Times Are Bad

Yesterday I witnessed a thief who was handcuffed by police. That was my very first time witnessing a criminal being apprehended  by policemen.

As I was entering the supermarket with Alycia, we saw the thief sitting on the stairs leading to the supermarket with a policeman each on his sides guarding him. His hands were at his rear and handcuffed. Minutes later, the police car arrived. There were many policemen there and some were holding rifles. The petty thief was being shoved into the car by the policeman.  For a moment, I felt sorry for the thief. He was scrawny and feeble. I heard from a juice promoter at the supermarket that he was caught on CCTV trying to steal food. I felt sorry that he had to resort to stealing food. It could be for his kid or himself.  No way am I condoning a crime ok. But I just felt sorry that someone has to resort to stealing food to curb hunger, knowing the consequences that he has to face should he be caught. The whole scene looked like a very serious crime but it was only a petty theft.  Some people are still treated with respect and pomp though they had committed  much bigger crimes but sadly they are untouchable and unquestionable.

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I could not believe my eyes when this morning, less than 24 hours after witnessing a petty crime, I saw another petty crime taking place right in front of my eyes and less than 20 meters away from the crime scene of yesterday!  As I was driving my car into the parking area to have breakfast at our regular coffee shop, I saw the owner of a mini mart hitting a guy. The guy sped off in lightning speed by foot to the main road. I heard the mini mart owner telling the parking attendant nearby that the thief was trying to steal something from his mart.

A few days ago, a friend’s friend was a victim of a traumatic daylight robbery. When her car was at the traffic lights, a robber smashed her car window, then smashed her head and grabbed her handbag.

Times are really bad. We are feeling the effect of it too. To everyone reading this post, be extra vigilant whenever you are out and about. Do not be the next victim.


Our Friday – 4 March 2017

Friday evenings are reserved for the big girl. After picking her up from the Math tuition center, we would jaunt off to the pasar malam if it doesn’t rain. She’s a pretty simple girl who finds gratification taking long walks at the pasar malam, stopping at all her favorite stalls to get her favorite street food. These are the stalls that I have been patronizing for over 20 years in our neighborhood.  Her favorite is the look look van where we could end up spending over RM10 per person just on fish balls, pork balls and an assortment of balls, which ain’t the healthiest choice of food. But look look is only an occasional indulgence. Our weekly indulgence is popiah, sweet corn, apam and crispy apam balik with coconut, creamy sweet corn and groundnuts. Once in a blue moon, I’ll give them a treat of assam laksa and nasi lemak with deep fried chicken (swoon!).

This pic was taken at the pasar malam today. She was enjoying her piece of crispy apam balik while waiting for our popiah… while I gingerly stood behind her and stole this picture of her ha ha!

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At home, a big pot of seafood porridge was awaiting us! It’s a melting pot of organic quinoa, millet, rice, flower crabs, garoupa fish, squids, lala clams, lean pork for the added sweetness and chopped aromatic coriander and scallions. So yummy!!

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Image may contain: food

Just 5 days ago, the mil cooked seafood porridge too.  Cass had a raging fever of 41 degrees Celsius and could not eat the crabs. Today she’s all well  and it’s payback time. She noshed the crabs to her heart’s content.

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Cass says “nah, this crab leg is for you!”

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A daily feast for our eyes – view of KL Tower and KLCC from our unit. I took this pic as tonight’s sky is exceptionally clear; and both KL Tower and KLCC illuminated in luminous lights against the black backdrop of the night are truly a sight to behold. I like KL Tower the most when it’s illuminated with dazzling blinking floodlights of rainbow colors.

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Almost Burnt The House Down!

I almost got a major heart attack this morning, thanks to the hubs who just LOVES to pull my leg all the time!!  Honey, I know you secretly read all my blog posts daily though you deny it vehemently.  Go have a good laugh ok, that you succeeded this time -you almost killed me OK!  You know I have a weak heart and can’t take shitty news 😡😡

Here’s his Whatsapp message to me, which I only got to read later while driving back from school. My heart zoomed to my mouth after reading the message and I really thought I burnt the kitchen down. Feeling thunderstruck, I almost crashed my car.

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I am retyping our conversation here for ease of reading:

Hubs – honey, u boiling something at home?  Cleaner said smoke coming from our kitchen window

Me – Don’t know (was driving and could not type more).

