Friday – 15 September 2017

T. G. I. F.!!  Today I am feeling a little relaxed as tomorrow will be an OFF DAY for me. Since February this year, I hardly got an off day on a Saturday. Sundays are early for me too as we have to go church.  As a result, I am always feeling enervated. It’s a public holiday (Malaysia Day) tomorrow and Alycia and Drama Queen needn’t have to go to school, which means that I will get 2.5 hours of extra sleep, I am SO HAPPY!

Over lunch today, Cass is as usual absorbed in her Land Of Stories fiction, adventure and fantasy book, her absolute obsession right now.

One more day on Monday next week and UPSR will be over! But Drama Queen is already feeling the heavy sack off her shoulders. She’s in a relaxed mood and helped to vacuum the house after lunch to let off the exam fever steam 😳

Wednesday – 13 Sept 2017

Today is day 3 of Drama Queen’s UPSR exam.  Subject tested today is Math. Tomorrow will be Science, followed by a no-exam day on Friday and finally the last paper will be Chinese on Monday.  On Monday, I can expect the house to be back to ‘normal’ with pandemonium and silly guffaw with Drama Queen jawing away with her stories and drama-of-the-day. I miss her knee-slapping antics too. And I can finally have my best helper back in the kitchen. I can also expect a hive of activity in the kitchen with Drama Queen resuming baking. I know she is raring to kick-start all her baking projects.

Today is a school off-day for Cass as the school needs the classes for UPSR candidates. After brekkie, Cass and I did grocery shopping. This girl is happiest when she goes grocery shopping with me. She has definitely inherited her dad’s DNA as she’s a real food lover; a gourmand and connoisseur in the making.

Lunch today is sandwich of wholemeal English muffin with chicken curry, tomato and cucumber.

Our Saturday – 9 Sept 2017

Breakfast this morning was with Cass alone again. The mil was feeling a tad dizzy, thus stayed home. The hubs left for work at the client’s function early in the morning. The 2 older girls just wanted to stay longer in bed as it’s been months since they last got their Saturday off from school.  It was music to my ears when Alycia and Drama Queen told me that they needn’t go to school today. I badly need that extra 3 hours of sleep.

Today is also the eve of the eve of the UPSR exam for Drama Queen. But the girl is still unperturbed. She’s still very relaxed, though studying just a little more than usual.

When Cass and I reached our usual Saturday coffee shop, we were terribly disappointed when we found out from the owner of the coffee shop that our favorite bitter gourd pork noodles stall is no longer there anymore. For the past 3 years, it’s been our Saturday breakfast routine to dig into this bitter gourd pork noodles and now it’s no longer there. Why didn’t the stall owner whom we’ve befriended even tell us that he will be moving when we went there last week? Sigh..

We were about to leave the coffee shop when the owner coaxed us to try another stall selling fish head noodles and it was da bomb! It stands out from other regular fish head noodles. The soup is thick and luscious (naturally thickened with yam), milky, has a hint of Chinese cooking wine and lots of coriander.  I guess we’ll be digging into fish head noodles every Saturday from now onwards. Bitter gourd noodles out and in comes fish head noodles, yay!!

Cass is one very happy camper as she, along with all her classmates received a kite from their class teacher. During PE on Friday, they were brought to the tracks to fly kites.  It was Cass’ first time flying a kite on her own.  Cass has one of the best teachers in that school. She is strict and firm, competent and competitive yet funny, caring and kind.

Kite-flying in school on Friday. It was a first for most of Cass’ classmates.

My Wednesday – 6 Sept 2017

After a good 40-minute brisk walking and jogging this morning, I ‘worked out’ for another 2.5 hours at Mid Valley Megamall.  That’s another 200+ calories burned, indulging in my favorite past time. I could have burned more calories as I have a habit of walking briskly whenever I go shopping. In fact, brisk walking is just how I walk since the beginning of time.  Brisk walking = time saved = more work accomplished.  I am just not the type who walks slowly dragging my feet.

Today’s shopping trip was totally unplanned. After breakfast at home, the mil asked me to accompany her to Mid Valley.  Since Cass and Drama Queen were staying back in school for CoCo  today and I needn’t have to rush home, why not? I’ve not gone shopping for more than a month and was actually itching to do some retail therapy.

The one shop that I can never refuse to enter when I am at Mid Valley Megamall is Uniqlo. I have nothing in mind to buy actually. It was mere window shopping. But when I saw some AIRism sports shorts new arrival staring at me, luring me to try them on, my butt and hands got itchy! Took 2 colors and 2 sizes, off I scuttled to the fitting room, bought 2 different colors and ended up RM120 poorer 😂

And I am glad that I can still squeeze into an S SIZE, yes!!! 💪😁

That’s me in a size S AIRism sports shorts.

