Jinx Tuesday

Four years ago, I fell flat on the hard tarred road while running outside, resulting in a very nasty injury to both my palms with open wounds so bad that I could see raw flesh that stung to the core of my bones each time I wet my hands.  The wounds only healed after about 3-4 weeks. Healing was very slow as I had to wet my hands all the time — washing butt, cleaning and cooking.  Ask a SAHM or WFHM what could be one of the worst things to happen to her and she’ll tell you injury to her hands coz even if she has injured her hands, by hell or high water, she still has to find a way to get the house chores done and have 3 meals placed on the dining table.  Thus, I am always very careful not to injure my hands. If I can’t use my hands, everything will come to a standstill at home.

This morning the same jinx happened to me.  I was brisk walking downhill and accidentally tripped and fell flat, landing on my chin and both my palms *OUCH* 😖😭

During the landing of the fall, my left fingers, in particular the second and third fingers were badly bent over. For a moment, I thought I had fractured my fingers as the pain was really bad.  The skin on some parts of my palms and fingers was also partially grazed off. But the injury this time ain’t as serious as the one that happened four years ago.  Driving is difficult as my left fingers hurt at every movement. I can barely bend or straighten my fingers now.  Even simple tasks like pressing the flush button on the water cistern and opening the door are quite impossible for my left hand now 😓

Good thing is though my chin landed on the hard textured bricks, there was only a superficial bruise.

Medical Check-Up And Blood Tests

My medical check-up and blood works this year have shown favorable and non-favorable results.

I’ll start with the non-favorable ones first.

The fibroid in my uterus is still there and is still causing me heavy periods with blood clots every month. The pattern of blood flow will be one month heavy, the next month super heavy and the following month mildly heavy. The  position of the fibroid sitting in my uterus is causing all the heavy bleeding.  The fibroid is also splitting the uterus into half.  Red flag 🔺

The moment I stepped into my gynae’s clinic, her first comment to me was my very pale complexion. She ordered me to have a total blood count test carried out urgently.

Next is the breast ultrasound scan which shows a cyst in each breast. They do not look malignant. Anyhow, I have been referred to a doctor specializing in breast for monitoring. Again, breast lumps in my case is genetic, as with fibroids, as my mum is also very prone to getting them.

As the total blood count report only came in 2 hours later, I had to make another trip to the hospital to see my doctor after 2 days.  My total blood count is 6g/dL. Normal range is 12 – 16.  A reading of 5 is near death in some cases.  Can you see how low it is now?!!  My doctor is very concerned that after my next period, I may collapse and require a blood transfusion! In fact, she asked if I’d like to do a blood transfusion like NOW!  Big red flag!! 🔻

The doctor wants me to have a keyhole surgery done to have the fibroid removed, albeit this procedure only allows about 90% of the fibroid to be removed.  Moreover, there is high chance that the fibroid will grow again. The only way to stop the growth of the fibroid is the onset of menopause.  Yeah, blame it on the hormones.  I have never looked forward to reaching menopause but now I am having a change of mind 😱

The other option that my gynae proposed is for me to start on Esmya. Esmya is used to treat moderate to severe symptoms of uterine fibroids, which are benign tumors of the uterus, in adult women who have not yet reached the menopause.  Cost aside (over RM600 a box), I am not keen on taking this drug due to its side effects, one of which is a slightly increased risk of ovarian, uterine or cervical cancer.

My doctor has referred me to another gynae specializing in fibroids and I will be seeing him in 2 days.

The good news is that my cholesterol level has gone down!  From 6.4 mmol/L in February 2016, it went down to 5.8 mmol/L in August 2016. The latest reading (January 2017) shows 4.9 mmol/L.  I am so happy that my altered diet, exercise and continued consumption of Izumio and Super Lutein have helped to bring the reading down. My doctors had previously warned me that it would be very hard to bring the cholesterol reading down as I have genetic high cholesterol but I did it!  Praise the Lord!  Thank goodness I did not listen to their advice to start on a course of Statin.

