Blast From The Past – Hidden Treasure

During the girls’ school holiday spent in Ipoh in June 2014, while my mum was digging out my old ‘treasure’ from her antique ‘treasure chest’ for the girls consisting of my three-decade old collection of Sanrio stationery items, the girls stumbled upon some old post cards in a chocolate box where I put all my most loved things.

They were some post cards that my dear papa sent to me from Japan and Taiwan, dating back to December 1984.  I was 10 years old then.  I felt like I was going through a real time tunnel when I read the post cards.  I still remember very vividly receiving those post cards after waiting for them for weeks. I remember standing at the front door to wait for the postman to come everyday. I would run out of the house to check the post box each time the postman on bicycle rang the bell on his bicycle.

When I finally received the post card from my papa, I remember reading it over and over and over again, till I could purge out every single word in the post card when I closed my eyes 🙂

This post card from my papa is dated 6 December 1984, sent from Osaka, Japan.    He told me that he went round looking for the musical box that I had requested him to buy for me but they were all too expensive, so he did not buy one.  He told me that he would get the musical box for me from Taiwan at his next stop.


Hidden treasure – post cards from my papa that I had kept for 30 glorious years!


The next post card from my papa, sent from Taiwan, dated 10 December 1984.  He told me that he could still not find me a musical box.  I was crestfallen.


But a big surprise awaited me when he returned to Ipoh from his holiday!   He surprised me with a very pretty musical box and loads of goodies from Tokyo Disneyland!  I remember clearly that he bought me a very cute bag in the shape of Mickey Mouse head and three gigantic pencils, each for my brothers and me from Tokyo Disneyland. That day was one of the happiest for me as a little girl. Life back then was so simple.   Those gifts from overseas meant so much to a 10-year old ‘kampung’ girl, LOL!

In my next trip to Ipoh, I must remember to hunt for the musical box that my papa bought for me. I know it is hidden in the same treasure chest.

How many of you are still keeping the letters and post cards that you parents or friends sent to you when you were a kid? Apart from these post cards from my papa, I am still keeping the letters that my best friends and pen pals from Germany and Hong Kong sent to me.  They are priceless gems!  Reading them gives me the warm fuzzies 🙂



Down Memory Lane

When I was at my parents in Ipoh recently, I stumbled upon some very old pix of me and my 2 older girls when they were much younger, stored in my mum’s PC. These pix sure brought back a lot of fond memories…

This picture was taken during Valentine’s Day in 2006 at our old home just before the great flood that damaged it. Sherilyn was 2 days shy of her 1st birthday and Alycia was 26 months old. Both of them looked so chubby and cute. I looked much younger and prettier too. Now, I am older and look more ‘charn’ (haggard) 🙁

Alycia was about 3-4 months old here.  She was a very huge baby, weighing in at 3.36kg at birth though she came 2 weeks earlier by elective c-section. She was our pride and joy as my hubs and I had gone thru a very very long and emotional journey to get her.

Alycia loved to suck her fist…

This is Sherilyn when she was about 1 month old.  She looked very red when she was an infant.  She was also a very constipated baby who would only poo poo once in 3-7 days!

Fond Childhood Memories

Hubby bought a bunch of  lin thoong (fresh lotus seeds in pod) when we were in Ipoh last week. Gosh, it has been yonks since I last ate or saw fresh lotus seeds in pod. It sure brought me back many fond childhood memories when I saw this bunch of lin thoong :

The white seed on the left is the freshly peeled lotus seed and the green one on the right is the lotus seed still in its skin, which is hard and rubbery like. Removing the lotus seeds from the pod is quite a feat too.  Removing the tiny green core in the middle of the lotus seed is another tedious chore… and popping the fresh sweet seed into the mouth is like a reward!

I’ve never seen these in markets in KL. Fresh lotus seeds in pod are normally sold in wet markets in Ipoh… coz in Ipoh, there are still many farmers growing lotus roots in ponds.

My late maternal grandma used to buy us lin thoong when we were little. She, my 2 brothers and I would have loads of fun peeling and munching those lin thoong at night to while away our time. During those donkey years, there were no Astro, no computer games, no fanciful shopping malls and our entertainment was normally outdoor activities and simple pleasure like eating lin thoong and groundnuts.

These are some pix taken at my parents’ in Ipoh recently :

Sherilyn cheh cheh giving baby a ride on the tricycle.

My 3 angels spending their last evening in Ipoh with koong koong and granny. 

What’s That Creature?

When Sherilyn saw this creature gliding up our oven door one morning a few days ago, she went “mummy, what’s that?” When I took a look, I saw a baby snail slithering up the oven. The snail had actually come from a bunch of vegetables that we had bought and left leaning against the oven door. This is the first time Sherilyn had seen a baby snail. More than 20 years ago, the sight of a snail slithering outside our garden was so common. My brothers and I used to play with these snails. We also played with sand, marbles, kites, climbed trees, cycled round the neighbourhood, plucked flowers from our neighbours’ trees, played inside drains, played hopscotch, played ‘kor kuang’ a.k.a. passing the border (LOL!), etc. every evening for hours without the supervision of our parents, yet nothing bad happened to us. Now, if I had left my gals to play outside the compound of our house for more than an hour without supervision, I dread to think what would have happened to them. Times have really changed.

Sweet Memories (part 2)

When I was back at my house in Ipoh, I managed to fish out a couple of my old pix whilst I was rummaging through my old closet.

This pic was taken in Pulau Kapas, Terengganu during one of our camping trips when I was 16 years old. I am the one wearing a peach colour t-shirt on the right and the one seated on the wooden bridge is Theimperfectmom. The one directly above Theimperfectmom is Irene, a former Ipoh Teen Princess. She’s now happily married to an Aussie Taiwanese and residing in S’pore. The one on the left is Jo and currently working in San Francisco. The tallest one behind me is Poh Lin. I haven’t heard from her for ages but I last heard that she’s now a psychologist.

This pic was taken when we were all 15 years old, during our very first camping trip at Pulau Sekadeh in Pangkor Island. From left to right : Li Lian, me, Jo and Theimperfectmom.

How I miss my childhood days and I must say, I’ve had a very good childhood, filled with lots of fun, adventure, mischief and laughter. I’d do anything if only I could turn back the clock.

Sweet Memories

As promised, when I was back in Ipoh, I’d taken pix of hubby’s love cards to me during our courting days. Most of the cards were DIY cards by hubby who, I must admit is quite an artistic person.

This is my very 1st Valentine’s Day card from hubby, received when I was barely 14 years old.

Hubby made this card himself to send me his best wishes for my SRP exam when I was 15 years old.

Hubby made this Valentine’s Day card for me, which was my 2nd Valentine’s Day card from him, when I was 15 years old.

Another DIY Valentine’s Day card from hubby to me, when I was 16 years old.

I’m sure many of you would be curious as to when I first met my hubby and when we first started dating. He met me in my old house in Ipoh when he came to visit my big brother (they were classmates) and it was love at first sight for him. I was only 12 years old then and he was 13+ years old. We only went out for our first date when I was 17 yrs old and we got married 10 years later.