Pan-Fried Five Spice Powder Chicken Fillet

Now that the mil is back from Hawaii, I feel a little weight taken off my shoulders 😁   This weight that I am talking about is cooking lunch and dinner. For someone who is not that passionate about cooking, cooking can sometimes be stressful for me. When I had live-in helpers, I liked cooking very much. I would  plan my menu ahead for a few weeks.  My helpers would help me prep the ingredients while I took my leisurely morning and evening walks with my toddlers, followed by watching TV. Speaking of TV, I have not watched TV for God knows how long. Not that I do not like watching the TV, I love watching TV. I can be a couch potato, if I want to.  But I simply cannot afford the time to do so, plus the TV is usually not allowed to be turned on, on school days.  When it was time for dinner, all I had to do then was to walk into the wet kitchen and whip up the dishes. All the ingredients would be laid nicely on the kitchen top for me.  My dear helpers would then clean up everything for me after I was done with the cooking.  Gone are such good days. How I wish we still have live-in helpers to pamper me. I miss those good old days so much!

Now that I have the mil around, my duty is to plan the menu (sometimes she plans it), shop for the ingredients and tell her what’s for dinner.  The mil would then gladly whip up the dishes.  She loves cooking. She’s a natural talent in cooking, baking and sewing. Thank God she’s around to help me sew the girls’ torn uniforms and clothes and fix lose buckles on pinafores.  I’m hopeless like a spoilt brat like that, coz at my parents’, I have my dear mummy to help me alter and mend my clothes. I know basic sewing but am just too lazy to do it.

Ok, enough of gloating. Now, moving onto the food pictures, staring at you hehe!

I wokked up this pan-fried five-spice chicken fillet with Bombay onions some time last week.  This glorious dish is cooked using antibiotic and hormone-free Kee Song lacto chicken fillet.

I like using chicken fillet as it’s healthier (lower in calories and fat) and easier to clean, cut and cook.  Chicken breast is cheaper than drumsticks and wings too. I can cook it in 101 different flavors and our finicky girls will scoff off the dish and lick the platter clean. Not exaggerating here but someone really licks her plate clean 😆

One plate is for dinner and the other portion is for next day’s lunch.

~ Chicken breast
~ Chinese five-spice powder
~ Soy sauce
~ Black pepper
~ Palm sugar syrup
~ 2 Big onions – 1.5 big onions cut into rings or half rings and remaining half onion finely chopped
~ A little corn flour
~ Cooking oil

~ Cut chicken breast/fillet into strips
~ Marinate meat with Chinese five-spice powder, soy sauce, palm sugar, chopped onions, black pepper, a little corn flour and a little cooking oil. Set aside for several hours in the fridge.
~ Heat up oil and shallow fry the chicken fillet till thoroughly cooked and browned.
~ Remove the chicken fillet from the wok. If your wok is large enough, just push the chicken fillet aside. Add in the onion rings and saute the onions till they turn soft and brown.
~Pour in remaining marinate sauce into the wok. You can add a little water if you want some gravy.
~ Mix the chicken and onions together.
~ Plate up and eat while still hot

This dish goes well with rice, noodles and even bread. I love the aroma of the Chinese five-spice powder.  Just a touch of Chinese five-spice powder can give a distinctive depth of character to dishes. Not only is this spiced concoction flavorful, it is also packed with many medicinal properties.

After cooking this dish, the hubs came home with 5 loaves of potato baguette, an excess from one of his functions. With so much baguette, someone decided to have toasted potato baguette with the dishes that I had cooked.  She quickly fished out the long bread knife, sliced the potato baguette and popped them into the toaster oven.

Crispy potato baguette with Emmental cheese, five-spice chicken fillet and pak choy 😀  Super yummy this Oriental open-faced pizza sandwich 😋

Since there was so much potato baguette, I had a slice of it with fish curry, also from the hubs’ kitchen.

Chicken fillet is extremely versatile and easy to cook. You can use whatever spices and marinates that you have to marinate the fillet and you’ll always get a lip-smacking chicken dish. Make sure you add lots of big onions to it as that’s what impart a lot of sweetness and flavor to the dish.


How to Improve Your Smile

Your smile is one of the first features that people see when you meet them for the first time. The quality of your smile can influence your youthfulness and how attractive you appear to other people. If you want to improve your smile and allow it to look beautiful, there are a few important steps to take.

Whiten Your Teeth
Over time, stains and discoloration can due to aging and foods or beverages that are consumed. You can whiten your teeth by brushing with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, water, and baking soda. Chewing sugar-free gum each day will also allow extra saliva to be produced in the mouth to remove bacteria or plaque that is present on the teeth.

Our desire for whiter teeth stems from a deep-seated desire to improve our sexual prospects and appearance of health.

Get Braces
Braces are an effective solution to improving imperfections that are present in your teeth. Whether you have gaps or a row of crooked teeth, you can allow your smile to become aligned with braces that are used for an average of one to two years. Invisible braces are also a consideration for adults who don’t want to the braces to become a distraction in the workplace. The clear material of the product blends in with the teeth and will allow you to maintain your confidence.

Braces apply continuous Braces For Teeth Design

Get Dental Implants
Dental implants wheeling il are ideal for those who have missing teeth. The implants are constructed out of resin or porcelain materials and have a natural appearance, making them blend in with the rest of your teeth. You won’t have to worry about getting a bridge or dentures to improve the quality of your smile with an option that offers long-term results. The implants are anchored onto the natural bone in the gums and can be surgically implanted into the upper or lower jaw.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits
Scheduling a dental visit every six months will allow you to improve your oral health with the help of a dental professional. You’ll receive a cleaning that will improve the quality of your smile and will remove stains that are present. The dentist will check for oral diseases or cavities that have developed and can also recommend other ways to improve the quality of your teeth.

Your smile will influence your level of confidence and can allow you to succeed in both your personal and professional life. With the right steps taken, you can make an impression with your smile and boost the functionality of your teeth.


Making Sure Your Home is Safe Every Day

When you’re raising a family, it’s crucial that your home is a safe place for them at all times. It can be confusing at times, though, when you’re trying to keep track of all of the risks and protect your family from them. No matter how careful you are, mistakes will happen and people will occasionally get sick or injured. However, it’s absolutely possible to minimize the risks in your home. With a little bit of planning and effort, you can avoid many of the everyday risks that occur. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Avoid Pests That Bite and Sting
If your child has an allergy to bee stings or any bug bites, this is very important. But even if they don’t, it’s a good idea to take care to prevent possible infestations, stings, and bites from pests of all kinds. When it comes to household pests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Talk to a local pest control professional about treatments you can get that will stop problems before they start. If you need pest control La Plata MD, look for a well-established and respected company like Waldorf Termite and Pest to help prevent problems that could hurt your home and family.

Protect Against Fire
Make sure that all of the bedrooms and main rooms in your home have working smoke detectors that have working batteries. Put a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and another one in your garage. Avoid using space heaters and do not allow anyone to smoke in your home, as these are the two most common ways that fire starts. Also, make sure that your family has a clear plan in case of fire, including a place where you’ll all meet up after getting out of the house. Practice fire drills at home so that your family can do it without thinking when an emergency strikes.

Lock Away Dangerous Items
There are many risks in your home that you probably never think about. Chemicals like laundry detergent, bleach, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, and fuels all are extremely dangerous. Not only should you put away these poisons in a place where kids can’t reach, you should also lock up the most dangerous ones in a secure location. If you have any weapons in your home, lock them up too.