Just after reading the Whatsapp message, his car passed my car. We were about a few hundred meters away from home. I thought he had gone home to check on our burnt down kitchen!! I felt like I had lost my marbles. I called him on the phone immediately.

This morning, I had left the house hurriedly.  In the morning, after my usual morning exercise, I sent the mil to the park to buy some fish. Then went to pack some breakfast and rushed home where I gobbled my breakfast down hurriedly. Then did laundry and boiled water.

Yes I boiled water but the darn whistling kettle recently stopped whistling and in the haste to rush off to  school to beat the morning traffic jam (to pay school fees), I had forgotten all about the kettle on the stove.  Hubs was still in bed at home.  We busy mummies have so many chores to accomplish every single minute and while at them, we have to think of the next 101 things on our ‘to-do list’ and what to ask the teachers when we meet them. No one would understand what we go through everyday unless they have been there.

And the hubs just had to pull a fast one on me!  When I called him on the phone, he continued pulling my leg, probably laughing his ass off imagining how horrid I had looked and felt. He didn’t give a rat’s patootie how awful I was feeling. He told me to go home to check out the situation, wtf 😡

I rushed home and as I approached our unit, I felt slightly better that I didn’t smell anything nasty. Yay, no burnt smell.  Kitchen from the outside still looks good.  And the Whatsapp message from him did NOT sound urgent or serious.  Had there been a fire at home, he would have called me to return home ASAP where he would have strangled me or I would probably have gotten an earful from him on the phone. But all these didn’t happen.

Nothing was burnt, except that the kettle had almost no more  water left inside. And the kitchen had a good steam sterilization  for a good 1.5 hours or so 😥


Our Friday, 2 Dec 2016

Brunch on a breezy and gloomy Friday morning was Indian food at our regular Indian eatery – me, the girls and the mil.  Hubs had to be at his client’s event.

We had mutton murtabak – so yummy!!

The mil had roti canai, Cass had roti telur and I had my favorite tosai rawa.

Today is a day of baking for the girls. While waiting for her 2 sisters to  prep the ingredients for blueberry lemon cheese tarts, Cass made an array of pastries and cakes that look as enticing as the real thing… from magic clay!

Cass wouldn’t let anyone touch her clay cakes, lest her babies get dented.

After a laborious 4 hours in the kitchen, the girls with supervision from their grandma managed to whip up these super delish blueberry lemon cream cheese tarts. They are SO SO SO good that they should be illegal. Seriously.  Best in the world tarts with crispy pastry and super creamy lemony cheesy filling oozing with drug-like ooooommmph.  Plus with fresh juicy and sweet blueberries accompanying the cheesy crispy tarts, the tarts are totally out of this world. Swoon!!

While the girls busied themselves with tarts baking in the dry kitchen, I was busy in the wet kitchen cooking up dinner. There’s been a hive of activity in the kitchen every evening as the 3 girls converge there to help to cook.  The mil is still feeling under the weather and I am still fully in charged of cooking dinner for 6 – 7 people each night.


5th Day Of School Holidays – 30 Nov 2016

The 5th day of our school holidays today was spent at Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall.  Traffic into the malls was horrendous. All the car park entrances into the 2 malls showed FULL on the screen and I had no choice but to inch my way into the Premium car park and luckily got myself a place to park immediately.  I paid a frigging RM12 after spending 5 hours at the mall!

The reason why we were at the mall was because Drama Queen had a farewell party to attend at Mega Kidz.  Two of her classmates will be leaving the school – one of them will be returning to the UK and the other girl switching to an international school.

While my car was stuck in the bumper to bumper crawl, I saw a pedestrian bridge on my right side still under construction. It connects Mid Valley Megamall to Eco City on the other side of the road where massive construction of buildings are on-going.  I was thinking to myself just how convenient it is for residents and tenants of those buildings to just walk across the pedestrian bridge to the malls when it is completed later.  But…. a mere 2 hours later, I heard from the radio on my drive back home that the same bridge had collapsed! Just like that. Oh. My. God!!  One worker is killed and two others are still buried under the rubble. Please God, help them out!!

Life is so fragile, unexpected and fleeting. Now you see it but the next moment, it may be gone in a flash of light. It can be the life of a human, an airplane in the air or a majestic building standing strong, down to ground zero.

