Post Surgery Restaurant Meal

Yesterday was the first time I got out of the house to have a meal after my surgery six days ago. We had dim sum brunch at Jaya Palace.  The hubster ordered an array of 24 types of delectable dim sum.  The brunch was for a 2-in-1 occasion: farewell to my parents who were to return to Ipoh after a week’s stay in KL to nurse me back to health and a celebration for an all-clear biopsy report, YES!! 💟💝  Thank you Lord!💗

We had the usual must-have dim sum items like char siew pau, siew mai, fish balls, egg tarts, cheong fun, et al.  I was especially happy that my favorite black vinegar trotters and rice wine chicken were available and ordered a bowl each *swoon*

My health is going from strength to strength each day with my papa and mil’s nourishing dishes and my mum’s tender loving care. I am prohibited from squatting down, driving and carrying heavy things, just like a lady in confinement after the birth of a baby. I am even asked to bed-rest but for someone who is so used to a super hectic day, I would go berserk having to lie down all day for a whole freaking month like an invalid!  I feel so much more energetic supervising my kids in the chores and working at my computer vs. sleeping and laying in bed all day.  My mum is very worried that the stitches in my uterus will rupture when I exert myself as that was what happened to her after a surgery of her breast some 30+ years ago. The sutures on her breast ruptured when she sneezed and omg, it was such a bloody sight. I still remember that night very vividly. I was 12 (Drama Queen’s age now) that year.

The 2 ‘chan ka’ cooking up a storm to nurse me back to health.  

I am indeed blessed to be pampered by so many people. 💕💖