Shopping Passion

I am a self declared shopping queen. Shopping can do wonders to my body. Besides melting away my stress, worries and anger, it is a great way to burn calories too 💪😆.  I can shop for hours and hours on end like there is no tomorrow. I can walk around the shopping mall for over 10 hours and yet do not seem to feel tired at all!  I am indefatigable when I indulge in something that I have passion in.

Before the kids came along, I had all the time in the world to shop till I drop – from the moment the mall shutters were opened till they were shut. I truly relish those worry-free days where I had so much time on hand including those extra cash for me to splurge on every single month!

These days, if I get to shop for more than 3 hours in the mall, it is a luxury. A WFHM or a SAHM would know how precious and limited time is for her. There is always something at home that needs to be done by a specific time, which means that my shopping trips always have to be truncated with me rushing home like Cinderella.  This is part of the reason why I love online shopping. Some of my friends are ambivalent about online shopping but I have always had pleasant experiences buying stuff online from local and international sellers.

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Online shopping comes in  handy when I need something urgently and do not have the time to get it physically from the mall.  I could make an online purchase on  just about anything at any time convenient to me. I could check out on some nifty summer wholesale clothing  or vintage wholesale sunglasses at affordable wholesale prices. There are so many shopping websites that I love to hang out virtually. One of them is Apparel Candy. You can check it out too to find out what it has to offer you.


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Save Money On Nail Spa With Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

With half my right toe nail yanked off yesterday, I have no more excuses to procrastinate making a trip to the nail salon.  My left toe nail still has the Hello Kitty nail art intact and the right one is gone. It looks awfully awful now!!

Several days ago I bumped into my regular pedicurist at the shopping mall. I intended to make an appointment for a foot spa but what do I know?  The promotion price that I got just 2 months ago has ended.  I now have to pay more!

Why do I have to pay more when I can pay less with Groupon Coupons?   I have just found a bunch of good nail art and foot spa deals at Groupon and can’t wait to purchase the best deal.

Everyone loves shopping at Groupon because it helps you to save money. This is one of the best coupon sites in terms of easy navigation, variety and good deals.   The Groupon Malaysia Facebook page has over 16 million LIKES and that accounts for more than half of the total population of our country!

Groupon has just about everything that you need from travel packages to dining, diapers, toys to even ovulation kits (great place to get one if you’re too shy to get one from the pharmacy!), photoshoot and basically everything that you can think of.

No time to go shopping? Groupon will help solve your shopping woes. Hop over to Groupon today!


Save Money On Hair Styling With Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

My hair is currently at waist length. This is by far the longest length I have ever kept my hair to. I actually planned to have a transformation of my dull long hair since 2 months ago but what do I know? I have been so busy with the blur of life events, with work, daily routines, cooking and minding the girls that I keep procrastinating my visit to the hair salon.  I am also long overdue to make a trip to the beauty salon to have a foot spa and my toe nails repainted. Yet again, busyness has taken over all my time.

Today I went hunting for hair styling deals at Groupon and saw a handful of deals that are just too good to resist buying.  I just love browsing the Groupon website.  There are so many great deals on just about everything that my entire family and I need.  I also saw a pair of Beats by Dre Mixr DJ Headphones that I know that the big girl will heart to bits. I’ll seriously consider buying her the headphones for her upcoming birthday when she officially turns into a teenager 🙂

Not only do I love shopping for Groupon Goods,  even my mum who turns 70 in a few days is a big fan of online shopping at Groupon!  She has bought many items from Groupon since last year and I love it that online shopping gives her something to look forward to. Retail shopping is one of the best stress busters!

Everyone loves shopping at Groupon because it is a great money-saving site. Searching for coupons is a breeze too. They carry just about everything that you need from luggage bags to kitchen accessories, mobile phones and parts, toys, electrical items to winter clothing to everything in between. If you have never tried shopping at Groupon, try it today! 😉


Shopee Megasale On 11.11.2015

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you done your shopping yet? I haven’t but I am all set to do so at the Shopee Online Megasale on 11 November 2015!

