Alycia’s Wholesome Lunch

Alycia comes back from school at around 4pm twice a week. On days when she comes home late, she will be served a light lunch as dinner will be served early on those days. In school, she will grab a quick bite (nuggets, cakes, buns, biscuits) before she hurries off to her enrichment class. This is what Alycia likes to eat on days when she comes home late:

My mil’s homemade purple sweet potato bread. Half a slice is an open sandwich with tuna-egg-onion-mayo.  Half a slice is spread with homemade kaya. She loves cucumbers, so I gave her some sliced cool Japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes and an orange.  Fruits are always eaten first before her food. Healthy mou? 

Gion Japanese Bread

When we were at Mid Valley Megamall on Monday, daddy bought us a loaf of Gion Japanese bread, aka the most expensive bread I’ve ever eaten.  It costs RM18 for one loaf and they don’t sell half a loaf.  Though it’s  expensive but it’s really tasty and can even be eaten on its own without any jam, butter or ham.  Within 3 days, we chomped down half a loaf and we still have another half loaf in the freezer.

Wolfberry Bread

No, that’s not a pomelo, it looks like a pomelo skin but it’s actually a ‘kei zhi’ or wolfberry bread that my mil bought from the bakery. Very unique eh, bakeries these days are mushrooming everywhere and in my housing estate alone, there are more than 5 bakeries, so these bakeries are whipping up extraordinary products to entice customers. No more run-of-the-mill kaya buns, coconut buns or cheese buns but you see new items like wolfberry bread, sotong ink bread (which is black in color but taste really yummy as it is slightly saltish), yam custard buns, black sesame seed bread and the list goes.

So how does this bread taste? Well, not really to my liking as it feels like biting onto a herbal bread. I love herbal soups but not herbal bread (the smell of herbal is a little too strong), though there are many sunflower seeds inside the bread but the smell of the wolfberry in the bread just couldn’t agree with my tastebud.