Day 1 Post Eye Surgery

I think Baby is not very much traumatized by the Chalazion eye surgery that she had undergone 4 days ago at ISEC. That’s because each time after seeing the ophthalmologist, she gets to eat Baskin Robins ice-cream, can have lunch with daddy and mummy at the restaurant and can go shopping at Jaya Jusco. She can have all of daddy and mummy’s undivided love and attention without sharing them with her 2 jie jies. She associates going to the hospital with fun time 😀

This is Baby 1 day after the eye surgery. We were at ISEC Mid Valley to have a post-op check up. The consultation with the ophthalmologist only lasted 5 minutes and cost us RM130! This bomb shell is pretty big eh?  Praying hard that the insurer will reimburse us the cost of the surgery this time.

After the eye check up, we went down to Mid Valley to have lunch at Delicious. Baby whose appetite ain’t very good lately chomp down a small plate of pasta, which she shared with daddy.

After lunch, she had a box of Glico Pretz, her favorite biscuit sticks in the car on the way home. See, hospital trips ain’t that frightful anymore with so many goodies and rewards from daddy and mummy, right?

9 thoughts on “Day 1 Post Eye Surgery

  1. eh.. she is not in the child seat???

    She sure loves all the undivided attention. As long as she is happy, mummy and daddy also are happy. And I as a reader, is also happy for her. 🙂

  2. I hope all goes well with your daughter and recovery is fast and successful. It’s particularly hard when a young child undergoes surgery. My daughter was 3 when she had dental surgery. She was scared and traumatized when she woke up. It’s no easy task as parents to go through this kind of ordeal.

  3. Good idea to associate something unpleasant with something nicer. I think we do that as adults too. I echo MKMummy’s concern abt the child seat. Not sure abt local laws there, but good idea to include the shoulder straps.

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