Organic Barley, Lemon Grass And Pandan Drink

I made a big pot of organic barley drink today. The concoction composes of organic unhulled barley, organic Job’s Tears, organic lemon grass powder and organic pandan (screw pine leaves) powder.

Due to its alkalinity, barley water has been used since ancient times to treat various digestive conditions. Barley water is prepared by using one part of barley with 15 parts of water, which is boiled till it becomes 2/3rd of its basic solution. Being extremely alkaline, barley water is also beneficial for those suffering from gallstones. The water-soluble fibre content in it helps prevent formation of stones and cures existing ones. It is also a good remedy for kidney problems and is a traditionally acclaimed drink for supporting and nourishing kidneys in times of stress.

~Wash the barley pearls and Job’s Tears several times.

~When the barley pearls and Job’s Tears have turned mushy (about 1 – 1.5 hours later in medium flame), add in the organic lemon grass powder and organic pandan leaves powder and stir until the powders are completely dissolved. Then turn off the fire.  I added 1 teaspoon each.

~ Pour out the barley water using a stainless steel sieve.

As this is my first time trying out this concoction, I didn’t add too much of both powders, lest the drink tastes weird. But the drink turned out great!  I love the color of the drink, which has a pretty hue of green.  The drink is really refreshing when chilled. Even Cass who absolutely hates barley water has no issue gulping her cuppa green barley down without pinching her nose.  This girl always drinks her barley water with her nose pinched *roll eyes*

The next time I prepare this concoction again, I will add more lemon grass and pandan powder. I prefer it to have a stronger aroma of lemon grass and pandan.

Pandan leaves are slightly bitter in nature, thus, do go easy on the pandan powder.

Health benefits of lemon grass:

Lemongrass is used for treating digestive tract spasms, stomachache, high blood pressure, convulsions, pain, vomiting, cough, achy joints (rheumatism), fever, the common cold, type-2 Diabetes and exhaustion. It is also used to kill germs and as a mild astringent.

Prevention of bacteria: Lemongrass might help prevent the growth of some bacteria and yeast.

Lowers Cholesterol: Studies have shown that the regular consumption of lemongrass has shown significant results in sustaining healthy levels of triglycerides and reducing the LDL cholesterol in the body.

Detoxification: Lemongrass helps in cleansing and flushing harmful toxic wastes out of the body, as a result of its diuretic properties.

Cancer: Lemongrass is effective in treating various types of cancers without affecting the healthy normal cells of the body. Research conducted to prove the anti-cancerous activity of lemongrass has shown promising outcomes in the prevention of skin cancer. Studies have shown that a certain component, citral, which is present in lemongrass, helps in inhibiting the growth of hepatic cancer cells during the initial phases and prevents any further production of cancerous cells. Another study has provided supporting evidence regarding the anti-proliferative effect of citral in impeding the growth of human breast cancer cells and the induction of apoptosis.

Health benefits of pandan (screw pine leaves):

Reduce Cramps / pain relief
If you have cramps regularly, you can use pandan leaves as a traditionally cure to help reduce those cramps. Pandan leaves can also help you with gastrointestinal tract cramps, especially stomach cramps. You can make pandan leaves tea and drink it to help you reduce your cramps.

Anti-carcinogenic Properties
Another amazing benefit of pandan leaves is that they are anti-cancerous. It can counteract the effect of toxins and inhibits cancer cell development.

Reduce Fevers
Pandan can help in reducing fever. It is a traditional remedy in treating fevers.

Other health benefits of pandan include : mild laxative for children, detoxifying the body, lowers high blood pressure, helps to strengthen weak nerves, boosts appetite and it can also help men with impotence.


Long Silence

Hellooooo everyone! Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been spending days fixing the unloadable photos in my blogs AGAIN.  Darn it, this is happening too often. As I was fixing one of the old posts, I  read that the last time this happened was on 20 August 2016.  I then checked back my most recent pictures and found out that they are all not loading in my blogs too! In total, I have to fix the photos for 17 months (Nov 2015 through March 2017) for my 3 blogs totalling thousands of photos! I am fuming!!   This confirms that I cannot upload the pictures in Facebook and copy the pictures to my blogs.   Pictures uploaded in Facebook are not compatible with blog settings. Thus, I am now using another way of uploading the photos before importing them to my blogs.  Miss Cheapskate here ain’t going to pay photo hosting sites, thus going through all these trouble.  Since Monday, I have been putting the photos back into each post, one by one.  So much precious time has been wasted doing this!

