A Bento Set A Day

Here’s yet another bento set lunch for my girls prepared this week, something that’s quick to prepare and does not need elaborate preparation and cooking.  For busy working mums like me, you can cook a big portion and deep freeze in smaller portions for future consumption.  The Terriyaki chicken strips go well along with rice and noodles.

De-boned chicken drumsticks cooked with Terriyaki sauce, garlic and organic cabbage, Japanese style – on top of a slice of low-sugar wholemeal walnut bread spread with Tesco’s mayonaise made with free-range chicken eggs, mango as starter and chocolate cake for dessert, washed down with a mug of chilled Ribena with Refresh.

I had several tries cooking this Terriyaki chicken recently but the texture of the chicken in the earlier rounds were a pretty dry. This time, I cut the chicken drumstick meat into smaller and thinner strips and marinated them with a little corn flour along with Terriyaki sauce, pepper and a dash of Lea & Perrin sauce. And voila, the chicken meat turned out juicy and very flavourful. Another lesson learned – use chicken drumstick to cook instead of chicken breast. My 2 older fussy pots had no complaints this time 😀

Happy Weekend Peeps!

Here is yet another Bento set for this week for the girls…

Sushi bread. I replaced the vinegar Japanese rice with wholemeal walnut bread. Fillings are the same – ultra thin crispy fried eggs, Japanese cucumber and a spread of mayo.  Starter was organic papaya and dessert – organic purple and yellow corn tortilla chips, washed down with a bottle of less-sugar Vitagen.

Happy weekend peeps! My hubs and I will be attending a reunion of my alma mater mates, the first ever after having left school 21 years ago (I had to use the calculator to count how long I had left school LOL!). It’s going to be a big event, held at a restaurant at the roof top of Lot 10. I’m pretty excited to meet all my old classmates and school mates of MGS Ipoh, many of whom I have not crossed path with for 21 years!

Healthy Lunch – Fruits and Veggie Juice and Brocolli Potato Egg Salad

I prepared something really healthy for lunch for the kiddos a few days ago:

A salad of boiled brocolli, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, tuna, onions, mayo, cherry tomatoes and jullienned cucumbers…

I got the idea of potato – brocolli salad from the Japanese restaurant that we frequent to. This set of cup, bowl and tray were bought from Daiso @ Tokyo Street. All are made in Japan.

Sherilyn’s bento set, which she hearts 😀
Her bento set consists of freshly made juice (carrot, celery, guava and green apple), half slice of toasted bread with homemade kaya and half slice of bread with herbs and cheese and a plate of brocolli salad.

Healthy mou? I’ll bet many kiddos will shun away from this bento set. Would your kids turn their thumbs down on this?

Wholesome Pancakes

Today I made pancakes for the girls. Normally I would use organic wholemeal flour but the other day, I bought a pack of PanJack pancake flour to try. For added nutrients and protein, I added 2 big scoops of milk powder and 3 eggs into the batter.

The result was REWARDING! My girls loved the pancakes. They were crispy on the sides and soft in the middle. I also added some scraped block Cheddar cheese into the batter and used butter to fry the pancakes, which made the pancakes really fragrant and mouth watering. The wafting aroma of the butter melting in the pan as it cooks the pancake batter can really drown someone who is on a low carb diet… and seduce her to succumb to a whole slice of the delish sinful morsel.  Yup, I succumbed to a whole slice of the sinful delight… with drizzles of maple syrup too *guilty !!*

Baby impatiently digging into her pancakes.

Udon Noodles With Anchovies + Chicken Broth

I whipped this up for the kids’ lunch last week. It was so lip smacking delish that they all requested for it again the next day!

Here’s the pot of soup made from lightly pan fried anchovies and chicken bones, boiled for an hour.  While the pot of soup is wholesome, the commercially made fish balls and fish cakes ain’t that nutritionally sound as they are loaded with MSG, salt and food additives… and my kids love these fish balls the most.

A bowl of Udon noodles with fish balls, fish cakes, chicken breast and Chinese cabbage.  The blue bowl of noodles is for Baby.  I didn’t give her any of the salty fish balls but only the chicken meat, which she absolutely loved.

This Is What Happens If She Eats Rice Or Porridge

Whenever there is pasta, spaghetti or noodles, I will have no problem getting Baby to eat her meals on her own. She can kuai kuai sit on her booster seat at the dining table and chomp down the bowl of noodles or pasta in a jiffy by herself. But my mil says Baby is Chinese and she has to learn to eat rice coz Chinese eat rice. For the past 2 days, I have had no luck getting her to eat rice with dishes. She would only eat a couple of spoonfuls, then she would turn her head away when I bring the spoonful of rice to her mouth. The rice ended up in the bin and she ended up eating bread with cheese spread.