Shopee’s online megasale is one sale that is not to be missed.  During this 1-day sale, shoppers get to grab great deals on different category at every hour of the day, starting from 11am through 11pm.

What is Shopee?

Shopee is a mobile marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions. With their in-app functions, you can easily turn your clutter into cash and share the fun with your friends! Plus, Shopee Guarantee ensures that the seller ships only after the buyer has paid and the buyer’s payment is transferred to the seller only after receiving the product.

Shopee is aimed at creating a simple and secure mobile marketplace for everyone to buy and sell, anytime, anywhere.

Here’s a sneak peak of what will be on sale…





As you can see, there is something for everyone. This is one sale that you really ought to check it out at Shopee on Wednesday, 11 November 2015. There’s going to be so much savings for all of your purchases and best of all, you can shop at the comfort of your own home, office or even on-the-go.  Remember, it’s only a one-day sale on 11 November 2015 so quick hop over to Shopee now!

Happy shopping! 😀


Party Dresses

Lately I have been shopping online quite a bit. I buy mostly from my suppliers. It’s really tempting when I see new arrivals everyday, all at wholesale and reseller prices! The shopping queen in me just cannot help adding item after item into the shopping cart! The process of adding a product into the shopping cart, waiting for the parcel to arrive, opening the parcel and trying out the new clothes is really thrilling and addictive. Now my wardrobe is bursting with clothes and I am having a hard time choosing my clothes as I can barely move the clothes hangers to see what I have. I have given away several new and hardly worn clothes to a close friend recently. I still have to find more space in my wardrobe to make way for more new clothes 😀 I should spend some time to organize selling some of my pre-loved clothes rather than leave them dusty in the wardrobe.

Today I spent over an hour doing virtual window shopping. I was searching for party dresses for our school reunion party in December this year and stumbled upon this online store that specializes in formal party and dinner dresses.

I really love this pastel yellow Chiffon A-line V-neck Floor-length Beading Prom Dress. Not everyone looks great in yellow. I wish I’d look great wearing yellow without looking like a walking yellow banana ha!

Chiffon A-line V-neck Floor-length Beading Prom Dresses #JCD02018912

This Chiffon A-line Sweetheart Sweep Train Beading Prom dress in orange looks resplendent and elegant. But the problem is many of my favorite colors don’t look too good on my skin. Orange, purple and yellow are just some of the colors that just don’t blend in with my skin color.




Chiffon A-line Sweetheart Sweep Train Beading Prom dresses #JCD02016896

I think I should just stick to ‘safe’ down-to-earth colors like black and grey as these colors bring out the best of my skin color. And I still think that I look better in short dresses as I don’t have the height to carry long dresses. How’s this Lace Satin Ball Gown Scoop Neck Short/Mini Beading Prom Dress?
Lace Satin Ball Gown Scoop Neck Short/Mini Beading Prom Dresses #JCD02018700


Head over to kissmissie if you are looking for some elegant bandage dresses at affordable prices.


One-Stop Mobile Shop For Buying And Selling

The other day, the mil was spring-cleaning the kitchen cabinets as they were bursting with containers. She fished out a stack of cute lunch boxes and water bottles that have been sitting inside the kitchen cabinets for yonks. They were mostly gifts and some were purchased by this shopping queen via impulse buying 😀  She asked me to give those containers away since she has never seen anyone of us using them before.  I told her that I will sell them online. Too ‘sayang’ to give them away as they are mostly brand new.  So yup, I now have to find some buyers for my stash of cute lunch boxes and water bottles.

Coincidentally, I just found out about this mobile marketplace called Shopee designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions. All I have to do is to snap pictures of what I want to sell and post it on Shopee, that easy!