Anyway, I am trying hard not to stress myself too much over this disaster, though it will take me weeks to resolve. Stress is only going to mess up my body and spur the growth of the fibroid. I’m going to chillax, drown myself with Izumio, enjoy my cuppa ginger + lemon grass + green lemon tonic, enjoy a body massage on my Osim uJolly massage chair while I am at it and walk down memory lane reading all my old posts again 🙂

Below – my cup of pure Bentong ginger powder + ginger brown sugar cube + organic lemon grass powder + organic green lemon powder health tonic.

Can you view the 2 photos?



Meal-Replacement Shakes

Designed to have fewer calories than an average meal, meal-replacement shakes include all the vitamins and nutrients needed for the rest of the day. While taking such shakes, one needs to make sure it is followed by healthy dietary and lifestyle habits in order to drop some weight.

Generally, it is a good idea to drink the shake for breakfast in the morning. It goes without saying that your dinner, lunch and snacks ought to be low in calories and sugar-free. Such changes make you lose weight faster and easier to sustain.

Here are a number of tips on what properties to look for:

Avoid sugar
When your liver is unable to absorb the excessive amount of sugar, it is turned into fat.

You should avoid the following foods, among others:
~ Spirits (and alcohol)
~ Sweets, pastries, cakes, biscuits
~ Jarred fruits

Fruits can be consumed in larger quantities quite safely as fructose doesn’t make you gain weight like sugar. However, it is best to eat everything in moderation. Fruit is an excellent choice as a healthy source of carbohydrates.

Low-caloric diet makes our body use fat as fuel
Consuming excessive calories, your liver transforms them into fat. If you alter your dietary habits and avoid sugar, your body will use fat for energy. Seek shakes that are lower than 200 calories. Also, avoid eating foods low on nutrient properties such as donuts, French fries, corn dogs, popcorn, etc. Such foods are rich in calories and low in nutrients.

Know that there are different carbohydrates
After consumption, they can either be transformed into sugar or as protein. Simple carbohydrates are easier to digest providing us with energy in a short term. Dairy products and juices are the sources of such carbs. Complex carbohydrates work vice versa – they take more time to digest, yet provide more energy in a longer term (grain products, greengrocery). Thus, aim for shakes with food fibers and low on carbs so that they fill you up and you shed weight faster.

20g of protein or less
In addition to enhancing your metabolic process, shakes also help to get rid of fat and keep you full longer. For you to choose the right shake, choose one with 20g of protein per serving.

meal replacement shakes with fruit

Add greengrocery in your menu
They are rich in fiber, which is paramount for you to lose weight. It goes without saying that fruits and vegetables are the key to good health due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals. What’s more is that they reduce your craving for unhealthy snacks, give you energy and are low in sugar.

Cut Down On Salt
We should aim for less than 1500 mg of sodium per day, and definitely not more than 2300 mg. 1500 mg of sodium amounts to 0.75 teaspoons or 3.75 grams of salt per day, while 2300 mg amounts to one teaspoon or 6 grams of salt per day. Try to avoid eating foods high in salt.

Meal Replacement Shakes: A load of crap or loads of help?


GMOs and gluten-free
Your diet should be free from GMO and gluten containing products. This includes paying close attention to the greengrocery you buy.

There are plenty of shakes available in the market to meet the preferences of vegans, lactose intolerant patients, those on a weight loss diet, sports enthusiasts, etc.

With the above tips, I am sure you now have a better idea on how to choose a proper nutrition shake.


Osim uJolly Portable Massage Chair

The hubs gave me one of the best presents for Christmas about 5 years ago. It was an Otto portable massage chair.  This massager has brought so much relief to my life. Whenever I have backache, a stiff neck or still shoulder, I would switch on the massager, which had become a permanent fixture on my work chair. About one month back, the fabric on the massager gave way. Initially, it was only a slight tear and I continued using it. Days later, the entire piece of fabric got frazzled and tattered, exposing all the mechanisms inside the massage chair. That was when I stopped using it, lest I got electrocuted.

