Saturday Night Dinner At Red Kettle – 28 November 2015

Dinner on our lovely Saturday night today was at Red Kettle, a boiling hot hangout place for dinner amongst residence at this neighborhood.

Today we had a meat-heavy meal.

We started off with the Kettle Salad with homemade crispy buttery croutons, cranberries, rocket salad, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, ramen-type lava eggs and a mix of salad leaves.

Baby lobster angel hair pasta with oven-dried cherry tomatoes has a tinge of spiciness and the girls loved it.

Homemade pork sausages with homemade mash potatoes cloaked in a very flavorful old-school gravy that evokes home-style cooking.  Red Kettle gains a crucial edge by showcasing kitchen-crafted and homemade components as much as possible.

On the foreground is white wine mussels spaghetti.

The grilled boneless lamb shoulder was perfectly cooked. Though it looked a tad dry, but it ain’t dry or tough. The meat was juicy and tender and paired really well with the mint sauce.

Kettle’s roast ribs are by far one of the tastiest I’ve had. The meat is juicy, succulent and tender – it falls off the bones easily. Every bite was enjoyable and to die for. For a moment, I forgot that I was to go easy on red meat!   The oven roasted garlic was soft and aromatic.  Sherilyn and I whacked the 2 whole roasted garlic.

Cajun pork prawn burger came with textured pork patties which were hand-moulded, own-smoked bacon and succulent prawns.

As usual, the hubby must end his gourmet meal with a cuppa gourmet coffee. Tonight, he ordered a cuppa latte, a slice of cream cheese carrot cake and…

banana walnut cake. The cake was pretty huge and we doggy-bagged half the leftover cake back for our breakkie tomorrow :)

I was so so stuffed I felt like letting out a loud BURP at the restaurant but what do I know?  Hubby ordered 2 soft-serve ice-creams, O-M-G!!

I had to ask hubby to drop us at the lobby so that we could take a longer walk back to our block and then climbed up 5 floors to our unit. Back home, I did 50 jumps on the skipping rope but dang it, I still feel so so so stuffed now! I am still burping. My internal system is just now used to such meat intense dinners.  It’s now 11ish pm and I can still feel the heavy meat undigested in my guts.  I am so doomed!  After a very enjoyable meal, I am now insomniac from guilt in my guts!


Dinner on 27 November 2015 – Braised Spinach Noodles

Dinner for tonight…

Braised curly spinach noodles with minced meat, julienned carrots, baby bok choy, lots of chopped garlic and onions, diced Chinese dried flower mushrooms and eggs.

Seasoning – pepper, organic soy sauce, dollop of dark sauce and premium abalone sauce.

See the plant in a unique tone of matte green at the foreground? That’s the cotton plant that Sherilyn planted with cotton seeds that her Science teacher gave her a few months back. She showers this cotton plant with a lot of TLC every single day but the big problem that we are facing  now is where do we transfer it to now?  There is no way it can survive in a tiny flower pot on a squeezy balcony of our condo. How now brown cow??

I cooked an extra portion so that lunch for tomorrow (Saturday) will be just a touch of the microwave button away! hehe…

Happy weekend world!


The Best Way to Keep Your Body Healthy

Keeping your body healthy is a must. If you care about your well being at all, you’ll do your best to stay healthy. Many people would kill for a healthy body. Many people spend years abusing theirs and only realise the extent of what they’ve done when it’s too late. If you don’t want to be one of those people, and you want to live a long and happy life, these tips are for you.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is beneficial for lots of different reasons. Not only can drinking enough of it make us feel energised and alert, it can clear the skin and make us glow. Plus it hydrates us and helps us to lose weight! Flushing out toxins is something that water does best. Drink 3-4 litres a day if you want a real boost! 2 litres should be the minimum amount of water that you drink. You can count non caffeinated drinks towards your water intake sometimes too, like herbal teas.

Fill Your Diet With Vegetables and Other Good Stuff

Fill your diet with vegetables and you’ll start to look and feel better in just a few weeks. Eat some vegetables with every meal, ensuring that you get your 5 a day. You can make them so much more interesting by using different cooking methods and herbs/spices. They don’t have to be boring. Other good stuff includes fruit, yoghurt, and things like that. can give you more information.