But I didn’t get the size S; would have done so when I was still in my 20s and 30s and could still afford flaunting off half my buns when I bend down.  I took size M  instead as I’ve always preferred pants that are slightly lose and can protect my modesty.   Welcome to “aunty-hood, Health Freak Mommy!” 😊


Near Miss

Today I had a brief taste of how ‘moments before death’ must have felt. And I can only thank God for saving me.

Today is yet another school-going day for Drama Queen and Cass, though it’s a school holiday. The hubs did the first round of school run in the morning. I did the second round at 10 a.m. to fetch Cass back from school. And the last round at 1:30 p.m. to pick up Drama Queen.

On my drive to school at 1:15 p.m., the hot scorching sun was making me really sleepy. I was struggling to keep my eyes from shutting. After picking up Drama Queen, I felt even sleepier and drowsy. I had to take deep breaths and lean my body forward to the steering wheel to keep myself awake. I think I must have closed my eyes momentarily for about two seconds for about five or six times throughout the drive from school back home. When I turned into our neighborhood, I think I must have closed my eyes for about 3 seconds when I suddenly heard a loud bang and felt my car swerve to the left. I was immediately jolted up from my sleep. I could feel myself jump out of my skin. I was totally shell-shocked. The left tire of my car had hit a curb. There were several cars in front of my car and I am so so thankful to God that I did not hit the car in front or drive my car up the curb and land in the big monsoon drain. Drama Queen and I would have been finished if that had happened.

Thank you Lord Jesus for saving our lives. I am not ready to knock on Heaven’s Door yet ok?

The front left car tire rim had been scraped off slightly when it grazed the curb. Thank you God once again that the damage doesn’t cost the earth.

Till now, I still get the heebie-jeebies each time the eerie incident replay in my head. The loud bang of my car tire hitting and grazing the side curb and me waking up to the sound of it still scares me to death. And this happened in the month of the Hungry Ghost. My late maternal granny died in the month of the Hungry Ghost. Two weeks later, the hubs’ father passed on, still in the month of the Hungry Ghost. Creepy!

Now am I lucky or unlucky today?  I think it’s both. And it’s definitely a wake-up call for me too. I should think of a good way to prevent myself from drifting off again when I am behind the wheel. I may not be lucky the second time.

My Wednesday – 23 Aug 2017

This morning I had an unpleasant encounter at the car park outside some shops. I was there to get some buns for the girls for their recess tomorrow. This particular business centre at my neighborhood is one very busy area. Getting a spot to park is highly unlikely if you are there between 8am through 7pm. Double parking is thus nothing new.  When I saw an empty parking lot a few steps away from the bakery, I thought to myself that  today must be my ‘lucky’ day. Not.

When i stepped out from the bakery 10 minutes later, I saw a black Mercedes double parked behind my car. I honked for a while for the owner to come out but no one came forward. Then I noticed a piece of paper stuck to my front windscreen with these printed words “You have parked at my reserved lot!” There was another similar piece of paper stuck to the back of my windscreen too. I went over to the black Mercedes to see if the owner had left a number for me to call and true, she left her business card on her dashboard.  I gave her a call with a thumping heart for I knew I had courted trouble.

Me – hello Cxxxxx, your car is at the back of my car.

Before I could finish what I wanted to say, she replied frostily…

She – NO!! Your car is at MY parking lot!
(Oh my, this lady sounded very very fierce and angry!)

Me – I thought it’s meant for parking as the DBKL pole is pulled to the ground?

She – that pole is spoilt. Someone banged onto it.  My parking lot has a red outline on it, which means that it is reserved!

Oh no, I didn’t know that. How dungu can I be!

Me – oh, sorry..

She – ok

Then I waited for another 10 minutes for the lady boss in her late 50s to come down.

Omg, she looked like a fierce junkyard dog about to pounce on me!  As she walked towards my car with a pissed off face, my heart thumped faster. She knocked on my window and signaled for me to return the two pieces of papers to her.  When faced with danger, your best defense when you have no ammunition is to apologize to subdue your enemy and that’s what I did. She then walked away infuriatedly like a boss who had just chided off her staff, got into her black Mercedes with black tinted windows and backed off for me to reverse out.

Phew, thankfully she ain’t some Mafia who threatened to smash up my head for parking at her reserved parking lot.

