Best Place To Buy Affordable Wedding Dresses

Seventeen years ago, the hubs and I spent over 10 thousand Ringgit just on our wedding photography done in a studio. This includes the rental of wedding gowns for the bride and suits for the groom. That was the most imprudent thing that we ever did, at the spur of the moment, after falling prey to the smooth-talking of the bunch of staff working at the bridal studio.  The bridal studio had in recent years closed its shutters. And we never hung our supersize masterpiece on our home walls. It was just out of size and out of place. And the pictures were totally unsatisfactory.

If we could do it all over again, splurging on rented wedding attire will be crossed out from our To-Do Wedding List. These days, the trend of young couples tying the knot is getting their nuptial shots done outdoors on some romantic islands, hills or somewhere scenic. I have a friend who donned on a casual wedding dress with running shoes with the entire entourage hiking through a jungle to a river for the wedding ceremony.  That was really epic.

Grey strapless tulle wedding gown lace up back chapel train

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Strapless Sweetheart Blush Tulle Flounced destination bridal Dress


Perfect Solution To Men’s Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss affects both men and women. While genetics plays a role, there are other factors, including hormonal imbalances, an underactive thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient scalp circulation.

According to recent NHS figures, a whopping 50 per cent of men will experience some degree of male pattern baldness by the time they’re fifty. And for many, it’ll start far earlier than that, with some battling the condition in their late teens.

I have a few close male friends who started having patches of baldness on their heads when they were in their mid thirties. They had tried many brands of  hair-loss prevention shampoo in the market, a bunch of expensive hair tonic, popped supplements but nothing seemed to work.  Now in their late forties, they are almost bald.

Balding is no laughing matter to anyone.  It can be severely depressing and kills the confidence of some. If you have tried all the popular remedies and still nothing seems to work, chin up! You can always get a toupee.

There are many types  and styles of men’s toupee that you can find from online and offline stores that can help cover different exposed sections of the scalp in an easy and natural manner.  If you, your spouse or your male companion is too embarrassed to walk into a store to try on a toupee, there are plenty of online stores that offer the best natural looking hair replacement systems and toupee for men that you can purchase from, away from the open public.

One such online store is at

French Lace front and Mono Top Center Hair Replacement System

From skin hair replacement systems, mono  hair replacement systems to lace hair replacement systems salon, you can get the best hair replacement that suits your head at
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Why Some People Consider Condominiums Over HDB

Condominiums are a luxury in Singapore and that might be the main reason why people who can afford prefer them to HDB. Even though the properties in Singapore are among the most expensive worldwide, the country has a higher ownership percentage that exceeds 90%. What does that mean? Singaporeans are rich, right? That may be the first assumption considering that the resale HDBs or public housing hit the S$1 million mark recently. Actually, we can attribute the high home-ownership percentage to brilliant retirement-saving systems in the country known as the CPF. The purpose of the systems is to allow Singaporeans become homeowners before their retirement age. The government also offers generous grants.

Homeownership is an aspiration for most Singaporeans. However, they always encounter a dilemma when deciding on whether to buy a HDB or a condominium. To make the best buying decision, you have to consider several factors such as whether you would like to sell the property in the future, the possibility of property appreciation, eligibility, and your lifestyle choice. But why do most Singaporeans prefer condo properties to HDB?

Why some people consider condominiums over HDB?
There is a bigger divide between the private and public housing in Singapore. Around 80% of people renting properties in Singapore live in HDB flats. Therefore, living in a condominium should set you apart from experiencing life in the country as a local. What’s more, the trade-offs are beneficial.

The Housing Development Board (HDB) provides subsidized flats for the Singaporeans. Perhaps, you already know that the renting prices under this category are very high. To get a condominium, you actually need more than SGD1 million. Nevertheless, you should not think that HDB properties in the country are closer to slums or ghetto. Some of the HDB properties are in line with the quality of private condominiums.

A quick example: some HDB flats in the country fall under Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS). Therefore, their interiors match the quality of private condominiums. Executive Condominium (ECs) fall under the “sandwich” HDB flats class but when building them, the private developers ensure that they have amenities associated with private condominiums. You should never assume that life in a HDB is similar to pauper life. Some other factors that influence people when making a choice include:

Convenience to guests
Security in condominiums is closer to that you should expect in airports – you will actually note that at the first time you get into a condominium as a guest. Condominiums developers in the country like installing complex security measures. To access your floor in some condominiums, you will require a key card. People without a key card have to use a specific lift for the unlocking purposes. It can be hard to get into an apartment. Some guests will climb over 22 flights of stairs primarily because they cannot figure out the way to work lifts.

