Happy Monday – 3 July 2017

Today, being a Monday is surprisingly not a blue Monday at all for me. It’s the first day of school for the girls after a 10-day Hari Raya break.  Though it drizzled in the morning and I could not exercise outdoor, I did 40 minutes of brisk-walking at the corridor of our condo lobby after sending the girls off to the van.

Since we still have half a loaf of award-winning bread from Wu Pao Chun Bakery, Taiwan given to us by the hubs’ Taiwanese aunty, I was thinking of making cheese on toast for Cass and myself. But the hubs called me out for brunch. So off I trotted to the coffee shop to meet hubs… and indulged in some sinful morsels – char koay teow with 2 duck’s eggs and nasi lemak.

Back home, the mil made a batch of almond meal banana choco chips and pecan muffins. I absolutely love them.  Guess this will be the last time we get to savor her bakes until a month or so later. She will be off to Hawaii in a few days.

The best thing that happened to me today is the shedding of the scab on my wound. This wound is the biggest of the 3 holes on my lower abdomen, where the laproscopic myomectomy surgery was performed on 29 May 2017.  I’ve been waiting for this to happen for almost 6 weeks and finally the scab dropped off, PTL!

The picture on the left shows the wound on 28 June 2017, i.e. one month after the surgery. It was slightly inflamed, though there was no pus or discharge. It was itchy and the type of clothes / fabric that I wore affected the wound.  Clingy clothes and non-cotton fabric would aggravate the wound.  The position of this particular wound made it very susceptible to touches and  I got hit there by the little active rascal on a few occasions. On one occasion, I wore a very loose pair of skorts but the waist band (non-cotton) aggravated the wound and made it itch really badly for days.  Finally I snap a picture of the wound and Whatsapped it to my surgeon. She recommended an antibacterial cream, which I bought from a pharmacy and applied on it 3x a day. That got the problem fixed I guess, along with  lots of prayers. Did I tell you that I attended a  Supernatural Encounter with Guillermo Maldonado (Healing Rally) at the Kelana Jaya Stadium on Saturday night? I prayed fervently that this wound will heal and that the scab will shed.  And a day later, the scab dropped!  Some other healing is happening too and I shall blog about it much later. For today, I shall talk about myself.

The picture on the right shows the wound today, right after the scab dropped off.  I feel really liberated today – finally free from the annoying thick crusted scab (consisting of sutures and skin) that’s been clinging on stubbornly to my skin and dresses for 5 weeks, causing it pain each time it got velcro-ed and pulled by my dresses.   I’ve been wearing loose dresses the past 5 weeks and now I can’t wait to squeeze into my tight mini skirts and shorts again!

Our Mid-Term School Holidays

For the first time in many years, we didn’t bring our girls anywhere for a holiday during the mid term school holidays which ended yesterday. We were supposed to join our usual group of buddies and their kids on a boat-stay at a river in Grik, Perak but had to cancel our plan because of my operation.

On the first three days of the school holidays, our ‘staycation’ was at the hospital. But our girls didn’t complain one bit. When I asked them if this was the most unhappening and boring school holiday, Drama Queen quipped that she still enjoyed the school holidays as never in her life before did she have the opportunity to drink a total of 3 cups of frappuccino for 3 days consecutively  at Starbucks 😎 Each cup cost RM15. We don’t normally splurge on gourmet drinks and beverages on our girls, except for the occasional fruit juice and smoothies at Boost Juice.  The hospital (Sunway Medical Center) was like a luxury hotel to the girls. They had their meals at Starbucks and O’Brien Sandwich and had access to free WiFi at the hospital for 3 days.

Two weeks after my surgery, we went for a brief shopping trip at Mid Valley Megamall to get new school shoes for the girls. I did some shopping at Daiso. I had 3 personal helpers to help me carry my shopping loot 😍

On Sunday (14 days after my surgery), I am finally all better and felt very much like myself again. The three holes on my lower abdomen and the sutures have dried up. Cass was begging me to bring her down to play at the playground. She wanted to play with the two stray cats at our condo. I have not smelled fresh outdoor air for two weeks and was also raring to start exercising once again. We went for a leisurely evening walk at 7:30 p.m.. I missed my daily exercise regimen and breathing in fresh outdoor air so much.


