Joys And Throes Of Motherhood

After splitting our hairs trying to find a 63cm x 63cm space to fit in a dishwasher into our shoe-sized kitchen, our conclusion is that the kitchen has no space. There is an empty space in the dry kitchen, but that would mean lots of hacking and sacrificing 2 kitchen cabinets… and more $$, on top of the RM2k++ for the dishwasher. The only space available is on top of our washing machine, which would be a tad hazardous. Imagine removing some heavy and fragile chinaware or pots and pans from the upper rack of the dishwasher, placed on top of the washing machine.  So, it’s back to square one and rather than get really upset with this conclusion, I am now roping in the 2 older girls to help out in the dish-washing chore every night… on a roster. Of course I will still be the one in charge of rinsing the dirty dishes and putting dishwashing liquid. Aly and Sher will stand next to me on the next sink rinsing the dishes. This way, my time in the kitchen post-dinner can be reduced by half. It’s been 3 days already and the girls are telling me that they are enjoying this * roll eyeballs * Well, I shall see la… if they are still enjoying this after 1 more week.

While her che che and I are washing dishes in the wet kitchen, Cass’ duty is to use a piece of wet tissue to pick up food dropped onto the floor. She’s enjoying it too and would volunteer to wipe the floor after dinner each night 😀

With 3 daughters helping me out, I don’t think I need a live-in maid. Of course it would be a luxury to have one so that I can spend more time with the girls in their school work but unfortunately, the current maid situation in our country is such that most medium class households have to forget about hiring a live-in maid and adjust their lifestyles.

12 thoughts on “Joys And Throes Of Motherhood

  1. I too asked my girls to help me out on washing the dishes. I can tell you they will take a long time washing a plate or a cup, when I take a peep they are actual playing the bubbles, they have to change clothes and I have to wipe the floor each time, not to mention about the waste of washing liquid. I am still training them, I am sure they will to a good job when they are bigger..looks like Alycia is enjoying her dish washing task..

  2. It is good to get the girls involve in all the house chores, then only they know how to appreciate your effort. My two girls are being too pamper, they have all their time in studying and tuition.

  3. Alycia is very helpful. Washing dishes together bring a closer connection, it certainly fun and wonderful chatting with your girl when both of you doing chores together.

  4. I have always been extremely insistent kids help out with household chores. Basically, there is NO choice. C’mon, it should take 30mins to do the dishes. I bet kids (esp. mine) spend more time than that in front of the computer/ TV everyday!

  5. do you feel a dishwasher is helpful should one has space for it? im thinking whether i should get one. must ask around those who have it to see if its worth it. of course i plan to also train the girls la but i need to find a detergent which is safe for them. psst, are u a malaleuca member? im interested! 🙂

  6. Hello there
    ive been a silent reader for awhile now. i was just wondering how did u manage to remain so youthful after 3 kids. Sometimes I look at you its hard to believe you’re actually in your 30s you look like somewhere in the 20s!!

  7. Karina, I’m going to be 40 in a few mths! I think exercising and maintaining a small frame helps with the youthful look, apart from genes. Tks for the compliments! 🙂

  8. without a live in maid is a blessing in disguise … so happy that your girls help to do house work … well, I have a dish washer and I hardly use it because I prefer to wash dishes manually and do some thinking …

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