Post Surgery – Day 3

Ever since my discharge from the hospital, I have been treated like a woman in confinement. I eat confinement food, drink red dates + blue dates + tong sum tonic everyday, not allowed to shower more than once a day lest the wound gets infected (though the dr. has given me the green light to shower), not allowed to get out of the house, not allowed to walk too much, coerced to lie down in bed to rest though I am not tired, not allowed to carry heavy things and do heavy house work.

So I got my little darlings to help me with the chores. Cass would always help me to carry the pail of laundry to the clothes rack and I would be seated on a chair while I hang the clothes. Can you spot who is helping me wipe the floor in the pic below?

Yesterday I had visitors at home. They brought along some goodies for me from fruits to chicken essence, red dates, bak chang, kuih and some delish pies from Kenny Hills Bakers.

Colorful handcrafted angku kueh made from natural colors and ingredients and tapioca balls from Cute Cute Angku.

These angkus are totally out of this world. The colorful skin is super soft and chewy, filled with a generous amounts of mung bean filling which is not overly sweet nor cloy.

Delish pies from Kenny Hills Bakers.

These pies, made with top-flight ingredients are some of tastiest commercial pies I have tasted. I especially love the mushroom truffle pie and slow-cooked beef pie. But the tastiest pies are still the ones made by my talented Drama Queen 😊

This morning I received a call from SYMC that is troubling me quite a bit.  Out of the RM26,000 hospitalization bill, the insurance company is not covering the cost of the power morcellator and the morcellator bag, totalling almost RM6,000.  I have enlisted the help of my insurance agent to help me fight this claim. Do pray for me that we win our case 💪 Thank you folks💓

After School Snacks

Wednesdays are CoCo (CoCurricular) days. Drama Queen and Cass will be home late, at around 4ish pm. Whenever they are back from school, they look and behave like feral dogs — they will dart straight to the kitchen to check every nook and corner in search for food.  At the sight of food, they will stuff them quickly into their mouths, as if they have not eaten for days! Don’t get me wrong. They bring food to school everyday. I feed them well.

Below – Cass’ snacks after CoCo yesterday (Wednesday). She had a packet of Izumio hydrogen water, papaya, a piece of ginger + spice biscuit, grandma’s fresh-from-the-oven palm sugar butter and almond meal cup cake and  a mug of sugar-free Hershey’s cocoa milk. She walloped all these down and 2 hours later, she had a heavy dinner!


My girls are growing up really fast. They are no longer the little ones that need coaxing to finish the food. Drama Queen has come a long way. For 6 years of her life, I had to endure with her storing food in her mouth at every meal. On some nights, she would sit at the dining table from 6 – 10pm struggling to finish her bowl of rice + dishes; often she fell asleep at the dining table with food still stored in her mouth. Now, she is the champion of the 3 girls when it comes to eating.

With 3 fast growing girls, the dishes on the dining table are ALWAYS polished off clean. And I have to replenish the stockpile of  snacks in the pantry every SINGLE DAY.

Honey, now you know why I have to do grocery shopping every single day!! 🍗🍕🍔🍎🍏🍒🍖🍱 🙀


5th Day Of School Holidays – 30 Nov 2016

The 5th day of our school holidays today was spent at Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall.  Traffic into the malls was horrendous. All the car park entrances into the 2 malls showed FULL on the screen and I had no choice but to inch my way into the Premium car park and luckily got myself a place to park immediately.  I paid a frigging RM12 after spending 5 hours at the mall!

The reason why we were at the mall was because Drama Queen had a farewell party to attend at Mega Kidz.  Two of her classmates will be leaving the school – one of them will be returning to the UK and the other girl switching to an international school.

While my car was stuck in the bumper to bumper crawl, I saw a pedestrian bridge on my right side still under construction. It connects Mid Valley Megamall to Eco City on the other side of the road where massive construction of buildings are on-going.  I was thinking to myself just how convenient it is for residents and tenants of those buildings to just walk across the pedestrian bridge to the malls when it is completed later.  But…. a mere 2 hours later, I heard from the radio on my drive back home that the same bridge had collapsed! Just like that. Oh. My. God!!  One worker is killed and two others are still buried under the rubble. Please God, help them out!!

Life is so fragile, unexpected and fleeting. Now you see it but the next moment, it may be gone in a flash of light. It can be the life of a human, an airplane in the air or a majestic building standing strong, down to ground zero.

So live everyday as if it were your last.  Throw all your grudges, anger and worries out of your window at the end of each day.  Can you do that?

