I Got Scammed

This is a must read post for everyone! It could save you from trouble, inconvenience and loss of money.

Scammers are ubiquitous lately. Who knows, as I’m typing this post, a scammer is already lurking around waiting to hack my blog or post a scam comment.

While I was in slumberland  early today, some crooks stole my credit card number and made two transactions in the UK.  The transaction was for purchase of some digital items from Argos Milton Keynes, one of  UK’s leading digital retailers. Perhaps the purchase is to facilitate this scammer to perform more frauds and scams on me and other new victims.

My entire morning was spoilt the moment I woke up to prepare the girls for school. I received a text message notifying me that a transaction had been successfully made with my credit card for GBP328.94 and GBP0.01 for Interparcel service.  This crook had made a purchase with my credit card and paid for shipping with the card.

In fact, some three weeks ago, I received a text message informing me of a successful transaction for GBP0.01, also for Interparcel.  I didn’t have a cloud of suspicion that it was an attempted fraud as the amount is only for 0.01 cents and I thought that it was for my Waterfall D-Mannose order from the UK which I made during that time.  Now that I know it’s a scam, the crook must have been up to his sleeves trying to hack into my credit card since three weeks ago!  Bog off bastard, your unscrupulous acts will soon be exposed and be prepared to stew in your own juice!

After my morning exercise and shower, I quickly made a call to the bank to report on the fraud.  My credit card was blocked immediately and a new card will be sent out to me. I still need to call the bank again 5 days from today to validate my dispute. And the new card will only be sent to me next week.  Hate the inconvenience!

I pray that the crook’s days of scamming will be numbered and may he face the long arm of the law and get what he deserves!

On another scam incident which happened last month, I received a message from a school mate (my bff’s  younger sister) via Facebook Messenger with this brief message that lured me into clicking on a link to a video, thinking that I was the ‘star’ in the video.  I couldn’t view the video anyway.

🙁 !!  It’s you Shireen Yong?? File:icon surprised.gif

I then happily replied my ‘friend’, not knowing that her account had been hacked. It was only later in the day that I found out that her Facebook account had been hacked when I read her update on Facebook. And this hacker sent a similar message to most of her Facebook friends. I immediately changed my  Facebook log in details.

More on scammers!  In December last year, while I was back in Ipoh for a holiday, I received an overseas number on my mobile phone. Thinking that it was my mil who was trying to call us from New Zealand, I tried to answer the call but there was no reply on the other side. This happened twice and I didn’t have the slightest sneaking suspicion that those were scam calls.  A month later, the hubs showed me his phone bill for two overseas number and asked me who I called.  He was charged RM70 for each of the call. Again I was scammed!  Bastard, go rot in prison and leave our hard earned money alone!

Peeps, be very wary of messages from Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, text messages and unknown telephone numbers. Even when you have the slightest sneaking suspicion that something isn’t 100% right, take action pronto. Do not be the next scam / hack victim.



Saturday, 12 March 2018

sacrificed  spent my Saturday morning (forgoing my desperately needed beauty sleep) to  accompany Cass at her school’s yearly jogathon.  An hour before we left the house, it rained heavily. I got ready the rain coats just in case we needed to wear them during the run.  Thank God it stopped  raining when we left the house for school.

Parents and students warming up with a dance before the jogathon started:

Less than a minute after flag-off, I overheard a bunch of students commenting that they were already very tired! And we had at least twenty minutes to half an hour more to go  eek

Cass started off with running at full speed, something which I had told her NOT to do before the run as this would exhaust her very quickly. But this overzealous runner forgot all about it as she was merely following what her other friends were doing.  About 15 minutes into the run, she started to have side stitch. This is one of the worst things to happen to a runner as it would slow her down tremendously. I told Cass to do some deep breathing and to slow down from running to walking.

Half way through the run, we almost stepped onto this dead monitor lizard lying at the side of the road:

Cass with one of her besties, Chloe during the run:

Cass and I managed to complete the run way ahead of many other students and parents, though we were not the first fifty to reach the finishing line. I was pleasantly surprised that the fun run was easy peasy for me (no gasping for breath, side stitch or anything like that, yay!), something which I should rejoice as this means that I am no longer severely anemic.

The good old Milo van always makes a school jogathon complete. Its presence always puts a smile on everyone’s face. After sweating buckets under the sizzling hot sun, nothing beats a cup of cold Milo. Cass downed 5 cups of Milo while I downed 3 cups 😀  I told Cass that she had busted her sugar intake for the day and  should go easy on sugar for the next two days.

