Easter Sunday – 16 April 2017

I almost wanted to skip church on Easter Sunday today as Drama Queen has to sit for an exam that starts tomorrow for a week. I wanted her to stay home to do revision as she’s not been revising much lately. I knew that after church we would be out for lunch and  shopping and by the time we reach home, it would be 4-ish pm already. With the usual diddle daddle, by the time she gets to sit down to revise, it would be after dinner, at 8-ish pm already.  But Drama Queen reassured me that she would not dawdle today and would study really hard when we’re back from church.

Fine. We’ll see…

So off we went to church this morning.

Cass and her Sunday School friends sang at the Chinese service. I left the English service for 15 minutes to watch her sing and then continued to listen to the sermon in English. After service, there was a treat of pau for all the parishioners. The girls received a takeout pan pizza each from Sunday School along with other goodies.

Lunch was at Macaroni Cafe.  The hubs ordered pizza. Yeah, more pizza for the girls and they were cheering to no end to more pizzas for today.

Margherita pizza for the girls and yummy grilled chicken cajun salad for yours truly.

And there’re more pizzas! A trio pizza composed of smoked salmon, prawn pesto (yums to this!) and salami.

After a carbs loaded lunch and grocery shopping, we were finally home for some quiet time for Drama Queen and Cass to revise.  Cass will be sitting for her first exam for this year next week. Here’s to a massively stressed out weekend for me this week!  As if coaching 2 rascals for an exam is not enough, I have to be up at 5am on a Sunday to get Alycia ready for a marathon…on a Sunday, what the fun!!

While the two younger girls did their revision, the big girl kept belting out and dancing to Bruno Mar’s new hit, “That’s What I Like”.  This catchy song is now stuck in my head and I can’t seem to get it out  😍

Beautiful Sunday – 2 April 2017

As I was working at my work desk just now, I saw a prism of colors from the corner of my eyes. I looked outside and saw a huge rainbow arching across the sky. I was excited! I quickly called Cass and we both ran to the balcony to enjoy the view of the rainbow, soaking in the positive and happy vibes from the rainbow.  Simple things in life like the rainbow can make me very happy.

Cass “mummy, lately we’ve been seeing a lot of rainbows eh?”


Our Sunday – 12 March 2017

After church service, we had lunch at Paradise Dynasty @ Pearl Point Shopping Gallery.  Xiao Long Bao is Paradise Dynasty’s signature and award-winning dish.  The xiao long boas sure are droolicious but are a tad pricey.  The innovative 8-flavor / color ones (picture below) are priced at RM29 a set.   There was a good crowd at the restaurant – this goes to show that when it comes to food, we Malaysians are really a generous lot. We really don’t mind paying to fill up our tummies with delectable grub despite the current economic scenario in our country. My connoisseur hubs falls into this category but definitely not me, haha!

Image may contain: text and food

After a sumptuous lunch, we went to Popular Bookstore. That’s our main intention of going to this mall – to get workbooks for Drama Queen who is sitting for her UPSR exam in 5 months (wish it’s 15 months!) and reference books for Alycia.

Next up was an exciting dessert time at Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery & Cafe. This cafe serves up a panoply of gastronomy selections for your ultimate satisfaction; starting from all day breakfast choices, freshly baked breads, pizzas and pastries, multi-cuisine courses, garden salads, sandwiches to gelato for the sweet toothed.  Take Eat Easy opened their outlet at Pearl Shopping Gallery late last year after their successful and booming maiden branch in Kepong.

Below – British Breakfast Set (hello carbs!)…

Below – fresh juice served in a cute light bulb bottle. I love the denim prints on their plates.  Take Eat Easy focuses on classic yet contemporary style in its interior design, i.e. wood and denim. Their chair seats are wrapped in denim fabric with eye-catching prints of your denim pants!

Below – crispy waffle served with fresh cream, strawberries and ice-cream (swoon)!


