Millenium Cactus Juice

I finally bought a pack of E. Excel Millenium Cactus Juice to try from my former classmate, after much pondering.  After hearing all the goodness and praises for this very costly infection-fighting concoction of juices, I decided I want to give it a try – to my 2 older girls (esp. Alycia) who are always down with throat infection. I am also feeding this to Baby C – just a small teaspoon a day as the juice is known to fight off infections.  Hopefully, it can fight off the bugs responsible for causing her urinary tract infection (UTI). 

I don’t know how effective it is in helping Alycia and Sher fight off the bugs that always cause them throat infection but when I had very bad vaginal yeast infection 2 days ago, I took a quarter glass of this juice and the following day, the infection cleared!  Coincidence or a fact, I don’t know.  I have to try a few packs on my 3 kids to be able to see the results. There goes my hard-earned money but oh well, if it can buy good health, I won’t mind a bit.

Anyone taking this too?  Care to share your experience with this juice?

15 thoughts on “Millenium Cactus Juice

  1. Wow..very expensive juice. I took it when I was pregnant with WH and during early pregnancy with JL. Haven’t really let the kids try because it’s too expensive.

  2. Ashley has been taking this since she was 1 year old 😀 It’s good for building up the immune system. The price will increase next month so better stock up if you want to take this.

  3. my kids have been taking this since err.. 6 mths ago? dont quite remember but children are to take 1 soup spoonful a day and adults 2 spoonsful. u took 1/4 glass ah?!!! so much!! hehe!

    there were a lot of improvement on my SIL’s kids, and i cant mention my kids. ‘siu hei’ if u know what i mean..

  4. millennium contains wild honey, and aren’t babies below one year of age not supposed to consume honey? Just a thought..

    have you tried spirulina? It also boosts immune system, and costs less.

  5. I first read about this at’s motherhood forum. I was looking for some supplements for my daughter. You can go there to have a look.

  6. I was letting my boy having it more than 3 times a day (1 tablespoon each time) since he was hospitalised and he do needs more now on his skin recovering.

    So far as for pregnant this juice is very good to mother and baby…Hope you can give more to Baby C to boost her immune system and fight for the bacteria. For cancer patient it is good too.

    10% increase on price after August 15th. I still thinking want to buy another set or not.

  7. i drank the entire packet in one night cause i was thirsty. it was rather quenching and the following morning I urinated precious metals.

  8. Can I feed to 3 mth old baby and how much per day? My gal is down with running nose and cough. I m intersted to buy if it can help to boost my bb immune system. How can I share?

  9. I give my baby to drink Millenium Cactus Juice since 10days old after born until now(about 11mths old)
    It’s really effective as no sick and fever when give an injection..
    Don worry to try this product.

  10. can u give me detail about millenium cactus n how much the prices. if u dont mind can u share to me benefit if consume millenium cactus n where i can buy this at malaysia… for cancer patient can drink..

  11. Nurul, it cost me over RM500 for a box of 2 packs 5 yrs ago. I hv stopped taking as it’s too costly. You can join the E Excel page in Facebook and ask about the price and how to buy it.

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