Hectic Day

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The past few days have been hectic for me. I have been in a checking + packing frenzy, to rush out my customers’ orders. Total is the last day for courier pick up before the Hari Raya holiday. Since last week, I have been receiving stock from my supplier almost everyday. The house is in a mess. Clothes and parcels are everywhere. On the dining table – the girls’ school books and workbooks are piled high up. It’s the exam week for Alycia and Sherilyn. Everyone in the house has been busy busy busy! I am a ONE LEG KICK entrepreneur  work-from-home-mum with no help.

This is  part of my customers’ parcels for Pos Laju collection today…


The past few days, I have been churning out smoothies for the girls.  This is just what they need now – an extra boost of vitamins and antioxidants to fight the exam stress and haze.

Today I made ice-blended orange + pineapple + chia seeds + fresh coconut water and coconut flesh smoothie with our Blendtec blender.  Love this blender as it can churn out 3-4 glasses of smoothie at the touch of a button.    Boost Juice uses Blendtec too. And it is super easy to clean!


This  glass of immune system booster, blended with all natural goodness is so refreshing and good to the last drop.


And this is kept in a glass bottle in the fridge, for Sherilyn when she comes home in the evening…


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Eve Of The Girls’ Exam

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It’s the exam season once again. My desktop PC was dominated by Alycia and Sherilyn for the past 2 days.   I prefer to use online Tatabahasa notes (mostly prepared by teachers) to guide the girls as there are more visuals to accompany the notes and they remember better when shown information in colorful slides. Sample UPSR test papers can also be found and printed online.

It is only now that I get to warm my seat and have control over my PC and it is slightly over 11pm now.  I have only 15 minutes to do a short post before I hit the sack.  My day begins at 4:45am once again tomorrow.

It’s the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn’s exam today and as usual, they only started to feel a slight pressure to do some serious revision at the eleventh hour.  Someone still daydreams and needs me to gawk at her like a hawk. Each time I leave the table, her mind and eyes will stray off! She is like an airplane that needs close monitoring on the radar. I felt like strangling her!! It is me who always likes early preparation but not my girls.  Nothing that I say would make them panic and start preparing earlier. I always tell them the rules of reaping what you sow but they are still as cool as cucumbers! *roll eyeballs*! I hope Cass will be easier to manage next year.

Despite being the eve of their exam, we had a nice dim sum lunch at a Chinese restaurant today and then went groceries shopping at Bangsar Village.

Dinner was strictly no cooking as I did not want to do much washing. I wanted to use my golden hours to do as much revision as I can with Alycia and Sherilyn. There are so many topics to cover and I think I missed out some.

So for dinner, I ordered Papa John’s pizza to be delivered to us.



Good luck girls and I really hope you will remember all your last minute stuffing and overloading of information tomorrow!

And to those with kiddos sitting for their exams tomorrow, all the best to your kids too! :)



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Mamil PreceNutri For Healthy Guts

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Remember my earlier post where I mentioned that I may want Cass to try out Mamil’s growing-up milk that contains Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture scGos/LcFos as one of the ways to help her counter her poo poo problem? Well, Mamil was kind enough to send me a big bagful of Mamil with PreciNutri milk (for 4-5 years old kids) to try!  How awesome! Thank you so much Dumex!

I was worried that Cass would not like the taste of Mamil PreciNutri. To begin with, Cass was a fully breastfed baby who rejected milk formula all her life. She later accepted cold fresh milk. Mamil PreciNutri does not have a strong and pungent milk taste. It has a very mild taste. Most of all, it is not sweet as there is 0% sucrose in the formula. Finding a brand of milk that is sugar-free is my topmost important criteria and Mamil’s formulation meets my criteria. In fact, there is no sucrose in all of Mamil’s formulation. To my surprise, Cass accepted Mamil’s milk without kicking up a fuss or telling me that it tastes yucky!

Cass has been drinking Mamil Active Precision for 7 days already. I have been giving it to her only once a day. For the first three days, I could not see any significant change in her bowel movement and bowel type. However, on the 4th day, she poo-ed three times! I am not sure if it was the prebiotics in the milk taking its effect on Cass’ guts or it was the red dragon fruit that she ate. Most of the time, red dragon fruit would not produce such effective evacuation of the bowels. Whatever it is, I am very happy that Cass has been able to move her bowels effortlessly for the past few days.