I now have about 2 weeks before my next period starts and I feel like Count Dracula – busy gorging down on red meat, red dates (organic ones), cockles, goji berries, black strap molasses, eggs, spinach, beet root, red beans, iron tabs and everything red to shore up my red blood cells before the next war of blood begins! Survive I must!!

Health Freak Mommy is 42!

A year older but a year wiser.  I turned 42 yesterday!   Sometimes people think I am at the wrong side of 40 (and even 30 at times!) and I feel flattered.  You can be as old as the hills but as long as you feel young at heart, age is nothing but numbers.

The best gifts that God has ever given me are my 3 angels and to be able to celebrate my birthday with them is the best gift I can ever ask for.


“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”
― Audrey Hepburn

The girls made me birthday cards days before my birthday.  In the morning, my drama queen prepared breakfast for me.  Later, Cass played a birthday song for me on her keyboard, followed by Alycia on her guitar and Sherilyn dedicated a dance move to me.  You can view the video of her dancing to Meghan Trainor’s Lips Are Moving by hopping to my other blog 🙂




Nuts Over Coconut Milk And Everything Coconut

Did I mention before that I have this craze over santan (coconut milk) and everything coconut?  I love to eat santan in all forms.  I drink it neat, as in how I would drink regular cow’s milk.  I love to add santan into our rice.  I love it in tong sui (sweet soup) and absolutely love cakes and kuih that have santan in them.  Once, I convinced the tong sui seller to sell all her remaining coconut milk  to me.  She had a jaw-dropping moment when I told her that I drink it neat, just like that!   She thought that I was crazy to be gulping down coconut milk, haha!  Now she knows me well.  She would always invite me to buy all her left-over santan and I will gladly accede.

Last week, I bought 3 packets of fresh coconut milk from my regular veggie and meat seller.   I drank half a packet and used the other half to cook rice for the girls.  The other 2 packets of coconut milk were deep freezed.

Yesterday, I added a quarter packet of half thawed coconut milk into my red bean tong sui.   Half thawed coconut milk tastes very much like coconut sorbet.  So imagine having coconut sorbet in your chilled red bean tong sui.  Ah, such bliss and gives me an instant surge in serotonin (feel good hormone)!

My mug of chilled red bean sweet soup with ice coconut sorbet.    A cup  of this goodness can give me the same kick as an O, ha ha ha!



Food For Thought:

Weight Loss
New research has revealed that not eating enough fat can actually make you fat. According to Bruce Fife, N.D. in his article “The Fat that Can Make You Thin,” people who include more healthy fats in their diet, such as the medium-chain triglycerides in coconut milk, eat less than those who don’t get enough fat. While all fats help the body feel full and satiate the brain receptors that control appetite, the fat in coconut milk may increase metabolism and perhaps increase weight loss on a reduced-calorie diet.

Healthy Skin and Hair
Coconut milk is highly nutritious when ingested, and these nutrients may help fortify and condition skin and hair as well. The fatty acids in coconut milk are a natural antiseptic and may help treat dandruff, skin infections, wounds and dry, itchy skin. Furthermore, the high fatty acid content in coconut milk serves as a natural moisturizer for healthy skin and may help repair wrinkles and sagging in aging skin.



Purging Of The Mind

I am so in the mood to write today! After days of having a constipated mind, I finally purged out all that I wanted to write in my blogs today. Today, I transferred all the pictures that I had taken using my phone and uploaded them into my Photobucket. I feel so detoxed after purging my mind out LOL!

Today, I wrote a total of 6 posts in my 3 blogs, including sponsored ones. I know this is really nothing to shout about as I used to write 20 over posts in a day 6 years ago (pre-Cassandra days), during my heydays of earning USD from the internet. I am still earning from the US advertisers but have scaled down considerably. But writing 6 posts is considered a feat for me these days, given that I have much more on my plate right now, have another child to mind and am now without the help of a live-in maid.

Today, I also felt spirited enough to pick up the phone to make a call to speak to the principal of Sherilyn’s enrichment centre to tell her all that I wanted to with regard to Sherilyn’s weakness in her Chinese composition. I told her what I wanted her to do, along with her teachers in order to help Sherilyn improve her Chinese composition before the next exam in July.