On our way home, we made a stop at Le Point to grab some gourmet bread loaves and buns for the girls’ breakkie the next day.


Living Hope Charity Bazaar 2016

We spent our Sunday morning at The School @ Jaya One to attend the Living Hope charity bazaar.  Living Hope is a non-governmental organisation for poor children. They hold charity bazaars every year to raise funds for the less fortunate children.

With over RM400 worth of coupons to spend, courtesy of the girls’ grandaunt, we bought cookies, cakes, Nyonya kuih, kaya, Cube tarts, nasi lemak, noodles, coconut jelly, soy bean green tea pudding, chicken curry, Thai beef and Pokemon toys.

We bought cheese cake and orea cake from this stall @ RM20 for two.

Also bought sesame seed cookies and almond cookies from Auntie Mey’s stall.  Love the homemade cookies from this stall as they are not sweet.

My roller skate girl clutching on to her pack of nasi lemak. This fiery girl can really eat spicy stuff but I have to clamp down on her intake of spicy food which stimulates her bladder.

The girls bought quite a bit of Pokemon plushies and Poke balls as souvenirs and gifts for their friends.  Remember I wrote about how disappointed Cass was when she didn’t get to buy or redeem any Pokemon plushies at our church charity bazaar about 3 weeks ago? Well, she finally got her Pokemon plushies this time. She left the bazaar a very happy camper.

The problem with the bazaar is that there was no proper place to sit and enjoy the food.  The gourmand hubs spotted this restaurant at the bazaar area and quickly got a table for us to place our loot. Then ordered more food!


Part of the girls’ Pokemon loot… and they bought more later.

Pokemon is the big Princess’ first love. She first got obsessed with them when she was eight.  Five years down the road and she still loves them Pokemon!

My foodie hubs ordered beef noodles, chee cheong fun and char koay teow from Lameeya.

Drama Queen and the big Princess are really chummy these days. They have so many things to talk about from school to diva to even politics! Last night I overheard them talking about the Clinton – Trump election!  They are both just as excited as our friends in the US on the outcome.

Dashing dance performance by some kids at the bazaar…

After attending the bazaar, we visited a close friend in the hospital who had just undergone a surgery.  I brought along packets of Izumio for her. This is our second visit in two weeks visiting friends in the hospitals down with kidney ailments.


Our Sunday – 9 Oct 2016

Today is the eve of the big princess’ final exam whereas next Sunday will be Drama Queen and Cass’ turn. The heat of the exam fever is burning in the house!

Hubs was still in Ipoh for a gathering with his former classmates, leaving just us girls at home on a Sunday. Just before we left the house, Alycia told me that she’d prefer to stay home to do revision… last minute one that is, which is just so typical of my cool as cucumber eldest, who is on the brink of teenage-hood.  In less than 2 months, she’ll be officially a teenager. I can’t believe I am a mother to a soon-to-be teenager!! Boy, I feel old!

After I sent my car for a wash, we had brekkie at the Indian restaurant.

Nasi lemak is for Drama Queen, who can really stomach sizzling hot food.

My favorite tosai rawa was not available today so I settle for tosai telur. Check out someone with an impatient hand pinching on my tosai coz she said she was so hungry she was going to die!

Roti telur for Cass.

And murtabak ayam (which was seriously delish!) takeout for the big princess.

For dinner, the big princess said she wanted to stay home to revise. So I cleared the fridge and freezer and cooked these:

Meat-less fried rice with lots and lots of garlic, big onions, grated sweet potato, kafir lime leaves, coriander leaves, sweet corn kernel, baby peas, shoyu and pepper.

Pork bolognese penne pasta (cooked last week) reheated. And sauteed organic lettuce with garlic.

