First Day Of Our Year Of Sssssssssnake

We had our  reunion dinner at the hubs’ uncle’s house yesterday. Everyone was hissing with laughter, tossing yee sang and feasting on lots of rich CNY dishes from chicken (organic chicken) to pomfret fish, loads of pork dishes, braised mushrooms with sea cucumber, duck, gigantic prawns, several veggie dishes, soup and an array of CNY desserts and snacks.

Today, as part of our CNY tradition, my mil cooked fried vegetarian  vermicelli and a vegetarian dish.  In the morning, we had a Skype call on the mil’s iPad with her 3rd daughter in New Zealand.  The girls tempted sam koo ma with the fried vegetarian vermicelli and mandarin oranges. It was great catching up with her and her pair of cutie twin boy and girl.

The girls ‘offering’ kam (mandarin oranges) to sam koo ma

After our vegetarian lunch, hubs and I gave ang pow to our brood of 3 and they were taught how to say sweet verbal offerings to the elders.

And after this ang pow ceremony, we went to Mid Vally Megamall. Whilst the hubs, the mil and the 3 girls watched ‘Journey To The West’, I had a great time shopping — bought clothes for the girls and myself and shoes for myself haha! Nothing gives me better satisfaction than retail therapy, sssssshehehehehessssssssssssss…….

Here’s wishing my family members, all my readers and all my friends a very happy, prosssssperoussss and sssssssssmooth sssssssailing year of the Ssssssssssssssssnake!  Ularla!!

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