Random Matters

I’ve been feeling bleh lately and just don’t really feel like writing or doing anything. It must be caused by the lack of sleep accumulated over the past few weeks.  I’ve not had a single day of sleeping in for the past two weeks. And the stress of preparing Cass for her term exam, which she didn’t fare very well. That little devil can snatch years of my life away from me whenever I revise with her!

Knowing that this coming Sunday is yet another ‘work’ day for me just makes this week more unexciting with nothing to look forward to.  You see, the big girl has been on a marathon craze lately.  She signed up for 2 runs in two weeks!  And these are major runs (internationally); not runs meant for kiddos organized by the school. This Sunday she will be taking part in the Color Run with her friends. She collected her run package from the organizer on Sunday when I attended a birthday party with Cass at Kidzania.  And some time in November, she will be partaking in the Music Run with her friends.  I paid for the KL 2017 Music Run – it’s a birthday gift from me to her. This is one run that I’m very tempted to partake myself. Let me rebuild my iron and stamina levels and I will definitely sign up for it one day!

Cass has something new to look forward to now after piano lesson on Saturdays. After our favorite Samoyed pup was sold a few months ago, Cass has been hoping that the pet shop owner would get another Samoyed pup. She keeps asking the pet shop owner when the next Samoyed pup will arrive but sadly, there ain’t gonna be any anytime soon. Instead, there’s a whole bunch of super fluffy and cute Alaskan Malamute pups with a price tag of RM7,800 each!  Oh yeah, we are now friends with the pet shop owner, which himself owns a really HUGE Alaskan Malamute dog that’s kept at the pet shop. That dog is bigger than me, I kid you  not. He must be a huge fan of Alaskan Malamute dogs.

Irresistible – this picture gives you a better view of how Alaskan Malamute pups look like.

After piano lesson on Saturdays, Cass and I enjoy a few minutes of pure joy brought to us by a pack of pups packed with adorableness overload. It’s SO therapeutic looking at these pups, especially those with tilting heads, OMG SO cute!!