Outing At Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

On Saturday, I finally met up with Paik Ling and her family.  PL’s sil, Yi Yi is one of my oldest and dearest childhood friends.  We have known each other for more than 3 decades since our pre-school days at Adventist Playhouse in Ipoh, before we went to MGS, Ipoh.  PL and her parents are very warm and friendly folks. 

I really like the concept and layout of Jungle Gym. It is very safe as the guardian’s thumbprint would be scanned by a computer before they enter the playarea. The place is also very clean. You can read more about Jungle Gym at PL’s blog at the link provided above.

I had fun going down the long slides too. Daddy carried Baby C and went down the slide. I was so worried that fatty daddy would tumble down together with baby!

The food there is also not too bad. These are the kids’ meals:

Fish patties with mashed potatoes and mashed green peas.

Burger with mashed potatoes and mashed green peas.

My chicken chop.

Hubby and our maid had nasi lemak.

We will definitely go to Jungle Gym again. This place would be a perfect place for a bloggers’ meet. Perhaps we should have a bloggers’ meet one of these days at Jungle Gym. Any takers?

15 thoughts on “Outing At Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

  1. ooo…the little was not afraid sliding down with daddy? She looks so cute with the hairclip 😀

    Hey, Jungle Gym sounds fun. Hmm..perhaps can organize a bloggers’ meet eh? Maybe after school reopens? Let me see, ok? 😀

  2. Michelle…. tks is RM28 per kid. I forgot to mention that there’s also a skating ring inside JG. Rental of the roller skates is also RM28 per kid.

  3. i like the after make over BSC, 4th floor more kids friendly. Had been there, but not into Jungle Gym, should check out the place next time. If got blogger meet, count me in ya. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you!!

  4. Im the area manager for this company whinc i run the Jungle Gym and the Roller Sports World. Thank you a lot for the wonderful response for my playland . We are looking to improvise on the services for the future. Do give a call at 017-2890211 for anythind that you all wish to know or just drop me a email at mohan@onlyworldgroup.com.; Thannk you all.


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