When You Have A Baby, You Never Enjoy Your Meals Anymore

That was my breakfast yesterday – black sesame bread spread on a slice of multigrain bread, cut into easy-to-bite sizes so that I can put them into my mouth with a fork.

When Baby C is crabby and fussy and does not want to be placed in her playpen a.k.a. her cage, I will have to carry her whilst I eat my meals. It ain’t easy carrying her and eat at the same time coz my little hyper-active baby will be moving and arching her body away and grabbing my plate/bowl with her hands.   I have to put her on my lap and keep her body away from the table, holding her with my left hand…. so that her hands will be out of bounds from my food…. and reading my newspapers at the same time, so as not to waste any time.    One time, I had placed my styrofoam lunch box too near me just for a few seconds when I put the food into my mouth and my Miss Itchy Hands grabbed the lunch box in a split second and all the food was flung and strewn everywhere on the floor!  Luckily it was a styrofoam lunch box and not a breakable plate/bowl, otherwise, my maid and I would have to clean up an even bigger mess. No. of times viewed = 231

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  1. Mommy to Chumsy

    LOL…i think we stopped enjoying our food as soon as we became a mother. Come to think of it, there are many things we never enjoy anymore.

  2. mott

    lol!! Barb is right!

    Wah…can even read newspapers….I don’t even hv time for that!!!

  3. Malaika's mummy

    yeap, agreed with Barbara. But it will become better as baby C grows older.

  4. sasha

    totally agree with barb. now we just eat, basically swallow our food.we eat to live and produce milk now.

  5. HN

    How true! Especially eating out … I am being trained to eat fast as well … No wonder most mommies complain about their body shape… You know, eating fast = growing fat faster *sigh*


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