The coming week will be a stressful week for the big princess.  I feel stressed out looking at what she has to study.  Her Cambridge Math in English is stressing me out big time. I know it is stressing her out too as she has been asking me very frequently for help. Sometimes I am unable to help her coz I never studied what she is studying now during my time and we studied our Matematik in BM.  Good thing is, the big girl seems to be taking it with a pinch of salt.  The 3 girls have inherited their daddy’s happy go lucky attitude.  Next year, the hubs will feel the stress as Alycia’s high school will be increasing the fees.

If you know of anyone who can come to our place to provide private tutelage to Alycia in Cambridge Math in English, please do send me an email at shireenyong@gmail.com.


My Sunday – 2 Oct 2016 (Stung By Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Song!)

Hubs had worked late the previous night, thus wasn’t in the bubbly mood to bring us out of the neighborhood to join him in his Sunday “jalan-jalan cari makan” spin.

Instead, we had Japanese at the restaurant at our condo.



After lunch, we dropped off the big girl at the hair salon for her monthly hair cut while I went to get some groceries. She’s been pestering me since 2 weeks ago for a hair cut coz she was worried that she would be the next random’victim’ to get her hair cut by the disciplinary teacher in school.

Back home, the girls and I just couldn’t stop watching music videos of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen or PPAP on You Tube.  When I watched the video for the first time two days ago, I thought it was the stupidest music video ever!  And I could not comprehend how this video has become an instant internet sensation with over 16 million views on You Tube. It has also become Justin Bieber’s favorite video on the internet.  The video does not make sense at all. The lyrics are: “I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple-pen! I have a pen. I have [a] pineapple. Pineapple-pen! Apple-pen. Pineapple-pen. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.” Uh Uh.   Piko Taro, a character created by Kosaka, is seen dancing in the clip, wearing an animal print outfit.

But you know what? Stupid and nonsensical as it is, the more I watch this music video, the more I love it.  There’s not a single time that I wouldn’t laugh till I tear watching this “brainwash song”.  The girls commented that their mummy is also bitten by the PPAP song HA HA HA HA!


Go have a watch too. Betcha you’ll be bitten by the PPAP bug too!!


Happy Sunday – 28 August 2016

We left the house early on our Sunday morning yesterday as I had a training session to attend at the Naturally Plus office.  We were caught in a bad traffic jam as many roads were closed in the heart of KL for the Merdeka Day celebration rehearsal and to make the traffic even worse, there was also a Marathon event around the area.  Good thing was the girls got to see how a Merdeka Day rehearsal was.

I was about 20 minutes late for the training session. Thankfully nothing much was missed.

The slide below shows my team members posing with a 4th stage colon cancer survivor. This Japanese man was told by his doctor that he only had a few months to live. But after consuming Izumio and Super Lutein, he survived… until today!  Amazing!

My team leader conducts training sessions very frequently but I can only attend selectively due to time constraints.

If you wanna find out more on the Naturally Plus business and products, do email me at shireenyong@gmail.com or give me a call at 019- 266 4290.  Again, there is no obligation on your side to purchase anything 🙂


Cass tagged along with me to the training session while the two older girls followed their dad to Low Yat Plaza to get some accessories for our laptop and phone.

After the training session, I had a quick bite at Secret Recipe with Cass while waiting for the hubs to fetch us.

In the car, Alycia asked me a peculiar question…

Alycia – mummy, if your hand phone was spoilt, would you ask daddy to buy you a new one?

I instantly smelled something fishy coz Alycia my introvert daughter hardly asks me such questions!!

Me – I’ll get him to buy me a new phone then coz I deserve it big time!!! Bring it on!! 

And then Alycia and Drama Queen fished out my new Huawei mobile phone from a bag and passed it to me!

Me to hubs – whatttt? Why did you buy me a new phone? My Samsung phone is still OK what!

I was told that there was an on-going promotion for Huawei mobile phones and hubs told me that the deal was a bang for his buck. So…

And then I heard the 2 big girls behind me chortling away and showing me another new Huawei mobile phone!