So live everyday as if it were your last.  Throw all your grudges, anger and worries out of your window at the end of each day.  Can you do that?

While Drama Queen partied away with her classmates, Alycia spent all her time at Borders with her grandma while Cass and I went for retail therapy 😀

Dinner was takeout KFC, burger and nuggets (swoon!), porridge with crispy yau char kuai and horse hoof (mah keok) (double swoon!) and my favorite Puteri Ayu kuih from Nyonya Colors.  We have not eaten these sinful holiday treats for so long, especially KFC and how the girls and I enjoyed them. Thank you to the mil for the treat.  After noshing down all these less-than-healthy yummylicious grub, everyone downed a packet of Izumio hydrogen and antioxidant water to wash away the heatiness.

During dinner at home, the girls and I had some good tummy exercises laughing till our midriff hurt and eyes teared over Drama Queen’s antics and melodramatic-ness (if there’s such a word to describe her).  Life is never a dull moment when you have a Drama Queen or King at home. It would be a waste if she does not turn out to be an actress or stand-up comedian in future, I always tell Drama Queen that.

After dinner, Alycia and Drama Queen read through all the old postings from my blogs and had a good laugh.  Then I overhead them saying “why did mummy post all these in her blogs? All our embarrassing moments are exposed in her blogs. And my friends read her blogs. Evil mummy!!”


Our Saturday – 19 Nov 2016

We had a light dinner at Seng Kee Kitchen, our favorite neighborhood Chinese tai chau restaurant on Saturday.  Prior to that, hubs brought home some roast leg of lamb from his shop for us to try. It was roasted using a new industrial combi oven that he had recently purchased. Thus, we were already half full by dinner time.  We  ordered a fried turmeric and minced ginger chicken dish (ayam goreng berempah), 2 types of fried noodles and 2 types of vegetables from Seng Kee.

After dinner, hubs suggested dessert of ice-cream at Inside Scoop @ Avantas Residences. I wasn’t too keen as I was having a very gassy tummy and not feeling in top form. But the girls were seconding their daddy’s suggestion…

At Inside Scoop, Cass bumped into her partner in class, Alyssa (the girl in glasses). Alyssa is also Cass’ bestie these days.  They will both go to the same class next year. They were so excited to have bumped into each other.


Our waffle with 3 scoops of ice-creams…

And hubs’ Root Beer float. OMG, I felt so cloy just by looking at how thick, creamy and sweet it was, thus didn’t try it.

After ice-cream, we bumped into a friend who is staying at a unit at Avantas. We commented on how impressed we were with the facilities, amenities and design of Avantas and she brought us to her unit for a look. She’s a property agent.  Our hearts were even more moved when we saw her tastefully designed her unit is and how well equipped, clean and beautiful the serviced apartment is – just like a 5-star hotel.

Avantas Residence, Old Klang Road, 692sf, RM1600 Partly Furnished

And then we toyed over the idea of purchasing a unit for investment!!

But at RM880,000 for a 3-bedroom unit (measuring only 1,200+ square feet), we can’t afford it!   There is a big plus point though of purchasing a 3-bedroom unit as the developer allows the unit to be divided into 2 separate units and for the 2 separate units to be rented out… which means double income for us!!

But still, it is RM880,000 without taking into account the cost of renovating and furnishing the 2 units!   That will be over a million Shringgit!

Check out the standing swing that the girls are on…

Dang my itchy hands and legs for wanting to take a spin on the swing and I ended up on the verge of puking when I got down from the swing!  Once this spinning swing moves 360 degrees, it is really hard to stop it (it’s like a toy spin) unless someone outside the swing stops it by force. Despite me screaming for help like a mad woman, the cheeky big girl who was video-ing us on the swing refused to help me stop the damn spinning swing!! I was fuming mad with her.  I was already feeling slightly nauseous with a gassy tummy  the whole day and after being spun around continuously for a whole 1 minute, I felt like all my innards were knotted and jumbled up. I felt sick the entire night.  The next morning, I puked after I ate an orange for breakfast, duh!  I should have trusted my twitching eye lids for the presentiment. Cass and I both had twitching eye lids on that day. I have told you before about the uncanny sixth sense that Cass and I have with our twitching eye lids, right?  The next time my eye lid twitches, I’ll just stay grounded for safety’s sake!