A month of not having my back massaged by the massage chair, coupled with a week of not having any helper during CNY, I developed backache again. I told the hubs that I really needed a new massage chair.

As yesterday was Thaipusam holiday, we took the opportunity to shop for my massage chair at Mid Valley Megamall.  In under half an hour of testing the Osim uJolly back massager, we bought it.

I came at the right time as Osim is now having a fantastic promotion.  The uJolly is now selling at a promotion price of RM1,200 (usual price is RM1,588).  On top of that, Citibank card holders have the benefit of using their points to redeem the massage chair. With combined points from my card and the hubs’ card, the balance to be paid is only RM600+.  Wait there’s more!  We could even opt for a 1-year or 2-year interest-free installment, which means installment is only about RM58 a month!

If you are not a Citibank credit card holder, no worries. You could opt for the 2-year interest-free installment which means you only need to pay RM50 nett a month. So everyone can now afford a massage chair!

Cass testing the uJolly massager…

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, hat and shoes

Image may contain: shoes


If you are prone to aches and pains on your back, neck and shoulder, or have insomnia, getting a massage chair is a good investment but a full-fledged massage chair can be very costly at over RM18,000 a unit. So a portable massage chair or back massager is the next best option.  Having a portable massage chair attached to my work chair is now a necessity. It helps to relief aches, helps me to de-stress and helps to lull me to sleep very, very easily 😀


Iron Rich Foods

Ever since I was told by my doctors that I am severely anemic (reading of 6 g/dL), I have been pumping iron rich foods into my body. Every. single. day. I feel like I am on a blood chase marathon where time is limited and I have to stuff myself with iron rich foods to build up red blood cells before my next menstrual cycle begins! The days are ticking away and I have only a few days left before the next war of blood begins.  I don’t feel woozy actually and only short of breath when I run. Brisk walking, swimming and shopping for 10 hours don’t make me breathless though 😀  And my heart flutters too. That’s because red blood cells (RBC) carry oxygen to the rest of the body and being short of RBC, I have a feeling that I lack oxygen when I exert myself physically. It is also highly dangerous when the RCB drops to a very low level as my heart may fail me!

My breakfast would consist of an egg each day now. I used to eat an egg a day (sometimes two) but have since stopped when blood works showed an elevated cholesterol level a year ago. Now that my cholesterol level has dropped to 4.9, I have the ‘allowance’ to indulge in an egg a day again 🙂

Image may contain: dessert and food

I add a teaspoon of organic and unsulphured blackstrap molasses to my egg as blackstrap molasses is rich in iron.  This gooey liquid is not the tastiest of food and I cannot bring myself to down in with a glass of water. Think swallowing a spoonful of dark soy sauce. Yup, that’s how it actually tastes.  I need savory food to help mask the texture and taste of the molasses. Or mix it with a bowl of plain vermicelli.

Image may contain: food

I try to include beef in my diet each week, though beef is not my favorite type of meat.  And lots of spinach too.

Image may contain: food

My diet these days make me feel like I am in confinement😊   The smell of boiling red dates water  wafting in the air at home each day reminds me of my confinement days.  My mil would boil red dates soup with chicken or a plain concoction of red dates + black dates water everyday.  On some days, she would double boil chicken essence for me. Bless her for all her TLC 🙂

Image may contain: food

I would also chew about 2-3 organic dried red dates each day.


And chew on organic goji berries too. Goji berries or wolfberries or gei jie is rich in iron and are good for the eyes too.

Superfoodies Organic Goji Berries

As well as graze on nori seaweed sheets (plain ones with no salt, no sugar and no oil) like a cow.  Did you know that not only is nori high in iodin, calcium, protein and fiber, it is also high in iron and your bones love it?Nori lowers cholesterol too.


Stock image of 'Nori sheet of edible seaweed species of the red algae genus Porphyra, isolated over white background'

With such rich and nutritious food pumped into my body for the past one week, I feel more energetic, my lips are starting to turn reddish again and my heart has stopped fluttering. Oh and I forgot to mention that I pop 2 Sangobion iron tabs each day.

