Stress Over High Schools

Today is a day of mixed emotions for me.  The results for acceptance into the Chinese private high school for Drama Queen are out today.  Drama Queen’s name is not listed in the acceptance list when I checked the results at the school’s website.  While the hubs ain’t too happy, I, on the other hand am very relieved.  From the very beginning, I have been trying hard to convince the hubs against sending Drama Queen to this school. Although this high school was voted best Chinese private high school in our country, but it is very academic driven. Alycia is still surviving there, thank God. But Drama Queen does not have the materials of a Chinese school student. Thank God she survived 6 years in a Chinese high prestige primary school, albeit struggled in Chinese. Both she and Cass hate Chinese. They often query me on why they have to be forced to study in a Chinese school.  Drama Queen would fare well in an English medium school, which means sending her to an international school or home schooling center.  But the hubs is strongly against home schooling centers and international schools are out of our budget.

Drama Queen would definitely be accepted by the Feeder school, which is an SMK in our neighborhood.  The hubs is 101% steadfast against sending any of his daughter to this school. He says that this school has high incidences of truancy and gangsterism.

What’s next then?

Wait for the UPSR results to be announced come mid November. And wait for the letter from MoE on the allocated school.  Then pop in to the said school and request for a transfer of school.  Next, we would have to make a trip to JPN (Jabatan Pendidikan Negara) Selangor in Shah Alam to submit our request.

The school that I have in mind for Drama Queen is a Cluster School of Excellence and located in Selangor. We are in KL. Priority will be given to feeder schools in Selangor and straight As students. Next batch of acceptance will be for schools out of Selangor and students with good UPSR results.

Tough luck I know. But I will try to submit the transfer application and if it’s rejected, I will appeal.  So I am on tenterhooks now and feeling pretty stressed out over high schools for Drama Queen.

What if the application for our school of choice is still rejected despite several appeals?

We’ll cross the bridge when we reach it. Hopefully by then the hubs would have hit the Jackpot and become an instant millionaire.  And our 3 girls would get the opportunity to study in a good international school. End of headache and stress. Hah!

Who knows? Miracle does happen and it has happened to me not once but many times.

Today is the 16th day of the 8th month on the Chinese calendar (Moon Festival was yesterday). And the moon tonight is still exceptionally huge and bright, thanks to a heavy down pour earlier which cleared the skies.

At 7 p.m. today (below), the moon could be seen hanging majestically on the cloudy sky:

And it’s still there, at the same spot, big and bright at 7:30 pm (below):

Hopefully all my wishes made on this special day with a big bright moon would materialize.


Plan The Perfect Party In Your Backyard

When you are planning a party in your backyard, you want to make sure that your event is a success. You have already sent out the invites. You have been mowing and trimming to make your yard look its best. Now you need to plan for the main event. You want to give your guests a warm welcome. When you are prepared, you can expect your day to go as smoothly as possible.  It will be a memorable occasion that will bring your guests back for more.

Have a Plan B
You have planned an outdoor gathering, but you need to be ready in the event that the weather is not cooperating. If you don’t want to postpone your event, think about what you can do to accommodate your guests. You could put up a tent to keep the rain off of everyone’s heads or you can make sure your garage is cleaned out for the day of your party. As a last result, you may need to take it inside.

Serve a Variety of Foods and Beverages
Everyone has unique tastes when it comes to food. You can offer a variety that includes favorites from the grills, salads, and fresh produce. Don’t forget dessert to satisfy those hungry appetites. Water, soft drinks, juices and alcohol are perfect for your beverages. You can always invite your guests to share a dish as well to give everyone a broad assortment of choices during your party.



Don’t Forget the Entertainment

Turn up the music and break out the games while your guests mingle. The official cornhole game, horseshoes, frisbee toss, and volleyball or only a few favorites that can keep your guests occupied. Games are a great way to break the ice. When you give your visitors many options, you will be sure to have a positive response to your party. Offer plenty of seating arrangements as well to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Whether people are sitting down to eat, lounging in the yard, or engaged in a game of croquet, you will know you have had a successful event if no one wants to leave as your party comes to a close. You will know what is a hit as you gear up for your next backyard gathering. The best thing you can do is serve plenty of food as you give everyone a break from everyday life for a little while.