Easy & Healthy Home-Cooked Meals

The first meal for dinner that I cooked after a half-year hiatus is this:

1. Cincai fried rice with onions, left-over shredded chicken breast meat and eggs.

2. Blanched organic veggie

3. Steamed pork ribs braised with sand ginger, shallots and tomatoes. The mil had cooked this earlier before she left for Hong Kong and frozen for emergency situations where I have no time to cook.

The fried rice and blanched veggie were cooked using my new Khind stir-fryer.

That was on a Monday, the day where Drama Queen gave me a scare after a fall from the stairs, which made me spend my entire morning at the hospital.  In the evening, Drama Queen asked me where her topical medicated cream was.  Fudge!! We had forgotten to collect it from the pharmacy after making payment!  I was busy exchanging Whatsapp messages with our insurance agent and she was busy burying her face in her thick novel. So I had to go to the hospital again in the evening to collect the cream.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I fried fish using the Khind stir-fryer.

While the fish was auto-pan fried in the stir-fryer, I pan-fried some chicken fillet with teriyaki sauce and turmeric using my non-stick granite pan.  That’s for Cass and Drama Queen’s school snack box for today (Thursday).

The past 3 days ever since the mil left for Hong Kong have been very hectic for me since I now have 1-2 hours deducted from the day to be allocated for cooking.

And just as I come to the end of this post, my next task is to prepare lunch for Drama Queen and Cass. They’ll be back from school in half an hour.  Within this 1/2 hour, I have to whip up a yummy egg sandwich and fruit smoothie for the 2 persnickety rascals before rushing down to the lobby to wait for them.  Super stress-nya!!  But thankfully I have my Izumio and Super Lutein to zap away the oxidative stress stewing in my body 🙂

You may check out my earlier post on how to reduce oxidative stress / free radicals from your body.


Khind Stir-Fryer

I have always wanted to get an air-fryer and Thermomix (TMX) to  help me cook in the kitchen.  But lack of support from the hubs (he commented that these gadgets will eventually turn into another white elephant, duh!) and most importantly, lack of budget (the TMX costs over RM6,000!) have prevented me from getting those kitchen toys.   If you know me well, you’ll know by now that I dislike cooking as I don’t like prepping the ingredients, cleaning up grime and stains and washing the utensils. Well, I like cooking and baking but only if there was someone to help me with prepping the ingredients and washing up. Yeah, I know I am spoilt like that.  I cook for the love of my 3 princesses and always find ways to minimize the cooking time, cleaning up of kitchen and washing utensils.

Yesterday I got a new kitchen toy that will help me tremendously in minimizing the cooking time, cleaning up and washing up! The new Khind stir-fryer is an awesome automated electric cooker. It is a cross between an air-fryer and the Thermomix (TMX), sans the chopping and blending function in the TMX.  And the price is a fraction of that of the TMX.



At RM782 a unit, the Khind stir-fryer is a good buy.  Read on till the end of this post as I have some discounts, specially for Health Freak Mommy readers! You’ll love me for this!  😀

Here are the features:

  • Fast convenient fully automatic cooking solution
  • Stir fry, pan fry, saute, toast, braise settings
  • Uses less oil in cooking equals healthier food
  • No messy oil fume/stains on kitchen/pantry walls
  • Easy to wash
  • Suitable for busy working adults who prefer to eat homecooked food and even teenagers.




My very first dish to test try with this baby is fried fish with turmeric powder. The mil was as excited as I was over this gadget.  Whilst she used the non-stick granite wok to stir-fry vegetables, I was beside her, putting fish into the Khind stir-fryer.  And while she stood in front of the wok to continue stirring the vegetables, all I had to do was to press a few buttons on the stir-fryer and  went back to my computer to continue working 😀

To prepare fried fish, all I have to do is:

1. Put oil and fish (can fit 2 medium to large pieces of fish) into stir-fryer

2. Press ‘Pan Fry’ button

3. Press 3 minutes

4. Press START button

5. Sit back and relax

6. When machine beeped after 3 minutes, I flipped the fish and pressed another 3 minutes to cook the other side of the fish.

7.  Did some revision with Cass as today is her Science test.

8. At the beep of the machine after 3 minutes, I removed the fish from the machine.

8. Repeat cycle again for the remaining fish.

Below – frying in progress – – 48 seconds left before the 2 pieces of fish are ready to be removed from the stir-fryer


The result – crispy skin with tender flesh.  Kids and I uber like the fish!