Guests who have to pass the guardhouse should expect harassment with many questions or demand for identification. However, in HDB flats guests can come to your door at any time and knock. Some people do not like guests. If you are one of them, you should make a wise decision.

Accessibility issues
All HDB flats are closer to train stations or bus stops. However, some private condominiums are better accessibility, too. Due to their exclusivity, private developers prefer building condominiums in the lesser busy areas. What’s more, some developers believe that people who can afford to buy condominiums can also afford to drive. It might be hard to understand that because  most people will not be able to afford a vehicle immediately after buying their first property. As a tenant, remember that you might get a living space that is hard to access. If you do not intend to rent vehicles, check the distance between the property you intend to buy and the nearest point for public transport.

Cost factors
Generally, condominiums in Singapore are more expensive than the HDB properties. However, there are exceptions. Some flats in the mature estates have higher rent that matches the non-centrally situated condominiums. People on tighter budgets choose to rent rooms in the HDB flats instead of the condominiums.

Access to the available private facilities
Private condominiums boast pools, private gyms, and spas situated downstairs. Some HDB flats feature the facilities but in public form – for example, pools open to a neighborhood. If you would like to use such amenities, condominiums are a better choice. You should not go for the best air-conditioned gym if you rarely workout. If such facilities are part of your life, you might find it hard to share the facilities in HDB areas.

Exposure to the local culture
Class issues exist in Singapore. Including individuals who grew up in condominiums have different lifestyles and attitudes compared to individuals who grew up in the HDB flats. By staying in any of the two for a particular period, you should understand why. The purpose of HDB flats in Singapore is to encourage communal living. An empty ground floor should not be a big surprise to you. The ground floors have efficiently promoted neighborhood bonding. Furthermore, Singapore has quotas on the number of foreigners may cluster in a HDB area. That is with an aim of breaking up foreigners’ enclave formation.

Actually, HDB flats have facilitated mingling and integration of Singaporeans. Within a few months, you will have developed some local habits including playing caroms or chess, eating in a coffee shop and complaining about anything wrong. If your job requires building stronger networks among the locals or you would like to experience the local culture, HDB flats are a better choice.

On the other side, life in condominiums is different from the traditional life of Singaporeans. Most Singaporeans consider upgrading from HDB flats to condominiums later in their life. In other words, you will not be very detached when living in a condominium. However, when living in a condominium, you will possibly rub shoulders with expatriates and better-heeled Singaporeans. In some condominiums, you will find managers who conduct the communal activities. Tight knit communities in most condominiums will help you mingle with locals.

Real property buyers desire to live a good and more comfortable life. That is why they mostly opt for condominiums in Singapore. You might also need to consider that when making your purchase decision.

Storytime Encourages Literacy

It’s no secret that small children love time and attention. One of the best things we can do for our little ones is to engage with them as much as possible. This stimulates their growth and makes them feel loved and important. This is perhaps why storytime is a magical activity that you can give to your children at bedtime. It’s an opportunity to express love for your children before they go to sleep and it encourages literacy as well.

A Little Love Before Bedtime
Taking the time to select a sweet story to read to your little one is the prerequisite for starting the loving habit of sitting with your child and reading before they close their eyes for a full night of rest. You and your child can select a book and then sit down to read it as a family activity. This becomes a bonding moment for you and your child to be close to each other.

Family reading bedtime. Pretty young mother reading a book to her daughter.

Something to Look Forward to
Storytime also gives children a warm loving activity to look forward to. If you make it a family ritual, children will use this activity as an opportunity to settle down, relax, and engage with the story you are telling. The more you stick to this ritual and make it a habit, it will become a loved and cherished activity that your child will look forward to. Your child will associate as an act of love that will resonate with them for years to come. Although they won’t be interested in stories about advanced medical imaging in Toms River, NJ  you can select stories that will entertain and stimulate them.

Storytime Encourages Literacy
The earlier you begin reading to your child the better. As your child gets older and begins to read, you can transfer the role of reading to the child at different times. The child will learn from you initially and gain the confidence to attempt reading on his or her own as time passes. This rite of passage will teach your children to not only enjoy storytime but to also become a part of it. This move, in turn, will encourage literacy by challenging the child to continue to read more challenging books.

Incorporating storytime into your child’s bedtime routine has many positive benefits. It’s a special way of expressing love and it gives your child something to look forward to every night. It also encourages literacy by allowing you to transfer the role of reader to the child as soon as he or she begins to learn to read.