Drama Queen – See mummy, I won a new Huawei phone! After daddy bought your phone, we were given a chance to spin and win a prize and I won a phone!!  

WOW, really?! I could not imagine our luck!

The spin needle was just half or maybe a quarter centimeter away from touching the picture of an umbrella next to the phone picture but luck was with Drama Queen, the spin needle stopped short at the picture of the phone as if an invisible hand stopped the needle!!

The MC of the event congratulated Drama Queen and photos were taken. The event organizers were dancing and singing and her wind fall was celebrated with grand fanfare. It was like a dream come true for Drama Queen as she had been bugging me to buy her a new mobile phone.  She won a Huawei Mate 8 phone retailed at over RM2k.

The previous shoppers who tried their hands on the spin wheel were green with envy.  Too bad I wasn’t there to share her joy.

Next we went to the Gardens Mall to have lunch at Alexis.  For the first time, we were all not eager to order our food. We were all too preoccupied with our new mobile phones.

My new Huawei is a P9 with evolutionary dual camera lens technology and Leica lens.  This enables my phone to capture pix like a DSLR camera, wooohoo! I am so happy!

Below – Hubs test snapped a picture in monochrome mode using my P9.

I ordered a chicken pie and shared it with Cass…

Pizza for the girls…

Mee Siam…

My kryptonite – Tiramisu from Alexis, best in the world!


Sunday Meals – 7 August 2016

Our Sunday lunch was at our favorite neighborhood Japanese restaurant.  We had a meat intense lunch and was so stuffed that even the foodie hubs  didn’t suggest the usual post lunch gourmet cakes and coffee. Yippee!!


Below – I love this spider sushi, composed of fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, daikon sprouts, flying fish roe and mayonnaise rolled inside nori and sushi rice.

Besides the above dishes, the gourmand hubs also ordered an assortment of raw sushi and beef teppan (not in picture).

Since we were still so cloy in the evening,  we dropped our initial plan of having dinner at our favorite ‘tai chow‘ restaurant.  Instead, the girls suggested a meat-free dinner of sandwiches.   They were in the mood to help out in the kitchen, woohooo!  This gave me more time to do my things while they played masak-masak in the kitchen!

The tai siew che Alycia helped to slice Mozzarella cheese for the cheese on toast.

Drama Queen helped to prepare the salad. I buy only organic veggies so that even if the girls don’t wash their veggies thoroughly, it is still safe to eat them raw.

Cass helped to grate the block of cheese for our aglio olio spaghetti tomorrow (Monday).

The girls then fixed their own sandwiches, which is totally meat-free. I’m glad that they love lots and lots of raw veggies on their toasted wholewheat bread.

Below – the tai siew che‘s sandwich…


Below – Cass fixing her own sandwich…

Below – Drama Queen’s sandwich…

Drama Queen is on a salad craze now. She even prepared salad for her recess in school the next day.  The Hello Kitty lunch box is to store the grated cheese and roasted almonds.  What a super healthy snack for recess. Thumbs up to Drama Queen. My health freak choice of food has definitely rubbed off on her! 😉

Sitka, Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour @ Batai Village, Damansara Heights

After dropping Drama Queen at her friend’s house in Bangsar today, the foodie hubs brought us along on his foodie trail in search of gastronomical food.  What makes my man happiest is food, basketball and more food 😀

Now you see why I cannot afford not to exercise 5 times a week? I would expand just like my man if I do not do this.

First stop today was at Sitka @ Batai Village, Damansara Heights, a restaurant opened by one of his friends. Sitka is a Malaysian-Scottish collaboration that’s determined to deliver innovative cooking fuelled by local produce.  While waiting for the food to arrive, the foodie hubs told us that we would all be awaiting a little surprise with what would be served. This meant celebrity chef dishes. Customers can expect to pay rational prices for satisfying meals that transcend run-of-the-mill recipes. He was right. We were really satisfied with the top-notch food (taste and presentation), executed with much effort and ingredients.