Limit Processed, Sugary Foods

Processed, sugary foods are bad for us. You probably already know that. You don’t have to cut them out completely if you’re used to eating them, as you’ll end up bingeing! That being said, you should limit them as much as you possibly can to feel and look healthier. Consider allowing yourself one cheat meal per week to tide you over. If you’re spending time cooking delicious healthy meals, you shouldn’t be too bothered about naughty foods anyway!


Tiger Jit’s Capati @ Jln San Peng, KL

About 2 months back, after our lunch of chicken rice and chicken noodles at a famous stall located along Jalan San Peng, we walked over to Tiger Jit’s Capati to have a look at their fare. I was impressed with their curry dishes and capati.  Though I was already really stuffed with the chicken rice and noodles, I was drooling looking at the sumptuous curries. I picked a few curry dishes and several pieces of capati bread for takeout.

When we got home, I asked the girls to bring the takeout to the kitchen. But what do we know?!!  After searching the entire house and car thoroughly, we found out that we had left the capati and curries at the stall, BUMMER! I was really disappointed! And angry with myself and the girls.

Moral of the story – never ever assume… for you make an ass out of U and ME!  I assumed that the girls / MIL were holding the takeout and they assumed that I was holding it. Good lesson learned!

While I was waiting for the takeout, I saw from Tiger Jit’s stall that he was on Facebook! I quickly sent a private message to Tiger Jit and informed him that I left my food at his stall and asked him if I could go back to his stall when I am free to claim my food.  I didn’t really expect that he would reply my message but he did! And he was kind enough to ask me to claim my takeout at any time.

Way to go Tiger! You have an unassuming, no-frills and simple stall but you keep yourself up to date and well LIKED on Facebook!

But we had too many events and kids’ exams rolling in over the next few days, weeks and before we knew it, it was already 2 months. Today, hubs was in a mood to bring us there for brunch. I told our girls and hubs that I would try my luck to claim my capati and curries!

After brunch of chicken noodles and Penang char koay teow at neighboring stalls (which were as good as Ipoh and Penang ones), I walked over to Tiger Jit’s stall. I could not see Tiger Jit at his stall but his Indon helpers were there. I told them about the takeout that I left behind and expected that they would pretend to forget all about the incident. But they remembered!  They even remembered what I ordered and without hesitation, quickly packed the food that I had ordered 2 months back. This is what I call good customer service!

Tosei Rawa for takeout…

An assortment of mouth-watering authentic Indian curries…


Friendly, hardworking Indon helpers…


We only ate the capati and tosei rawa about 3 hours later. Lazy me didn’t even bother to heat it up in the toaster. But they were still soft and fluffy.  We whacked all the rotis and curries and were so satisfied, BUUUURP!

If you’re looking for a homely place to dig into some really delicious curries, capati and tosei, I strongly recommend Tiger Jit’s at Jln San Peng. Many VIPs patronize his stall. Check out his Facebook page.

We will definitely be back at Tiger Jit’s to try other curries. I love their capati and roti rawa. I can’t wait to patronize his stall again!

Jalan San Peng,
Pudu, 55200 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-9222 1597


Buy School Uniform Online

Parents, you’re going to thank me for posting this up! This is going to make your life so much easier and happier 😀

Don’t you just dread braving the last-minute mad crowd and traffic jam to buy uniforms for your kids? I don’t know about you but I detest it.  It does not help that during this time of the year, school uniforms are so quickly snapped up.  I’m sure you’ve experienced making a trip to the shopping mall to get uniforms, only to find out that all the sizes that you wanted are sold out, the sports shorts that you wanted are all sold out too and the wrinkle-free uniforms that you so love are also out of stock indefinitely. I’ve gone through it all, every single year.

Fret not. Help is on the way…

You can now shop for school uniforms online at Matari Shop, a one-stop school uniform centre in Malaysia.

Matari Shop is a one-stop school uniform supplier centre located in Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang (Penang), Malaysia. This online store, owned by Ding Feng Trading Sdn Bhd has been around for several years. They supply school uniform, co-curriculum uniform (persatuan), school & co-curriculum T-shirt, accessories, stationery items, school bags, and school shoes.

