Bonding With Cousin

The sil and nephew from Hong Kong are here for their yearly holiday in Malaysia.

Here’s Cass and her cousin, Ernest.  They hit it off really well the first time they met last year and in this picture, they are both fixing a house from Lego’s Friends series.  Actually, the first time they met was in the year 2009 when Cass was barely a year old.

Cass is also picking up Cantonese very well, with a tinge of Hongkie accent as well. She picked up Cantonese from Ernest during their visit here last year and since then, she has been watching Cantonese cartoons and TVB series to build her vocab and understanding of Cantonese. Now the 3 girls understand Cantonese and can speak Cantonese pretty well, albeit with a really hilarious twang each time they converse 😀

Hi-Tech Gadgets-Savvy Family

I am sure most families in this high tech era are technologically driven with almost every member in the household owning either a desktop computer, laptop, iPad and a gadget from either the Apple or Samsung family.  My family is no different. We have the whole range of the gadgets that I mentioned earlier.  During free time, everyone will be busy tapping and swiping their fingers on their respective gadgets. These days, if you do not already own a smart phone with WiFi or a phone that requires you to swipe the screen, you are considered living in the Flinstones era!

This picture was snapped last night.  The mil was Skyping with her daughter in Hong Kong using her own iPad with Alycia and Sherilyn joining in the conversation, Cass was watching a cartoon on the laptop and me, I was busy using my Samsung Note mobile phone to capture this scene and then sent this picture to my desktop computer for purpose of this blog post LOL!  Well, in fact I have already ditched my digital Canon IXUS camera since 2 months ago and am now snapping pix using my Samsung Note as it is way faster to save the pix into my desktop computer.   After snapping the pix on my mobile phone, I either post the pix to my Facebook page or send it to my email account immediately.  If I  use a digital camera, I will be too lazy (plus time is another factor) to find my USB cord to transfer the pix from the camera to my desktop computer.  Thus, you will notice that  many of my pictured posts these days are almost ‘live’ as I can blog about an event on the same day or the next day as opposed to many back-dated or ‘stale’ posts in the past 🙂

Chinese New Year 2012

It was yet another simple, uneventful yet happy CNY for us. Thankful for that. I have been reading a lot about freak accidents that happened during the CNY. It’s pretty depressing to read such news on a happy occasion. As long as my family is safe and everyone does not have any major health issues, I am already very thankful to God.

Besides the usual pai lin (house visiting), there were lots of pigging out on the usual CNY dishes and snacks. Have also been weighing myself on the scale every morning and thank God, no dreaded weight pile up, phew! I have learned to manage my weight pretty well now. I still eat everything that I like (including high carb food) but in reduced portions, eat all the sinful grub and junk food in the morning, keep dinner the lightest meal of the day (this is pretty hard as dinners during CNY are always lavish and very meaty) and EXERCISE every morning!! Whether I feel like it or not, I force myself out from bed and out of the house to exercise for at least half an hour every morning. The result is amazing… I can indulge without the torment in my mind that I will be fat kekeke…

Our dinner on the 2nd day of CNY, all whipped up by the mil…

The steamed chicken dish is no ordinary chicken. It is castrated chicken (yim gai) and cost close to RM200 for a bird!! And the medium sized pomfret fish cost over a hundred Ringgit. Crazy right?

Reunion lunch with the hubster’s relatives at Oriental Chinese Restaurant @ Jaya 33 PJ yesterday. We waited for over an hour before the yee sang came…. and then waited for another half an hour before the 2nd dish came. By the time we finished our lunch, it was already 3ish pm. We arrived at the restaurant at about 12pm. This is one of the crazy things that I dread during CNY – long waits at restaurants for all our restaurant meals.

