Cassandra’s 9th Birthday & New Piano Teacher

My baby girl turned 9 on 9 April 2017.  It was a Sunday. She attended Sunday School in the morning, which she looks forward to every Sunday. After church we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Type of cuisine was her choice and Japanese is her favorite cuisine.

Cass ordered cold buckwheat noodles, which comes with her favorite Chawan Mushi (‘favoritest’ of all food), Unagi and Miso soup.

The Japanese restaurant manager gave Cass a birthday gift, which was a complimentary dessert of her choice.

Cass chose Matcha ice-cream with mochi and red bean.

After lunch at Kimiya, we segued into Inside Scoop Ice Cream (located just steps away) to get 3 scoops of licklicious Cempedak ice-cream, then segued into a cafe next door to have cakes and coffee.  We had another round of cake-cutting for Cass.  On the eve of her birthday the night before, we had a round of cake-cutting with all her grand aunts and grand uncles.

With daddy dearest…

On the eve of Cass’ birthday, we finally met Cass’ new piano teacher, Crystal. Thank God Cass was at such ease with teacher Crystal. This is because teacher Crystal has very similar mannerism and persona as teacher Katelyn, Cass’ first piano teacher whom she misses very much.  Teacher Crystal is a music graduate from the University of Malaya and is pretty good with kids. I hope Cass’ love for piano will continue to flourish and she will pick up all the good techniques right off the bat under the guidance of teacher Crystal.

Happiest birthday my dear baby girl Cassandra. May God continue to bless you with good health, healing and overflowing of happiness every day of your life.

Should I See a Primary Care Physician or Go to an Urgent Care Clinic?

Primary care physicians and urgent care clinics can both offer quality medical services, but there are times you have to make tough choices on which is the best method of receiving treatment at the time. Below are a few of the specifics to consider before making the choice.

Sense of Urgency
The choice between seeing a primary care physician and urgent care clinic doctor might seem hard at times, but the trick is to understand the urgency of the situation. If you are experiencing a medical problem that will make it difficult to wait for the doctor to squeeze you in, this is the best time to visit an urgent care clinic. You do not want to sitting around a doctor’s office waiting for an appointment if you are needing stitches, or are in a lot of pain.

Health Problems That Are After Hours
Medical problems can crop up at any time of the day or night. Seeing a primary care physician tends to be a little cheaper and may be covered by insurance, but they also have limited hours. You will often not have much choice in whether to seek medical help from an urgent care clinic if it is late in the day. An urgent care clinic is still a more affordable option to a traditional emergency room.

When Your Primary Care Doctor Has No Openings
Most physicians try to leave some openings in their appointment book to squeeze in emergency, or unexpected visits. There are days that this is not possible, especially during times that areas are being hit hard with colds and flu. This makes a visit to an urgent care clinic the sensible choice.

The Difference Between Chronic and Urgent Conditions
A sprained ankle or pulled muscle is a medical condition that might require urgent attention. Conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and diabetes are long-term chronic conditions that would be better looked after by a regular primary care physician. The medical team at a primary care physicians office will take the time to get to know you, your condition and monitor progress. It is more difficult for an urgent care team to offer this same level of chronic patient care. It is also usually cost prohibitive for those with chronic conditions to seek regular treatment at an urgent care clinic.

Get quality immediate medical services at an urgent care emergency room Spring TX like Cypress Creek ER.

Finding the Right Embroidery Service

Whenever you find yourself responsible for identity items, you will want a resource at your disposal that can take care of all your embroidery needs. Regardless of whether you are using items to promote your business or you are serving as a volunteer for your children’s sports team, things like shirts and jackets can be valuable. People appreciate and use these types of things rather than putting them in a drawer, where they are never seen again. They can also be used to promote a sense of belonging, enhancing the teamwork that is already in place even further. Therefore, if you do not have somewhere to turn for these types of things, you are missing out on some excellent opportunities. If you are looking for embroidery companies in Jacksonville, an organization like Creative Images Embroidery has everything necessary to produce the customized products that you need.

An important thing to consider when choosing a company to help with your embroidery needs is the method the organization uses for digitizing. A good company will have resources that can help you create your logo, whenever necessary. You want to make sure that the logo will be your property at the end of the process as well. Rather than using a program that auto-digitizes, you will be better served when your logo is digitized using the skill of the people on staff. That way, fine adjustments can be made to make sure it is fully customized in a way that will leave you happy.

No matter how impressive your logo is, it will be of little value if it does not look good on the item. You don’t want it to be rough around the edges and appear as if the logo was simply placed on as an afterthought. Instead, there should be a smooth and seamless transition between the edge of the logo and the garment. These marks are referred to in the industry as hopping marks. You might want to make sure the company you use has a steaming process that will eliminate any of these marks.

When the items are shipped to you they should be properly folded and packaged in a way that makes them ready to use upon receipt. You might also express your preference as to whether you prefer each individual item bagged separately.

You can use embroidered clothing items for advertising, to promote a sense of belonging to a team, for awards and recognition or just about anything else you can think of. These items are only effective if the embroidery work is good enough to impress the recipients.