Pre-Natal Check-Up At Week 37

Anyone who sees Dr Jason Lim at SYMC (the superstar gynae at SYMC) would know how fast he sees his patients.  That’s the reason why I only go to see him after week 32, for all three of my pregnancies.   Yesterday afternoon I waited almost half an hour and I was the first patient to see him….. and the consultation only lasted less than 5 minutes!  In the past, I had to wait at least 2 hours to see him if the appointment was in the morning!  At times, after waiting for 2 hours, he would be called for emergency deliveries / surgeries and all the patients who were waiting for him would have to wait for another 2 hours!  That’s why he’s known as the superstar gynae at SYMC.

During the ultrasound scan yesterday, he just pointed out to me that the baby’s heartbeat is normal and fluid round the baby is good too. He then told me the baby’s weight, which was apprx 3kg….. and that’s it.  He then said ‘see you next Wednesday on your csection day’ and bade me farewell.  Super fast and I had to pay RM60 just for that and another RM10 for the urine test. 

Simple Lunch

That was my lunch yesterday – croissant stuffed with sardines, mayo, tomato ketchup and lots of Japanese cucumbers. I don’t have appetite to eat heavy meals these days.  Even sitting at the dining table feels uncomfortable as my bulging tummy will be pressed against the table.  I can’t even reach out to the dishes on the table  without standing up.  

Chin Nee, I just wonder how you’re going to handle when you’re 36 weeks preggers with your twins.  I think you will need to eat your meals on the couch and sit up when you sleep.

Still Dragging My Feet

After reading Chin Nee’s post on her early preparation for the arrival of her twins (she’s only 23 weeks preggers), I realized that I haven’t done anything yet and I am already 36 weeks preggers this week! So this week or next week, I have to pack my hospital bag, dig out Aly and Sher’s old baby clothes and have them washed, buy some XS diapers, buy a new foldable mattress for the confinement lady as she will be sleeping with me in my room, buy some breast pads and buy a small tin of newborn formula milk, just in case I have no breastmilk to feed my baby! I also need to remind hubby to re-adjust the mattress base in the playpen so that it’s higher, for the baby to sleep during the day. Hubby has already bought me a bottle of Yomeishu and dozens of Brands Chicken Essence. My dad has also bought me a few bottles of Dom (which I hate to drink). What else needs to be done?

They Love Following Me To The Hospital

Alycia and Sherilyn just love tagging along with me to the hospital for my check-ups.  First, they get to play in the playroom whilst I wait for my turn to see the Ob&G.  Sometimes, daddy buys them sandwiches and muffins from Starbucks (yup, there is even a Starbucks within the hospital).  Then, they get to pay at the parking ticket machine.  The gals just love to insert the parking ticket into the machine, slot coins and notes and getting the receipt and change from the machine.  They fight to do this all the time.  Then, they get to sit on the hospital buggy.  This hospital is like a 5-star hotel as they even have buggies to chauffeur patients to the car park.   And finally, after the check-up, daddy would normally bring us all for lunch.  Today, we went to Delicious @ Bangsar Village for lunch after the check-up.  We only managed to have lunch at around 2ish pm and the gals only took their naps at 4:30pm.  Click here to see what we ate at Delicious today.

I am into my 36th week of pregnancy this week.  I am really surprised that my baby’s weight shot up really fast in just 2 weeks.  2 weeks ago, she weighed 2.2kg and today she weighed 2.85kg.  Looks like I’m going to have another heavy baby.  No wonder I’ve been feeling so heavy and uncomfortable lately.

Alycia and Sherilyn got really excited sitting on the hospital buggy, which was their first buggy ride.

Pregnant Belly At 35 Weeks

That’s my ballooning belly at 35 weeks.  I have 3 more weeks to go before baby can pop out and I just can’t wait for the day to arrive.  I am actually hoping that my baby will come out a little earlier, naturally this time, to save mummy from having to go through another c-section and to save daddy from having to pay the bill which will cost a bomb. 

Pregnancy At 34 Weeks

I will be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  The Braxton Hicks contractions and tightenings on my uterus are getting more intense and frequent.  This little babe has been giving me lots of strong and painful kicks too.  She weighed 2.2kg on Monday.  My weight is 53kg (increase of 9kg) and has not been going up for the last few weeks. 

I’ve not bought anything for the baby yet and I don’t think I need to buy much clothing for this baby as there is a big load of hand-me-downs previously worn by Alycia and Sherilyn that the baby can wear.  In fact, I don’t think I need to buy any clothes for this baby as she has more than she needs from her 2 cheh chehs.  But knowing myself, I know I will surely not be able to resisit from buying cute baby clothes if I see them when I go shopping.  All I need to buy now  are some diapers for newborn babies and that’s about it.  My brother who stays in Singapore has already bought me some 4 ounces Avent baby bottles.  

