Our Teachers’ Day Gifts

Years ago, I only needed to buy 1 gift during Teachers’ Day and it was only for Alycia’s teacher.  Then when Sherilyn went to pre-school, I had to buy 2.  Now that they are in primary school where Teachers’ Day is celebrated on a grander scale with a party and all that jazz, my 2 girls told me that they wanted to give a gift each to all the teachers who teach them * rolling my eyes 360 degrees!! * Alycia has 9 teachers and Sherilyn told me she has 9 teachers too!  Are there really so many teachers I wonder?? But they begged and persuaded me and said that they really really wanted to give all their teachers a gift, SO….

So hubs and I brought Alycia to do the shopping last Saturday after dropping Sherilyn for ballet class. Alycia almost wanted to swoop all the boxed and bar chocolates that were on the shelves of the mini market into our shopping cart. But we had a budget. So we got her a total of 10 boxes and bars of chocolates for her teachers, including the Mandarin tutor who comes to our place. Fortunately the mil who has a passion for baking volunteered to bake cup cakes for Sherilyn’s teachers, which costs cheaper than buying chocolates.  And so she was in charged of Sherilyn’s teachers’ gifts from the baking of the cuppies to the wrapping to writing notes in Chinese.

This is what Alycia and Sherilyn gave their teachers for Teachers’ Day this year:

Bar and boxed chocolates wrapped using mil’s pretty plastic wrappers and tapes which she bought in Taiwan.  The mil did all the wrapping and Alycia wrote the little notes for her teachers.

The mil’s creation… homemade chocolate cuppies with walnuts, wrapped with polka dot plastic bags.  Pretty eh?

10 thoughts on “Our Teachers’ Day Gifts

  1. Wow, how I wished I was one of their teachers! I would prefer the home-baked cupcakes though. It’s the thought that counts really and the sincerity that goes with all the detailed wrappings and writing of good wishes…Lucky teachers and lucky children who have such thoughtful parents and grandparent!

  2. Yeah, me too. As my lil prince proceeds to another year, we also add on our gifts to the teachers who have taught him. He also wants to give to all his teachers in school. I like your homemade cuppies. They are wrapped very nicely!

  3. My son also have 9 teachers! He used to have lesser, only 5 in his previous school as his class teacher taught most of the subjects. By the way, I heart the gift wrappers, nice!

  4. Nice! I am a teacher – I can honestly tell you that teaching kids nowadays isn’t easy. It’s *really* nice to be appreciated.

    I think their teachers will love the chocolates and scrumptious cuppies with walnuts. 🙂

    Hey, my students give me a bouquet of flowers, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, nice keepsakes, sushi.

    Me? I buy my son’s teachers silk scarves and perfume. Of course, there are only 3 teachers now 😉

  5. Very nice gift for the teachers…..how I wish can be one of the teachers to rec’d those gift too…hahaha:)

  6. Thank god we don’t have “Teacher’s Day” here! We do however (in primary school only) have gifts at Xmas and maybe at year’s end. It is nice to have homemade goodies but I can imagine how much other stuff each teacher ends up with. We normally would give gift certificates for coffee (like Starbucks) or for bookstores. You have no idea how many mugs for teachers end up in charity stores!

  7. Oops, forgot to add one more thing….a charitable donation in the name of the teacher/s. In fact, this is what the adults in our family do for Xmas.

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