All in all, it’s been a fun morning in school. Cass and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously at the jogathon and will definitely take part again next year.  The only thing that bore me to the point of dozing off was waiting for the lucky draw to end. And the fact that I didn’t comprehend 95% of what was being said in Mandarin made it worse.

As for our weekly pet therapy after piano class, we saw a new batch of pedigree pups ~ baby French bulldogs. The fluff ball Samoyed pup that tugged on our heartstrings had been sold off quickly once again, which disappointed us yet again. Cass said that she wouldn’t mind a pug or a bulldog as long as she could have a pet dog. But err,  pugs are just not for me. I prefer big, hairy and fluffy dogs with a more pleasant looking doggy face lol

A  pup gnawing on a big piece of raw pork.


My Monday Morning

For the past few mornings, I’ve been bumping into a putu mayam seller at the news stand.  Each time I see him on his bike, I’d have the urge to get a few pieces of putu mayam from him. It’s been coon’s age since I last ate putu mayam and I miss it.   It’s one of my favorite Malaysian desserts.  But it’s a high caloric and high carb food. Wolfing down one piece of putu mayam would mean dumping back all the calories that I had burnt in my morning’s 40-minute exercise. But what the heck!  Life is short and treat this as a cheat day treat, hey? 😉

Today I finally bought 3 pieces at 60 sen a piece.  I wonder how this seller earns a living selling  putu mayam at 60 sen a piece. Even if he earns a 50% profit, it’s only 30 sen profit per piece.  He can’t even earn a Ringgit of profit from my purchase of 3 pieces.  How can he possibly survive in KL with his meager earnings?   I think I’m going to buy 10 pieces from him the next time and give them away as treat to the friendly guards at our condo.

Good ‘ol putu mayam wrapped with plastic and newspapers.  It’s a dessert made up of all my favorite things ~ fresh and aromatic grated young coconut (I could live on this alone!), gula Melaka (palm sugar) and rice flour noodles (very similar to mee hoon). This is such an awesome combo albeit it looks plain and eaten cold.  Another yummy version of this dessert is ‘Putu Piring’, which is composed of the same ingredients but steamed in bamboo cups or a stainless steel steamer.

After my breakkie of a piece of putu mayam, I dropped Drama Queen at the tuition center, then brought Alycia to the clinic. She’s down with food poisoning (possibly from an overdose of some wrinkled month-old mini Mandarin oranges) and had been purging and vomiting since 2 a.m.   I could have just self treated her at home with charcoal pills and Izumio. But at the high school that she goes to, absence from school without an MC would mean 0.2 points deducted from each subject. And a few points lost may render her being kicked to lower ranking classes, something that petrifies her.

After  Drama Queen’s class ended, we went for a short retail therapy at Mid Valley Megamall! 😆  We had lunch at Nana’s Green Tea, which is the girl’s favorite restaurant just because  of the macha latte, which is her absolute favorite drink.  Nana’s Green Tea serves one of the best macha latte, much more better than Star Bucks *in our opinion* and according to Drama Queen, better than the ones she tried in Hong Kong.

Drama Queen giving me the Dab to avoid being photographed rolleyes

Despite a short retail therapy at the mall in the rush hours of the morning, I managed to drop off Drama Queen pretty early in school. I then went to the bakery to get some buns for the girls before going home, got some work done on the computer before Cass returned from school. Thank God Alycia got better by noon and needn’t have to pop the pills that the doctor prescribed her with. My approach is always to wait and see if it’s not life threatening and where there’s no fever.


Random Matters

As I tore off the February page off my calendar and ticked the 1st March box, I realized how terribly fast time has flew past us.  And I realized that I am on the cusp of touching 45.  I certainly don’t feel and look anywhere near 45 but knowing that Alycia my eldest daughter will go to college in 3 years, reality sets in. I am growing old!

This weekend was another hectic week for the hubs. He and his team were hired to provide catering services for a private function at Janda Baik on Friday and the entire team stayed overnight at the mansion that his client rented.  On Saturday, I had breakfast with Cass while the 2 older girls preferred to stay home to have a simpler breakfast of cereals and banana pancakes (cooked by chef wannabe Sherilyn).  Cass has been bugging me for soup yee mee.

Below: Miss Eleventh Hour rushing her Chinese writing homework  given by the tutor at the eleventh hour while waiting for her noodles to arrive:

Her tutor’s due to arrive in less than an hour but her homework wasn’t completed yet despite umpteen reminders and nagging from me since Thursday. I told her that if she didn’t complete it, she wouldn’t get her pocket money on Monday. This threat almost always works not just for her but Drama Queen too!

