Grandma’s Back

The girls’ grandma returned from Hawaii yesterday after being away for a month. The girls have been waiting  impatiently for the huge box and bag of goodies from Hawaii. The moment grandma entered the house, the 3 super excited girls ripped open the box to check out what goodies were in store…

Everyone got what they wanted, including moi!  Thank you, sis for the lovely sexy GAP tops. You sure know my taste and style 🙂

There’re lots and lots of chocolates from Hawaii (aunt Sarah) and New Zealand (aunt SM), nuts, biscuits, snacks, Manuka honey from New Zealand and yummy pineapple tarts from Taiwan. The mil bought the tarts during her stopover at the airport in Taiwan.

Cass squeaked in delight to see a bag of seashells that uncle Richard picked up for her from Ebeye Island.  Cass is a big fan of seashells. She even googled the name of the shells, which she later found out are called Hebrew cone shells.

Just a short update today from me. Gotta be in bed early on a Saturday night today as I’ve got to be up early (AGAIN!) tomorrow. This is the second week straight that I’ve not had a decent day of sleeping in during the weekends.  Cass has a birthday party to attend at Kidzania in the morning tomorrow.

Good night y’all!