Simple, Nutritious And Yummy Home-Cooked Dishes

This week will be the last week that I have to slog in the hot evenings to dish out dinner, woohoo! The mil will be back from Hawaii on Saturday. I can have back the 1-2 hours daily to do my work on the computer instead of playing chef in the hot kitchen to prep lunch and dinner 😂 The weather these days have been sizzling hot and I have been having showers of up to 5 times each day.

Despite my lack of love for cooking, I must admit that after one month, the cooking momentum is at full swing and I am slowly starting to like cooking. I watch cook videos everyday to get ideas on what to cook.

These are some of the dishes that I wokked up for four of our dinners last week:

Dinner #1

Pan-fried chicken fillet marinated with turmeric, Teriyaki sauce, black pepper and palm sugar with caramelized onion sauce.

This lip-smackingly delish chicken goes well with buns…

or rice:

The meat is juicy and not at all dry, though I used chicken breast (organic). I think the trick of having juicy meat lies in the marinate. I used a heap teaspoon of corn flour, cooking oil and chopped onions to marinate the chicken fillet together with soy sauce, palm sugar, turmeric, ground black pepper and a dash of teriyaki sauce.

Dinner #2

Braised brinjal with minced pork, home-grown sweet basil, kafir lime leaves and ‘lai park‘ vegetable. I added the greens as Cass is not a fan of brinjal.

Steamed pomfret with tomatoes and garlic + onion soy sauce

Dinner #3

Steamed egg with minced pork and ‘mok yue’ (wood ear fungus) strips.

Stir-fried organic cabbage with ‘fu pei

Dinner #4

Marmite pork with orange zest. This is a newly tried dish and it tasted just like the real deal from ‘tai chow’ stalls except that mine is not coated with flour, not deep-fried and has zero MSG.  This is a guilt-free dish made with superfood Marmite and I could gorge on more pieces without feeling the inches creeping on my hips 😜 as I used lean pork shoulder loin with minimal oil for pan-frying. I love the shiny glaze from the marmite and palm sugar. And the orange zest gives this dish a very appetizing lift.  Next time I will add more orange zest for a stronger citrus punch.

I can’t believe I cooked all these in my busiest week as it was exam week for Drama Queen and Cass. After cooking and helping our part-time helper clean up, I went straight to the table to revise with Cass.   For Chinese subjects, I just sat next to her at the table to give her moral support, though I couldn’t help much as yours truly is one very yellow banana.  We’ve had late nights the entire week. What a turbulent week that was for me last week. I am reeling from the effects of sleep deprivation this week and taking longer naps in the afternoon.  I CAN’T WAIT for the girls to finish school, college and graduate from uni. I CAN’T WAIT to enjoy my golden years with no more stress and worry about the kids’ exams 😁