First dish that arrived was salt baked beets with chickpeas, cilantro, humus, peas and orange.  The beets were tender, juicy and flavorful. Healthy  and full of fiber, I loved this salad dish.


Below – lobster roll on charcoal bun with pickled baby radish, hard boiled mashed egg and grilled sweet corn with cheese.


Below – pulled beef brisket with flat bread.  The beef brisket was full of aroma and taste, juicy and tender and paired well with the flat bread.

Below – we then moved to the next entree featuring roast seabass with yummylicious sambal atop served on a bed of roasted carrots, pumpkin puree and crushed roasted peanuts.

Below – roast chicken was wholesome and comforting. The meat was moist, juicy, flavorful and perfectly-done.

After lunch at Sitka, we walked a few doors away to Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour, as we had initially wanted to lunch there but there were 8 tables booked ahead of us, so we put our name to book a table.  I was already pretty stuffed with all the delish food at Sitka but the foodie hubs wasn’t exactly done yet with his foodie trail so…

Sitka Restaurant
8-5, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011-1117
Below – Sitka is the 3rd building in white on the right.

Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour

Yellow Brick Road shares a same corner lot with Wicked Pancake Parlour in Batai Village, Damansara Height (near Bangsar). They are run by the same folks.

Yellow Brick Road is the home for Malaysian Barista Champion (2013-2015) and their punch line is “Built for Dreamers for Dreamers”

Their customer load is normally very massive during the weekends and today was no exception.. thus we had to make a booking and then walked over to Sitka for our entree before going back to Yellow Brick Road and Wicked Pancake Parlour for desserts.

We intended to tuck into only their pancakes but something caught the foodie hubs’ eyes and he ordered a Balik Kampung dish with poached egg and mango kerabu!

An Asian local main course that lives up to its moniker, tastes like home, something that your mak will dish out when you “balik kampung” (going back to your hometown). The percik chicken delivers juiciness, flavors, aromatic spices and ain’t that spicy. Though we were already stuffed up to our noses, we could still wallop the entire plate of dish.

The Rubic’s Cube crazed princess…

Below – chocolate brownie topped with an ice-cream – everyone’s favorite. Gawd, this is the 2nd time this week that we had chocolate brownie with ice-cream.  And I still have an outstanding post on our foodie trail with the hubs done on Wednesday, which was a public holiday.

Below – Nangka (jackfruit) pancake and Apam Terbalik pancake.

The pancakes were fluffy and pillowy. Each plate of pancake was accompanied by a cup of aromatic gula melaka syrup and a scoop of ice-cream.

Yellow Brick Road (Beside Torii and Sitka)
8-7, Jalan Batai,
Batai Village,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 9AM – 6PM
Contact: 03- 2035 5922
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yellowbrickroadcafe

Wicked Pancake Parlour
Batai Village, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Open 4pm-11pm on weekdays, 10am-11pm on weekends.
Above & affiliated with Yellow Brick Road.
Closed Wednesdays



Our Sunday – 26 June 2016

Drama Queen was very accommodating and obedient this morning… coz she needed a favor from me!

She wanted to go to her friend’s house and she knew that she could only get my nod of approval if she did everything that I said. Very smart girl!

After helping to sweep the floor, she did the BM workbook that I asked her to do while eating her breakkie… WILLINGLY and fuss-free. Never had I seen her so hardworking before!


While the girls were helping to keep the laundry at the balcony, we saw a pair of flies and they were in the midst of their hot action!  It’s the first time that girls saw flies in the process of reproduction. I explained to them that they first needed to get down to the action and then the female fly would lay eggs. The girls were really amazed and then curiosity struck the cheekiest monkey. She started to blow at the pair of flies and wanted to spray them with disinfectant! I stopped them but soon I guess the pair was aware of what was happening and they flew away together, still intact, hahaha!!

Do check out my next post on where we had lunch today…