For Once

For once, my camera-shy girl asked me to snap a picture of her when she tried on Sherilyn’s glasses to clown around.  During the school holidays, when she is free from homework pressure, this girl has a way cheerier disposition vs. grumpy and crabby on school-going days.

If she sees this picture in my blog, I am certain I am going to hear her howler “mummy, why is this in your blog??!”

After the pix were snapped, she told me “don’t you dare put my pictures in your blog and Facebook!”

I have betrayed my daughter. Oh well… just hope she does not get to see this post muahahahahaha *evil grin*

goodie 2 shoes - 2


See the desktop computer in the girls’ room?  That was once mine and I gave it to the girls.  I bought a new desktop computer for myself.  Alycia and Sherilyn will have more projects to work on next year, of which the marks will be incorporated in the calculation of their position.  Thus, the girls will now have a computer each to do their projects without having to fight over the miserable laptop, like they used to.

SO, how do you like her new look?  I told her she looked like a goody two shoes haha!

goodie 2 shoes - 1




Kids Sleep The Darnest Ways

My 2 older brats refused to take their afternoon nap the other day. By 6pm, Alycia was wiped out. As for Sherilyn, haiz… this girl is hardly sleepy in the afternoon. My mil and I often have to resort to the cane to threaten her to take her nap…. coz if she doesn’t nap, she will be like a zombie by 7pm and would sit at the dining table, in a daze with food stored in her mouth.   Her energy level is amazingly at full bar most of the time. She would be singing, scribbling, climbing and hanging like a primate, playing and doing everything else but sleep.

Back to my story….

I was calling out to Alycia but there wasn’t any reply. After a few yells, Sherilyn said “mummy, look at jie jie” and pointed to her room with a sneaky smile. When I stepped into the room, lo and behold, I saw this fler all curled up and sleeping like this LOL:

Like that also can sleep wor hahaa…. kids are amazingly flexible and resilient. If only we adults can just be like them!

What’s She Up To?


Do you have any idea what Alycia is doing here? Alycia is stacking up her Crayola magic color pencils one on top of the other to see how long she can hold them straight up before it collapses. That’s how she entertains herself these days when I am too busy with Baby C.  Thankfully, she is quite independent now and can do most things by herself.

The Downside Of Attending Pre-School

Alycia has picked up another bad habit from pre-school. For the past one week, she loves to put her hands together with  both her forefingers pointing out and 2 thumbs straight up to form a ‘gun’ and she would say “piang, piang, piang”  as she says “I will kill you” to my mum. I have never shown her this before and have never said those words too.  I have also never given her the opportunity to watch such movies on TV.  I am very sure she had learned this from the little boys in pre-school. My mum and I were really shocked and displeased with this bad behavior and have warned her and scolded her but to no avail in stopping her from doing it. In fact, the more we reprimanded her, the more intense her actions were.  I notice that this is very common in kids and I hope it is just a passing phase that a toddler would go through.

“I Friend You, I Don’t Friend You”

Alycia has picked up a favorite line in pre-school recently.  Each time I scold her, she will say this to me as if she’s saying it to her classmates : “I don’t friend you already, I friend Kay Yi.”  She then goes to Sherilyn and say this :  “Kay Yi, come I friend you, I don’t friend mummy. Come and play with me.”    When Sherilyn ignores her, she will get upset and cries and begs Sherilyn to play with her. It’s really funny to see my 2 gals acting this way as it reminds me of my childhood days.  I used to say  “I don’t friend you already” or “I want to friend you” a lot when I was in primary school.  Today, Sherilyn has picked up this line from Alycia. When I scolded her for playing with water this morning, she said “I dowan to fren you di, I fren cheh cheh!”  *slaps forehead*

Sleeping Styles

This morning when I went into the gals’ room to wake them up, I saw them sleeping in this position.  Sherilyn’s place was supposed to be on the extreme left and I normally sleep in between them.  She must have crawled to Alycia’s place in her sleep.  Sherilyn has a tendency of crawling to Alycia’s place and snuggle next to her sister.  She seems to love the warmth of her sister!

Oh Wow Mummy!

Oh wow mummy, what is this

I am sure all kids will get tickled pink to see this fanciful mask. We were at this shop called Teddy Tales at Pavillion that sells fanciful masks and hair accessories.