What I absolutely love about Matari’s school uniforms is that they are made with wrinkle-free fabric.  The fabric is ultra soft, lightweight, silky smooth, cooling and best of all, does not require much ironing. So busy parents, you can skip the ironing part! Good news, yes? 😀


A few days ago, I received Alycia’s secondary school uniforms from Matari and I have to say that I am very pleased with them. I love the comfy material and the good customer service provided by Matari.  Thank you very much for sending me the uniforms, Matari!



You can also find Matari on Facebook at

Discount Code
And now, here’s a little special token specially for readers of Health Freak Mommy :)

All readers of Health Freak Mommy will be given a 15% discount for purchase of uniforms from Matari from 26 November 2015 through 31 December 2015. Just key in the  discount code HFM222 during check-out  at the Matari Shop website or at the check-out counter for walk-in customers.

Warranty for Matari uniforms
There’ll be a one month warranty for all purchases of Matari merchandise for defective or wrong size items.  All you have to do is to complete the Returns Form and send the item back to Matari.

Free Delivery
Matari will offer FREE delivery within Malaysia for purchases above RM150. That’s another brownie point for Matari!  Shipping fee will be RM10 for purchases below RM150.

Quick check out Matari’s uniforms and school accessories today. The discount code for Matari’s uniforms is only valid until 31 December 2015.

If you have any questions regarding Matari uniforms, you can chat with their customer service staff on the product page and checkout page. There is a support module on the right bottom side. Customers can send Matari Shop a message through that module if they have any question.

Happy  holidays and happy shopping! :)


Our Monday – 23 November 2015 (A Full Day Out At The Malls)

Just realized that I have not updated this blog for almost 4 days!


School holidays!!  That’s why apart from the 2-3 hours of extra of sleep that I get each day, I have fewer hours for myself and for work each day throughout the school holidays.

Today, I spent the entire day at Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall.  Why? To send the ‘tai siew che’ (eldest princess) to party and karaoke at Red Box with her gang of classmates.

I snapped the above picture so that I can refer to my phone on which exit I should take to get to the car park 😀  Yeah I know, my memory sucks after 3 C-sect births.

The big girl is already missing all her classmates dearly as many of them will be going to different high schools next year. They have already planned a movie date for this Sunday.

After I sent Alycia to Red Box, I had lunch with #2 and #3 at a Japanese fast-food joint.

Then the 3 of us shopped till we dropped, no pun intended!  We walked the entire 2 shopping malls for over 6 hours!

And spent the longest time at Jelly Bunny shoes and Uniqlo…

I bought Jelly Bunny shoes for these 2 rascals…

When they complaint of being tired and hungry, we stopped at Nana’s Green Tea for food. And I finally managed to get some work done on my phone with the free WiFi at Nana’s while waiting for the ‘tai siew che’ to party at Red Box.

Nana’s Green Tea’s green tea ice-cream and green tea beverages and desserts are the best I’ve ever tasted!  I am a big big fan of green tea and to say that Nana’s Green Tea’s green tea products are good, they are really good. I am already drooling just thinking about their green tea drink and green tea ice-cream 😛

Despite walking for 6 hours at the shopping malls, I was surprisingly still not tired at all!   It must be the Izumio and Super Lutein giving me the power!  Also, I cannot stress how important getting sufficient sleep is to our mental and physical state.  For me, I need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to feel good the next day but I only  get this amount of sleep during the school holidays.  So can you imagine how screwed up I am on regular school-going days with just 4-5 hours of sleep?

My resolution for 2016 is to clock in 6-7 hours of sleep each day. Can I do it? Pray tell… 😀


Asthma 101: All You Need To Know!

Today I’m going to talk to you about a very common disease. It’s a problem that affects many people every day. I’m talking about asthma. But, what is it? In this piece, you’ll find out all you need to know about asthma and the dangers it presents to your health.

What Is Asthma?