On Sunday morning, 4th March, Drama Queen attended an international taekwondo event at Putrajaya. This event was attended by taekwondo participants internationally.

Below: Sherilyn with participants from Korea. The Indian lady on the right is her Moral teacher, a black belt holder.

Drama Queen came home and regaled non-stop about her first experience at the international event.  She was actually more excited about meeting the PM face to face more than anything else 😆

Lunch was at Taste & Memories, a newly opened Chinese restaurant that serves grandma’s old recipe dishes.

I love their black vinegar pork trotters and signature pork lard rice.

Even the health freak moi dug into the pork lard rice. It’s the first time I’ve heard of pork lard rice and it was indeed addictive! I’m going  to get some organic pork lard from my favorite butcher and cook it with Basmati low-GI rice.

Dinner was Dominos Pizza delivered to our home as it was pouring and we couldn’t go out.

The mil will be back tomorrow but I guess I’ll still be cooking for a couple of days  until she settles down in hot hot Malaysia.

Below: celebrity couple Alan Yun and Emily finally tied the knot. Hubs and I and the girls are SO happy for them.  Hubs and I have known Alan since he was a teenager and he’s like our younger brother.  I wish them a lifetime of love and may their years together be filled with lasting joy.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor


Have an awesome and good week ahead everyone 😘

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Today I had another opportunity for a few hours of morning ME TIME as Drama Queen had to be in school at 9 a.m. for her weekly librarian meeting.  Ever since she started high school, I hardly have the time to go out for more than two hours as my morning time is reserved just for her ~ to Uber her to the tuition center (3x a week) and to school for her back to back activities.  This year Drama Queen is into volleyball, athletics and taekwondo.  She’s also a librarian and has to be in school in the morning twice a week for meeting and duty.  In church, she’s starting to get actively involved in church activities, which includes a compulsory street-feeding project.

I jumped at the opportunity to do some CNY retail therapy since I have about 4 hours of free time before Cass comes back from school. Off I went to Mid Valley Megamall, the nearest mall to where I stay.  Traffic in and out of Mid Valley for the past two weeks has been horrendous due to shoppers doing their last minute CNY shopping.   I was extremely lucky I got a spot to park right outside the entrance of the mall, effortlessly,  in less than 5 minutes!  So true to the adage “the early bird catches the worm”. And it’s so easy to be early when I shop alone and don’t have to wait for the dawdlers at home to get ready.  Mothers with many kids will relate to me on this 😉  Traffic back home was congested, partly contributed by the bumper-to-bumper traffic jam on Federal Highway that spilled onto the KL-Seremban Highway and Old Klang Road.  The iconic EPF building on Jalan Gasing was 40% on fire around noon yesterday, which was around the time that I drove home.

I got home just on time to receive Cass from the school transporter.

Today is the school’s CNY celebration and students donned on their red CNY clothes.  The tee that Cass is wearing here was wore only once by Alycia when she was Cass’ age 5 years ago, also at the school’s CNY celebration event.  This is the second time that the tee is worn and it still looks brand new. On regular days, the girls don’t like donning on bright red clothes. They find them too gaudy, especially those with CNY motifs.

Cass saying “hi” to our neighbor’s cats on the 7th floor. Our neighbor has 4 cats that look identical. They must be siblings.  These 4 adorable cats’ favorite pass time is to lay precariously on the outdoor air cond unit, taking their peaceful siesta.  I always wonder how they never fall off the air cond unit in the midst of their beauty sleep, lol!

My Monday, 6 February 2018

After a riding out a very challenging year last year, I only realized recently that I have not had a foot spa and pedicure for 17 frigging months! I was just too preoccupied with my health issues last year and didn’t have the mood for a foot spa or pedicure. I just wanted to get back my health on the right track.

Yesterday was a good opportunity for me to do it as I needn’t have to drop  Drama Queen at school at 1pm. Instead, I dropped her off at 10am.  With only 3 hours window of time before Cass returned home, I told my pedicurist that I only had 3 hours for my foot spa and pedicure.  Thankfully Sofia was my pedicurist again. She’s very thorough in her job and always gives my feet a beautiful make-over.  She assured me that she could get the job done. And she did.  But I had to choose a simple design for my two big toe nails so that she could get the job done in the shortest possible time. Because of the time constraint, she used nail stickers for the nail art this time, instead of painting.  I chose ‘diamonds’ too, which cost an extra RM3 for each ‘diamond’.