Check out Drama Queen slicing a loaf of bread, fresh from the oven. Someone was too impatient to wait for it to cool down *rolls eyes*


You can now pan fry fish everyday minus the sweat, stinky clothes and hair and oily kitchen if you get a Khind stir-fryer. It is so simple to cook yummy dishes using this stir-fryer and washing  the inner pot is easy peasy too.



  • Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Power:1500W
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 2 years



The retail price of the FR358 stir-fryer is RM782.

Khind is currently offering a 10% discount for a limited time only.

For Health Freak Mommy readers, you get an ADDITIONAL 15% DISCOUNT on the stir-fryer and all the products in the Signature Series!  After a 25% discount, HFM readers only need to pay RM586.50 for the stir-fryer! 

Please use this discount code during checkout from the Khind website :

Discount code: SSB15 (Valid until 31 August 2016)

I guess from now onwards, you will be expecting more posts from me on dishes whipped up by my new toy.  My new toy can braise meat and curry dishes, stir-fry dishes, prepare fried noodles, fried rice, bake cake and much more — the fuss-free and oil-free way. The way I like it! 🙂

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/khind.my/

For more information on Khind products, you may call any of the numbers listed below:

KL/Selangor: 03-78392000

Penang: 04-5372803

Perak: 05-5415298

Melaka: 06-2815717

Johor: 07-3558991

Pahang: 09-5689711

Kelantan: 09-7448900


Home-Cooked Dinner – 19 July 2016

Yummy dishes whipped up by the mil for dinner yesterday…

On the foreground below:  acar fried fish, which is an extremely tasty and tantalizing Nyonya dish. It’s my favorite and a traditional recipe that not many people know of.

Below foreground:  stir-fried lean pork slices with preserved vegetables. This is another much celebrated appetite-whetting dish that goes well with rice and porridge.

There were also sweet corn soup with carrots and pork ribs, stir-fried milk white veggie and braised Japanese pumpkin.

In a few days, the mil will be leaving for overseas again for a few months. The thought of slaving for 1-2 hours daily in the hot kitchen for lunch and dinner is pretty upsetting.  But I’m sure I’ll get used to it and will love creating new dishes again.  Just now Drama Queen asked me if she could help to cook dinner everyday and I said “WHY NOT?”  Yeah, why not? I’ll be more than thankful and pleased to have a helper! 😀

Simple Lunch Thursday: No-Fry Fried Rice

Lunch today was a one-dish + rice meal. Some spoilt brats weren’t too pleased as  they had expected more than that.

When Drama Queen and Cass came back from school, they looked really disappointed when they found out that there was only one dish, i.e. steamed egg with minced meat and that’s something very rare.  Someone quipped “where’s the veggie?  You mean there’s only ONE dish? No veggie even? Why no veggie? Like seriously?”

Reason was I was having a foot spa at the beauty salon and was only back half and hour before they came back, thus did not have time to prepare a proper lunch or pack food for them.  The mil was busy with something else, thus a one-dish + rice lunch.  To us, that’s good enough as we were brought up to eat humbly and simply but for our privileged kids, that’s unusual.

Drama Queen went straight to the kitchen, rummaged through the fridge and fished out a bottle of furikake, cucumber and tomato. She diced the cucumber and tomato and together with the steamed egg and meat, a few shakes of furirake, kimchi and pepper, she mixed everything up with the rice.  Cass saw her 2che’s creation and did the same with her rice.

Drama Queen’s eureka moment must have stemmed from a compilation of ideas she got during our regular dining out at Japanese and Korean restaurants (picture below shows one of the dishes that looks similar to her creation)…

She transformed the dull dish + rice into a Japanese-Korean style no-fry fried rice, which tasted like onigiri and was really delish!

Thumbs up to Drama Queen for her creative ideas in transforming a simple steamed dish and plain rice into something that tantalizes the taste bud!  Cass and I loved her creation too. This girl’s got talent in the kitchen! But she told me that she ain’t gonna be a chef in future. She has other plans in mind.


School Holiday, Day 2 (1 June 2016)

This morning I was interviewed by a Caucasian professor from an Australian university at a cafe in my neighborhood. The topic was on social media ‘micro celebrities’ who are also parents. It’s for his research paper. It was an eye opening experience for me.

While I was away, Cass and Sherilyn attended Mandarin enrichment class at home.  The mil spent the entire day making dumplings (‘bak chang’).

The last time she made dumplings was many, many moons back.


In the evening, the girls played badminton, football and skipping rope at the pool area, with me having a watchful eye over them from my air walker in the gym.