The simplest definition of asthma is that it’s a respiratory disease. It’s an issue that affects your lungs and leads to difficulty breathing. Anyone can suffer from asthma. Even people with their health on track can suffer from asthma. But, it can be brought on by various things, one of the most common being allergies. This disease can develop later in life, but it’s commonly found in children from a young age. If you have a child, and they’re coughing and wheezing a lot, you should get them checked out. You may find out that they’ve been suffering from asthma for a long time, and you haven’t done anything to help counter it!

What Dangers Does Asthma Present To Your Health?

Any disease that affects your lungs needs to be watched carefully. If something can make it difficult for us to breathe, then it’s potentially serious. Commonly, the biggest danger is having an asthma attack. This is the name given to a serious onslaught of asthma. It’s when the linings of your lungs become so narrow, and you start to have spasms. You start to wheeze and cough and can find it very hard to breathe. Naturally, when you have difficulty breathing, you start to panic. So, panic and anxiety set in making it even harder to control your attack.

There are different levels of an asthma attack. There are minor ones that are common and will subside when treated. But, if you don’t treat your attack, the problems will quickly worsen. You could end up needing to be rushed to a hospital. In some severe cases, extreme asthma attacks can lead to death. It’s not a condition that should be taken lightly.

How Can You Cope With Asthma?

Asthma is a very common ailment that affects millions of people worldwide. As a result, there are plenty of drugs and treatments out there, to help people deal with the effects. Up and down the country there are asthma clinical trials taking place to help develop new drugs and medication. The purpose of these trials and drugs is to help people breathe a little easier. That’s the main problem we associate with asthma. It makes it hard for you to breathe at times. So, there are things like steroid pumps that help you out. You inhale the steroid spray, and it tries to make it easier for you to breathe. For most people with asthma, this is the only treatment they need. You get an asthma pump from your doctor and use it whenever you feel breathless. It works and can help calm the symptoms for a short period. It’s important that you carry it around with you, just in case you have an asthma attack! You don’t want to be in trouble and not have your pump with you to help stop your attack.

Hopefully, you’ve found this health piece helpful! If you, or someone you know, is suffering from asthma, you may know a bit more about the disease.


Breakfast And Lunch – Thursday, 19 November 2015

Breakkie today – organic quick oats with mango yoghurt, topped with pistachio nuts, toasted whole almonds, toasted strip almonds and a few shakes of Japanese flavored seaweed. Love this savory yoghurt!  It’s low in carb and high in calcium and fiber.


Lunch was some modification of last night’s extra portion of dinner that I cooked:
1. Coca Cola chicken
2. Baked spaghetti / lasagna – just add 4 slices of cheese on top of the ribbon pasta and sauce and bake for 15 minutes at 160 degree Celsius and voila, a new dish is whipped out!

The baked ribbon pasta with minced beef + Portobello mushrooms + celery + fresh rosemary + onions + garlic bolognese tasted like lasagna and it’s a much simplified and fuss-free version of lasagna.

Directions for simple baked spaghetti / lasagna:

  1. Grease a baking pan. I used a cake pan with aluminum foil. I drizzled avocado oil on the aluminum foil.
  2. Place a layer of ribbon pasta at the base of the foiled pan.
  3. Add a layer of bolognese sauce.
  4. Add another layer of ribbon pasta.
  5. Add slices of cheese on top.
  6. Bake at 160C for 15 minutes

While spaghetti is being baked in the oven, place overnight Coke chicken into the oven to reheat.


Coca Cola Chicken (cooked using non-stick wok)

Ingredients for Coke Chicken:

  1. 1 can Coke
  2. 2 tablespoons tomato sauce
  3. 1 ripe tomato
  4. Minced garlic
  5. Cracked black pepper
  6. Salt – optional. I did not use any salt

Directions (adapted from regular one / two ingredients Coca Cola Chicken recipes found on the internet)

  1. Brown garlic until fragrant
  2. Brown chicken for 15 minutes
  3. Add tomato and tomato sauce and stir fry for another 5 minutes
  4. Pour 1 can of Coke and let simmer for another 15 minutes (with lid closed)
  5. Dish out and serve

Verdict: there is absolutely NO taste of Coke in the chicken dish. Thus, many people who had tried cooking it commented that this 1-ingredient Coke chicken dish has no taste of Coke. It is only sweet.  Some creative people added tomato sauce but I’m more innovative and added fresh tomatoes, cracked black pepper and garlic 😀  The girls liked this dish as it’s sweet and tomatoey.