Heart-Stopping Moment

I had a heart-stopping moment today.

At around the time when I was supposed to go down to the lobby to wait for Cass to arrive home, I received a call from her class teacher.  OH. NO!! Calls from the schools and teachers are NEVER good. Never once good.

My heart literally stopped for a few seconds… until I heard Cass’ voice.

Cass – hi mum. I am still in school. Aunty Jane left without me.

Me – HUH??? What happened? Were you punished by the teacher and asked to stay back?

Cass – No. When I went  there (the same place where Aunty Jane parks her van), she wasn’t there anymore.

And then the line went dead.

I panicked with heart in my mouth.

I quickly called back Cass’ teacher’s number.  And then called the van driver to find out what happened.

I knew that the van driver was in a haste to send off this batch of students so that she could rush off to pick up another batch of students. She’s a single mum with college-going kids struggling to make ends meet and has been ferrying students from dawn till dusk.  This is the same van driver who had left Alycia behind in school when Alycia was Cass’ age now 5 years ago.  The situation was much worse with Alycia. When Aunty Jane reached my condo, she called me to inform me that she could not see Alycia in the van. Can you imagine my shock on hearing the news?

Back to Cass. When I called Aunty Jane to find out what happened, she was too embarrassed to admit that she left my daughter behind again but later admitted. It was her second time for Pete’s sake.  She told me that half way through the journey, she realized that Cass wasn’t in the van and she made a U-turn to pick her up.  I chided her and again asked her how she could have left out my child again. Doesn’t she do roll-calling anymore? Check-list of names?  I suggested all these safety measures to her 5 years ago after she left Alycia behind in school. And she did it again now! Sigh!!

Long story short, I was so so glad and relieved to see Cass when she alighted from the van today. I gave her hugs and kisses. And I pray that this will never happen to any of my daughters ever again.

Picture taken last Saturday. My baby girl did the tough job of hammering crab shells to de-shell crab meat to feed me!  She knows I hate getting my hands dirty and stinky from deshelling crabs and has since years ago volunteered to go at it hammer and tongs deshelling crab shells for her beloved mummy 🙂

And the chunkiest claw meat, the best part of the crab goes to me! 😀

Random Matters (Exam Week)

Yours truly has been as busy as a worker bee the past one week.  I’ve been busy with work, busy with revising with Cass the dawdler and busy with whipping up wholesome dishes for the girls in their exam week to tank up their bodies with nutrients to help them fight well in the battlefield. Thank goodness I am not down and out yet, amidst my busyness with only 5 hours of sleep each night. Plus the stress of having to deal with two loafers in the house who don’t give a hoot that it is their final exam. Even Alycia couldn’t stand how her two sisters can still chillax with story books on the eve of their exam.

The hubs was down with  food poisoning on Sunday after we attended dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night.  And Drama Queen is recuperating from a mild running nose.

Below – our lunch on Sunday – eve of exam.  Poor hubs who puked and literally emptied his guts out, was too sick and cold to sit with us and left the Japanese restaurant to sleep in the car while we had our lunch and then shopped for groceries.

Below – with the peaceful and quiet morning time that I have while the girls are in school, I quickly get my work done before the girls are back. I had a few applications to submit to the Naturally Plus office this week and some story books to sell to clear shelf space for new books.

Today, I nearly ate a dead cockroach on my packet of dishes!! I was enjoying the chicken rendang with vegetables while reading the newspapers during lunch when I saw a black roach with legs and all, right smack in the plastic takeout box, just next to the chicken, freaking SH*T!!!! Of all insects, it had to be my  most feared enemy. And it scared the living daylights out of me! I quickly spat out the veggies that I was still munching and gagged everything else out. Then binned the box of food and rinsed my mouth and gagged more stuff out. OMG,  I don’t know what else went inside my stomach.  This is why I am never keen to buy takeout economy dishes. I have not done it for a long time and I guess it will take me a long time to get over  today’s incident.

We have TWO more days to go before we can all reclaim our long FREEEEEEEDOM until January 2017, YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!


My Sunday – 2 Oct 2016 (Stung By Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Song!)

Hubs had worked late the previous night, thus wasn’t in the bubbly mood to bring us out of the neighborhood to join him in his Sunday “jalan-jalan cari makan” spin.