Our dinner was dumplings with 2 simple dishes of blanched mustard greens and steamed egg with minced meat.

The mil’s dumplings are suitable for the health conscious.  They are bursting with mung beans, minced dried shrimps, salted egg yolk, mushrooms, chestnuts and pork. They are not oily, not salty and not cloy. Very yums!!

Tomorrow the mil will be making more dumplings. I guess we will be having dumplings for lunch or dinner everyday until the supply depletes 😀

First Half Of May 2016 – Random Things

I have always been very wary of the month of May.  If you follow my blog, you would have read that the month of May is never kind to me.

Well, this year’s May started off well. I was thinking the ‘May Hex’ has probably ended. Not until the past few days when the jinx started to creep out creepily!

Yesterday, I had a bad fall at the toilet of our condo. After sending the girls  off to their school vans, I went to the toilet before my jog.  Just as I was getting out of the cubicle, my right leg was inadvertently hooked to the long hose of the bidet lying on the floor. I fell flat on the toilet floor BAM! Thankfully the floor wasn’t wet. I thought I had broken my left leg and hands. Everything happened in a flash. It hurt like hell. A blue black bruise and bump formed on my left knee immediately.  Thankfully I could still limp out of the toilet to start my jog cum brisk walk at the walking trek.  My hands and legs felt sore today.

Today is Sherilyn’s turn to ‘phook kai‘ (in Cantonese it pessimistically means slumping on the street).  After alighting from the school van in the afternoon, she tripped and fell, hitting her face on the sharp edge of the stairs, when she was walking up the stairs to the lobby. I didn’t see her fall as I was waiting for Cass to get down from the van.  When I saw Sherilyn, she was trying hard to stifle a cry.  This drama queen is usually very mettlesome and hardly cries when she hurts herself. This fall must be really hard and bad.  She asked me if her right cheek just below her eye  was bleeding.  I got a shock. There was a blue black bump there, as if she just got punched.   And the shin of her leg had a long graze mark and the skin was yanked off.  OUCH!!!!  She had an ice cube compress on her cheek back home.  Thank God she did not hit her eyes or nose!!

Back home, Cass told me that she stepped on some dog or cat poop in the school field during PE session today. OMG, I flipped when I saw her shoes and socks. And the stinky odor, GAWD!!! The OCD in me just flew into a rage!!  I ordered her to remove her shoes and socks immediately while I quickly grabbed a plastic bag from the kitchen for her to dump the shoes and socks inside. Then I threw them in the refuse room outside our unit.  When I went back inside our unit, Cass was standing on the part of the floor where she just stepped her pooped laced shoes. I went ballistic and unsavory words flew out of my mouth in a rage.  I hollered at her and asked her how she could be so dumb to stand on the floor that she just stepped with her pooped laced shoes.  After cleaning up Cass’ feet and flooding the floor with Sol-U-Guard disinfectant and Sol-U-Mel odor remover, I scrubbed her clean in the bathroom before she is allowed to have lunch.

At the height of my vexation, Cass asked me this question, with an ignorant look in her wide eyes, “mummy, which is worse – step on poop or fall down and hurt yourself?  Which one do you prefer? I rather step on poop.  Tell me mummy, tell me which is worse!!”

I had to stifle my chuckle upon hearing that innocently hilarious question thrown to me by Cass.  LOL!

And my answer to her? You guess.

Cass has always looked at the glass as half full. Never half empty. And I admire her optimism in life despite the challenges thrown at her repeatedly.

Life with kids is ALWAYS dramatic. Never ever a dull moment.  I never asked for all these problems, heart attacks and drama.  But I did ask God for children when I could not have any 16 years ago.  So yeah, I will just write all my rants off in my blog.  And pray that  the remaining days in May will be pleasant and uneventful with NO MORE DRAMA, please God!

I will have to learn to master the job of motherhood until I have them down cold and laugh off each drama instead of sulking over them 😀

Here’s our healthy, wholesome and yummy home-cooked lunch for today:

Pumpkin porridge with pork ribs and sauteed lean pork slices with big onions and ‘jar choi’ (preserved veggie). YUMS!!


