Random Matters

A mishmash of feelings is now running through my mind.  I have been getting the heebie-jeebies for the past one week. My parcel from the UK is most likely lost in transit. There has been no update in the Pos Malaysia’s tracking  site on the parcel’s whereabouts after it left the UK. The last date it was updated in the system is 6 April 2017, from the UK end.   My missing parcel is now like the missing MH370 flight from KL to Beijing – lost without a trace!

The parcel consists of Cass’ Waterfall D-Mannose. I have been purchasing this item online from Sweet Cures of York since 2010 and have never encountered any problem with the shipping.  The Waterfall D-Mannose this time cost almost RM800 (price fluctuates with exchange rate).   With my previous orders,  all the parcels reached KL within 10 days of payment.

I called Pos Malaysia today to check on the parcel status and as expected, the reply I got from the unempathetic attending customer service staff was “no update in the system, I can’t help you”.  Is this what we call “Malaysia Boleh”?  So meh!!  I emailed the seller yesterday and she assured me that she will help me keep an eye on the parcel.

What if the parcel is really lost? I don’t think the parcel is insured. Praying hard that God hears my prayers and will help me get hold of the parcel by this week, failing which I will have to fork out another RM800 through my nose for the D-Mannose 😭

Just a moment ago, the owner of Sweet Cures emailed me and offered to resend another parcel to me.  I would feel really bad that if the parcel is indeed lost in transit, Anna has to bear the cost of resending another parcel to me, all the way from the United Kingdom. God bless Anna’s heart. She has always been very helpful to me from day one.  This is why I keep going back to her to order for the past 7 years.  If you know of anyone who keeps getting recurrent UTI attacks, Waterfall D-Mannose is definitely a life saver and I fully recommend getting it from Sweet Cures and no where else. There are some online stores in Malaysia selling it but I only have confidence in D-Mannose from Sweet Cures.  Caveat is that D-Mannose will only work if the bacteria is E.Coli as only E.Coli will attach to D-Mannose like velcro and get flushed out from the urinary tract.  Most UTI attacks are caused by E.Coli, though other bacteria like Klebsiella, etc are responsible too.

On another note, today has been a very fruitful day for me 🙂  I surpassed my own quota for new registrations at Naturally Plus, all in just one day 💪😊.   Though today has been a very  hectic day for me with me filling out application forms like mad and getting them couriered to the office. I get a sense of achievement from doing it. Oh yes, the moolah I get from doing all these is one of the motivating factors too 😊

On a lighter note, what would you as a  mummy do when your 9-year old gives you a desperate and forlorn look when she just found out that she has run out of white color paint while rushing off a piece of painting meant for a contest? It’s late into the night and she just needs the white paint to put a finishing touch to her art piece? Under duress, I had a light bulb moment and used undiluted toothpaste  😜  The joy and twinkle I see on my little one’s face is just priceless!