Homecooked Lunch – 6 March 2017

“What’s for lunch today?”  This is the question that the mil and I would ask each other every morning. Whenever we  shrug our shoulders implying a non-verbal “no to outside food”, she would be quick to suggest home cooked food. Then she would stride to the kitchen to defrost meat and hurriedly whip up a few simple yet most tasteful dishes. Thank goodness she finds so much pleasure cooking unlike me, who finds cooking a chore 😖

This is our lunch today, which the mil efficiently whipped up in under an hour:

Sauteed pork strips with homegrown basil and jar choy (preserved vegetable) and sauteed leek flowers with fish cakes. Cass’ bowl of rice has so much dishes that  the rice is  hardly visible. Her appetite is always voracious and it’s such a joy to see her nosh down her food.  She washed down her lunch with a packet of Izumio 👍

Image may contain: food


Image may contain: food

Fruit of the day for today is papaya and guava. She eats her fruits before the main meal.

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What do you usually  have for lunch? Home cooked or easy way out takeout?

Things In Your House That Make You Tired

Where do you spend most of your free time? Where do you go in the evening to reinvent yourself and absorb energy for the next day? What’s the place you love the most? It’s your home, certainly. This place should be treated with attention. Everything should be harmonized in the most logical way. There’s even a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing yourself with the surrounding environment. It’s called Feng Shui and it’s been provoking numerous disputes throughout centuries. Nonetheless, we are not going to spend time writing about peculiar Asian methodologies. We’ve got  better thing to discuss. Our kind friends from  Contact Russian Brides gave us a little great idea. This is how it goes.

People don’t actually realize that they have a lot of distracting and useless stuff in their houses. We are not even going to talk about how many impractical gadget and pieces of furniture we spend money on every day. Consumerism is not our today’s topic. Let’s talk about the stuff that visibly and unnoticeably ruins your tranquility at home. You’ll be surprised how many things can be changed or thrown out to make your stay more comfortable and relaxing.

1. Blue walls
In general, blue color relaxes you and helps reduce stress, lowers down your heart rate, reduces your blood pressure, and makes you feel overall sleepy and comfy. It sounds nice for your bedroom but everywhere else it can ruin your day and make you feel tired and depressed. Such colors as beige and terracotta can relax you even better than blue while not making you unhappy and drowsy.

2. Your coffee machine
Depending on your metabolism, coffee can actually be a great energizer or a sleeping pill. Regardless of the results, people still drink several cups of coffee every day and get nothing off of it. However, the effect wears off over time and leaves you feeling even more tired than you were. The same about tea – its effect can be even more stimulating and you can end up lying sleeplessly all night if you prefer chamomile tea to a cup of energizing green tea.

3. Open up the curtains
The lighting in your house is very important. We don’t even recognize the meaning of light in our life unless we experience a severe lack of it. Statistics say that people that live with a little of sunshine and overall daylight are more inclined to commit suicide. And while suicidal and gloomy thoughts have nothing to do with you, your permanent fatigue can be caused by your drawn curtains and poor illumination.

4. Cell phones
Yeah, we know – the modern world is unimaginable without such means of communication as mobile phones and laptops. However, if you want to get enough rest, you need to reorganize your relationship with your phone. Most of us feel perfectly fine about waking up in middle of the night to reply to an SMS or a call. Getting back to sleep is not always easy and, therefore, you don’t get enough rest. Aside from that, modern people spend a lot of time aimlessly scrolling newsfeeds and surfing the Net “just to spend some time”. Well, you know, you could devote that time to something much more useful.

5. Your Favorite Junk Food
Put down the potato chips: Foods loaded with simple carbs and sugar result in frequent blood sugar spikes, followed by sharp drops that will make you feel tired over time.

6. Your Lavender Candle
Sure, this scent is super relaxing, but for that same reason it might be making you tired. Psychologists at Wesleyan University found that people who sniffed this smell before bed slept more soundly — so you don’t have to ditch it entirely, but maybe stick to mint- or citrus-scented candles during the daytime and lavender as a pre-bedtime ritual.