Thursday Home-cooked Lunch – 14 April 2016

Today I had a battle within myself – a mind over matter over what to eat for lunch 😀

After paying Cass a visit in school (to ensure that she pees and to bring her Izumio), I shopped for some groceries at our neighborhood supermarket.  I could not decide whether to cook lunch for Cass and Sherilyn or take the easy way out – take out.   There were many eateries near the supermarket. I walked to the Indian restaurant and was really tempted to get a portion of chicken curry, fried vermicelli and spiced pumpkin.  But the weather has been so hot lately. We should be avoiding spicy and heaty food.  Plus spicy food would only stimulate Cass’ problematic bladder.  With a heavy heart, I left the Indian eatery.

Then I walked next door to the bakery. I was tempted to get a cake or some buns for the girls.  But I heard my inner voice shouting out “processed white flour products!  High carbo and high sugar too! Get out of here!”   I left the bakery and drove off.

So what should we have for lunch?  I could not decide. I seem to have a problem with decision making at times.

I was craving to have some Mee Siam for lunch as we have not had it for more than a week. I knew that Cass and Sherilyn would love Mee Siam too. I was about to make a right turn into our favorite cafe to get Mee Siam when again, I heard the inner voice screaming out to me “meehoon is carbs and it’s fried with sambal.  Sambal is heaty and it would stimulate Cass’ problematic bladder. It has not much nutritional value too.  Another high carb food!”.  Ok, the inner voice won the battle. I drove straight home.

After unloading and keeping the groceries, I went straight to the kitchen and took out the green tea noodles and buckwheat noodles. I blanched the noodles, cold bath them and seasoned them with sesame seed oil, black and white pepper, a few shakes of organic soy sauce and Japanese Furikake.

Next, I boiled eggs and sliced some cold kyuri.  Squeezed some Japanese roasted sesame seed dressing on the eggs.

I was already sweating buckets by the time I spent 15 minutes in the kitchen that felt like a furnace in this heatwave.  Temperature today was 38 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.  I took my second shower for the day.  I had 4 showers today!

The girls had this yummy bowl of Japanese green tea and buckwheat noodles for lunch.  Cass liked it very much and had the same thing for dinner.  She even requested to bring it to school for recess tomorrow.


Delightful Home-Cooked Dishes

Here are a few more  wholesome and delightful home-cooked dishes that the mil wok-ed up this week…

Below – Braised chicken with dried sand ginger, shallots and tomatoes.


Below – braised chicken with dried tofu sheets (fu choke) and mushrooms.

Below – pan fried prawns with soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine.

I am so thankful that I do not have to slog in our uber hot kitchen during this El-Nino heat. If ever I have the moolah to get a bigger house, I am so going to install a uber big ceiling fan plus a misty fan in the kitchen!

And let’s all pray and hope that the predicted heat wave on 20 March 2016 will be blown far far away by some strong winds!

It’s the last weekend before school starts again. Am I happy? Yes and no. Yes that I get to swim again during pre-dawn and I get back my ME TIME. And NO to waking up at  ungodly hours again.

Happy weekend everyone 🙂


Home-cooked Dinner – 3 March 2016

Yummy home-cooked dishes for dinner last night, lovingly dished out by the mil…

Stir-fried baby sweet potato leaves with garlic, vegetarian ‘cai’, blanched lady fingers and crispy fried baby pomfret fish with tomato + onion sauce.  Cass who has just recovered from high fever had pretty good appetite last night. It’s a joy to see her enjoy her food again 🙂

Soup of the day – watercress with carrots, Chinese almonds and lean pork.

She also cooked porridge (pork + peanuts + dried oysters + salted egg + century egg) for hubby, who is still nursing a badly inflamed tonsillitis.

Life gets much easier and sweeter when you have someone living with you who loves cooking. I am going to enjoy this before she goes away again! 😛


Healthy Homecooked Dinner – 21 February 2016

My healthy low in cholesterol, low in fat, low in oil and high in fiber dinner yesterday 🙂

Bitter gourd soup with carrots, red dates and lean pork with 4 tablespoons of organic oats…

Sauteed organic spinach and braised arrowroot with roast pork  and ‘nam yue‘.  I singled out only 3-4 small pieces of lean roast pork and that’s my ration of meat for the day.

Arrowroot is usually seen in wet markets and supermarkets a few weeks leading to Chinese New Year. I cherish eating arrowroot as we only get to eat it several times in a year, usually only during Chinese New Year. We like braising it with roast pork or steam it alongside Chinese sausage. I used to like munching on deep fried arrowroot (‘ngar koo’) but I have ditched  all deep fried foods a little over a year now…and feeling good 🙂

If you think arrowroot is just carbs, you’ll be surprised to know that it is chock full of nutrients and health benefits! 🙂


Photo credits : OrganicFacts.net