‘Copycat Crime’

Just a day after the guys threw the birthday guy into the sea at one of the beaches in Sentosa Island during the surprise birthday party, the ever cheeky little Miss Mischief pushed her daddy into the pool just when he was caught off guard while standing next to the pool.  Little did she think of the consequences and the extent of the cost during the moment of mischief.

The consequences of Miss Mischief’s moment of mischief…

Every single dollar note, credit card, identity card, mobile phone and what nots got soaked with pool water. Hubs’ friend used a screw driver to dismantle the car key remote control to have it dried using a hair-dryer.

Hubs’s reaction? Cool as cucumber and he patiently dried all his assets that got soaked with tissue papers, hair-dryer and a towel. No spanking. No screwing the girl up.  No hollering. No threats. No killer stare.  He just talked to her very nicely, very much later. He did not want to pour cold water on the girl who was having so much fun.  I was just thinking what my dad would have done to me if I dared do this to  him back then!  LOL!

The biggest damage has got to be his Samsung mobile phone, which was totally dead beyond resuscitation!  Hubs had to rush back to KL the next day to get a new Samsung mobile phone as he could not work without a phone. The damage was over RM2,500!

This is yet another very costly lesson for the girl and I hope that this incident has taught her to think twice and thrice before doing anything and saying anything.

copycat crime Spore dec 2013

Our Weekend Before The Final Exam

We have had a pretty chillaxing weekend despite it being the weekend before Alycia and Sherilyn’s final exam. My parents are in KL and we have been having outings over the past few days. On Saturday morning, we went to the Bukit Bintang wet market to have breakfast. It has been yonks since I last stepped foot into a wet market to have breakfast.  For dinner, we went to Dae Sa Kwan Korean Restaurant @ Sri Hartamas. This morning, we had seafood noodles at Cheras.

Today, I did some revision with Alycia and Sheriyln.  I asked Sherilyn to work on a past year BM test paper from an SBT school and when it came to the part on ‘Bina Ayat Berpandukan Gambar’, we all had a good laugh at her quirky and comical creations. Here are some of  the ‘ayat’ that she created.  If this was her actual test paper, I am not sure if she would get a nay or a yay from her teacher for those questions. Here goes some of her creations.

1) Nenek sedang menoreh pokok getah. (the picture showed a woman rubber tapping. Depending on the mood of the teacher marking the paper, a mark could be deducted for the word ‘Nenek’ being used.  The teacher may ask her how an old ‘nenek’ can be tapping rubber trees).

2) Alyzabeth sedang menanak nasi dengan periuk elektrik. (I told her that the spelling of the name was wrong and this joker changed the name to Holly.  For Pete’s sake girl, why can’t you use simpler names like Siti, Mary and Fatimah? AIYO!)

3) Ayah memandu kami ke ladang anggur. (The word given in the sentence was ‘memandu’ and showed a picture of a man driving a car. This sentence was wrong as there must be an object after a ‘kata kerja’.  And why on earth did she even think of ‘ladang anggur’? LOL!)

I tell you, this girl of mine is comical.  While she can make all of us laugh, she may land herself in hot soup!  SIGH!

I wish Sherilyn and Alycia loads of luck in their BM test papers tomorrow. And I hope that Sherilyn will keep her ‘Bina Ayat’ with simple words and simple names of people which will not stoke the teacher’s doubt!

Oh yes, this clown whipped up her version of Tiramisu for granny!

tiramisu 1


Sherilyn’s creation of Joker’s Sawdust Tiramisu composed of strawberry yoghurt, crushed biscuits as sawdust, dark purple grapes and purple dragon fruit.  When she is not clowning around, she can whip up really fanciful desserts.

tiramisu 3

Hair Accessories Galore

With over 1 year of constant nagging and drumming into her head to get ready her school uniform and to lay out her bunch of hair accessories every night, rascal #2 has finally made this a nightly routine.

She used to dawdle every morning, by dragging her feet to the cupboard to hunt for her panty, shorts and uniform.  Then dawdled to search for her hair ties and what nots. Sometimes if she misplaced them, she would whine and blame everyone in the house for ‘misplacing’ her things.  That totally set my temper on fire!