After I left the saloon with my beautiful feet, I tried to be extra careful when I walked. But alas, when I got into the car, I accidentally knocked my toe on the door as I got into the car, DANG IT!!  The nail polish at the edge of my right toe came off.  My  heart broke💔.  I was in a hurry to join the hubs for lunch as I only had 30 minutes for lunch with him before my rush home like Cinderella.  I hurried back up to the salon for a 5-minute touch up and the lady boss didn’t charge me for the touch up.

Sofia cleverly painted the affected part with purple nail polish and touched up the ‘scar’ with some silver glitter nail polish.

After lunch with the hubs, I got home just in the nick of time to receive Cass at 1:30 p.m.

At 4 p.m., I met the assistant principal for afternoon session at Drama Queen’s school on the Dual Language Program (DLP) classes matter that I had raised via a formal letter to the principal last week. I recently got to know from Drama Queen that this year, the high school that she’s in has been approved by the MoE to conduct Math and Science in DLP (BM and English).  Only selected schools are approved by the MoE to conduct Math and Science in dual language.  But Drama Queen was not selected to be in the DLP class as she did not fulfill a few criteria.  At the meeting, I was informed that there are still  chances for Drama Queen to be transferred to the DLP class if she gets good grades for her Math, BM and Science in the mid year exam in June.  I know that the chances  are 50-50 as BM is Drama Queen’s weakest subject.  Math and Science are currently taught in BM in non-DLP classes.  Drama Queen did comment at the start of the year that she’s finding it challenging to study all the subjects in BM, after 6 years of studying in a Chinese school.

I’ve done my best and it’s now all up to Drama Queen to fight for what she wants. She has until the final exam  this year to proof herself to the principal that she’s worthy for the ‘promotion’ to one of the two DLP classes next year. Each class only has 25 students. The transfer / promotion to DLP class is not applicable anymore for students in Secondary 2 and beyond.  Whether she makes it or screws it up, the ball is now in her court 🙏🏻💪🏻🏀  Sherilyn, you can do it!  And I know you still secretly read all my blog posts 😉


The Weekend (9~10 Dec 2017)

Saturday, 9 Dec 2017
We had a year-end gathering with our usual group of buddies at M’s house in Kota Kemuning. We had BBQ where the hubs did most of  the grilling.  The gourmand hubs is the specialist when it comes to food and his friends are always in awe of his BBQ and culinary skills.

All our friends were raving about the off the charts delish and juicy BBQ rack of lamb, steak and roast turkey, all prepped by the most critical foodie amongst his friends.

We sipped Japanese sake, listened to songs of the 1980s from Air Supply, Cool And The Gang, Madonna, etc. while reminiscing, prattling and laughing about our party, disco and school days when we were  teenagers in Ipoh.  The guys are the hubs’ school and classmates and I have known them  since I was 12.  The bunch of guys are my older brother’s classmates too.

The kids, especially Cass and  Amber were besotted with their friends’ new pet cat named Racoon.


By the time we got home and showered, it was way past 2 a.m. before we hit the sack.

Sunday, 10 Dec 2017
We had Japanese for lunch today. While waiting for our food to arrive, I browsed through Facebook for friends’ updates. I was shocked and in total disbelief when I read that my friend, Evelyn Ang Loo was hit by a reckless driver at 4:30 a.m. today while she was running in a marathon in Klang.  She and 2 other pacers were knocked from behind by the reckless driver. Evelyn suffered severe head, skull and jaw injuries and is now in a coma, fighting for her life. I am really devastated by this news and just can’t seem to stop thinking about her. I first met Evelyn at an Ikea bloggers event over 5 years ago and have since become friends with her on Facebook.  Evelyn, an animal lover is a very jovial and friendly lady, my age.

I seek everyone to kindly say a prayer for Evelyn, for her to wake up, recover and start running again.  Evelyn needs lots of prayers and miracles now.






Our Wednesday, 6 Dec 2017

Life with only a child is pretty free and easy!  Now I understand  how my friends with only one child have so much more time than me to do things that they love.  With only Cass to care and cook for, I find I have so much extra time on hand.  I could finish cooking in under an hour, have time to update my blogs everyday, have the luxury to sit at the cafe to have long lunches, can sleep in till 8 a.m. and much more.  One of the biggest relief is the amount of laundry that I can cut down. Even the floor at home is cleaner with only one child and two adults.  And dinner preparation is easy peasy with so little veggies to wash and so little meat to prepare.  Tonight I will be cooking another one-pot dish, i.e. stir-fry celery with fish paste and mushrooms. Cass doesn’t like rice, so I can even skip cooking rice.  I’ll probably blanch some noodles for her or just pop a piece of bread into the toaster.