Isagenix vs 21-Day Fix Shake

If you decide to buy a meal replacement (MR), do no rush into picking your choice. An improper shake can lead to contrary effects than what is expected. For example, if you expect to shed some weight, a wrong choice of MR solution can result in gaining excessive weight. Besides, there are many products in the market that can cause negative side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, digestion issues and other health problems.

Therefore, it is quite important to use a profound approach in selecting a meal replacement product. You are  also advised to pay attention to comparison of various brands. The following review of Isagenix Shake versus 21-Day Fix reveals the strengths and weaknesses of these products.

Actually, 21-Day Fix is not a meal replacement supplement but a diet program consisting of workout plan and eating plan. The consumers receive two DVDs with special 30-minutes-workouts. Each of this workout is aimed at specific muscles and training.

In the beginning of the program, users are offered to train once a day. During the last week, users have to train twice a day.


Isagenix Shake is a meal replacement, which is not designed especially for weight losing purposes. In fact, the nutrition value of the product makes it a bad choice for those who need to reduce fat in the body. The shake is rather natural and does not contain harmful ingredients except for fructose.

The intended purpose of the shake is to substitute a full meal. It is a perfect solution for the people who lack of time to prepare meal or to eat wholesome food. Due to the large amount of calories, Isagenix supplement is a good hunger suppressant. The energy value of the shake is 240 calories. The main ingredients in this shake are fiber and protein. The content of the first is 8 grams in each serving of the shake.

The protein is represented by three soy-free dairy sources. The quality of protein is rather good. Each serving of the product contain 24 grams of this essential component. Moreover, Isagenix provides a special bonus for vegetarians containing 22 grams of plant-based protein.


As for the eating in 21-Day Fix, there is a special diet plan that focuses on appropriate ration of a user. The solution offers seven food containers of various colors. Each container provides a special portion control regarding the type of food. For example, red container is designed for proteins and is rated for ¾ of a cup.

The implementation of meal plan starts with calculation of target caloric intake. After that a user understands the number of containers to be used in the diet. The program is very simple and clear. Users do not need to count calories. They just use the proper containers instead.

When comparing these two brands, we must understand that Isagenix is a meal replacement, while 21 Day Fix is a diet program. However, each of these products are aimed at providing benefits for the customers. 21 Day Fix is a very effective and healthy way to manage weight. Isagenix is designed to suppress hunger and replace meal.

Cell Phone For Children

The hubby bought our eldest daughter an iPod Touch when she was 12 years old. It was a present for her for getting good grades and position in her school exam. It was given to the big girl after much lobbying, begging and whining. Her plea was “everyone else she knows has a cell phone or iPod”.  Finally her dad challenged her that should she get first placing in her exam, an iPod will be hers. She managed to prove it to her dad and she claimed an iPod from her him!

If you are wondering what an iPod Touch is, it functions just like an iPad where one gets to surf the internet, engage in social media, play music, watch videos except that it does not come with a SIM card function, thus you cannot make phone calls. It looks like an iPhone.

Our middle child got her first cell phone at the age of 11 and it was by a stroke of luck that she earned herself a Huawei cell phone. The hubby had bought me a new Huawei cell phone and with this purchase, he was given a chance to do a ‘spin and win’ at the shop.  He enlisted the girl to do the spinning and what did he know? The stars and moon must have aligned right that day, the spin won her a brand new Huawei cell phone!

And so now both our older girls have a cell phone each. I associate the iPod with an iPhone as it functions just like an iPhone sans the ability to make calls. But I can get in touch with the big girl via Facebook messenger and Facebook voice call provided there is WiFi. I find it very useful to get in touch with the girls when they go on field trips and have outings with their friends. I have made it clear to them that when they are on outings, they have to ‘report’ to me regularly, informing me of their whereabouts. It’s also very useful when I need to fetch them back from the tuition center, school or outings. They get to call me to let me know what time I should fetch them and where to wait for them.

Many parents wrestle with the issue of cell phones for kids. Should they or should they not give their child a cell phone? There are pros and cons to your child having a cell phone. We as parents need to lay the ground rules and make sure that our kids are aware that we mean what we say. I’ve had bad days with my girls over the cell phone, I’ve had days when I confiscated the phone as punishment. All in all, it’s not a bad idea for my girls to have a cell phone.

Image of cell phones

Just remember: When you give your kids the access to cell phones, you’re giving them powerful communications and production tools. They can create text, images and videos that can be widely distributed and uploaded to social media and sites. They can broadcast their status and their location. I have made it clear to my kids that they should never show their location. They can download just about everything in the world. If you think your children’s technological savvy is greater than their ability to use it wisely, pay attention to the gap. Times have definitely changed and we need to keep up with the times, but parenting hasn’t. We’re still the parents. And it’s our job to say “no, not yet.”