I have just installed the Shopee app onto my Samsung android phone. And I can start to sell anything that I want at the touch of a few buttons!  Shopee Guarantee ensures that the seller ships only after the buyer has paid, and the buyer’s payment is transferred to the seller only after receiving the product. Shopee aims to create a simple and secure mobile marketplace for everyone to buy and sell, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits Of Selling & Buying On Shopee vs Instagram
1. Free for all
Shopee app is free for all smartphone users (Android and iOS) to download and use. Shopee does not charge in any way, it is a platform for sellers to explore without having the concerns of payment.

2. Privacy Matters
With the “Chat” function, conversation is kept within the app and personal between seller and buyer.  Does not require the seller to expose personal contact details to buyers.

3. Easy payment
i. Buyers can make payment for all items via credit card and online banking. No hassle of having to go to the machine to make payment.
ii. Sellers can avoid the hassle of having to cross check all bank transfer/payment made via credit card or online banking for their items. Shopee will do all the matching to ensure all payment is correct.

4. Shopee at your service
Shopee customer service is always a call away to provide support for all matters regarding Shopee service from payment, to delivery status right up to product quality.


5. Expand your horizons
With Shopee, as a seller you will be able to widen your customer base while for buyers, experience great deals and shop anytime, anywhere.

6. Social media
Share your favourite items or your own store with your friends and family on social media.

How to get started?
First step – you can download the  Shopee app via

Goodies especially for my dear readers…

You can now shop on Shopee with the given discount voucher as listed below.

ii)  Code Value : RM10.00

iii) Usage : Shopee marketplace – storewide

iv)  T&C :  Minimum spend of RM30, valid for one-time use only and applicable to all items at the Shopee marketplace.

Promo code must be entered at the Checkout page.

Applicable to payments involving Shopee Guarantee (credit, card, online banking & bank transfers only)

Further information can be found at the following sites:
1) Official Website:
2) Official Facebook:
3) Official Instagram:



Giveaway – Cute Hello Kitty Bags From Ensogo!!

Hear ye, hear ye fans of Hello Kitty!!  Here’s a chance for you to win a super duper cute and unique Hello Kitty bag in the Ensogo Shop And Win contest!

From 15 through 30 September 2015, you can partake in a Shop And Win contest organized by Ensogo, Southeast Asia’s premier online shopping portal.  The 3 prizes would be 3 super duper cute Hello Kitty bags, as shown in the photos below:



Here’s what you have to do in the Ensogo Shop And Win contest from 15 through 30 September 2015,:

  1. Shop at Ensogo online shopping portal
  2. As soon as you have received your product/order from Ensogo, snap a picture of the item.
  3. Post your item purchased from Ensogo in your Facebook page and state “Love my xxxxx (your item) ordered online from Ensogo!”
  4. In your Facebook posting, link  the word Ensogo to the Ensogo website: and state how easy and convenient it is to shop online at Ensogo.
  5. Email your Facebook posting link / URL to Health Freak Mommy at
  6. The 3 winners of the Hello Kitty bags will be announced in this blog by early October 2015

Best of all — there is NO MINIMUM amount of cash to be spent in your shopping at Ensogo!  Awesome pawsome right?

So what are you waiting for? Quick hop over to Ensogo to start shopping now!!  You can also download Ensogo’s mobile app to shop on the go. For those of you looking for baby strollers, Ensogo is having a stroller offer now.

Ensogo is also starting off an Offline Event for the contest to win Hello Kitty products today (Tuesday, 15 Sept 2015)  at the Kelana Jaya LRT station from 2pm-5pm

Details: Ensogo Malaysia Quiz
Location: Kelana Jaya LRT station, PJ
Time: 15 September 2015, 2pm-5pm

If you are available today, head over to the Kelana Jaya LRT Station to stand a chance to grab Ensogo cash vouchers and exciting Hello Kitty goodies!

All the best!!


Freedom At Last!