While Drama Queen partied away with her classmates, Alycia spent all her time at Borders with her grandma while Cass and I went for retail therapy 😀

Dinner was takeout KFC, burger and nuggets (swoon!), porridge with crispy yau char kuai and horse hoof (mah keok) (double swoon!) and my favorite Puteri Ayu kuih from Nyonya Colors.  We have not eaten these sinful holiday treats for so long, especially KFC and how the girls and I enjoyed them. Thank you to the mil for the treat.  After noshing down all these less-than-healthy yummylicious grub, everyone downed a packet of Izumio hydrogen and antioxidant water to wash away the heatiness.

During dinner at home, the girls and I had some good tummy exercises laughing till our midriff hurt and eyes teared over Drama Queen’s antics and melodramatic-ness (if there’s such a word to describe her).  Life is never a dull moment when you have a Drama Queen or King at home. It would be a waste if she does not turn out to be an actress or stand-up comedian in future, I always tell Drama Queen that.

After dinner, Alycia and Drama Queen read through all the old postings from my blogs and had a good laugh.  Then I overhead them saying “why did mummy post all these in her blogs? All our embarrassing moments are exposed in her blogs. And my friends read her blogs. Evil mummy!!”


Holiday Activity – Cookie Baking

This idea was entirely Drama Queen’s.  And I entrusted her with the entire task as I knew she could handle it pretty well.  Except for helping her with the oven and checking on the doneness of the cookies, Drama Queen enlisted the help of her 2 side-kicks on this holiday cookie baking project today.

She got the recipe from her favorite You Tuber – LaurDIY, which is sugar-free banana chocolate chips cookies.

The 3 girls had a whale of a time in the kitchen. I was too busy with work to supervise. And they were so glad that I wasn’t there to poke my nose in their job.

Cass – I am so happy that this whole thing is WITHOUT adult supervision! Shoo shoo mummy!  We can handle this!

The outcome of the cookies was not bad.  The cookies were crispy on the outside and slightly soft in the inside. It’s like eating crispy banana muffins.  Weight watchers will love this cookie as it is sugar-free and made from organic unbleached flour.  The sweetness comes entirely from the ripened bananas.  I must say that it’s pretty good, coming from 3 girls under 13 years old who treated this as a real life child’s play masak-masak.

Even the girls’ favorite kakak Maria has 2 jars of cookies to bring home today 🙂


Involving Kids In Household Chores

It took my daughters and me over 2 years to get used to our life without a live-in maid, since our live-in maid of 4 years returned to Indonesia for good. My daughters have had at least a maid at any one time all their lives to care for them until 2 years ago. In 2005, we had 2 live-in maids. That was the year Sherilyn was born.  Alycia was only 14 months when her sister was born. And I was still holding a full-time job.  Thus we hired 2 live-in maids.

We have had  live-in maids for over 10 years, way back to even before Alycia was born. Life back then with a live-in maid was such a luxury. I’ve had my minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep each night and never had to worry about having to do any house chores.  All that changed 2 years ago when our live-in maid decided to return to start a family in Indonesia. Since then, I am only limited to a maximum of 5 hours of shut-eye each night. Every single school-going day, I’d feel zombified.  Some people don’t really need to sleep while some cannot function without sufficient sleep. I am the latter.

Ever since kakak Dyah left in August 2012,  I have never liked the idea of cooking and eating at home.  Cooking means having to wash the dishes, clean the kitchen, mop the floors, dry the clean dishes and keep them. I was terrified and tired of the whole freaking process.  When kakak Dyah just left, I tried the daily home catered food but stopped short just after a month. I actually tried twice  and in both cases, I was already sick of the food on the third day!  I still remember during my second try with another home caterer, I  gave the food away to the guards at our condo everyday for the entire month!  Instead, I cooked simple yet delish food that the girls loved.  Gradually, I started to force myself to cook every day – at least once…. all for the love of my girls.  Beginning this year, which is the second year sans a live-in maid, I began to get the hang of cooking.  I then cooked twice a day!  Gradually, I have also learned to condition my mind to ‘like’ washing the dishes and accepted the fact that our kitchen is too small to ever fit in a dishwasher.  Though we have a part-time maid coming in almost 5 days a week, she however, is not very reliable in terms of attendance.  And we cannot push every single chore to her as we have a limit of 4 hours each time she works.

Over the period of 2 years, my girls have learned to accept that doing chores after each meal is COMPULSORY… and that chores are a part of their meals – like dessert! 😀    Looking back, I am very glad that my girls and I have come to where we are now.  When kakak Dyah just left, we ate out a lot.  Now, we are eating more at home.  The girls now know that  after each meal, they are to bring the dirty dishes to the wet kitchen.  The drama queen’s duty is to wash the dirty dishes.  Alycia’s duty is to wipe the chairs, dining table and pick up food from the floor.   Cass’ duty is to wipe the clean dishes and keep them.   And my duty is to wash the pots and pans (STILL HATE THIS CHORE!)  mop the floor, throw the garbage and everything else that needs to be done.  In fact, the girls prefer to eat home more than eating out and don’t mind flexing their limbs to help out, though they would bicker when they work.

