Guess Who We Chanced Upon Today?

While shopping for shoes and handbag at Aldo boutique @ Bangsar Village today, I bumped into someone with such a familiar face. At a brief glance, I thought she looked like Chui Ling but I wasn’t too sure as she was so dressed down and without any make-up. But when she smiled, aha, her trademark dimple surfaced and I was certain it was her. I asked her if she was Chui Ling and she smiled and said yes! So what else? A blogger has to do what a blogger has to do, right? LOL!  I was very tempted to send the picture to my Facebook wall right away after taking the pic, but after reading stories on kids being kidnapped when their parents posted their pix from smartphones with places check-in live floating everywhere in Facebook, I ain’t going to take the risk.

Though without a tinge of make-up, Chui-Ling still looked dazzling, though she has gained weight. She no longer has the stick figure like she used to when I first watched her movies about 10 years ago.

Who is Chui Ling?
In her earlier days, Chui Ling hosted the popular On The Beat TV programme – a weekly variety info and entertainment show. She later co-hosted the daily morning show on WAFM, a Malaysian Chinese radio station, before moving on to Astro’s MYFM 101.8 where she had a daily 5-minute segment called Chui Ling’s Drivetime Mall, which has now ended its run.

At present, she helms the 6am-10am breakfast show, Morning Boss, on Astro’s newest Chinese radio station, Melody FM103.
She is also a frequent host of Astro Wah Lai Toi programmes (the country’s satellite station’s premier Chinese channel) and annually hosts the feng shui-inspired Feng Shui Voyage and Walking the Dragons with Joey Yap. She is also well-known for the extremely popular food programmes, Recipes, with Love, Menu Please and One Day Five Meals, as well as Ladies Sdn Bhd and Tohoku Travel Blog by HK-TVB. She has two publications to her name plus iPhone apps and a web-based magazine called Chicliving, too.
Besides TV and running her own boutique media and production agency, Chui Ling is also a popular choice for emcee at numerous and various ground events ranging from product launches and annual dinners to sports commentating in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and even, Thailand.

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