For once, I really enjoyed my walk with the girls at the walking tracks. The smell of the trees, frangipani flowers, the jungle reserve next to our condo and the cool evening breeze was truly invigorating.  Today the new school term commences. I started my early morning exercise again today, albeit with only walking and nothing strenuous.  When I reconnected with nature after a 2-week absence from the walking tracks, it felt like two lovers reuniting after a long absence from each other 💕


Post Surgery Restaurant Meal

Yesterday was the first time I got out of the house to have a meal after my surgery six days ago. We had dim sum brunch at Jaya Palace.  The hubster ordered an array of 24 types of delectable dim sum.  The brunch was for a 2-in-1 occasion: farewell to my parents who were to return to Ipoh after a week’s stay in KL to nurse me back to health and a celebration for an all-clear biopsy report, YES!! 💟💝  Thank you Lord!💗

We had the usual must-have dim sum items like char siew pau, siew mai, fish balls, egg tarts, cheong fun, et al.  I was especially happy that my favorite black vinegar trotters and rice wine chicken were available and ordered a bowl each *swoon*

My health is going from strength to strength each day with my papa and mil’s nourishing dishes and my mum’s tender loving care. I am prohibited from squatting down, driving and carrying heavy things, just like a lady in confinement after the birth of a baby. I am even asked to bed-rest but for someone who is so used to a super hectic day, I would go berserk having to lie down all day for a whole freaking month like an invalid!  I feel so much more energetic supervising my kids in the chores and working at my computer vs. sleeping and laying in bed all day.  My mum is very worried that the stitches in my uterus will rupture when I exert myself as that was what happened to her after a surgery of her breast some 30+ years ago. The sutures on her breast ruptured when she sneezed and omg, it was such a bloody sight. I still remember that night very vividly. I was 12 (Drama Queen’s age now) that year.

The 2 ‘chan ka’ cooking up a storm to nurse me back to health.  

I am indeed blessed to be pampered by so many people. 💕💖


As I got into the elevator just a moment ago, I greeted a young mum with 2 young daughters. They live on a few floors above me. We always bump into each other but never had the chance to chat. Today I commented how pretty her little girl’s princess gown was. She then opened up. She commented how young and pretty I look even after having 3 daughters. I told her that I ain’t young anymore and revealed to her my age. She was floored.  She then commented “wah, you should be proud of yourself that at 44 and with 3 grown daughters, you still look young, slim and pretty!

I am totally flattered 😍  I really have to thank my parents for their youthful looking genes. My parents definitely don’t look like they are in their 70s.  The food we eat, the supplements we pop (I have my Izumio to thank too!) and exercise all make that difference too.

I walked into the house grinning from ear to ear.  Drama Queen caught me in that ludicrous smirk and gave me a “are you mad, mum?” look  😆  I told her about the lady’s comment and she too shared my joy together.

That lady really made my day today.

TGIF peeps. And happy holidays to all the parents out there. 💘

My Tuesday – 23 May 2017

Five more days to go before I go under the knife.  The clock is ticking away….

This will be my fourth surgery, of which three were C-section deliveries and one was a laproscopic ovarian drilling.  The laproscopic myomectomy surgery that I am scheduled to go through will be performed at the same hospital that I gave birth to our 3 girls to.  I have also requested the same anesthesiologist who is a family friend to administer the GA on me.

The past few days seem like a blood-chasing marathon for me again. I’ve been forcing myself to eat red meat at almost every meal, which is quite a torture for me as I am not quite a meat lover.  Can everyone please pray for me that my total blood count goes up and shows a reading of at least 8? If it does, then I can avert a blood transfusion on the eve of the surgery.

My lunch today is beef + purple sweet potato porridge with our favorite ‘tau kok lup’.

My mid morning breakfast was 2 guinea fowl eggs with organic blackstrap molasses and pepper.  Yesterday, a relative gave me a crate of guinea fowl eggs to ‘pou’ (nourish) my body.

Guinea fowls are relatives of pheasants and chickens. Guinea fowl hen eggs are smaller (weighing about 45 g), but richer in content of dry matter, lipid, vitamin “A” and carotenoids. The eggs are pear-shaped, smaller than chicken eggs, with thick and strong light brown shell, have large yolks  and taste similar to chicken eggs. Guinea fowl eggs are very nutritious and the content of vitamin A, D3, E and group B exceed that of chicken eggs almost twice.

guinea fowl sitting on eggs
Guinea fowl

Dinner was beef porridge again. This time, my thoughtful mil minced the beef with a chopper as I commented that the meat was a tad tough 💗

Tonight’s homely dinner of minced beef purple sweet potato porridge, cooked with love.

Today has been a pretty good day for me.  I felt  a burst of energy and optimism during my pre-dawn exercise.

When Cass got back from school, she told me what all mothers love to hear most. She did  well in her recent school exam with a top 10 position in the entire standard 3 😊💟

Later, my insurance agent Whatsapped me to inform that the insurance company will be approving my claim for the upcoming surgery and a Letter of Undertaking has been issued.  That’s RM30,000 saved, praise the Lord!