Alycia’s UPSR exam is finally over!  Today, she brought back some of the UPSR test papers marked by her anxious school teachers while the answer sheets have been sent for marking  by MoE appointed teachers. Now we roughly know how many As Alycia will be getting!

Did you read the article from Sin Chew Daily today which reported that this year’s UPSR Chinese test paper is way beyond the level for Year 6 pupils? It reported that the questions were of similar difficulty level with SPM (Form 5) Chinese test paper!  Now they are considering lowering the minimum mark for scoring ‘A’ for this year’s UPSR Chinese test paper.  And I am feeling hopeful! 🙂

Though Alycia still needs to sit for her school’s final exam in three weeks’ time (for subjects not tested in the UPSR exam), we will enjoy our freedom first!  Today she told me a list of things that she wants to do. She has a couple of school trips to attend and her bunch of besties will be having another get together at our place again. Next, she wants to buy a new pair of sneakers. It’s been almost a year since I last bought her shoes.

I don’t like buying expensive shoes for my kids as they outgrow them really fast.  Sneakers that  are of Alycia’s taste are pretty expensive here. Thus, this time, I will buy them online from malls like Taobao. The only problem would be  I have never shopped directly from China retailers and I am a pure yellow banana who does not know Chinese. My friend who does online shopping from Taobao regularly referred me to a taobao agent who will help us to do the ordering.

Check out this funky sneakers.  It’s a steal at RM12.08 only and available at Taobao.




I’ll need a few days to browse the Taobao website as there are tens of thousands of products listed there. I may want to get some household stuff too. I hope my first experience shopping at this Alibaba owned website will be pleasant without any fuss.

Have you shopped at Taobao before? Would love to read your comments on your experience shopping at Taobao 🙂


The Best Place To Shop For Cheap Formal Dresses and Wedding Gowns

My hubs spent over RM10,000 on my wedding gowns (rented ones only), photography and video 15 years ago. This amount is a pretty large amount now, what more 15 years ago. And we were not completely satisfied with the wedding photos. We felt conned by the sales people from the bridal studio with really convincing words and skills to make us part with our money. But we later realized how contriving they were. We don’t even hang our over-sized wedding photo on the wall as it looks really out of place in our small condo unit. Plus, hubs hated how he looked in those photos with stiff fake smiles and all. Our girls will ROTFLOL whenever they see their daddy with those fake smiles in hilarious stiff poses. I can’t help laughing at them too. Big regret!

If we could do it all over again now, we would definitely ditch the studio photos and go au naturel with candid shots done outdoor with minimal make-up and natural hair-do sans stiff hair spray. I’ll just get one or two wedding gowns or cheap formal dresses from online stores like

If we could do it all over again, I would choose to have a beach or garden wedding with no fancy shmancy hotel wedding dinner.  A wedding reception followed by a cocktail dinner among relatives and close friends will suffice.

Check out this Sexy Sweetheart A-Line Floor-Length Backless Beach Wedding Dress. I love it! SUPPLIES Sexy Sweetheart A-Line Floor-Length Backless Beach Wedding Dress  Simple Wedding Dresses SUPPLIES Sexy Sweetheart A-Line Floor-Length Backless Beach Wedding Dress  Simple Wedding Dresses (4)

This Elegant Sweetheart-Neckline Knee-Length Wedding Dress from is now on a very special price of only AUD$126.84 (normal price is AUD$268.37). SUPPLIES Elegant Sweetheart-Neckline Knee-Length  Wedding Dress Beach Wedding Dresses

If you are on the larger size, fret not.  Beformal carries a good selection of plus size wedding gowns and plus size formal dresses. Just click on this link to browse those gorgeous gowns.

Beformal is an Australia-based online store specializing in cheap formal dresses and wedding gowns. They ship their gowns internationally. 

Do bookmark Beformal’s website. Who knows you’ll be searching for some cheap formal dresses australia, bridesmaid dresses or cheap wedding gowns very soon!