Our brunch today is at De Market Supermarket again.   We love having our brunch here as the place is air-conditioned and clean. After lunch, we can do  grocery shopping.  We shared a bowl of meehoon soup with fish balls and fish cakes.

The Rubik’s Cube that Cass was playing with while we were having lunch disintegrated.  She spent the entire time that we were having lunch figuring out how to fix the cube back, piece by piece.  Back home, she turned to Google for help but alas, it is still incomplete as she could not find a piece of the cube. She must have dropped it at the supermarket.  Just one piece and the cube will be fixed. She’s so upset over this.

After a heavy and sumptuous buffet lunch followed by Korean for dinner yesterday, Alycia and Sherilyn burnt off their calories at the running tracks this morning. The two towering buildings behind them are The Cliff and The Summit.  The weather in Hong Kong now isn’t as cold as the time we were there exactly two years ago.  The two sisters are having a gas in Hong Kong. Lucky girls!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I had lunch with the hubs and the mil at hubs’ favorite cafe, Les Deux Garcons (LDG) Patisserie today.

We ordered a very refreshing and crisp kale and beet root salad…

Grilled chicken chop with buttered mushroom sauce…

And steak for the hubs…

After our scrumptious lunch, I went to the supermarket to get some flour and yeast to make bread using the Tesco bread maker that my mum recently gave me. And the gourmand hubs bought 2 tubs of dark chocolate almond  Häagen-Dazs ice-cream 😮

It’s been over 9 years since I made my last  loaf of bread using a bread maker. I used to make one or two loafs of bread a week using the bread maker before Cass was born. After she was born, my life was literally thrown into the roller coaster as I was consumed with never ending worries and exhaustion  due to her health issues.  Thank God, her kidney reflux issue is now resolved.

Ok, back to foodie talk!

The first loaf of bread that I made using my mum’s Tesco bread maker was  multi-seed bread. As I could not find plain high protein flour at the supermarket, I had to substitute it with organic high protein wholemeal flour.  And the result was a very crusty bread.  Except for the rather hard crust, the overall texture of the bread was pretty fluffy. I love the assortment of seeds which gives the bread a nice chewy texture. I used sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, white and black sesame seeds.


The next day, I made melted Swiss cheese with purple onions toast for breakfast for Cass and Drama Queen and they loved it! It’s impossible not to be in a good mood despite me prepping the toast for them at an ungodly hour at 5a.m. when the house smells like a pizzeria! Even waking them up at 5:20 a.m. was  easier when they could smell ‘pizza’ outside the room 😀

As I am typing this post, my second loaf of bread is baking in the bread maker. Keeping my fingers crossed that the bread will turn out soft and yummeh!

Mr Whiny

The technician from the oven company came to fix our faulty oven today.  And he’s one of the grumpiest technician I have ever come across.

When he saw how squeezy our kitchen was, leaving him with minimal space to pull the fridge out so that the oven plug could be detached from the wall socket, it irked him. And then he  just babbled away in Cantonese to himself, hoping that I would hear it:  “Walaueh, ngam ngam fit fit the space here. How to remove the socket?”  And he let out many, many sighs, “uuuh” and “ahhh“s as he pulled the fridge and oven out, like an Olympic weightlifter attempting his 10 tonne barbell.

Half way through fixing the oven, he complained to the mil that it was very hot in the kitchen and asked if there’s a fan to blow him. The mil then asked me to pull out the stand fan with an extension wire to cool the man down. I gave him a sarcastic look and said “what?!”  and he got the message and said “it’s ok, never mind then”. *roll eyes*

After about 45 minutes of loud sighs, “uuuh” and “ahhh“s and complaints that his hands were going to break, he summoned the mil and I to help him when he was attempting to put the oven back onto the cabinet.  The mil went “what, you want me to help you carry the heavy oven??!” LOL!

The mil and I helped him anyway as he was so just so pathetic.  We felt sorry for him too. The mil went behind the fridge to help him pull the wire and plug while I stood in front of the oven, helping to hold it.  In our 9 years of using the oven, never once did we get such a whiny technician.  When he first commented that it was impossible to fix the oven because of the positioning, I told him that in the past 9 years, all the technicians were able to complete the job without any complaints.

Thankfully Mr Whiny managed to complete the job despite tons of hilarious expressions, huffs, puffs and repeated comment that his hands were going to break.