Drama queen at work just now…

Alycia cleaning the table till it’s sparkling clean!  She’s a clean freak just like me 😀

Do you rope in your kids to help in the household chores?



Evening Activities In Ipoh – 22 December 2013

This is where the girls would normally play in the evening when we are back at my parents in Ipoh.

There is this Siamese temple sitting in front of a limestone cave with scenic view, located just a minute’s walk from my parents’ house. There are steep steps leading to the top of the temple. The girls and I would climb up the steps, play badminton at the temple ground and Cass would cycle in her tricycle.


Evening in Ipoh 22Dec2013 - 1



Evening in Ipoh 22Dec2013 - 2 Evening in Ipoh 22Dec2013 - 3





Girls’ Play – Guess My Expression

With 2 days being cooped up at home due to the haze, the girls ingeniously came up with fun activities and games to occupy their time.

The night before they resumed going to school, I told them to get ready some face masks. Moments later, I heard giggles and laughter coming from the bedroom. Alycia and her baby sister came up with this game called ‘Guess My Facial Expression’. Cass was to cover her mouth and nose with the face mask. Then, she would smile, frown or make an angry expression. And Alycia was to guess what expression Cass had made. They had so much fun playing this game which even I found it to be very entertaining and funny!

So you see. A face mask which cost less than a Ringgit each can be used to create so much fun and laughter and thereafter, to be worn to school 🙂

Bye Bye School, Welcome Holidays!

Today is Cass’ kindy’s parents-teachers day where the parents will meet the teachers and collect the child’s report card.  I wonder how she has fared in her first ever classroom style exam.  For BM, she has just started to master suku kata and has just started to get the hang of stringing the suku katas to form a word.  For English, her word recognition is still at beginner’s level.  Her Math is pretty good but she may have had problems reading the questions during the test.  I have been wondering how she coped reading the test papers.  Well, even if she gets red eggs for some papers, I ain’t going to scold her.  I will continue to read to her as often as I can find the time to. In the meantime, we are going to enjoy our 2 weeks school holidays before the grind begins  and school exams put the pressure on us again.

Tomorrow will be the kids’ teacher’s day celebration and class party.  And today, I will be a nice mummy as I will be buying JUNK FOOD for their class party tomorrow kekekeke 😀

The Girls Helped To Make Buckwheat Noodles

Last Saturday, grandma wanted to make buckwheat noodles (from scratch) for lunch.  With under 1 hour to knead the dough, cut the dough into strips, prepare the anchovies soup and all, so that rascal #2 could eat her lunch on time before going for ballet class, everyone stopped what they were doing to lend a helping hand in the kitchen.

And so, here are the 3 little helpers at work… one was kneading the dough, one was cutting the dough into strips and another was messing up trying to help.

We all enjoyed our bowl of buckwheat noodles with anchovies soup and an assortment of balls but the entire kitchen floor and kitchen tops were scattered with flour and dough!

Silver Lining Behind My Dark Cloud

Now that I have limited movements and usage on my injured hands, I have no choice but to rely on the little ones at home.  My girls have been pretty obedient since yesterday — helping to wash their own cups and plates after meals,  Cass bathed herself with me standing next to her telling her what to do, whilst Alycia helped me to towel dry Cass, put baby oil on her baby sister, combed her hair and helped Cass to put on a diaper before bedtime.  It’s really heartwarming to see my angels roping in to help me in dire straits.  I could even muster a laugh towards bed time.  I was feeling really down and in great pain the whole of yesterday but when I saw how my girls had helped me and cheering me on when I screamed out in pain during dressing of my wound (I cleaned the wound with alcohol swab, super OUCH!!), I got comfort and solace from my 3 cuties.    Even the mil asked me not to wash the dishes but stubborn me just cannot stand the oily floor after cooking. So I wore 2 layers of gloves (a pair of disposable plastic gloves followed by a pair of disposable rubber gloves) when I moped the floor and did simple chores…  in slow motion.  Today, my whole body felt as if I had carried 10kg of weights in the gym yesterday and I could barely stretch my hands to scratch my back!  The impact of the fall, landing my hands on hard, pokey tarred road had not only caused exposed wound but aches all over my body.

Alycia sacrificing 10 mins of her sleep time last night to help me wash Cass’ cup after her sister finished drinking soy bean milk. She also lent me a hand when I dressed up  my wound… while Cass and Sher cheered on and kissed me.

My filial daughter helping Cass to get ready  for bed last night. She was combing Cass’ hair here.

Fresh exposed flesh… as painful as my 3 C-sect ops!