Ladies, if you feel like you lack stamina, feel tired, have heart palpitations and have heavy menstruation, it’s good that you have a total blood count done. It can be life saving.


Beauté Feminine Mist Spray For Miss V!

Do you always get that niggling discomfort down there?  Yes, I am referring to your Miss V.  The annoyance when your Aunt Flow visits, during mid-cycle, when you are on the go all day and haven’t got the chance to clean it with water or when you have a yeast infection, bad odour or UTI?  I am pretty sure that many of us have experienced some or all of these at some point of our lives.

If you experience from any of the above, help is on the way with Beauté – Fem Mist feminine spray!

Beauté Fem Mist has been created exclusively for women to maintain their cleanliness, youthfulness and health. Feminine Mist fights fungus, bacteria, discharge, odour, etc. to ensure that you are free from your feminine worries.  It can even be used as a natural deodorant.

We super women and super mummies are always on the go – be it for work, chauffering our kids from one place to another or for everyday chores and activities. Sweat, heat, discomfort and even odour can build up, making it a favorable condition for opportunistic bacteria to grow.  Beauté Fem Mist is created to reduce irritation, inflammation, swelling, odour and discomfort.

Discomfort usually comes about from:
– Aggressive chemicals from washing agents
– Sweat and heat
– Irritation of the pubic hair
– Stress
– Poor hygiene
– Unclean water
– Overuse of wet wipes/tissues

Beauté Feminine Mist can help to:

  1. Refreshen, prevent & eliminate bacterial buildup.
  2. Relieve itchiness caused by bacteria & inflammation quickly
  3. Prevent embarrassing moments
  4. Eliminate and prevent odour causing bacteria while being gentle
  5. Prevent discomfort
  6. Reduce excessive douching. Use Feminine Mist to be confident & secure.
  7. Prevent UTI and yeast infection

Experience the world’s 1st all natural feminine mist which can be used daily to prevent UTIs, discomfort, odour and even discharge. This product is manufactured in a JAKIM – HALAL Certified premises.

How – Just Spray/When to use?
1. Spray when convenient or when experiencing discomfort.
2. After going to the washroom.
3. Rapid drying formula or just wipe/rinse off

I spray it on my panty liner. You can also spray it directly onto your Miss V.

Packaged in a convenient sleek and discreet spray bottle, Feminine Mist is a specially formulated natural intimate hygiene spray designed to solve everyday feminine worries.

Chemical Free
Feminine Mist is free from:
Harsh soaps
Harmful preservatives
Pore blocking compounds
Synthetic fragrances
Bleaching agents

Naturally formulated to be hypoallergenic for all skin types. Some of the ingredients include mangosteen peel extract, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil and lavender oil.

Beauté Fem Mis is manufactured by Furley Bioextracts, the same manufacturer of Ostania Mangosteen Amrita juice.
Ostania Mangosteen Amrita is a healthy beverage formulated using whole mangosteen fruit including puree and rind which is an excellent source of Xanthone.

Beaute – Feminine mist is just under RM0.15 per application. One bottle of 35mL can be used 300 times.   Beauté – FemMist 35ml is currently retailed at RM48.


Discount Code For Health Freak Mommy readers!!

A discount code just for you, my dear readers!  🙂

Discount code to key in: FBIO-J3M

Value of discount: RM10 per receipt

Simply key in this code at the Coupon Code box and click ‘Apply Coupon’ during check-out from the Furley Bioextracts store.

Grab a spray bottle of Beaute Fem Mist today to keep yourself free from your feminine worries.  I’ve got mine already 🙂


My First Diamond Coral Gold Water Filter

H20 consists of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This substance also known as water, is one of the most essential elements to our body and all living things in this planet.

Water makes up more than two thirds of human body weight, and without water, we would die in a few days. The human brain is made up of 95% water, blood is 82% and lungs 90%. A mere 2% drop in our body’s water supply can trigger signs of dehydration. This is why clean water is so vital for our body to stay healthy and to function optimally.