Daddy was busy choosing the masks for the gals to try on and the gals, they were laughing away as they looked at themselves in the mirror.   Alycia and Sherilyn were really thrilled to pieces to see and try on those silly masks, though some looked quite creepy.   Daddy gets really happy when his 2 princesses are happy and having the time of their lives! 

What A Pose

Several days ago, hubby bought an Evan Almighty DVD for the gals. I normally won’t allow the gals to watch long movies but since this movie is a rendition of the modern Noah’s Ark, I’d allowed the gals to watch. One of Alycia’s favorite stories is also Noah’s Ark.

The gals were hooked to Evan Almighty. They loved watching the scores of animals lined up in twos clambering up the ark and the great flood coming. This picture was taken when Alycia watched Evan Almighty…. she was all wrapped up with the movie and was obviously oblivious that mummy had taken a pot shot of her… what a pose!

What’s It With The Nappies?

I don’t know what’s it with the nappies that Alycia and Sherilyn would go crazy over them. The white cloth nappies are one of their favourite ‘toys’ and they can think of all sorts of ways to play with the nappies from wrapping their soft toys with it like a baby, wiping the floor and table with it, drapping it round their shoulders like supergirl and today, Alycia draped it round her head and pretended to be ‘white riding hood’. When I tried to pull the nappy off her head before she went for her afternoon nap, she refused to let me touch it and cried for a while as I had untied and messed up the hood. So I had to drap the nappy back and secure it tightly to pacify her before quietly removing it when she’s soundly asleep. Siau or not you say?

I Can Buy 10 More Canes

This is a back-scratcher which I use to threaten the gals when they are naughty. Nope, I did NOT hit them till it’s broken but my 2 brats hated this cane so much till they found a way of destroying it.
When I saw that the back-scratcher was broken, I said this to the gals “you think you both can get away, mummy can buy 10 more canes from the pasar malam tomorrow”. Do I sound like an abusive mother?
I only have my smart genes to blame coz when i was younger, my elder brother and I always hid the cane and feather duster too ….. LOL!

I Want To Bathe With Mummy!!

Alycia and I have been taking our baths together for the last 3 days and she is enjoying every moment of it. That’s the only time she gets to spend time alone with mummy without her lil’ sister and she gets my FULL attention and TLC.

Today, I had taken my bath early in the morning when I returned from my morning jog as I was really sweaty and sticky. When it was time to bathe Alycia later mid morning, Alycia demanded to bathe with me, not me bathing her but she wants the both of us having our baths together. She kept screaming “mummy i want to bathe with you, you take off your clothes, take off your pants, next time you don’t bathe first, you bathe together with me.” She was really upset that she didn’t get to spend her time alone with mummy and was wailing, rolling and kicking on the floor for more than half an hour. Aiyoh…. i tell you, i was angry yet felt bad, a mixture of feelings. I’ve really gotten myself into trouble now as I know she will for the next few days demand to have her baths together with me.

Alycia Loves Seeing The Doctor

I found out today the real reason why Alycia always pretends to be sick. It’s no other reason than food again. After Alycia had recovered from cough recently, it’s Sher’s turn now and she’s got quite a bit of phlegm that irritates her throat and causes her to puke easily. I didn’t get to sleep the whole of last night coz the minute Sher coughed, I’d get startled and then I’d worry that she would puke. Today, we brought Sher to the paed’s office to get some medicine. If we go to this paed’s office located at Sri Petaling, daddy would surely bring us to Overseas Restaurant located a few doors away from the clinic to eat dim sum after seeing the paed.
As daddy made a turn into the road leading to the paed’s office, Alycia excitedly said “daddy, i want to eat dim sum”. My maid and I laughed coz for the past few days, she’s been pretending to cough whenever she hears her sister coughs and she’d say “mummy, i m sick, i want to see the doctor”. But mummy knows she’s just pretending as she wanted attention from me too. Today, I found out that her real reason is she wants to eat dim sum from Overseas Restaurant!

Why Did Alycia Do That?

