and Tuesday will be postponed to the following Monday and Tuesday (12 – 13 October 2015) while exam will go on as scheduled on Wednesday – Friday this coming week should the haze situation improve and schools can be reopened. We thought that all exams for this year will be over and done with by this coming Friday but the exam fever has to be prolonged, sigh!

The haze yesterday was the worst ever since our country was  blanketed by haze about a month ago.

This picture was taken at about 3pm yesterday and we could barely see what’s outside clearly.   KLCC and KL Tower were totally not visible from our place.

Cass having her revision break.

As I am typing this post at 8pm, the haze situation has improved substantially. KLCC and KL Tower can be seen distinctly glittering in yellow and red lights from our unit. If the haze is blown away by tomorrow, the 2 days of school holiday will be given in vain!

Our Sunday today started at 5am.  Alycia had to be at the new high school by 7:15am for streaming assessment.

After the exam ended at 1:30pm, we went to Tesco for shopping.

And then adjourned to the electrical shop to purchase a new TV.  I almost suffocated in the hot and humid hazy afternoon at the electrical shop as there is a mega sale on going now and the entire road outside the shop was a sea of crazy shoppers carrying their electrical items.  Our new TV has a whopping 55 inch / 139cm screen! Back home, the girls were You Tubing and surfing the internet using the wide screen TV.  Revision was put on hold since we now have 2 extra days to do it 😀


Another Crazy Hazy Not So Lazy Saturday – 3 October 2015

Breakfast at a nearby coffee shop…

Yep, this cili padi not-so-babyish anymore Baby C can eat fiery curries and loves them!  Today we shared a bowl of white curry vermicelli.

Check out this picture of the horrendous haze today, taken from the 5th floor of our condo at 11am…

Today is one of the worst haze days since our country was engulfed in haze about a month ago.  Our windows and sliding doors at home are shut tightly now.  Air purifier is turned on 24 hours a day and we are gulping down packets of Izumio hydrogen water to help clean our lungs and innards.

At school front – the bad news is that should schools be closed again due to the haze, the final exam (scheduled for next week) will be postponed and classes may have to be replaced! I hope this will not happen as I am longing for all the exams for this year to be over and done with by next week so that we can put aside all the school books and start to have some fun!




Achiever’s Free Trip To Japan

I should have been with my Naturally Plus sistas in the achievers’ trip to Tokyo, Japan this week. Yep, I made it and got my 10th sponsor (i.e. person who signs up for the package) right smack on the dot… a few hours away from missing the deadline! Phew, what a stressful Sunday it was for me that day.  And I have to thank my mentor / boss, Patsy and Izumio sista, Jaclyn for helping me rush like 2 headless chickens to do the registration for the 2 new members.

And so here they are in Nagoya, Japan.  They really do deserve the trip, everyone of them. Gawd, I should have been in the picture too!! Sobs :(

I have to give up the trip as this week is still a school-going week and my girls will be sitting for their exam in a few days. Plus, the mil has just flown off to Hong Kong today.  But our big boss is super kind.  He swapped the trip (fully paid trip with RM1,500 pocket money!!!) with a full package worth RM5,300 of Izumio and Super Lutein for those who are unable to attend the trip!!

They will be visiting the Super Lutein factory to see how this super supplement is being manufactured.  You see, Naturally Plus rocks!  All your hard work will never go unnoticed and you will surely get rewarded. The harder you work, the higher your rewards will be. That, you can be rest assured.

I am still way behind my Naturally Plus sistas in terms of achievement and earnings but give me a few more years, I am sure I will be there. Or maybe even earlier!!    We have an awesome mentor and big boss, so your hard work will definitely be recognized and rewarded. The next incentive trip is Dubai. Can I claim this trip?  For the Japan trip, I didn’t really think that I could make it but God made it happen, right on the day of the deadline. So for Dubai, who knows the same thing will happen!

Come and join us in this rewarding business!! :)  Whoever is interested to join me in this Izumio and Super Lutein business, please email me at shireenyong@gmail.com


Water Rationing At Our Condo – Day 2

This morning the water did not come back at 6am as promised. Not a trickle of water from our tap and I was fuming mad!  The stored water from one bathroom was finished off really quickly. A lot of water was needed to flush toilets. The girls were fighting to use the other bathroom which had more stored water. We were super late but thank goodness, the transporter was late to arrive too!  I guess she must have spent her pre-dawn morning carrying buckets of water as well.  At 6:15am, I sent a Whatsapp message to the condo manager and asked him why there was still no water yet.

At 10:30am, the condo manager replied my Whatsapp message and told me that Syabas has resumed water supply to our condo and the water rationing has ended!  What?? After they made me skip my morning exercise so that I could use the time to rush like a mad woman to store water, wash dishes, wash toilets, clean the floor and shower myself, I was told that there is now water. I was happy yet angry!  The water rationing notice stated that there will only be water supply from 6am to 9am and from 6pm to 9pm today.

Everyone thinks that the new condo manager over reacted by imposing a water rationing. The clever Japanese builders that designed our condo designed the water tanks big enough to store water to last the residents for 3 days in the event of water cuts. In our 7 years living here, we have never once experienced a water rationing at our condo albeit our neighborhood had water cuts and water rationing.

This morning, I had to dig out more containers to store more water coz yesterday, the water that I stored was not enough for everyone. Every basin, pail, water tumbler and mini pail that I could find was used to store water. Now that the water rationing has ended abruptly, I will have to use all the stored water to flush toilets.

Almost every available space in our bathroom had pails filled with water to the brim. I even used our waste paper baskets to store water!