This week, one of my wishes finally came true!  I had long wanted to get a water filter for our wet kitchen so that we can wash and soak our veggies, rice, grains and raw meat using filtered water.  Currently, we only have one water filter (using electric) in the dry kitchen. We collect water for cooking and boiling from this water filter.  I have always wanted to wash and soak our veggies using filtered water but it’s really inconvenient to be doing all the washing in our dry kitchen, which is pretty cramped.  So with both eyes closed, we have been washing our meat and veggies with regular tap water.

I have lots of qualms over the quality of unfiltered water at the place where I live. Our toilet bowls often have mud-like stains though we wash them every day. Our white clothes turn yellowish over time. This is evidence that our unfiltered water is indeed adulterated with rust from old water pipes and other contaminants and dirt, which cannot be immediately seen by the naked eyes.

With many many thanks to Diamond, the world renowned experts in water filters, they have given me one of the best gifts this year by loaning me their latest water filter model – the Diamond Coral Gold!  The duration I get to use the Diamond Coral Gold water filter will be for 1 year, after which I can either return it to them OR take up their High Value Trade In offer. I shall explain more on the High Value Trade In campaign in my next post.

This is how my Diamond Coral Gold water filter looks like – full of elegance and efficient in filtering our drinking water.



Diamond Coral water filters use 100% natural purifying materials such as as diatomite, coral calcium, coconut shells and bamboo charcoal base activated carbon. This system can purify harmful elements over a hundred times and it can get rid of radioactive elements found in the water while keeping intact the minerals vital to the human bodies.

The filtered water can be consumed without boiling. However, if you have young kids with sensitive tummies, you can boil the water to have a peace of mind.

The Diamond technician who came to my place was a jovial chap who knew his stuff well.  I bombarded him with a long list of questions on the water filter and he patiently answered all my questions 😀  He was also very punctual on the appointment day and gave me ample notice (by calling me on my phone) before turning up at my place.


After slightly less than an hour, my Diamond Coral Gold water filter was finally installed!  Before Mr Diamond left, he snapped a few pictures of newly installed water filter and asked my mil to stand next to it. She was reluctant to be the model but finally gave in since Mr Diamond was such a nice chap LOL!  This is a requirement by the company as proof that the machine has been successfully installed at the client’s home.

With a water filter in our wet kitchen, cooking is now made easier. The mil and I don’t have to carry our pots and pans into the dry kitchen to fill them up with filtered water for boiling soups and cooking rice.

Diamond Coral water machine is the world’s few water filter machines that passed over 200 performance measurements and safety testing. They are awarded NSF42 and 53 Gold Seal by the USA Water Quality Association (WQA).

As I am typing this post, my MIL is busy whipping up a storm in the kitchen. Now she does not need to walk in and out of both the kitchens to get filtered water.

Water filters are not a want, they are a need, a necessity for better health. If you do not have one yet, well, you can consider Diamond.  Do hop over to Diamond website to check the models and the packages.

Ostania Premium Mangosteen Amrita Juice

Mangosteens – we all love them, both for the one-of-a-kind succulent taste of the flesh and the vibrant purple color of the rind.  My kids love them. I love them. I do not know of anyone who does not love them. But I hate peeling them!  It’s so troublesome to get to the flesh of the mangosteen. Sometimes, I would accidentally stain my clothes with the bright purple color from the rind. And it is so time-consuming to eat mangosteens, for you have to labour over  yanking  the hard rinds, just to eat a few segments from each fruit.  For this reason, I seldom buy mangosteens.  I wish that peeled mangosteens will soon be available in the market.  But for now, we can drink the goodness of mangosteen juice from a bottle.

One of the mangosteen juices with the highest grades available in the market is the Ostania Premium Mangosteen Amrita juice.  And I am so thankful that the company that manufacturers Ostania mangosteen juice, Furley Bioextracts have so kindly sent me 3 bottles to try!  Thank you Furley!!


We have always discarded the hard purple rind of the mangosteen but did you even know that the rich purple mangosteen skin is where all the goodness is?  Yup, it’s true and Ostania mangosteen juice is composed of the purple mangosteen skin, as one of the ingredients. The mangosteen skin / rind is said to be packed with xanthones, anthocyanins and polyphenols — potent antioxidants that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial.