All of a sudden, I felt I got back my mojo. Could it be due to the weather or my intrusive hormones wrecking havoc within? Well, the weather this evening is gloomy and not as hot and hazy as it was the past few weeks. I have always felt that my mood is controlled by the darn fickle weather. I am in a cheerier mood when the weather is cooling and feel screwed up when the sun is scorching ferociously at us.

I hope my mojo stays with me and won’t ditch me any time soon. She seems to come and go, playing tricks on my mind!

My Daily Fitness Regimen

I hardly bring along my mobile phone with me when I exercise in the morning as it is too cumbersome to pocket a phone bigger than my palm in my shorts or waist pouch when I run. Today, I started a tad late to exercise as it was drizzling and the gym is the only place I could go to… but we can only gain entry into the gym at 7am. So I brought along my mobile phone to snap a picture of this….

The above air walker is literally reserved for ME from day one as no one but ME would be in the gym yet the moment we can gain entry into the gym with our access cards at 7am sharp.

At 7am, the gym is normally devoid of fitness junkies except for me or my hubs if he does not have to leave the house early to work.  So I will normally have the gym all to myself, while I read my newspapers and exercise on this air walker. I can even let out whatever vile sounding gases from my upper and lower tract without fear of embarrassing myself muahahahahahaaaa!!

If you have yet to resolve to start on an exercise regimen to keep yourself trim, fit and healthy, do start today. You do not have to sign up with a well-known gym for thousands of bucks. I do not believe in splurging a lot of money to lose weight.  A simple walk or run round your neighborhood at least 4-5 times in a week costs you nothing but you have everything to gain from this healthy regimen 😉  And oh yes, always remember to cut down on your food portion and stay away from unhealthy food.  Where there’s a will, there’s always a way, trust me.

Melagel For My Open Wounds

Time flies. Today is the 8th day after my bad fall on the road during my routine morning jog. I injured both my palms very badly and had open wounds on both palms. The left hand is more severe. As the impact of the fall was very strong, both my hands are very weak now and is still bruised on the left palm. The veins and upper arms are still achy as of today.

On the first day of the fall, I applied Dettol cream. On the 2nd day, I applied Melaleuca oil aka tea tree oil and Betadine cream but little did I know that the oil and cream stung my flesh till I felt giddy. The sting lasted for an hour, during which time, I could feel the oil going into my veins and stinging my entire arms, gosh!  For 2 days I suffered. Stupid me. I should have asked the pharmacist or ask my doctor friend if I could apply ointment onto an open wound directly. On the 3rd day, I applied Melagel from Melaleuca and VOILA, NO PAIN wor!!  I was so relieved when there was no sting after application of Melagel. Since the 3rd day up until today, I have been applying nothing by Melagel and Renew (both from Melaleuca) on my wounds and had both wounds bandaged up as I had to wet my hands all the time (tough life I have!) and have to use the mouse to type most of the time.  I leave my wounds unbandaged during bed time so that the wounds can dry up fast. Today is the 8th day and I am so happy that I do even need to bandage up my wound when I bathe Cass.  However, I still put on a pair of plastic gloves when I wash the dishes or have my hands in contact with dish washing liquid or detergent.

This is the wound on day 1 of the accident. Fresh wound, red with blood and hurt till I felt giddy. Can you see the flesh shining? That hurt the MOST!

My left hand today.  My left hand has a very deep gash on the palm with a small chunk of flesh scraped out by the tarred road.   After 6 days of Melagel topical application, the open wound has closed and I can see a layer of  pinkish skin growing 🙂  Thank God my palms did not turn gangrenous, had no pus and I do not even need to get sutures to close up the open wound.

Though the wound has healed fast, my hands are still feeling a tad weak and I cannot even price open a mangosteen. Darn the basket of mangosteen sitting in my kitchen, luring me each time I walk into the kitchen. I am so going to buy a huge bag of mangosteen to wallop when I regain POWER on my hands and can whack open each mangosteen in just 3 seconds LOL!

