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Would you agree with me that most females have at least one gynecological problem at least once in their lifetime? I would say almost all my girlfriends have at least a gynecological problem now or in the past. These problems range from infertility to Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), fibroids in the uterus, cysts in the ovaries, vaginal yeast infection, Cystitis, breast lumps and the list goes. I am not spared too and I once had problems with infertility, PCOS, blocked ovarian tube, vaginal yeast infections, Cystitis and fibroid in my uterus. Some of these problems are recurring too. Consulting an Ob&Gyn is quite costly here and some of these well-known doctors have so many patients that they often rush their patients off during the consultation. That is the reason why I always surf the internet to read up more on my medical condition before I consult my Ob&Gyn. I have even tried to self-treat myself by using the information that I had gathered from the internet.

Today I discovered, a medical resource site that enables anyone to ask questions and get answers related to gynecological problems. All the gynecologists that will answer the questions are American trained and board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. There is free information in the extensive database but if you do not get the answers that you are looking for, all you have to do is to type in your question and pay a small processing fee to get high quality, personalized answers.  There will be no charge for follow-up questions, so once you ask the doctor, you can continue to speak with the doctor until you are satisfied. There is even a refund should you not be satisfied with the answers provided to you.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a nagging gynecological problem that’s been troubling you, just log on to and get your answers from the experts there.  Just write in your question today and you will receive an answer by e-mail by midnight the following day.

But remember, never, ever, use the information provided by or any internet source as a replacement for a visit to your health care provider.

10 thoughts on “Ask A Gynecologist Online

  1. Hi. I’m Angie. My problem is that I have a a skin tag like structure which I notices on my labia minora part. Its been there for 3yrs now. With what I’ve read its something like a vulvar wart but the problem is its suppose to be an STD. I had sex only my husband and according to my husband its likewise. would there be some other cause aside from sexual transmission? I’ll be consulting a gyne but since I’m n Kuwait I really not that sure about the doctors here. I’ve decided to consult in the Phil. But I’m really getting paranoid since I also wanted to get pregnant and I don’t know if this will be a problem. Please help me.

    Thank you,

  2. After me and my boyfriends spent the night together i got my period it didnt last as long as it always did ans wasnt as heavy. But i haven’t had my period since that time(august 28). Does this mean im pregnant. And if is does what are some signs i can recongnize. please i need help

  3. my problum is this my perriod are stoped a 4 month and thy are not come a long time.i have not pregnency problum.becous i m unmarid girl and i dont have any other problum,pleas tell me is this series condetion for me?wahy they are not comes?

  4. im 28 i missed my period and since a week and i have a swollen belly and sight pain under the chest and above my stomach. im feeling as if im carrying a hard ball in my it normal? or is it a syptom of pregnancy?

  5. hai sir/madam,

    i am at 27,hus at 34.he have diabetic,BP,cholestrol and going protein from urine.he is taking servace,statix,omnitan and glyciphage medicines there any problem to get pregnant.

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