Oh, make sure that your kid’s cell phone is equipped with a top anti-virus app. There are many free anti-virus apps available for android now. Do your research and get the best for your child.


Instructions And Tips On Writing Main Paragraphs For Dissertation

How to write main paragraphs for your dissertation?
Creating a dissertation demands arriving at exquisite, complicated and peculiar ways of texturizing the reflections. The significant aspect is division of the graduation work into purposeful paragraphs. Therefore, you develop your supporting points, and the reader will keep up with the thread of your reflections as they evolve throughout the chapters. This article offers some tips that will ease crafting paragraphs for the thesis. Assignment baron is ready to help you with your academic paper 24/7.

Paragraph determination
Union of conjunct clauses dedicated to a certain theme is called a paragraph. Ability to craft compelling paragraphs will provide the possibility to keep on track while making, drafting, and correcting the text. Besides, valid paragraphing helps the reader to follow the development of ideas contained in the paper. Your ideas may be really great, but you should introduce them in a structured way, or there is a possibility to forfeit the readers, and not to succeed in writing.

Remember: One thought in one paragraph
The golden rule of making paragraphs is to dedicate one thought to one paragraph. If you want to start a new thought, you should start the next paragraph. There exist several easy ways to define whether you are keeping to the same theme or another one. There may be one reflection and more than one confirmation contained in a single paragraph. There also may be more than one point in one paragraph as long as they cover the general theme of the paragraph. If some points are getting too long, then possibly developing each of them and putting them in the paragraphs where they belong is the right thing to do.

Paragraph components
To make an efficient paragraph it should have the following components: unanimity, cohesion, a topic sentence, and corresponding development. These features are partially connected. By utilizing them for your personal goals, you will write informative paragraphs.

  • The whole paragraph must be focused on a single thought. If it is focused on the main deliberation point, it must not be finished with another one; neither should it roam within various thoughts.
  • Cohesion is the feature that simplifies the paragraph for reader. It can be crafted logically and verbally.
  • Logic. One thought of the theme is transferred from clause to clause. Parallel forms may be used for the following clauses verbally, repeating of main words in some clauses.
  • A topic sentence. This is a clause that reveals generally what thought will be covered in a paragraph. Not all paragraphs include distinct topic clauses and sometimes they may appear in various parts of the paragraph. They may become the first clause, the last clause, or be placed in the middle. But if you want the reader to understand the paragraph theme, place the topic clause somewhere in the paragraph beginning.
  • Corresponding development. The theme presented by the topic sentence must be discussed completely and relevantly. This may also vary in paragraphs and depend on the aim of the author, but writers must avoid paragraphs with two or three clauses. In this case, there is a possibility that the paragraph is not developed properly.

Following this simple structure and keeping these components in your paragraphing, you will be able to write strong introductions.


Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

This school holidays, we are staying put in KL as it is only a week-long holiday. Plus, Drama Queen has to attend school for the first three days of the holidays to attend UPSR exam preparation classes.  Today I brought the girls to Mid Valley Megamall to chillax. We had a sumptuous dim sum  lunch at Han Room and then did what girls like best – retail therapy 😀

With our Ringgit shrinking to such a miserable value, I doubt we will be having any overseas holiday this year.  We shall be exploring our very own beautiful country, Malaysia.  There are so many places in Malaysia that we have never been to. We have never visited East Malaysia and even in the capital of Malaysia where we live in, there are so many places of interest that we have not brought the girls to.  KL Tower (at present, the world’s fifth tallest structure), Batu Caves (400 million-year old limestone hill with a 100-year old temple incorporated within it) and Istana Negara are some of the places that I have in mind to bring our girls to.

Revolving Atmosphere 360 restaurant at Menara KL Tower (picture below) is one of the to-visit places in my bucket list. Hailed as one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world, Menara KL plays host to a revolving restaurant,  Atmosphere 360.  You can have a meal or enjoy high tea along with the most spectacular view of the city centre, bar chartering a helicopter (though that would be very costly!).  Boasting a theater, an amphitheater, beautiful cascading pools, a fast food restaurant and souvenir shops, this tower is a definite must-visit sightseeing attraction in Kuala Lumpur.

We could even do a staycation at Best Western PJ Hotel or any hotel in the Klang Valley. I know our girls would love to have a staycation in a luxurious hotel to enjoy the rooms, the swimming pool, the hotel food and the feeling of being on a holiday. We can get the best of our holiday right in the heart of where we stay at a fraction of a cost of an overseas holiday.