Bad Morning

It was a jinxed morning for me.  This morning during my morning jog round the neighborhood, I saw a mad dog chasing a man on a bicycle. I turned back to check if the man was OK and if the dog was going to chase me too but shit, I tripped and flew straight down on the hard tarred road, landing on both the palm of my hands.  The skin on my palm on both hands were badly scraped off and there was a lot of blood.  Well, the man who was chased by the dog was unscathed and he gave me a good “I’m OK but you are NOT!” stare as he cycled passed me, shit!  My hand hurt like hell, up until now.  There were scratches all over  my skin beneath my sports top.  I don’t mind getting my hands hurt if I had nothing to do but sit and watch TV.  But I have household chores to do, lots of typing on the PC, a 4YO girl to bathe and wash up. My hands are my no. 1 assets and now they are so injured. Shit shit shit.  I am feeling so lousy now.  Thank God it was not my wrists that were injured, else I would have bled to death while scurrying home.

Blurred pic of my fresh wound, taken by Cass.. it was her first time snapping pic using my digital camera.  My hands are now plastered and I need to put on a pair of plastic gloves when I am working in the kitchen and bathroom.  I am going to suffer for the next 1 week. Hate this injury as it is slowing down my work. My palms are still throbbing with pain and had turned blue black now.

Any volunteers tonight??  I want to cry each time I see a pile of dishes in the wet kitchen…

I Am Katsaridaphobia!

I have a confession to make as regards my fears.  Among fear of heights, I am Katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches) and am also a wee bit entomophobia, i.e. fear of insects with flappy wings! I fear roaches so much that I would have bad dreams about it every now and then. Yes even at this old age! Recently, I found out that my eldest daughter does NOT have this phobia and YAY, I am mega relieved!!  And happy!  Coz my soon-to-be 9YO daughter will be able to save me from the mental torment of facing  those ugly and stinky creatures that invade my peace and privacy everyday.  Though I keep my house clean, yet these ugly pests find it a pleasure to pay it a visit everyday… and at the places that I least expect them to be like on our dining table or the tray that we place our toothbrushes (the monster’s favorite hideout somemore, eeeeweeee!!!).

Just this morning, Alycia saved the horrified situation by using just a few pieces of toilet paper to catch that bronze creepy creature creeping on our toothbrushes (EEEWE and FREAKS!!!) with her hand and swiftly flushing it down the toilet.  Once done, I was uber proud of my baby and gave her a pat on her shoulders and said “good job Alycia!” while breaking out in a silly yet relieved laughter, LOL!!

I read that one of the ways to overcome the phobia of cockroaches is by exposing oneself to it!! I don’t think I can do it. For someone who is mentally strong (for those of you who read my blogs, you’ll know what I had gone through with Cassandra), I have to succumb to those ugly, stinky creatures and run to grab the can of bug spray while screaming the moment I see the most feared pest!

Anyone here has a phobia of roaches too?

My First Mother’s Day Card From My Blog Reader!

When I received a pink envelope with my name written on it 3 days ago, I wonder who had sent me a card. It was sent to our old address. I thought it was probably a card from those jewelry shops or from my insurance agent. When the envelope was ripped off, I was pleasantly surprised to see a handmade Mother’s Day card with hand-written words. It was from one of my blog readers, turned customer and cyber-friend. I would never had expected to receive a Mother’s Day card from my blog readers.   e-Cards I have received plenty but a card sent by snail mail, that’s a rarity in this day and age!

On the first page of the card was a neatly hand-sewn cross-stitch letter of S, which is the initial of my name Shireen. The rectangular piece of cloth has neatly sewn sequins on the 4 borders.

On the inside of the card was a hand-written note to me. The card was post-dated to 13 May 2012, which is the actual day of Mother’s Day. I cannot tell you how touched I was to have received this hand-made card.  Thanks very much ST!

To all mothers out there, here’s wishing you a very happy mother’s day. I wish you’ll have a very joyous time celebrating this special day on Sunday! Let you hair loose, forget about the laundry and dusty floor. Pamper yourself from head to toe or simply have a special meal with the loved ones of your life.

** Happy Mother’s Day to my own mummy and thanks for being a loving and caring mother as well as granny to the girls 🙂