In between, there are a couple of good news too.  The stars have definitely aligned with the moon today.  Drama Queen got up at 5:30 a.m. this morning and told me that she saw a big sparkling star next to a crescent moon on a very clear sky. What a pleasant sight to behold.


The batch of cinnamon, pandan, walnut and  chocolate chip rolls that the mil baked today for the girls’ snacks box and breakfast tomorrow.



Sports Day Saturday – 20 May 2017

I was up by 5 a.m. on a glorious Saturday morning today. It was raining and chilly. I was dying to hop back onto my glorious  and inviting bed and sleep till the sun comes out but hard luck. I had to get the laundry done, wake the girls up, put some food on the table and Uber them to school early, just so I get a nice parking spot just outside the school so that we don’t have to walk  so far in the rain.  Alycia followed her sisters back to her old alma mater to meet up with her old school mates and to join in the convivial atmosphere of sports day in school. She still misses her old school a lot.

I heated up a slice of mushroom and chicken pizza that I had bought from Ficelle the day before for breakfast and the girls drank a packet of Izumio to power charge them for a long and strenuous day at the tracks.

Thankfully the rain stopped at 8-ish a.m. and the participants could start off with the marching and aerobic dance.

I left early at 10-ish a.m. with Cass and Alycia and brought them for breakfast at our neighborhood cafe.

We had sushi, red bean black glutinous rice ‘tong sui’ and curry noodles.

I Uber-ed Drama Queen back from school at 2pm after the Sports Day was over.  As this is her last year in the school, she stayed on till the entire event was over and had a whale of a time camwhoring with her besties. I was surprised that Drama Queen came in 2nd and 3rd placing in two running events.

A very happy and proud Sherilyn with her medals

Our Saturday Spent At JPN @ UTC Pudu For IC Application

Today I decided to bring Drama Queen to UTC Pudu to get her IC done. It’s been almost 3 months since her 12th birthday and both hubs and I have been too caught up with work respectively that we could not squeeze out some time to bring the girl to get her IC done.  Plus Drama Queen needs to attend UPSR exam preparation classes in school every Saturday. This makes Sundays the only available day for us to bring her to do her IC.  But we have church to attend on Sundays.

Since today is the only Saturday this month that Drama Queen needs not be in school, I took the opportunity to bring her to UTC to get her IC done and to get the address on my IC changed.  As the hubs was busy at work, I arranged for a Uber driver to get us to UTC Pudu.

Our Mr Uber driving us in his Proton Axia car.

Mr Uber arrived to pick us up at 11:30 a.m. and we reached UTC Pudu about 20 minutes later. The number we got was 1187 and 1188. The number on call at that time was 1132 — a frigging 55  people ahead of us, GREAT! Thankfully we didn’t really  have to wait that long. After a 1.5 hour wait, it was finally our turn. The whole process, including photography took about half an hour.  We wasted quite a bit of time as Drama Queen wasn’t cooperating during photography, like a whiny toddler who just refused to smile *roll eyes*.  I had to coax her to smile. Can you beat that? On my 12-year old! Ha ha ha!  That brought back memories of me bringing my then 6-month old baby Sherilyn to get her passport done for our holiday in Hong Kong. That was in 2005 (exactly 12 years ago).  Thankfully the Malay lady who was attending to us today was super patient, bearing with this OCD mum who rejected about 6 photos.  Well, though the 7th photo was still not acceptable in my eyes (the whiny girl still refused to put on her best smile just yet), I had to let it go as I was taking up too much of the officer’s time and I felt really bad.

In total, I paid RM20 for our ICs done.  RM10 is for the ‘denda’ (fine) on Drama Queen’s IC application as we had exceeded the 1 month grace period.  RM10 is processing fee for the change of address on my IC.

After we got the IC application done (IC collection is the next day), Drama Queen and I had to walk the streets of Pudu to flag down cab after cab to bring us home. It was drizzling and I had forgotten to bring along a brolly. I have not taken a cab in KL for aeons. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait for long before we caught a cab after running like sprinters on the road and waving like a mad woman flagging down cabs desperately 😅


Our Saturday – 6 May 2017

I spent half my Saturday shopping with my baby girl, just her and me. Both Alycia and Drama Queen were in school.  The mil was in Ipoh and the hubs had to work.

Before we  left for Mid Valley Megamall, we had breakkie at a neighborhood cafe, tucking into our favorite best-in-the-world Mee Siam and mushroom tomato omelette.


Cass at work – decorating her notebook with FOC rubber stamps at Muji. She adores these rubber stamps and I can see that even adults are just as enthusiastic in them from the crowd at the stamping station.