Instead, we had Japanese at the restaurant at our condo.



After lunch, we dropped off the big girl at the hair salon for her monthly hair cut while I went to get some groceries. She’s been pestering me since 2 weeks ago for a hair cut coz she was worried that she would be the next random’victim’ to get her hair cut by the disciplinary teacher in school.

Back home, the girls and I just couldn’t stop watching music videos of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen or PPAP on You Tube.  When I watched the video for the first time two days ago, I thought it was the stupidest music video ever!  And I could not comprehend how this video has become an instant internet sensation with over 16 million views on You Tube. It has also become Justin Bieber’s favorite video on the internet.  The video does not make sense at all. The lyrics are: “I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple-pen! I have a pen. I have [a] pineapple. Pineapple-pen! Apple-pen. Pineapple-pen. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.” Uh Uh.   Piko Taro, a character created by Kosaka, is seen dancing in the clip, wearing an animal print outfit.

But you know what? Stupid and nonsensical as it is, the more I watch this music video, the more I love it.  There’s not a single time that I wouldn’t laugh till I tear watching this “brainwash song”.  The girls commented that their mummy is also bitten by the PPAP song HA HA HA HA!


Go have a watch too. Betcha you’ll be bitten by the PPAP bug too!!


Busy Busy Monday – 26 Sept 2016

Yesterday I have been SO BUSY that I forgot I was over exhausted!

The past one week has been really really hectic for me. Applications for purchase of Izumio and Super Lutein have been high as the promotion for 1 free product ends on 30 Sept 2016 and many people are submitting their applications at the eleventh hour. My online store business has been pretty busy too.

I haven’t been getting sufficient sleep since a week ago. After the week-long school holiday, I have been having a hard time waking up at 4:45 a.m. again. With barely 5 hours of sleep each day, I am a mummified mummy with puffy eye bags and dark rings round my eyes 🙁

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a slight throb on my head due to lack of sleep. I told myself that I would just skip exercise for the day and instead hop back onto bed after sending the girls off to their transporters. But the determined fitness freak inside me screamed out to me to just get onto the walking tracks. And so I did, for half an hour. But as I walked, I could feel my heavy eyes drooping. I was dozing off on the walking tracks, in the pre-dawn darkness. Have you ever felt so frazzled and sleep deprived that you actually dozed off while walking or driving? I had many times. I know it is dang dangerous to snooze off for even a few seconds while driving. I did not even have the energy to run and I soldiered on for half an hour of brisk walking yesterday and this morning.

Back home, I just wanted to plonk my weary body onto the bed. But I downed a packet of Izumio hydrogen water. And what do I know? After my shower, I worked in front of my computer until 6pm! Non-stop, except for leaving my desk to prepare lunch for Cass and for toilet breaks. I was so busy that I had totally forgotten that my body was exhausted. I even skipped my usual daily 20-minute power nap. In the evening, I downed another packet of Izumio. I really needed extra packets of Izumio yesterday to give me the energy as I was totally zonked out. Izumio really rocks!! How can I ever function without my most trusted Izumio? My life as a work-from-home-mum is REALLY TOUGH and hectic. I find that it’s way more stressful that having a full-time job at the office. And I CANNOT afford to fall sick. Thankfully I have my Izumio to keep me mentally and physically strong.

Breakfast yesterday was something light and plain which I could eat whilst seated working in front of the computer and filling out forms simultaneously.  Yup, mothers are really good in multi-tasking 😀

Today I am feeling a tad lightheaded from having my eyes glued to the computer screen on top of filling out so many forms for the past 2 days, with no break to rest.

Yesterday’s breakkie – Vanilla cocoa hazelnut granola with organic multi puffs (puffed buckwheat, sorghum and brown rice), organic sunflower seeds crackers and dried cranberries. I didn’t have the appetite to eat anything more than this.


Yesterday’s dinner was  pork chop loin with onion sauce and  blanched veggie. Cooking was done pretty late again. Thank God for Drama Queen who helped me to cook the rice, wash the vegetables and fry the onions sauce when she got  home from school at 4pm.

Today is yet another super busy day and I still haven’t got the chance to take my power nap to recharge my batteries coz I’ll have to leave the house in a bit to get some errands done. I’ve already delayed doing them for days and I can’t procrastinate anymore.