Mamil® with PreciNutri™ contains a combination of Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture scGOS/lcFOS (9:1) that is scientifically proven to promote a healthy gut environment. Mamil® also contains the highest level of DHA** and has the important nutrients to support a child’s optimum growth and development.

Dumex is now having a “Try Mamil For 7 Days And See The Difference” promotion. If you are keen to get free samples for your child to try, you can go to participating stores and exchange your child’s current non-Dumex brand of growing up milk (500g and above)1 for a FREE Mamil® 600g starter kit!

For store locations near you, you can refer to the list of store locator here.

** Compared to other growing up milk brands in the market as of Jan 2014 (Mamil®Learning DHA content, 81mg per day)

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Mommy’s Simply Whack Pizza

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This is my simply whack homemade pizza for lunch today…



I used Mission wholegrain wraps as the crust and it turned out to be very crrrrrrispy!

Sauce base is tomato paste for Alycia and homemade pesto sauce for Cass.

Toppings are fresh button mushrooms, sweet corn kernels, juicy sweet cherry tomatoes and Emborg Natural Cheddar Cheese Slices.


Preparation time = 15 minutes

Baking time in oven at 160 degrees Celsius = 15 minutes

Alycia and Cass loved this simply whack, cincai pizza. I think this is anytime better than store-bought pizzas! :P

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Ecover Cleaning Products Give-Away – Reminder For Closing Date!

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Ding dong ding dong, ding ding dooooooong!!

Announcement:  7 more days to the closing date for submission of the Ecover cleaning products give-away!

If you are do not already know, Ecover is now having a give-away in my blog for 3 lucky winners.

1st lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of lemon & aloe vera washing up liquid (dishwashing liquid) worth RM18.90
2nd lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of camomile and marigold washing upliquid (dishwashing liquid) worth RM18.90 and
3rd lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of cream cleaner worth RM12.80

Since 1980, Ecover is the world’s best known brand of environmentally friendly household cleaning products. Ecover products are made in Belgium and the bottles are made from sugar cane-based polyethylene and are 100% recyclable!

How Do You Stand A Chance To Win?

All you have to do is to comment in this post with a slogan (not more than 100 words) as to why you deserve a bottle of Ecover dishwashing liquid or cream creamer.

Closing date for submission of slogan is 23 July 2014 and I shall announce the winners in a separate blog post.

Hurry submit your slogans now. Just click on ‘Leave A Comment’ to type out your e-slogan. Each reader is allowed to submit only one slogan ya.

You can read more on Ecover’s give-away and leave your comment / slogan here

Good luck! :)


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Looming Danger In Rainbow Loom?

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My girls have finally been bitten by the Rainbow Loom bug!  When Rainbow Loom first landed in Malaysia some time last year and became popular amongst kids and adults, I did not buy my girls a set.  Reason being this el cheapo  mummy said it was just too expensive.  I ain’t going to splurge over RM100 on colorful rubber bands!

Now that the Rainbow Loom bubble is almost bursting and  is sold very cheaply almost everywhere, I bought them 2 packs, which cost less than RM10 a pack for a few hundred bands.  I got the Rainbow Loom bands from Art Friend @ Gardens Mid Valley.

Cass was immediately addicted to it.  The moment we brought the Rainbow Loom bands home, she quickly hopped over to You Tube to search for online tutorials on how to tie them into bracelets. Within an hour, she made 2 bracelets!  This girl sure has nimble fingers and good dexterity.



She made over 10 bracelets and gave them to her 2 che ches, teachers and friends.

Cass bugged me to buy her more Rainbow Loom bands in other colors but wait, there is looming danger in these bands!

Just a few days after Cass got hooked on these colorful bands, news on a boy who got blinded in one eye by the Rainbow Loom and another boy’s finger turned black after a Loom band was tied to his finger flooded Facebook and the media. I showed the pictures of the 2 boys who got injured to Cass. My mil also read the news in the Chinese newspapers.