A shopping queen in the making, just like her mum! Cass queuing up to pay for her dresses at Uniqlo 😁

Upon recommendation by a friend, we tried Q Zai Eggette, a popular snack made popluar in Hong Kong. Q Zai are waffles in the shape of a bed of little quail eggs. Cass and I had fun popping and munching these little eggettes on the go while walking the mall.  Q Zai is located on the same floor as the cinema at Mid Valley Megamall.

Q Zai Eggette

After shopping, I sped to school to pick up Drama Queen. We had overspent our time at the mall and were late!  Back home, I told Drama Queen that I was craving to have some flour-free banana pancakes, which Drama Queen can whip up some very yummy ones.  Without even hesitating and bursting with enthusiasm to cook / bake, my chef wannabe hurriedly prepared the ingredients, which composes of  only eggs and ripe bananas, that’s it, this simple… and of course a little oil for the pan.

Soon, the big girl who was craving for some pancakes ‘ordered’ pancakes from the chef wannabe and she of course was ever too pleased to accept. Drama Queen quickly gathered the ingredients and made 2 batches of fluffy pancakes.  Then she had a light bulb moment. She made another batch of pancakes so that we could have them for breakkie the next day!  The big girl took a breather from studying for Chemistry and Chinese language and helped out in the kitchen. This girl with ‘royal fingers’ seems to have a liking for making pancakes and that’s the only time she would help out in the kitchen.

Perfect pancakes made by Chef Sherilyn and Chef Alycia – crispy on the outside and pillowy on the inside!

After our late lunch of pancakes, Cass attended piano lesson.

Cass with teacher Crystal.  She’s currently learning to play “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara, her latest favorite pop song 🙂



Random Matters – 5 May 2017

Today marks the 8th anniversary of my 3-week nightmarish stay at GMC Penang with Cass. She went in for a Uretheral Reimplantation surgery on 5 May 20o9. Something awfully awry happened during the surgery. There was a complication and she was operated on 2 weeks later, after many X-rays, ultrasound scans, a CT-Scan and a Fluoroscopy failed to show the kink at the end of her guts.  My poor baby had to endure all these harmful scans and she was only 13 months old then.

The month of May happens to be a month of bloodshed and pain. May has never been too kind to me. Whether coincidental or jinx, May has always been unfavorable to me. Maybe it is in May that the stars and moon don’t align well for me. Dang it! This end May, I will be going for a surgery.  You can read it at my other blog.

The mil is away in Ipoh for a few days and as a matter of course, I am tasked with cooking dinner.  The thing with cooking is that once you lose the momentum, you lose the mojo and inspiration to cook. You will dread walking into the kitchen.  The mil knows cooking is not my forte (though I can whip up a real mean meal, he he!) and she pre-prepared the ingredients for me the day before from de-shelling the prawns to mincing the pork done from scratch on the chopping board. This morning, she removed the skin of the leek flowers and cut them.  How very thoughtful of her eh?

But the mil didn’t have time to finish prepping all the leek flowers this morning. After Drama Queen got home from school and finished her lunch, I tasked her with completing the job 😆

Steamed eggs with minced pork; sauteed leek flowers with baby shrimps and sauteed ‘yau mak’ vegetable. Simple dishes yet the girls scoffed down each plate of dish 😉

The scene at the dining table today.

The big girl pored over her Sejarah (History) textbook throughout dinner. She’s sitting for her Sejarah paper tomorrow and the last two papers of Chemistry and Chinese will be on Monday.  And the other 2 girls pored over their novels 😁📗📘📙.  Someone will surely see red to see this during dinner if she was around!

Bonding With My Eldest

Every Friday, I have a one-to-one little jaunt with my eldest daughter. After Math tuition, I would drive her to the night market. She loves walking the night market to grab her favorite snacks. We would munch on snacks whilst strolling the road and stop by her favorite stalls which is a very delightful past time.

If the weather permits and it does not rain, we would scoff down a few sticks of ‘balls’ at the ‘look look’ van. Of all the snacks at the night market, we love the ‘look look’ van the best.

I know what’s on your mind y’all. Why is health freak mommy allowing this unhealthy food? Those fishballs and meatballs on bamboo skewers cooked in a pot of boiling water that everyone else dips their skewers inside too ain’t the healthiest choice of food. I believe that if we eat a little bit of something less than healthy once in a blue moon, we will still be fine. Just don’t go overboard. I do indulge moderately in my favorite less than healthy food once in a while to satiate that craving. Most days are clean eating and I have that cheat day once or twice in a week 😀