First Outing Without Kakak

This is our very first dining out without a live-in maid – it was a buffet lunch at Genji Japanese restaurant @ PJ Hilton.  After having the luxury to have a ‘kakak’ to help me out for the past 10 years, I now have to adjust my life living without a live-in maid.  Now there is no one to help me lug a big bag when we go out and no extra pair of hands and eyes to help keep an eye on the girls. It’s manageable now that Cass is 4 years old, except that I have to ditch the huge back-pack  and carry a bigger handbag myself, which ain’t that glam but oh well, that’s what most mothers without a live-in helper does right? I can’t carry my Coach handbag anymore but have to replace it with a huge blue and white stripes Oriflame mummy-baby bag, which does not really go well with most of my outfit. The first time I carried that huge blue and white stripes bag, Alycia gave me a shocked and sarcastic remark.. “mummy, are you going to use that bag? It’s for the BEACH!!” LOL!!

It’s been 2 weeks since kakak Dyah left us and though life is pretty tough without a live- in helper, I am slowly but surely getting used to it.  I just have to invest more in expensive hand moisturizing creams and gloves. And online business is now taking  a small break too until Alycia’s exam is over and until things at home are more settled.