Do you allow your kids to play with Rainbow Loom? This hobby is way healthier than being hooked on the idiot box and other electrical gadgets. But there is a looming danger too in these pretty Rainbow Loom bands. Sigh!  Cass told me that she would wear goggles should she want to tie  the Rainbow Loom bands.

So how now brown cow? Loom or no loom now?  What say you?



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Black Monday

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Black Monday and Monday Blues, that’s how my Monday is today.

Damn that alarm clock of mine, that died down on me, it failed to wake me up again!  I always have my mobile phone alarm as back-up to wake me up but dang it, I had left it at my work desk last night!

So instead of waking up at 4:45am, I was jolted up from bed at 6:15am when I took a closer look at the damn alarm clock in the still of the darkness.  With just 15 minutes before the transporter arrived, I quickly woke Alycia and Sherilyn up. Told them to settle their drinks themselves.  No time for breakfast.  No time to dilly dally. No time to even poo.  They just had to get dressed up first and do the rest later, if they have the time. Poor girls didn’t even get to eat breakfast.

I felt as if I was rushing to catch a train or plane that was about to leave.  But we managed to reach the lobby just in the nick of time, phew!  I. Hate. Waking Up Late!

Today’s mission is to buy another alarm clock. Perhaps I should even buy two alarm clocks as back-up!





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Best Mother In The Whole Wide World

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I am supposed to be doing something more important now but I have to journal this down in my blog so that when Cass grows up and reads this, this post will serve as a reminder to her of what she had said to me when she was 6 years old.

And Cassandra, you better keep your words.  If you ever forget, this is what you said to mummy on this Sunday night, 13 July 2014:

You kept telling me this and even made out a song and  sang it out earnestly to me:

“Mummy, you are the best mother I could ever ask for (you kept repeating this line non-stop like a parrot, lol!). You are the best mother in the whole wide world and best mother on this planet. You have done everything to save my life and to save me from trouble and pain. I would never want to see you get hurt, harm or die. I never want to leave you.  When I grow up, I want to write a book on you – the best mother I could ever ask for!”

Your last sentence on you writing a book about me made my eyes wet a little and I smiled a little. And we prayed together a little before I tucked you to bed.

And you have also said this to me umpteen times: “mummy,  when I grow up, I want to buy a big bungalow and I want you to stay with me and cook for me. I love your cooking”

This is you, my adorable baby girl, when you were about 3 months old, to one of your never-ending hospital  visits.  Though we had to go through countless number of painful days and  moments together, I still loved being with you every moment of your life.

May you be blessed by the good Lord with many, many more years of healthy and happy life :)


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Baked Mission Wraps With Beef Bolognese and Tuna Mayo

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Alycia and Cass liked the beef bolognese wraps that I made two days ago so much that they have been pestering me to make them again.

Since the MIL has a date with her friends tonight and did not cook, I made this sweat-free delish baked wraps again.  Sherilyn the social butterfly has gone on a date with her bff, B… again!  Hubs has gone on a date with his bunch of basketball mates. And I had a dinner date with just my 2 sweetie-pies tonight :)

I used Mission wholegrain wraps.


Three pieces were wrapped with leftover beef bolognese and the other three pieces were wrapped with tuna mayo.  They were baked in the oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.


The wraps were very crispy and the tuna mayo ones tasted like crispy spring rolls.  The ones with beef bolognese and cheese fillings tasted like lasagne.  The 2 fussy pots enjoyed their simple and delish dinner very much!


Now that the 2 girls are well fed and happy, I have to continue stock-checking and packing my customers’ parcels.  Tomorrow will be revision day with Alycia and Sherilyn as their 3rd term exam is in a week’s time.

Happy weekend peeps! :)


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My Little Model

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It’s been a while since Cass last modeled for my online store.  Since she was 2.5 years old, she has been modeling for me and she actually enjoys her freelance job  with a little rewards from me hehe.  She would blow my top at times when she refused to cooperate.

In the first 4 pictures below, Cass was about 2.5 years old – 3 years old.   All these pix appeared in my online store site.



The seductive Marilyn Monroe pose @ 3 years old, lol!








Cass, 4 years on, modeling on some newly arrived kids apparel…



My baby girl looks SO matured and grown up here… no longer with a baby face but still, I will always treat her like a baby  ♥♥


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