Happy Sunday – 6 Jan 2013

Woke up at 7:45am on this lovely, sunny Sunday morning — the first Sunday in 2013. It’s a rare occasion that I get to sleep in and see the sunlight  seeping in through the blinds in my bedroom.  I have skipped exercising for 4 days already as the hubs had to leave  the house in the wee hours of the morning to supervise his staff in the kitchen and shop, so I had to be around since I am maidless now and the mil is still overseas. Anyway, the reason why I slept in this late today is because I have not been feeling too well the past 3 days — down with a mild cold with nose congestion and throbbing headache — I think as a result of start of school blues — waking up at 5am everyday and only going to bed at close to midnight, plus orders from my online store have been high too.

Anyway, I feel really fresh and in a  perky mood today. That’s how important getting sufficient rest and sleep is and how  it affects one’s mood and temperament for the rest of day.  This is just a short post and I have to get the 3 dilly dalliers ready for church now.

Happy Sunday peeps! 😀

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