Furley Bioextracts has now made the Ostania Mangosteen Amrita – its mangosteen drink with skin and all,  available in certain pharmacies in the country. The Ostania Mangosteen Amrita is the only health beverage in the market to be tested and validated by the National University of Singapore (NUS).  Every single one of Furley’s Ostania Mangosteen Amrita products have been validated to have a 14186 ORAC.  This ORAC score reflects that the Ostania is higher in antioxidants than some of the other well-known superfoods such as blueberries, acai berry and raw cacao, the purest form of chocolate said to have the highest source of antioxidants of all foods and the highest source of magnesium.

Ostania Mangosteen Amrita contains the whole mangosteen fruit, including the skin, and is combined with apple, roselle, acai berry, grape and pomegranate.  With no added sugars or colouring, it is suitable for the whole family and is a health drink that anyone, including diabetics can indulge in.

Some of its benefits include boosting the immune system, improving the bowel system, easing allergy symptoms, helping skin conditions, maintaining eye health, stopping fatigue and fighting harmful free radicals responsible for ageing and inflammation.

At only RM49.90 a bottle, the Ostania Mangosteen Amrita is a very affordable health supplement.  You can buy it cheaper at RM43.35 if you buy 3 bottles.

Ostania Mangosteen Amrita is a great tasting beverage.  You can drink it neat from the bottle but it’s best served with a 1:1 dilution with water or ice. It tastes best when chilled.  You can even make ice popsicles for your little ones to enjoy.  Or add it into your homemade fruit smoothies, like what I am doing now 🙂

This is the orange + green apple + fresh coconut water + Ostania Mangosteen Amrita juice smoothie that I made yesterday – so refreshing!  To give this smoothie an extra kick, blend it with ice cubes – perfect thirst quencher on a sweltering day.

Mangosteen Amrita comes in an attractive reusable aluminum bottle.  It is of export grade and is sold in other countries such as New Zealand.

To order Ostania Mangosteen, just click on this link.  

You can also find Furley Bio at the following social media sites:



Symptoms of A Body Detox

About a week after I started taking Izumio hydrogen water and Super Lutein, I started to have rashes on my right arm. The rashes first erupted with an itch, followed by a layer of bumpy rash on the surface of the skin. I knew that the rashes are one of the symptoms of a body detox, where the body will eliminate toxins from within.

Initially, I could not understand why the rashes appeared only on my right arm – not left arm and not anywhere else. Then it suddenly dawned on me that only my right arm is problematic! I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) on my right hand when Alycia was only 2 months old. The CTS went away  a few months later (coincidentally) when I was taking antibiotics for severe bronchitis. But the CTS has now appeared in another form – hand numbness with pins and needles. Every single morning. It is so bad that on some mornings, I could not even lift my arm up.  See how intelligent the products work. They will heal the part of the body that requires repairing.  Though I still have pins and needles on my right arm now, they are not as intense as it used to be. I am curious to know how long I need to consume the products before my hand is totally healed.

Cass displayed more extreme detox symptoms. A week after taking Izumio hydrogen water (3 packs a day), she experienced leg pain, headache, mild body aches, watery stools and sore throat.  The symptoms lasted for about 3 days. Then I began to see positive reactions in her urine leakage problem. Within a week of taking Izumio, she could be diaper-free at home – all the time during her waking hours!   Previously, she was on diapers / sanitary pads all the time.   However, she still needs to wear diapers when she is in school and when we are out. I will gradually move to the 2nd Hurdle and 3rd Hurdle set out in our Target Chart where we will have to work on getting her to hold her pee when she exerts energy to do strenuous activities and simple things like coughing and sneezing.  Cass told me just now that she wanted to try to wear just a panty when we next go out for lunch / dinner.  That’s my girl – ambitious and determined!

My right arm with bumpy patches of rashes.  They broke out yesterday.  The rashes are drying up now.