For an inexpensive half-day tour, we could do a little jaunt in Batu Caves (picture below). Batu Caves, one of Kuala Lumpur’s most frequented tourist attractions, is a limestone hill comprising three major caves and a number of smaller ones. Located approximately 11 kilometres to the north of Kuala Lumpur, this 100-year-old temple features idols and statues erected inside the main caves and around it. Incorporated with interior limestone formations said to be around 400 million years old, the temple is considered an important religious landmark by Hindus.  The last time I visited Batu Caves was exactly 30 years ago!  I was 14 then (Alycia’s age now) and had followed the school on a trip to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. That trip was my first ever trip with my class and school mates as a teenager and remains as one of my fondest memories up until today.

Another place that I would love to go with our girls is Langkawi Island. The hubs and I went to Langkawi for a holiday 17 years ago (with our buddy, Alan Yun) and fell in love with this island. We vowed to visit there again. Our most memorable experience in Langkawi was a deep sea fishing adventure where we caught a huge rainbow trout and then brought the trout to a restaurant in the Langkawi Yacht Club to have it steamed. The rainbow trout was sinfully fresh and sweet, though I felt really sorry for the trout.  One of the island’s highlights that I really want to visit is the Langkawi Sky Bridge (picture below).  It is a 410ft-long curved pedestrian bridge located 2,300 ft above sea level with stunning views.

With so many places to visit in our beautiful country, there is just no necessity to splurge on an overseas holiday in this gloomy economy that we are in now. Here’s a tip for you. To get the best deals on flights and hotels, go to Traveloka Malaysia.


Funky Wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I used to have thick luscious hair but I have lost a great deal of my precious locks after the birth of my children. Blame it on the hormones. Thankfully when my babies started to creep and crawl, I saw lots of baby hair sprouting and standing atop my crown 😆😅 What glorious sight!

A few months ago, I started to shed hair again. The amount of hair that fell off my scalp after each hair wash was worrying. I wondered what was wrong. Could it be that I am aging? Was it caused by stress and worriment? Or do I lack  certain nutrients?

I later learned that my hair loss was contributed by iron deficiency. After my diagnosis of being anemic with low red blood cells early this year (no thanks to a uterine fibroid), I did some research on anemia and learned that being anemic can cause hair loss too. Ahhh, this explains the unusual hair loss!

I am now on a high iron diet to boost my red blood cells. Hopefully my effort pays off and my hair follicles will strengthen, else I will have to get myself some wigs online!  Actually it’s not that bad an idea to wear a wig.  Celebrities don on them and they look terrific.  Most times, you can’t even tell when they wear a wig.  Keira Knightley has been wearing a wig for years and no one realized it initially.


Hair loss happens to even the best of us. Wigs give us fresh hope, positive transformation and confidence.  At, you’ll find a complete range of wigs, weaves, lace front wigs, ponytails, braids and beauty supplies. Buying wigs online gives us the privacy that we need as opposed to buying from brick-and-mortar shops. If you are worried that the wig wouldn’t suit you, no worries, as offers a no hassle, 30-day return policy. offers same day shipping on nearly all products when orders are placed before 4PM EST. Looking at the wig samples at (OMG, they look like real hair!) gives me the itch to try out a wig too! Wigs will come in handy on bad hair days. I’ve plenty of such awful days. 😄


Cass and I, we are ‘frenemies’.  We argue a lot (she’s very headstrong and so am I!) yet at the end of the day, we give each other hugs and kisses before going to bed. We share stories a lot and she tells me everything that had transpired in school.  Today she shared with me that her drawing of the human dental anatomy got a lot of likes from her Science teacher.  Cass’ teacher pulled off the page of the drawing from her exercise book and pinned it to the bulletin board in her classroom. She also got some chocolates from the teacher as reward. She was so happy!   We both  laughed that she actually drew that dental anatomy while in a really groggy state of mind as she was struggling to keep her eyes opened that night. This year her teachers give the class a lot of homework and she’s been working hard on the homework late into the night on most days.

Last night, Cass told me that her classmate (a boy) informed her that a Malay boy from another class admires her secretly… HO HO HO!!!  She is now dying to know who the boy is and so do I! HA HA!

Cass loves to ask me questions. One of the questions that she asked me recently is how Jesus became God. As it’s lengthy to explain it to her, I told her to go to the iTunes video learning app  where she can download The Great Course  and read in detail how Jesus became God. My girls download books to read a lot. iTunes has  many apps where you can download books to read as well as stream educational videos and lectures taught by top professors in the world.  I’d like to try the Android video learning app too to equip myself with some self improvement courses. I wish I had the time to do so.