Today I am a lone ranger at lunch as Cass has to stay back for CoCo activities. The mil has gone out for a lunch date with her visiting daughter from Hong Kong and the hubs was busy with work.

When I don’t have to prepare lunch for the girls, I eat very simple food. Before the mil left, she boiled some purple sweet potatoes for us. I had two of them, a mug of Marmite and some super crispy fried fish and fried chicken from last night’s dinner. I indulge in fried chicken occasionally and I figured that if I remove all the skin off the chicken, I won’t get that scratchy feeling on my super sensitive throat. I know it’s disgusting to have all the fried skin removed but that’s life saving. My girls do that too. They’ve been trained. Try it and you’ll be doing your throat, heart and  waist a huge favor while you tuck away on your piece of yummy KFC 😉






Random Matters

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Feeling languid today (lack of sleep again) and seemed to have left my mojo some where and still looking for it 😞.

This morning as I was browsing Facebook, I read with disgust and shock that my friend’s blog was defaced by some Indonesian hackers (see pic below), as counter attack over their country’s flag being erroneously printed upside down in the souvenir booklet of the SEA Games.

Several Malaysian websites including some relatively unknown blogs have been hacked after the flag blunder. Could my blogs be one of them?

P A N I C  mode turned on!

With a pounding heart, I quickly whipped out my phone and tried hopping to my blogs. As I waited for my blogs’ to load (which took longer than usual), I felt a tad dizzy from the panic. Thankfully my sites are not affected, phew!

On a side note, I finally got hold of the book Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.  For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to get this book from the book store.  Finally Drama Queen borrowed it for me from her school library. She borrowed the book a few months ago and had finished reading it.  It looks like she will have to keep renewing the dates at the library coz with my perpetual busyness I am most likely going to take weeks or maybe even months to finish it 😧

Fruitful Wednesday

Today has been a fruitful day for me.  The context of fruitful to me means every item on my Daily To Do list is ticked off and everything goes smoothly without any stumbling block  😇

After my morning run, I took a quick shower, did a second round of laundry, had a real quick breakfast of DURIAN (hehe!) with green tea, heated up food for Drama Queen and Cass for lunch and zoomed off to school to drop off their lunch boxes. Today is their CoCo day in school.

Lunch for Drama Queen and Cass today consists of braised boneless chicken breast with potatoes and carrots with rice, which the mil cooked last evening. She carefully deboned the chicken thighs so that her two much-loved grand daughters could gobble down their lunch fuss-free within the short 20 minutes during break time.

After dropping off the lunch boxes in school, I drove to the post office to tick this task that’s been on my To Do list for AGES. I finally changed my voting venue. From day 1 that I got my IC, the address on my IC had been my parents’ house address in Ipoh. In my years of perpetual busyness, I never had the time to go to JPN to change the address on my IC until Drama Queen turned 12 in February this year, which meant that I had NO CHOICE but to drag her to JPN to have her IC done and since I was there, I got the address on my IC changed.  So yeah, I can finally exercise my right as a Malaysian and vote for the first time at the voting location of where I stay, YAY!!  It’s plastered everywhere on social media that the ‘date’ of the 14th GE is now on Oct 13 2017. No? Yes? Whatever. But I’m excited that I’ll be voting for the first time. Hehe.. malunya.

For those of you who have always wanted to change the venue of your voting location, you don’t necessarily have to go to the respective Government departments and go through the dreaded process. You can do it at any Pos Malaysia offices that are computerized.   If you are not sure whether the post office at your area is computerized, just google for the contact number of the said post office and give them a call to find out.

It was pretty fast. I got everything done at the post office in under 20 minutes, including waiting time.  And my prayer was answered again. I got a nice shady parking spot just a few seconds walk away to the post office 🙂

Next up was the tailor’s place. Cass has been bugging me to bring her favorite canvass backpack to the tailor to have the straps sewn up as the straps gave way.

After the tailor’s place, I dropped by the bakery to get a cake for Alycia’s friend’s mum to thank her for fetching Alycia to the tuition center for the past few weeks.

And finally, I collected Cass’ eye glasses from the shop.  Cass had her eyes checked on Sunday and she’s slightly myopic on one of her eyes. The optician told me that I can leave it alone but it would be better if Cass wore the glasses whenever she needs to read. I choose to nip the problem in the bud to prevent the eye sight from deteriorating.