People say that when you are expecting your first child, you get all excited and keep buying clothes and stuff for the baby.  Most of the baby things are brand new.  You talk and sing to your baby all the time whilst she is still in your tummy.  With baby number 2,  your excitement is not as intense as when you’re expecting your first baby and with the third and subsequent babies, you feel blasé throughout your pregnancy and there is very little preparation for the arrival of the baby.  Well, it’s just so true.  I feel really guilty and bad that I hardly have the time to talk to this baby. 

I hope this baby will turn out to have a good temperament.  I’ve been yelling a lot at the gals throughout my pregnancy and I really hope that this baby won’t inherit mummy’s horrible and short temper and impatience.

Pregnancy at Week 31

That’s how big my belly is at week 31+.  Of my 3 pregnancies, my belly is the biggest this time and weight gain todate is 8.5kg.  I have finally decided to let the gynae at Sunway Medical Center deliver my baby since he is the one who delivered both Alycia and Sherilyn.  I have just returned from the gynae’s office and have already fixed a date for the elective c-section.   My baby’s weight is 2kg today…. no wonder I feel so heavy lately!  I’m praying that I will not go into preterm labor as I’ve had a couple of dreams that I was bleeding and went into labor! 

Pregnancy at 30th Week – Ultrasound Scan

I went for my 30th week detailed scan at the fetal specialist’s office yesterday.  As usual, baby is really shy and keeps covering her mouth with her hands.  My Ob&G kept shaking my tummy with the probe to make her budge her hand.  Finally after about 15 minutes, she moved her hand away briefly and my Ob&G managed to capture a shot of her full face….. but I am not showing anyone her full face just yet – am keeping everyone in suspense, haha.   The ultrasound scan cost a whopping RM150 and consultation fee RM150 each time I see him.  The pix of the scan are saved into a CD which is given to patients free.

My dr. said that baby’s weight is good, ie at 1.5kg and growing well.  Everything looks good apart from her right kidney that still looks slightly dilated but my dr kept reassuring me that the problem will resolve by itself after birth.  As for me, I have todate gained 8kg and feeling really fat and heavy.

I am in a dilemma now.  You see, both Alycia and Sherilyn were delivered at Sunway Medical Center as this hospital is the nearest to where I lived previously.  Now that I have moved to KL, SYMC is too far for us to travel.  I am really comfortable and feel safer if this baby is being delivered by the same dr who delivered Aly and Sher at SYMC as he has my medical records and knows my history.  However, the distance really turns me off.  Dr Patrick (my fetal specialist) delivers babies at Pantai Medical Center and my fertility specialist delivers babies at Gleneagles Medical Center in Ampang.  I am really undecided on which dr to choose to deliver my baby.  Pantai Medical Center would be the nearest to where I stay, i.e. 10-15 mins drive.   Tough decision to make….

Pregnancy At Week 26+

I went for my pre-natal check-up today.  The ultrasound scan revealed that my baby’s right kidney is still mildly dilated.   The umbilical cord is also round her neck in a single loop.  When I heard my ObG telling me that, I was really worried but my ObG was so blase about it and told me it’s very common and said that there’s nothing to worry about as the baby’s blood flow is still good and the umbilical cord is only loosely looped round the neck.   I missed having a glimpse of my baby’s face again as this time, her face was pressed against my placenta.  Baby’s weight is 2 lb 7 ounces and EDD is 22 April 08.  I asked if it’s possible to have a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC) but my ObG was against the idea as I had 2 previous c-sections. I have gained a total of 8kg thus far.

My Three Miracles Of Life

Any woman who has gone through infertility would understand how painful it is – both emotionally and physically and also strenuous on one’s pocket.  I know it as I had gone through years of infertility before I had Alycia. I had sought various invasive methods of infertility treatments which include taking several rounds of Clomid, underwent a laser ovarian drilling and laparoscopy through a keyhole surgery, double Hysterosalpingogram (Uterotubogram) or HSG to unblock the Fallopian tubes and finally an IUI which is an artificial insemination.

Before I went for each infertility treatment, I surfed the internet and read up tons of information on treatments for infertility and the success rate. When I finally conceived Alycia after a single IUI procedure, hubby and I were elated. However, my pregnancy was not smooth sailing as it was plagued with troubles from the very start. Thank God, I managed to carry Alycia to full-term despite an initial pre-term labor threat (shortened cervix) at week 20 of my pregnancy.  I was then ordered by my doctor to take leave from work for 3 months to bed-rest at home.

After Alycia was born, hubby and I were the happiest and proudest parents on earth.  Alycia was our pride, joy and victory.  I had absolutely no regrets going through what I had gone through and loved every bit being a mummy. Hubby and I wanted another baby soon and this time, we managed to conceive Sherilyn without any fertility treatments.  Alycia and Sherilyn are indeed our 2 miracles and very soon, we will be expecting our third miracle!