We’re Finally Back In KL

We’re finally back home today and it has been a very tiring day for me.  Once home, I’ve been working non-stop cleaning up the home that has not been properly cleaned for the past 1.5 months and unpacking my stuff…. and my big luggage is still not unpacked yet.  I’ve also been sneezing non-stop coz my super sensitive nose is allergic to dust.  My room has not been really cleaned and dusted and the moment I stepped into my room, I’ve been sneezing and my nose has been itchy since this afternoon up until now.  The hazy skies are making my nose allergy worse.  I’ve used half a packet of wet wipes to wipe Baby C’s playpens, high chair and toys and I was shocked to see all the wipes black in color! 

Anyway, I’m glad that Baby C recognized her home sweet home and her mah mah.  Baby C misses her mah mah tremendously and she’s been calling “mah mah” non-stop ever since she saw her this afternoon.  Baby didn’t even want me when mah mah was carrying her.  When I reached out both my hands to her, she turned her head away from me and put her head lovingly on her mah mah’s shoulder!    Baby is really happy to be back and has been gallivanting the house… rediscovering all her toys and favorite things again.  Her appetite is also pretty good and she polished off a pot of beef + fish porridge and quite a bit of steamed salmon fish today, along with 2 bowls of old cucumber soup.  However, I am still having a very, very stressful time spoon-feeding her with formula milk (Pediasure) as baby doesn’t like formula milk.  I have to distract her by letting her hold on to a biscuit or a piece of fruit before I can begin to spoon-feed her… and it would normally take me between half an hour to an hour to finish off 2 pathetic ounces of formula milk… haih…..

We’re Back In KL

We reached KL at around 7ish pm yesterday.  It took us more than an hour to settle down.  There were just too many things to do before we could finally sit down and have dinner.  Once back at our condo, my maid and I had to boil some water to drink, unpack the things, reheat the food that we had bought from Ipoh, I helped wash the toilet and the bathroom as I couldn’t stand the stains on the toilet bowl and my maid and I spent a lot of unnecessary time finding things…..coz when we were back in Ipoh, my dear hubs re-arranged the entire kitchen! I knew he would do it coz each time we’re back in Ipoh, he would take the golden opportunity to re-arrange everything in the house… which really irritates me to the core!  Oh well, my mum says I should be thankful wor that my hubby is such a neat freak, bleh!   Anyway, I have been really busy since yesterday unpacking my things, changing the sheets and finding things that my hubs re-arranged (aaargh….!).

Luckily my mum is here to help me entertain my 2 older brats otherwise I would go insane. Hubby has sort of agreed to send Sherilyn to daycare.  He said it’s best to send both the older gals to daycare and not just Sher alone as Sher would feel like she’s being punished.    I haven’t made a decision yet and must make my decision when school reopens.

Going Back To Ipoh

I have finally decided to take a private taxi back to Ipoh tomorrow.  Hubby who has been very busy with work lately has agreed to take a day’s off to drive us all back but I didn’t want him to speed all the way to Ipoh and speed all the way back to KL.  It would be too dangerous for him.  So I am asking him to spend RM180 on a taxi and I only trust this particular taxi driver as he has been driving my mum to and fro Ipoh for the past 5 years.  I had taken a ride on his taxi once and I trust his driving skills. He also doesn’t drive the old fashion bulky Mercedez taxi that emits nauseating fume.  He drives either Perdana or continental cars and I don’t mind paying a wee bit more for the comfort. 

I can’t wait to indulge in all my favorite Ipoh food.  I really miss home as I have not gone back for almost 1.5 years. 

Tough Days Ahead For Me

… coz my mil will be going to Hong Kong and New Zealand for an indefinite period of time.  She will leave tomorrow.  So when she’s gone, I will have to ‘kee kee koo kee kee’ (take care of myself!)….. kau tim the cooking part myself.   Previously, I can rely on my former maid who is very independant and smart.  My current maid is hopeless in her cooking.  I just don’t know how I am going to cope when my mil’s gone.  Baby C is just too clingy to me and I am spending a lot of time everyday feeding her meds, feeding her meals, feeding her supplements (thrice a day), collecting her pee to send for tests, making trips to the hospital, coaching Alycia in her reading and Math and I wish I still had more time to spend with Alycia and Sherilyn.  They have been so neglected by me as most of my time has been spent caring for my high-needs and high-maintenance Baby C.  