Because of all the rush and stress, I had headache the whole morning. I have just downed another packet of Izumio hydrogen water and the headache seems to have gone away! But not the haze. The skies are still gloomy and smoky.  How is the haze situation at your end?


Crazy Hazy Waterless Day

Today has been a day filled with various obstacles for me.

First, we are affected by the 2.5-day water cut in certain areas in KL caused by an inlet valve replacement at one of the major water tanks in KL.  Living in a condo, we have always been spared from the brunt of water rationing or unscheduled water cuts as there are huge water storage tanks at our condo to last us for 2 days should there be a water cut. But this time, the condo Manager has to ration our water supply as the inlet valve replacement job involves major works and he is worried that the water cut will be extended.

Under this water rationing imposed by the condo Management, we will get water for 6 hours a day from 6-9am and 6-9pm.  For a clean freak like me, that is so not enough! We clean ourselves  after every pee and poo job alright.  And my dear Aunt Flow just has to come today right smack on the day the water rationing starts. Remember I have a uterine fibroid and my AFs are super heavy? Great!  My bathroom is a disgusting sight now.

Since last night, I have been busy filling up water containers. I filled up every container and water tumbler that I could find in the house with water.

After swimming this morning, I hurriedly did all the chores that require water usage. When the girls returned from school, the stored water was depleted at the snap of a finger! Water is just like money. It’s so hard to earn them but it takes just seconds and minutes to exhaust them all. No wonder money is called ‘sui’ (water) in Chinese!


Lunch was take-away food and dinner was at a nearby restaurant that was not affected by the water cut.

Next problem was the darn lifts at our condo.  One of the lifts is out of order due to replacement of new lifts for the entire building. The other lift also conked out since last week, got repaired and conked out again. I walked up and down our unit on the fifth floor more than 10 times since yesterday!

In the evening, we were stuck for over half an hour in the horrendous traffic jam when I picked Sherilyn up from the tuition centre. When we got home, it was already close to 7:30pm and this meant we only had 1.5 hours to bathe, clean the bathrooms, boil water, wash the girls’ water bottles, lunch boxes and store more water!

I am now having an achy back and sore arms from carrying pails of water and having to contort myself in our squeezy bathroom that’s placed with pails in every available walking space. Tomorrow will be an even tougher day for me. God help me please!!


Our Very Hazy Saturday – 26 Sept 2015

The haze is back and it’s back at full choking force! This morning I woke up at 7am to the smell of smoke in the bedroom. By 11am, it got worse. My nose has been itchy the whole morning and felt ‘dirty’ inside the nostrils.  The dust monitor on our Sharp air purifier has been in red and yellow mode since this morning and it doesn’t seem to turn into green.

Just a moment ago,  I stepped out to the balcony to snap this picture. My eyes became watery after just 3 minutes outside.

KLCC and KL Tower are normally seen in the backdrop, behind the block of condo in the middle but today, they are totally invisible!

It looks as if the API will shoot up to 300+ just like our neighbor, Singapore. My friend from Singapore brought her kids back to Malaysia two days ago for a respite since schools are out caused by the haze.

We have been gulping down packets of Izumio hydrogen water to keep ourselves protected against the hazardous haze and I’ve been popping 6 caps of Super Lutein a day to keep my immune system and eyes in top form.

While I attended piano class with Cass in the evening, Alycia and Sherilyn followed their grand uncle to the supermarket for grocery shopping.

We had dinner at the girls’ grand uncle’s house and later the girls played lantern and lit up candles in the garden.

Tomorrow will be another hair-pulling and throat-shattering day for me. It’s exactly a week away from Sherilyn and Cass’ final exam and we are staying home to revise. While the 3 of us would stay in torture chamber, Alycia gets to enjoy a movie date with her grand uncle at the cinema before he returns to New Zealand. The other 2 girls are green with envy and I promised them that after exam, they’ll get a movie treat to watch Mount Everest in 3D.

Happy weekend world!! :)


Precious Bonding Moments

Precious bonding moments pictures of the girls  with my parents and younger brother during my mum’s 69th birthday celebration in KL last week (18 – 20 September 2015)…

The girls played Monopoly with their koong koong for 3 hours on Sunday!  2 hours in the afternoon and 1 hour after we came back from dinner.



Cass with Roy kau fu (my younger brother)…

Koong koong brought them to the pool area to play  lantern on Saturday night…

Playing lantern by the pool – only a doting grandfather would do this at 10ish pm!


And accompanied the girls to Borders to shop for books …



Cass with her best buddy. That’s what she calls her granny and my mum calls Cass honey bunny :)

On the day that my parents were to return to Ipoh, Cass was in a very foul and crabby mood  in the morning as she dreaded the day that she had to bid goodbye to them.  She pleaded with her koong koong and granny not to go back to Ipoh.  She hugged her best buddy and refused to let go of her…

Till we meet again in November dearest papa and mummy. The girls and I can’t wait to see you and spend our holiday in Penang together again!  Cass is already counting down to the days :) :)


Eczema – Side Effects Of Taking Steroids

Eczema patients are usually prescribed with steroids which will cause a host of unfavourable side effects. This is why we must resort to something more natural which will be a better solution for eczema.

The below pictures show how one consumer’s (she’s my friend) chronic eczema on her hands became better after consuming high dosage of Izumio and Super Lutein for just 1.5 months.


Read steroids side effects here: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/ss/slideshow-steroids-101?ecd=soc_fb_091715_ss_steroids

For those of you who missed out on my earlier posts on what Izumio and Super Lutein are and how they can help to ease a host of ailments, you can click on the following links to read:

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You can email shireenyong@gmail.com to find out more on Izumio and Super Lutein.