Food Pictures During The Holidays

On Wednesday, we waited for almost half an hour to get a table and then sweated buckets under the hot noon sun at the  O&S Restaurant @ Paramount Garden, PJ (hawkers’ centre):

Perpetual long queue at the chee cheong fun and yong tau foo stall…

Assam laksa with extra fish…

Famous yong tau foo with prawn paste chee cheong fun (my absolute favorite and best in the world CCF) and curry noodles…

Char koay teow with big prawns and cockles…

King Royal Rojak Indian rojak is the bomb. It passes with flying colors from the gourmand hubs and gourmand matriarch. The crackers have generous amounts of whole prawns fried within and the sauce is thick, luscious and lip-smacking.  We had this on Wednesday and three days later, which is today, the hubs made a drive to this coffee shop again to tuck into the rojak with his foodie buddy, Alan Yun and bought 3 packets back home for us.

With all the famous Penang food available at O&S, we don’t  need to drive all the way up north.  Some of our friends from KL who drove to Penang were stuck in a horrendous traffic jam, that last over 8 hours. It’s ‘raining people’ in Penang now as it’s the school holidays and there’s a long weekend ahead of us.

It’s a rare occasion that I agreed to join hubs to sweat it out at O&S.  He normally does all the queuing at this coffee shop to get takeout of all our favorite hawkers’ food and we enjoy them at the comforts of our own home.

Yesterday, we had dinner with our usual group of buddies and their kiddos at OUG Jade Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant opened just a year ago at OUG.  There is currently a first year anniversary promotion on going where there’s a big price slash on such popular items from the menu as suckling pig, Peking duck, Soon Hock fish, etc.

Our suckling pig and steamed Soon Hock fish.


And breakkie with Cass this morning at the Mamak restaurant:

Breakfast was just the two of us. The other 2 girls were still in slumberland as we had a very late night with our friends the night before and only hit the sack way past 1 a.m.

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