Lunch At Tapas Bistro & Bar @ Micasa All Suite Hotel, KL

After Alycia’s appointment with the orthodontist near KLCC on Saturday, we were hunting for a decent place to have something light.  Alycia and Cass suggested sandwiches, so daddy stopped by a few places to check out and in the end, we settled for Tapas Bistro & Bar @ Micasa All Suite Hotel.  That was our very first time dining in this decades old hotel and I was initially skeptical on the quality and choice of food. But I was wrong.  We were all very satisfied with this cozy place and the food was great too.

Hungry baby gulping down a bowl of creamy mushroom soup before walloping my luscious charbroiled chicken and daddy’s grilled chicken sandwich.  This pint size baby girl has a ravenous appetite!   As for those fat and oil-laden fries on our 2 plates of main course, they were only allowed a few sticks each and the rest – tapau back for our guards’ as snacks.

My luscious and tender charbroiled chicken. Very flavorful and meat was not dry and tough at all. Rating on HFM’s food scale is 9/10!

Daddy’s omelette on a bed of fries…

Hungry, happy girls before digging into the decadent food.  Sherilyn had to stay home as she had ballet class to attend.

Would definitely pay this cozy place a visit again after Alycia’s next appointment with the orthodontist in February next year 😀

7 thoughts on “Lunch At Tapas Bistro & Bar @ Micasa All Suite Hotel, KL

  1. wah, your food reviews always leave me so hungry!!! does alycia needs to wear braces eventually? i was one who wore one when growing up (when i was in form 2 and wore it for less than 2 years). my sis was younger, when she was around 9 years old. from our experience, i feel one should wear braces older around late teens to adulthood as our teeth and jaw will still grow. I feel i need to wear one again as there are gaps (but not obvious) now in between some of my teeth. a friend of mine who wore in school also did hers again second round a few years back. just my 2 cents…

  2. Syn, that’s what the very old but experienced ortho. said. That’s why he is very relaxed and does not seem kan cheong at all looking at Alycia’s teeth and jaw. He said even if Aly were to wear the braces & plate for many years, when she removes it around 16 or 17 yo, the jaw may still go out of place. So just monitor and wait and see. Tks for your advice! 🙂

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