Answering Back Rudely

My almost 5-yo baby girl has a very bad habit lately.  She has learned to answer me back, in a curt way that is!

Example of how she likes to answer me back…

After umpteen times asking her to go to the bathroom to pee, I finally blew my top.

Me –  go and wee wee right now!

Cass ignored me…

Me – if you get another UTI, I will dump you in the hospital and won’t take care of you!

Cass – SO??

Me – So you will suffer in the hospital alone!

Cass – I DON’T CARE!

I wonder where she has learned that from — the smug, rude way of answering back!!

Yesterday  evening after she has answered me back rudely, I was really pissed off with this rascal. After dinner…

Cass – mummy, I am still hungry

Me – SO?

Cass – I want to eat biscuits


Cass – why are you talking like this?

Me – that’s how you answer me. Do you like it huh??

Cass – NO…

Me – don’t talk like that to me again, you hear me? Say SORRY now!

Cass – I am sorry mummy, I am sorry mummy, I am sorry mummy…. and she went on and on babbling apologies till I asked her to shut up lol!

A typical sight if we go shopping after 9pm…

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