Arrived in Auckland!

Here’s a picture of A & S with their mama upon arrival at the airport in Auckland about 3.5 hours ago.

Thanks to my bil who waited patiently at the airport.  The flight was delayed by 1.5 hours and by the time they were out, it was already close to 2am Auckland time.  Thank you also to him for keeping us all updated with pictures sent via our group chat in Whatsapp.

As usual, the drama queen must have some drama on the plane la.  She messaged me in Facebook just a moment ago, telling me that her lips were burning when she was eating her dinner on the plane.   Here’s our Facebook chat.  She also sent me a voice message…



To be continued with more pix of A & S in Auckland tomorrow… I really need to get my sleep now. It’s been a very tiring day for me today.  I also had a major heart-attack  when I could not find our passports anywhere just now!



Watery Porridge For The Fussy Rice Pot

This is the kind of ‘watery porridge’ that my fussy rice pot likes to eat, as  mentioned in my earlier post.

Alycia likes it that the rice grains still look, feel and taste almost like rice, just like how rice is eaten with soup.  If the consistency is thick, she finds it gross and hard to stomach!

This is the ‘watery porridge’ that I cooked for the kids’ dinner last night. I used one whole Ipoh ‘yim kook kai’ (salt baked chicken), carrots and sweet potatoes to cook the porridge.  And guess what? The fussy rice pot could not be happier with her watery porridge and she ate it again for lunch today. Since there was still some porridge left, she told me that she does not mind eating this for dinner as well tonight! LOL!  But of course they ain’t going to eat just porridge alone again.  I will be cooking some dishes to go with the porridge 🙂

My 2 Underaged Store Assistants

I almost flipped when I saw my stock at the door yesterday. My husband needed a trolley to push the boxes of stock back. There were over 100 pieces of Doomagic pillowcases, Disney Storybook Pillows, Sesame Street Sunglasses, Thomas Train sets, headbands, clothes and many more. I just didn’t know how to get started. But I had a light bulb moment again *ting ting!@@* Since Alycia had just finished her final exam, I roped both my older girls in to help me and they were excited, really excited and happy. Each time my stock of kids’ clothes and kids stuff arrive, they will be more excited than me.

Here you go, my 2 earnest store assistants helping me and I must say that they are really good, even Sherilyn… who managed to help me count my Doomagic pillowcases and the figures all tallied with my record!

After a hard day’s work, I rewarded them with something that they chose from my stock – Disney seals for them to do painting / stamping.

The parcels all ready at the door step, for the postman to collect them today. This is just 1/3 of the stock. I have some more stashed inside my cupboard and some lying in the living room When my soon-to-arrive stock comes next week, I will put them into pos laju flyer bags. I’ll bet my 2 earnest helpers will be more than glad to help mummy out *thank God for giving me girls!!*

Do check out my online store website, Old And New Stuff For Sale or my Facebook page (Facebook is more updated with new collection!) for trendy ladies and kids clothing and cool kids stuff at prices you will love!

Sherilyn’s Best Friend

There was a lantern party to celebrate mooncake festival at Sherilyn’s pre-school 2 weeks ago. The pre-school holds this party every year. The kids, their parents and the teachers will walk round the neighborhood holding the lanterns and then there will be a party inside the school. It’s a party that my girls look forward to attend every year.

At the party, I finally met Berlyn in person. Berlyn is Sherilyn’s best friend and I also had the chance to meet Berlyn’s mum and her entire family. It was great chatting with her and talking about our 2 vain pot daughters who call each other very often.

Birds of a feather flock together – see the 2 vain pots?  Will they be best friends forever?   Till today, I still remember my pre-school best friend’s name but we had lost contact with each other for decades. Hmm, time to look for her in Facebook!

Future Chefs

Since young, Alycia has a strong interest in culinary. She loves food and she loves cooking too. In fact, she loves watching Jamie Oliver, Anthonay Bourdain and AFC with me 🙂 If there’s anything that she truly loves to do, it has got to be cooking, painting and drawing. Well, swimming too 🙂

Here, she’s helping koong koong cook chicken stew….