Yesterday, Alycia did something that’s unimaginable and absolutely gross. After she had finished her milk before her afternoon nap, she went to drink water from her cup. She then picked her nose, dug out some ‘gold’ and flicked it into Sherilyn’s cup of water. I did not see her doing that but after her mischievous act, she ran to me feeling guilty yet thinks it’s funny and said “mummy, I put my nose poop into Kay Yi’s water”. I was fuming mad and asked why she did that. She just giggled and brushed the incident aside and took it with a pinch of salt. This is not the fist time she had done something so mischievous. She had previously done something similar like putting her ‘gold nugget’ into her her sister’s mouth. I just don’t understand why she had done something so gross and naughty as she absolutely knows that it is not right to do.

Little Ah Sow

Alycia has caught the ‘toy-obsession bug’ from her lil’ sis. All of a sudden, Alycia has developed an obsession with this Disney plastic bag that my mil brought back from Hong Kong weeks ago. Inside the plastic bag are her toy food, some Pooh Bear cards and some Lego blocks. Each night, she would bring with her this plastic bag filled with toys noisily clattering as she goes upstairs to her room and in the morning, she would carry the shabby plastic bag down, just like a little ‘ah sow’ (meaning middle-aged frumpy woman in cantonese) going to the market. Don’t you think she looks ridiculous?

Switching Places

3 days ago, Alycia and Sherilyn decided they wanted to switch places during dinner time. Alycia had wanted to sit on her sister’s high chair, use her bowl and insisted to eat cereal whilst Sherilyn agreed to sit on her cheh cheh’s booster seat, use cheh cheh’s bowl and eat her dinner without blending them.

I knew Alycia hates cereal and would never eat them (she never liked cereal when she was a baby) but I made her some cereal anyway to satisfy her whimps and fancies and also to prevent a meltdown during dinner. As I’d expected, the moment my maid put a small spoonful of cereal into her mouth, she spat it out, eyes turned watery and eeyweeeookkk……. wanted to puke, as seen in the picture below.

After trying hard to suppress herself from puking while choking and trying to cough out the remnance of the cereal from her throat, she finally ppppppuuuuuuuked out her dinner….. eeeeeshhh…… made me want to puke too.

Sherilyn was instead happily sitting on cheh cheh’s seat and eating her unblended food, though she spat out some meat….. and then finished off cheh cheh’s cereal.

There’s never a dull moment when you have 2 brats!

Kids Say The Darnest Things

At times my gals say the darnest things that make me laugh really hard. Here are some of the funny things that they had said:

Scene 1
Before I go to the bathroom to have a quick scrub every night, I will put on a VCD for my gals to watch and I’d tell them before I turn on the tv that they have to promise not to cry when I turn off the tv when I am out from the bathroom.

Last night, Alycia said this to me as I entered the bathroom “mummy, you bathe slowly ar, very very slowly ar, don’t come out so fast k?”

Scene 2
A few days ago as I was shopping at the frozen food section of a mini market, Sherilyn poked her finger on a raw chicken on display. I then reprimanded her by saying “cannot touch Sherilyn, it’s dirty”
Minutes later, a boy of around 5-6 years of age came to the frozen food section and also tried to touch the raw chicken.
Sherilyn who saw the boy touching the raw chicken then wagged her left fore finger at the boy whilst resting another hand on her waist, scolded the boy by saying “hannot touch”.
The boy quickly retreated his hand from the raw chicken but minutes later tried to touch the raw chicken again. Sherilyn who had her eyes fixated on the boy again warned the boy “i said hannot touch, itsh dirty” as she wagged her little forefinger.
I couldn’t help bursting into laughter. My little baby can really immitate me so well.

Scene 3
Alycia’s new favourite sentence when she’s upset with me : “I just cannot believe it, I just cannot believe you are doing this to me mummy”

Scene 4
Whenever I whack Sherilyn for being naughty, Alycia would say “you cannot beat Kay Yi mummy. She will be sad. Don’t beat her, stop it”

Scene 5
Daddy put on a video of Alycia when she was a baby for the gals to watch. Alycia got so emotional and sentimental that she cried and said “I want to go inside the tv and be a baby again”. This went on for days until one morning, her sister Sherilyn said this to her “dun cry A-lisha, hannot go inshide tv, jood jirl (good girl) k. Sayang A-lisha” and then hugged her cheh cheh.