One fine day just recently, she just set her school paraphernalia preparation in motion.  Every night since then, she would hang her school uniform on a clothes rack in the room and would lay out all the things that she needs to put in her pocket, on herself and on her hair on the dining table, like this…


Sher's hair acc

When I saw the number of hair clips, hair scrunchies and dunno what hair accessories that she needed just to tie ONE bun on her head, I was dismayed!  I asked her why she needed SO many items and she just did not know how to answer me.  I kid you not, this kid really puts all these hair accessories onto her hair!!   If not for her laying out nicely her hair accessories, I would never have known that she requires SO many hair accessories to produce just one bun, gawd LOL!  Does this sight look familiar in your household? I thought you just need a hair tie and a hair net to do up a bun, no??


And this is what I found on the TV top when I woke up this morning…

pink hair ties


It must have been the job of my pink crazed rascal!   Pray tell why she did that. I must ask her when she comes home from kindy later!

Leech Burger!

The sick pup was up and about again yesterday, after 1.5 days of serious puking, high fever and hallucinating. I told her not to eat any meat yet, to let her internal system take a good rest.

For dinner, she said she wanted to have white bread and I said OK. What do I know? This rascal forked out some lettuce and cloud ear fungus that we were having with rice for dinner to make her vegetarian sandwich, which she aptly called it “my leech burger”

Looks gross as it sounds, but I think this Leech Burger tasted OK, else this fussy pot would not have chomped it down.  I did not even want to have a small bite just to test the taste. It looks  euuuuuuuwwww to me!

leech burger

As I have mentioned before,  Sherilyn is the clown of the house.  Alycia and I always joke that the job of a circus clown and stand-up comedian would aptly suit her in future and then all of us, including the rascal would have a good laugh.    When I saw her ‘leech burger’, I broke up laughing with food shooting out from my mouth and I told her to squeeze in some tomato ketchup onto the leech to make her leech burger look more like one muahahahahahahah!!


Of Teeth Falling Out

If you have been an earnest follower of my blogs, you’d have read that Sherilyn seems to have eventful and hilarious episodes of teeth falling out in the past.  I cannot seem to remember any of Alycia’s tooth falling moments.  She has always been the quiet and decidedly cool one who does not like to make a hooha out of a molehill.

Yesterday, I received a call from the tuition centre.  The teacher informed me that Sherilyn’s gum was bleeding and that half her tooth had fallen out.  I could not really understand what the teacher meant when she said that Sherilyn’s tooth was ‘half broken’ in Cantonese. She told me to come and bring Sherilyn to the dentist right away as she could not eat and was teary eyed.  As Cass was napping and was not feeling well, I asked the hubs to bring Sherilyn to the dentist to have the tooth extracted.

An hour later, Sherilyn came home with a gauze wedged between her teeth and according to the hubs, the rascal was in a jovial mood when she was at the dentist’s, despite having had her tooth extracted! I guess she was happy as she could leave the tuition centre early.

And can you beat it that this tooth that fell out is the third one that fell in 2 weeks?!  And all three teeth fell out in a fashionable way as well, with one that she pulled off by herself just a few days ago lol!

My oddball second daughter who makes me want to strangle her all the time yet never fail to make me laugh with her eccentricities.

Wacky Fashion

My mum made Sherilyn an umbrella skirt… but the skirt is a tad long for her. So this little fashionista turned the skirt into a tube top and voila, the skirt cum top now looks more like her clothes and it’s stylo mylo too!

And for the past few days, she has been wearing her hair in this wacky style, which she calls “latest Japanese style” duh!!  Yes meh, is this the latest Japanese hair style, using disposable wooden chopsticks to hold the hair? LOL!!

Quirky Kid

Of the 3 girls, #2 has the quirkiest taste buds.  She dips cucumbers into her drinks (honey, yoghurt drink, juices, etc) before eating them, she uses her fingers (and not spoon) to eat porridge,  she uses a straw to drink soup and the list is endless. It all boils down to her inquisitive mind. She even tried to throw breakable China bowls like a juggler and tried to balance her cup of herbal drink at the edge of the table… just to see what would happen!  During our recent stay in Ipoh, she put her water tumbler on the hand railing of a moving escalator at Tesco and suffice to tell, the tumbler dropped to the ground below – to where the kids’ rides were but thank God for lots of guardian angels watching this rascal, the tumbler did not land on anyone and did not break anyone’s head!

Lately, she discovered that making sandwich with porridge tastes good.  In this pic, this rascal is enjoying her bread with porridge and she chomped down 2 bowls of porridge with 2 slices of Gardenia white bread.  I sure hope she uses her inquisitive mind to invent some breakthrough gadgets in future and make her mommy real proud of her.

