Blog Problem Solved!

Yay!! My blog problem is finally solved last night. I wish to thank everyone who had given me their advice, especially to Girlie as she told me that the problem could be due to some codes that I’d added to my blog. When she said codes, it didn’t strike me immediately that it could be some widget codes from advertisers. It was only 2 days later that it struck me. I also prayed hard to God to help me solve my problem as I was really desperate to get help and I think He heard my cries for his help. No one seemed to be able to help me with this problem and it was such a nagging problem coz I had wasted so much time whenever my blog ‘hang’ and I had to log out and log in countless times each day.

So the solution was I removed the ad from The News Room. I have been adding ads from The News Room into my blog for months but never encountered any problems with my blog, except that when the video was being downloaded into my blog, my blog would slow down for a few seconds. I changed the ad and added a new one a week ago. When I finally had time to sit down and ‘study’ my blog last night, it finally dawned on me that it could be this ad that’s the culprit. When I had removed the codes for the ad from my blog, voila…. my blog was processing fast again and didn’t ‘hang’ anymore. I’m so glad that my ordeal is finally over after more than 1 week.

So to bloggers who have ads (esp. videos) from The News Room, please be warned that it could slow down your blog and cause the memory to run out.

Blogger Problem or My Computer Problem?

Remember I wrote a post about me encountering some problems with my blog? I have deleted some files from my C drive, as advised by Cherry and also performed a disk defragmentation. However, the problem still persisted. Each time I clicked on my blog to perform a task, eg. clicked on a link to another website, clicked on the perma link, clicked to edit post, clicked to create new post, etc., it would take at least 3 minutes for my computer to process the task. In addition, a message which states “Stack overflow at line : 63” or “Out of memory in line : 56” would apprear. Most times, my blog will just ‘hang’ and I would have to close it a few times and log into Blogger again. However, if I perform a task or even a few tasks within half a minute of logging in to my blog, my computer will have no problems processing the tasks. Once the half minute is up, my blog will hang and the error message would appear. I have no problems logging in to other websites. This is really driving me nuts. So much time is wasted everyday.

I’m not going to write to Blogger Help Desk for support coz it’s useless. I’d in the past written to them a couple of times but never got a reply.

Can someone please help me solve my problem, pretty please?

Sorry For Not Replying Your Comments

To all my blogging pals and fan-sees, sorry if I’ve not replied to the comments you had left in my posts yesterday and today. My blog is acting up big time and causing me headache since yesterday. I’ve lost count on the number of times I had to log out of Blogger and log in again for each task that I had to perform. I wasted many hours logging in and out of Blogger and shutting down my PC today. I just hope my PC is not infested by a serious bug or virus. My hub’s computer wiz friend will come over tonight to investigate the problem. I’m praying that my PC will be A-ok.

Cherry — thanks for advising me to delete some files from my C-drive. I did that but that does not seem to help.

Problem With Blogger

Is anyone experiencing problem with Blogger (Blogspot) for the last 2 days? I am experiencing extremely slow downloading time of my blog, editing and creating my posts and a host of other problems. Each time I attempted to edit my post, I get a message stating “Out of memory at line : 56”. That’s the reason why I hadn’t written many posts or visited many blogs for the last 2 days. I hope my computer is not infested with some bugs or virus. I think I’d better ask my hubby to get his computer buff friend to check out my computer before it conks out.