UPSR Results And Close Of Primary Chapter

And so today is the day that Alycia and I have been waiting anxiously for over 2 months. Today is the day that the UPSR exam is released. I am sure you are waiting impatiently for this posting too, eh? 😉

I did not expect too much from Alycia in this UPSR exam. I did not expect straight As from her as I know her Chinese writing and BM writing are not her strong subjects. Moreover, after the controversy over the Form 5 level Chinese test paper given to Primary 6 UPSR students recently, I had lesser expectation from her. To add to that, from what she told me after her BM papers, I think she had written her BM essay out of topic. Double ouch! Thank God she survived without getting a ‘D’ / ‘F’ and got a ‘B’, PHEW!!

But you know what? She scored an ‘A’ for that highly controversial Chinese paper!  I am floored, ha!!

I only expected 3- 4 As from Alycia given all the boo boos that she made. Though Alycia has been getting the first place position in her class (2nd elite class) for all the exams this year, the bungle she made in her BM essay in this UPSR exam plus her mediocre strength in Chinese writing made her lose the few marks to garner an A for both the papers.

On another note, Alycia received a trophy from the school on Monday for good grades throughout the year :)

But I’m perfectly fine with her for not scoring straight As.  Scoring 5As 2Bs are good enough for me :) After all, UPSR is only the first major exam that she had gone through. She will have many more exams awaiting her in years to come. Much much more tougher exams.

This morning, Alycia’s friend, J (a very outspoken girl) called me from school and pulled a prank on me!

J – hello aunty, your dear daughter is crying now. She only has 3As. Aiyo, she’s crying so badly now!!

Me – really ar? It’s ok la. Let me talk to her.

A – mummy, I got 5As and 2Bs ha ha ha!!! (and I heard a loud guffaw in the background from her cheeky friends @@@!!)

After school, one of Alycia’s bestie’s mother brought them to Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall for lunch, shopping and dinner to celebrate the closing of a good chapter in primary school. Alycia had made many good friends and some of them will join her in high school next year.

Alycia and her besties have already made plans scheduled for tomorrow right through to next week, including a karaoke treat to all their teachers. I am glad that Alycia has enjoyed her 6 years of primary school thoroughly. I enjoyed mine immensely and till today, I still keep in touch with my besties since primary school :)

Izumio And Super Lutein – Testimonial on Uterine Fibroid During Pregnancy

I am so happy to hear from one of our  newly joined team members on how Izumio and Super Lutein have helped to shrink the fibroid in her uterus. She’s currently 6 months along her pregnancy with her third child.  Both her older kids are dyslexic.  Thus, the strong need for her and her kids to consume the products.


Many of my good friends were very concerned of my condition.
I am preggy and was being advised by the few gynaes that i have been consulted to bedrest . I have spotting too… even the TCM sinseh/s adviced the same.
My husband had spend a good (huge)sum of $$$$ during the first trimester for my well being.

I can’t take the Chinese medication, i get palpilation. I get iron taste like behind my tongue because i was so weak. ( it is a sign of lack of nutrition) I can’t really eat. I forced myself to get out of bed to send and fetch my kids to intervention center (my kids are dyslexic and they were just enrolled- another sharing on their dyslexic journey soon) in another town from home. Basically my battery life span was 2 hours and i have to rest! Was always a rush and i prayed everytime before i drive to Almighty that we have a safe trip on the road!
Friends told me that my condition will get better once i reached the next trimester. I was delighted and anticipating! I never encountered all these when i have my two elder kids 10 years back.

Dr told me, age and the long gap would be a factor.

A lot of anxieties … frankly, I have even discussed with my current ob&gynae of terminating the pregnancy should my condition persist. My husband kept supporting me to stay strong.
3 months of total collapse. I even felt down from the staircase without knowing i was conceiving. That made me even weaker in physio.