A few days ago, I cooked chicken porridge and threw in some diced carrots and french beans. This is what happened:

This little rascal had absolutely no interest in the porridge which I find very tasty and played with it with both her hands.

She squashed and squashed the porridge and then clapped her porridge filled hands!!!  It was a total mess everywhere and she needed a shower immediately after dinner. The remaining crockpot of porridge went into my maid’s tummy.

Yesterday I made her mushroom pasta with diced carrots and voila, she whacked the bowl of pasta by herself, no problem, fuss-free and stress-free!

Tuna-Egg-Onion Maya Open Sandwich

Ever since Alycia started Standard 1, her appetite has been at an all-time low, especially during lunch. Most of the food that she previously liked and could whack a big bowl, she can’t even finish half a bowl now. I guess the lack of shut-eye, rushing and a change in the time which she normally had her lunch all caused the body system to go out-of-sync a little. I was really frustrated that she disliked everything that I cooked. So I told her that I will not cook spaghetti, pasta, Mac n Cheese or fried noodles for lunch anymore.   I asked her what she liked to eat and she said sandwiches! Oh well, that’s music to my ears coz I don’t have to sweat it out in front of the hot stove to prepare hot piping meals for her. So here’s what I prepared for lunch for my 2 older gals :

Tuna-hard boiled egg-onion mayo (I use Japanese mayo, which tastes better than regular mayo) …

… with star-shaped cheese on top of the lightly toasted multi-grain slice of bread for a better appeal for kids.  Alycia and Sherilyn loved it and whacked everything, including the crumbs 😀  So  sup sup sui (easy peasy) for me and I don’t have to cook hahah!!!

Light, Simple And She Likes It!

One afternoon last week, I was searching for lunch ideas for Baby. All her cooked frozen food in the freezer were utilized and I was too lazy to cook. Plus, I didn’t want Baby to get sick of eating pasta, spaghetti, green tea or buckwheat noodles and fried vermicelli all the time. So I prepared something really simple, nice and light for her, which she really liked:

Chawan Mushi with free-range chicken egg (Japanese steamed egg) flavored with a dash of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos Acid, Anlene high-calcium strawberry flavored yoghurt and a small bowl of soup of the day.  Though this may look like a snack rather than a lunch, that’s all my Baby’s tummy can hold.  She has a very tiny tummy and if I ever try forcing more food in, I am rest assured to see her regurgitated food spewing out at the dining table at the end of her meal 🙁

Roasted Pork Ribs-Abalone-Chicken-Dried Oyster Yummylicious Porridge

My girls don’t really fancy porridge, unless the porridge is cooked with tons of ingredients and is full of flavor and tasty like this one:

Porridge with roasted pork ribs, abalone, chicken (marinated with sesame seed oil and sea salt) and dried oysters. 

Even Baby who dislikes porridge and mushy stuff loved this porridge and whacked off 2 full bowls – 1 bowl for lunch and 1 bowl for dinner.  Her bowl of porridge is behind the big bowl of porridge in the picture. I chopped up some stir-fried veggie for her too. 

Fish bolognaise pasta

I whipped up this meal for Baby last week – fish bolognaise pasta and she LOVED it.  I had only intended to cook this for Baby but it turned out that my 2 older gals loved them too. Next time, I shall cook this for everyone.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids enjoy my creations.

I chopped up 2 medium sized organic tomatoes and 1 medium sized big onion.  Then brown them in olive oil for about 5 minutes in a non-stick pan.  With the spatula, push them to the side of the pan. Then lightly brown the fish which I had earlier marinated with some sea salt and McCormick mixed herbs for about 5 minutes.  I also added 2 teaspoons of Leggo’s bolognaise sauce.

While I cooked the above, my maid boiled the Heinz ABCs, 123s pasta in another pot.

Here’s Baby’s fish bolognaise with ‘tau kok lup’ — one bowl is for lunch and another for dinner….

While my maid and I cooked inside the dry kitchen, my mil cooked  ‘tau kok lup’ in the kitchen outside.  She also cooked a pot of sweet potato porridge.  The ‘tau kok lup’ is to go with the sweet potato porridge. ‘Tau kok lup’ is made up of chicken breast, long beans, carrots, dried mushrooms, preserved dried radish, shrimps – all cut up into small cubes. My mil also toasted some peanuts in the oven to toss them over the ‘tau kok lup’. This is another hit with the kids, me inclusive!

I cooked extra portions, put them into small containers and deep freeze them.  These will be handy on Sundays when I don’t have the time to cook.