Symptoms Of A Whole Body Detox
When you begin to detoxify, the cells in your body start to eliminate toxic substances. However, before they make their final exit, the toxins are released into the bloodstream then carried through the circulatory system and this may result in other physical symptoms.  Some of these symptoms include body aches and pains, cravings or withdrawal, nausea or vomiting, clogged sinuses, constipation or diarrhea, coughing, fever, flu or cold-type symptoms, bad breath, gas, headaches and stomach aches. Toxins are often eliminated through the skin as well and this can result in acne, rashes, or other skin issues. All of these symptoms do not occur for everyone, but it is at least good to know what to expect ahead of time or what others sometimes experience during a whole body detox.

Irritability and Moodiness
A whole body detox can cause excessive irritability and moodiness. It is actually the toxins in the body that cause this problem in the first place. Detox symptoms are simply manifestations of the body’s self-cleansing and self-healing process to get rid of toxins. When you begin the detox, all the toxins get pulled out of your system so the irritability and moodiness can become much worse before they get better, though it will only be for a short period of time.

View it like cleaning a house. In the process of cleaning, everything becomes more messy and cluttered than before you started cleaning. But in order to enjoy a clean house you have to deal with the messiness in the cleaning process. Likewise, in order to help with irritability and moodiness, you have to get past the beginning phase of the whole body detox.

Fatigue is another common symptom of a whole body detox. This includes having a lack or even loss of energy. The severity of this symptom depends on what your lifestyle is like before the detox and how quickly you make the change into the detox.  If you more gradually start a detox and prepare your body ahead of time, you will not be as negatively affected by symptoms.

Other Physical Symptoms
When you begin to detoxify, the cells in your body start to eliminate toxic substances. However, before they make their final exit, the toxins are released into the bloodstream then carried through the circulatory system and this may result in other physical symptoms. Some of these symptoms include:
body aches and pains,
cravings or withdrawal
nausea or vomiting,
clogged sinuses,
constipation or diarrhea,
flu or cold-type symptoms,
bad breath,
stomach aches.
Toxins are often eliminated through the skin as well and this can result in acne, rashes, or other skin issues.

All of these symptoms do not occur for everyone, but it is at least good to know what to expect ahead of time or what others sometimes experience during a whole body detox.

For more reading on Izumio and Super Lutein, please click on the following link:

Izumio Hydrogen Water and Super Lutein

Izumio and Incontinence

 Super Lutein

Day 18 On Izumio For Incontinence


The All-Natural BugsLock Mosquito Repellent Band

Woohoo, these BugsLock bands came just at the right time for our holiday up North!!  Thank you so much BugsLock Malaysia for sending these awesome pawsome mozzie repellent bands over!!


They came in the girls’ favorite colors respectively – pink for Cass, yellow for Sherilyn and orange for Alycia.

But Cass and Sherilyn could not wait until Tuesday to wear it in Penang.  Yesterday they tore off the BugsLock zip lock bag to wear it when we went out for breakfast.  And they came home unscathed by the wrath of the hungry mozzies 🙂

A pink pretty dress to pair with a pink BugsLock band, how matching eh? 😉

Unlike other mozzie repellent bands, BugsLock has very powerful smell of Citronella – a plant that repels mozzies naturally. Citronella works by masking the surrounding scents around you, your home and garden that attract mosquitoes, preventing them from coming too near.

BugsLock is made of 100% natural ingredients. It can be worn on the wrist or ankle.  It can also be hung on belts, bags, strollers and just about anywhere.   BugsLock is effective for 240 hours of usage. When not in use, just put the band back into the BugsLock zip lock package and seal it securely.

The BugsLock band is adjustable, thus can be worn by young kids  and adults of all ages.   It is DEET-free and non-toxic.

Did you know that there are many imitation BugsLock in the market? Although the copycat BugsLock price is cheaper, it is ineffective and even harmful to your health as it may contain chemicals. The authentic BugsLock has certification by Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Institute to certify that it is safe for humans and free from harmful chemicals. Bugslock is also registered under the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The good news is that Bugslock is very affordable and is  available in Malaysia. At only RM13 per piece (with FREE postage, yay!!), you can get it for everyone in the family!    Protect yourself and your loved ones from the deadly Dengue fever.  Get some BugsLock bands today!  Do check out the BugsLock Malaysia website for further information.