Later in the evening, I took Drama Queen to the hair salon to have her hair cut. Today is yet another ‘Today in History’ day for me as Drama Queen asked for her almost waist-length hair to be cut short. Yes short! Really short as in at chin-length!! No one in the family believed that she was serious at cutting her hair short, coming from someone who would bawl and create a big, big drama at the hair salon each time she’s dragged to the hair salon.  I’ll write a separate post on that soon. Stay tuned! 😉

Our Weekend

I had a pretty ho-hum weekend this week, on the go nonetheless.  Saturdays are Uber days for me with no payment or incentive.  Sundays are worship and pig-out days and I get to be a little gluggy and take long naps on weekday mornings to pay back my sleep debt 😁

Cass and I had our dose of pet therapy after just 15 minutes gazing at these ultra lovable doggies at the pet shop on Saturday. Though see no touch, I can feel spikes of oxytocin (that OMG, SO GERAM factor)  gushing through my body when my eyes feasted on these super cute and fluffy pups. Cass was disappointed yet again when the Corgie that she’s been eyeing on was sold.  We saw the new owner carry the Corgie away to her car 😪

Clockwise: Mini Shiba Inu, Chow Chow, Alaskan Malamute (all pups)

On Sunday, Alycia had a whale of a time at the Color Run with her bunch of friends. I think she must have only clocked in 4 hours of sleep on Sunday coz when I woke up at 5 a.m. on Sunday to wake her up, she was all ready already.  Her friend came to our place at 5-ish a.m. and the hubs dropped them at Padang Merbuk for flag off at 7 a.m.


Alycia shrouded in green color powder at the Color Run…

The hubs Whatsapped me this picture of Alycia and her friend having breakfast at Kenny Hills Bakers after the run while I was still in church…

And I had a good workout cleaning the bathroom and house floors after Alycia and her friend stepped inside after their run. The floors had red powder everywhere. I must have mopped the floors 10 times to remove all the  stains while the big girl had her siesta in her comfy bed.

After four rounds cleaning the floor, the wet floor wipe was still this dirty.

I don’t need proper exercise in proper sports attire on Sundays and yet I can burn over 200 calories just by cleaning our 1500 square feet condo in my jammies. Did you know that when you mop the floor you can burn about 240 calories per hour?

A 150 pound person can burn around 170 calories per hour doing light cleaning (dusting, straightening up, etc). Tougher jobs like scrubbing and cleaning accumulated dirt and grime can burn up to 190 calories per hour. Now isn’t this a good reason for you to mop and scrub your bathroom with more enthusiasm now? The more you sweat the better. I hope you’ll look at house chores in a different light now 😉



Random Matters

I’ve been feeling bleh lately and just don’t really feel like writing or doing anything. It must be caused by the lack of sleep accumulated over the past few weeks.  I’ve not had a single day of sleeping in for the past two weeks. And the stress of preparing Cass for her term exam, which she didn’t fare very well. That little devil can snatch years of my life away from me whenever I revise with her!

Knowing that this coming Sunday is yet another ‘work’ day for me just makes this week more unexciting with nothing to look forward to.  You see, the big girl has been on a marathon craze lately.  She signed up for 2 runs in two weeks!  And these are major runs (internationally); not runs meant for kiddos organized by the school. This Sunday she will be taking part in the Color Run with her friends. She collected her run package from the organizer on Sunday when I attended a birthday party with Cass at Kidzania.  And some time in November, she will be partaking in the Music Run with her friends.  I paid for the KL 2017 Music Run – it’s a birthday gift from me to her. This is one run that I’m very tempted to partake myself. Let me rebuild my iron and stamina levels and I will definitely sign up for it one day!

Cass has something new to look forward to now after piano lesson on Saturdays. After our favorite Samoyed pup was sold a few months ago, Cass has been hoping that the pet shop owner would get another Samoyed pup. She keeps asking the pet shop owner when the next Samoyed pup will arrive but sadly, there ain’t gonna be any anytime soon. Instead, there’s a whole bunch of super fluffy and cute Alaskan Malamute pups with a price tag of RM7,800 each!  Oh yeah, we are now friends with the pet shop owner, which himself owns a really HUGE Alaskan Malamute dog that’s kept at the pet shop. That dog is bigger than me, I kid you  not. He must be a huge fan of Alaskan Malamute dogs.

Irresistible – this picture gives you a better view of how Alaskan Malamute pups look like.

After piano lesson on Saturdays, Cass and I enjoy a few minutes of pure joy brought to us by a pack of pups packed with adorableness overload. It’s SO therapeutic looking at these pups, especially those with tilting heads, OMG SO cute!!