Sigh….. I guess I will have to cook very simple dishes everyday… mostly steamed and microwaved dishes.  Less time for blogging and sacrifice some sleep too.

Professional Nannies For Hire

Before I gave up my job as PA to a Dato’, a job that I really loved, I was dreaming to be a SAHM and I envied my friends who were SAHMs. I missed my kids terribly each day when I was in the office. However, I realized that life as a SAHM is not a bed of roses and that the grass is indeed not greener on the other side. Within 3 months of being a full time SAHM, I felt really restless and wanted to return to the corporate world. My mum said that I am just not cut out to be a full-time housewife as I lack the patience, a virtue which is important in order to be a good SAHM. I know that there is just no solution to my problem if I wanted to return to the workforce. I needed to find a nanny whom I can really trust to leave my 3 precious angels in her care and I just could not find that nanny.

If only there were companies here that I could hire professional nannies from like the Elite Nanny Canada from, I would surely return to the workforce, with a peace of mind knowing that my kids are in good hands. Parents in Canada are very lucky that they have access to such professional nannies who are also affordable. All the nannies from Elite Care Canada have at least one year working experience as a nanny or a half-year full time training course in this area.

If only there were such companies here in our country that can provide affordable yet professional nanny service like Elite Care Canada, I am sure many mothers like me would be happy to return to the workforce. Prices of most things have now increased. An additional income to the household would definitely make life more comfortable for everyone in the family.

Our Monday

Despite a rough start for Alycia and us this morning, the rest of the day was nevertheless quite fruitful. After her major temper tantrum in the morning followed by a real good lesson from daddy and mummy, Alycia turned out rather angelic for the rest of today. She did lots of coloring and letter tracing today and was very obedient. Sherilyn also did some letter tracing and she has made some really good improvements in her pencil grip and today, she wrote the letter ‘J’ really well – straight and got the order of the strokes correct. Just a moment ago, she traced the number ’15’. After guiding her hand to write the number, she could remember the order of the strokes and traced the number perfectly well. I’m so proud of her progress.

The gals also had a swell time at a new playground near our house in the evening. The play equipment were new and the slides were almost 1.5-storey high. My 2 samseng gals even had the guts to climb up the iron ladder bars to the top (together with daddy) and went down the winding slides. Every step that they took as they climbed up sent cold shivers down my spine and whilst they had a great time with daddy, I watched nervously on the ground, with my heart pounding away as they climbed each step up the iron bars to the 1.5-storey high slides.

For dinner, we had a piece of pan-fried sirloion steak, a slice of pan-fried fish, stir-fried spinach and lotus root soup. It was just another regular weekday for us but we had accomplished quite a bit.

Having Fun With Cousin

My eldest sil, her son and maid arrived from Hong Kong last night. The gals were excited and delighted to meet their little cousin brother, Ernest for the first time. Just before bedtime, the gals and Ernest were playing on the bed in the gals’ room when suddenly Ernest hugged Alycia very tightly and tried to kiss her. He looked so ‘chee kek’ and geram. As he couldn’t control the intensity of the kiss, he accidentally bit Alycia on the chest. Alycia wailed and screamed out in pain. Poor girl. Now, she has a bite mark on her chest but that did not stop her from playing with Ernest today.

This is a pic of my sil (the one holding up the t-shirt) the generous santarina distributing gifts to everyone. The gals got a pair of the latest original Crocs in pretty pink with Disney accessories for the Crocs, lots of organic crackers and goodies, more Disney souvenirs, a kids’ walkman and much more. I got the latest Agnis b. t-shirt.