… helping granny make crispy toasted cranberry french loaf slices

… Sherilyn and Alycia helping koong koong make pandan kaya. Later, there was a tug of war over the wooden ladle!!

… helping koong koong squeeze pandan leave juice….

I wonder if she will follow her daddy’s foot steps and take up a course in Hotel & Catering and Hotel Management. I won’t be surprised if she does.

Clandestine Eating

Whenever Alycia and Sherilyn (and even me!) want to eat junk food and Baby is having lunch or dinner at the dining table, we all have to go into secret hiding to eat in peace.  Baby is now not a baby anymore.  She has learned to love eating junk food – ice creams, cakes, biscuits, keropok, chips, etc, etc.  Who doesn’t like junk food eh?  They taste good and you get a rush from gorging on them haha!

Here, Alycia and Sherilyn are having a feast with ice-creams and they are hiding in the wet kitchen LOL!  I have to stand there on guard, lest the 2 monkeys try to creep out and tempt Baby. Yup, they just love tempting their baby sister, aargggghh!!!

Desa Fishing Sport

2 Sundays ago, hubs brought Alycia and Sherilyn fishing at Desa Fishing Sport @ Taman Danau Desa. I didn’t follow as Baby was taking her nap. Even if she wasn’t naping, I would not have followed as the weather was sweltering and that place is not a place for toddlers to go to. Albeit terribly hot and they came back with lobster red skin and soaked with sweat to the skin, Alycia and Sherilyn enjoyed themselves to the max. It was their first time fishing real fish and prawns (not toy fish and sea creatures). With around RM38 per pax (I think), they managed to fish out 4 huge prawns….

After fishing, hubs brought the girls swimming. Ah, what a fun-filled day for the girls who kept announcing “what a fun day we’ve had!”

And the poor fresh prawns landed in the pot for our dinner….. steamed fresh prawns with ginger.

Dancing Girls

2 Sundays ago, Sherilyn went for her mock ballet exam. On that Sunday, we were earlier invited by Jasmine to attend Shan Rae’s 2nd birthday party.  Too bad we could not attend. Shan Rae and Baby C share the same birthdate, i.e. 9 April 2008! It’s quite rare to find someone who shares the same birthday as you eh?

Here’s my Princess Wannabe in her ballet costume, with her hair tied up in a bun. The first time I tied a bun was exactly a year ago… for Alycia who had to sit for her mock ballet exam. After the exam, she quit ballet. Her interest in ballet waned a few months into ballet class.

Instead, Alycia prefers hip hop dance and can move and gyrate her body pretty well too 😀

Both Alycia and Sherilyn can do ballroom dancing pretty well too…. the cincai, free-style ballroom dance that is 😀

Very soon, Baby will join her jie jies in the dance….

New Bicycles For Alycia and Sherilyn

Daddy had promised Sherilyn that he will buy her a bicycle for her 5th birthday recently. But when he brought her to Toys R Us last month, there wasn’t any suitable bicycles. Last Sunday after having buffet lunch at Xenri Japanese restaurant, daddy went round searching for a bicycle shop and finally found one along Old Klang Road.

Not only did he buy a bicycle for Sherilyn, he also bought one for Alycia. I told Alycia that the bicycle will be her 7th birthday pressie in advance. Her birthday is only in December but I am very certain that daddy will soon forget about the bicycle and get her another birthday pressie.

The gals trying out the bicycles.

Baby loved this bicycle but it will be too much for daddy to pay for 3 bicycles. Moreover she can have Sherilyn jie jie’s tricycle and Alycia jie jie’s pink scooter all to herself now.

Sherilyn on her new bicycle. Daddy also bought them each a helmet – Alycia a red spiderman helmet and Sherilyn a pink girlish helmet.

Alycia on her new bicycle.