When i was counting the end of my first 3 months….
My obygynae gave me a news that i didn’t expect. Is like the whole world is falling down on me!
Dr. Detected a cyst in my uterus near my fetus. ..(most likely only a cyst…she did mentioned that it could be fibroid but most unlikely @@ !! It was still in early stage of formation….)
Knowing that i wasn’t in the mental for this. She put it very lightly informing me that it is normal and may not be cancerous or harmful etc … but at the same time telling me all the consequences…
My one question to her was ” any remedy or solution to naturally eliminate the cyst?”
Her answer was ” we shall observe”


I was so down! I slept the whole day.
But the first person i had in my mind was AO!!!

I was introduced to this life saving super food almost 2 years back. In my household, no matter how good is a direct selling mlm product it is a nono ! Yes we have lotsa bad experiences due to human!!
But because i have been reading and researching about the hydrogen water and lutein for my children. I know this is the next best thing. And it is safe for pregnant woman! And i rather trust the Japanese! Ops! Sometimes and undeniable… the best stuff comes from direct selling company! You just have to be wise!

I contacted Angelina . Was supposed to meet her sooner. But time didn’t permit.

When we finally met, she explained to me on all the benefits and how this superfood can help me.
She gave me 6 capsules of Super Lutein and 1 packet of Izumio hydrogenated water. ( that sample that she gave me were actually worth up to Rm30 or more!!!) She was not there to sell me the product. She was there to help me!!!
I followed her instructions on how to consume.
She assured me in the next 20minutes if i have abnormalities in my body i will feel the differences.


Truly, i have a funny, very very funny felling in my uterus!
I never have such felling before. I can’t explain. I felt empty and light in the uterus. This happened and lasted for almost 10minutes.
The next thing.. i felt so sleepy and lethargic!
Bear in mind i was driving!!! I quickly drove home.
And i was constantly peeing…. and it stinks lor!!!!! And there are some discharge.

2 weeks later was my routine check up. (This period of time, i have bought the Super Food and have started consuming)
Dr can’t detect the cyst. @@!!!
I asked her again. You sure??
“We will check and do a thorough ultrascan with Dr XX ( a specialist i am scheduled to meet for my thorough ultrascan)”

Last 10/10/2015

Both the Drs gave the same finding. It is undetectable!

You will never feel how i felt!

I was like what!!! this product so MIRACLE meh????

And of course i was also introduced to some walking life users whom went to hell and back!!! And they swear by this Life Saving Product!!

Now on another note. My tauke (husband) just SAVED RM10k touch wood ! The costing that was quoted incase i needed an operation to remove that Bloody cyst!!!!

That 6 months was never easy for me!
I pray that now i am consuming the superfood, i hope my baby will be well.

This is just my journey.


End of testimonial.

Unbelievable and sounds too good to be true? Well, this lady took a leap of faith and I am so glad that it has paid off  well now. I pray that her baby will be born healthy with no dyslexia.

What are uterine fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are very common non-cancerous (benign) growths that develop in the muscular wall of the uterus. They can range in size from very tiny (a quarter of an inch) to larger than a cantaloupe. Occasionally, they can cause the uterus to grow to the size of a five-month pregnancy. In most cases, there is more than one fibroid in the uterus. While fibroids do not always cause symptoms, their size and location can lead to problems for some women, including pain and heavy bleeding.

Fibroids can dramatically increase in size during pregnancy. This is thought to occur because of the increase in estrogen levels during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the fibroids usually shrink back to their pre-pregnancy size. They typically improve after menopause when the level of estrogen, the female hormone that circulates in the blood, decreases dramatically. However, menopausal women who are taking supplemental estrogen (hormone replacement therapy) may not experience relief of symptoms.

Uterine fibroids are the most common tumors of the female genital tract. You might hear them referred to as “fibroids” or by several other names, including leiomyoma, leiomyomata, myoma and fibromyoma. Fibroid tumors of the uterus are very common, but for most women, they either do not cause symptoms or cause only minor symptoms.



For those of you who missed out on my earlier posts on what Izumio and Super Lutein are and how they can help to ease a host of ailments, you can click on the following links to read:

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