Of Sherilyn And Eventful Tooth Shedding Moments

Remember I wrote about Sherilyn and all of her very eventful tooth shedding moments?  Well, she shed another shaky tooth that had been bothering her for months just shortly after we reached Ipoh at my parents.  And just like previous incidences, this one was very eventful and hilarious again!  This girl is naturally a clown and a tear jerker too.  That shaky tooth had also been obstructing her each time she ate, which made her complete her meals even longer.  She is already a habitual slow eater who used to take 1-2 hours to finish her meals!

Anyway, this time, it was me again who almost yanked off the shaky tooth when I shoved a slice of orange into her mouth.  This girl has an issue with eating fruits and as I was shoving the slice of orange into her mouth, the orange almost yanked off her tooth.  But she did not scream blue murder and yell at me, albeit she was bleeding profusely in her gums. I dared not take a closer look as it was just too bloody. Thank God for grannies and my mum came to our rescue. On the pretext of checking out her tooth after giving her a piece of gauze to bite on, brave granny pulled out the tooth with her bare hand, effortlessly!! Everyone cheered and laughed just like in previous tooth shedding moments from this rascal.  LOL!!


Eventful Tooth Shedding Moments

The tooth fairy visited Sherilyn the 4th time last week and in the usual hilariously fashionable way, just like the previous three times as all were eventful and equally hilarious. I can remember vividly how her teeth came off the previous three times.   For the very first tooth, she cried and whined in discomfort for days.  The tooth was finally yanked off when I told her to jump and dance round the house vigorously, to shake the tooth off the gum socket.  The second time – she was crying and whining too and the tooth was yanked off the gums when I was brushing her teeth.  We could not find the tooth that dropped on the bathroom floor as it was covered with suds.   She blamed me like I had murdered her lover, for losing her tooth and thought that she had  swallowed it and we rejoiced like mad people when we found the tooth on the bathroom floor, covered with shampoo suds.  The 3rd time – we brought her to the dentist after she cried and whined (AGAIN!) over the discomfort.  The dentist sprayed a numbing agent on the gums and within seconds, it was yanked off effortlessly and she was not even aware that her tooth was extracted.

Now the fourth time was also eventful.  Daddy was supposed to bring me to Tesco to get some groceries and the girls had to stay home for tuition.  But this rascal cried and whined AGAIN and insisted that daddy called the dentist immediately to fix her an appointment.  So she followed us to Tesco (her main intention was to follow us to Tesco!) first and after an hour of shopping, on our way to the dentist’s clinic, her shaky tooth was bumped out from the gum socket during the bumpy ride from Tesco to the dentist’s clinic.  Again, all of us broke into a guffaw over how the tooth came off, in yet another fashionable manner.  Daddy had to call the dentist to cancel the appointment.  That was last week.  Yesterday, we went to Tesco again and told the 2 older girls to stay home to complete the work I had set for them as final exam’s next week.  But this rascal insisted on following us to Tesco and then to the dentist. But we said NO to her. The loose tooth could wait as it’s not really that loose anyway.  And I am now waiting to see how the 5th tooth comes off this time! 😀

The tooth fairy placed a RM1 note (yup only RM1, lest this fler uses the money to buy junk in school) into an angpow packet with her tooth.  This fler placed her tooth in a red angpow packet and wrote her name on it somemore, which made hubs and I laughed till we teared.

Sleeping on the job

Rascal #2 is one who gives me loads of heart and head aches each time she is asked to do her school homework, my homework or to memorize the weekly spelling, ejaan and ting xie from her pre school. Lots of nags, threats and whips are used each day. Can you imagine the amount of stress I go through everyday with her alone? I have 2 other brats who give me different kinds of stress.  Sometimes when I am too caught up with work and forget to check her bag, I would uncover a pile of crap in her school bag at the end of the day – her tons of homework which is not done… which she had told me earlier that she has no homework!! In times like this, I would feel like strangling that brat.  This was what happened several days ago. So she was forced to do her homework at 10pm… and this Energizer Bunny’s batteries were totally konked out at that hour.

Oh well. I should not complain. I just need to rant it out here 😀 Each time I am at the end of my tether with my 3 kiddos, I would force myself to reminisce what I had gone through 9 years ago and my promises to Him above. And my dear hubs would add in with those grim reminders of 2002 too and tell me to stop complaining.