Our 2013 Valentines Day

Today the mil and the hubs’ aunt brought Alycia and Sherilyn to Mid Valley Megamall for lunch and shopping.  Hubs was at a client’s function and so could not bring them out. And I was just too lazy to go out as we have been going out almost everyday during the CNY holiday. I just wanted to stay home and like what Cass said, “enjoy some peace” lol! To Cass, peace means having the whole lappie all to herself and doing whatever she wants with the lappie and no fighting with her 2 sisters 😀

Since there was no left over dishes in the fridge, I cooked instant noodles for lunch for Cass and myself… a healthy bowl of instant noodles that is, without any seasoning or soy sauce… just 2 pinches of pink sea salt, pepper and sesame seed oil. The rest of the flavor in the soup comes from 2 pieces of chicken drumsticks, some fresh Eryngii mushrooms, 2 ripened tomatoes, 2 baby sweet corns and 3 eggs. I used the rectangular dried instant noodles packed without any seasoning.

This is all for Cass and she was so glad too that she need not have to fight with her 2 sisters for the noodles!

Tonight we are having homecooked dinner at home and I think the hubs will be home with a cake as usual, just for his 3 angels to have a cake blowing, cutting and photography session for our album.  I doubt my man will surprise me with a gift since he’s just given me a X’mas pressie and next month will be my birthday.

3 thoughts on “Our 2013 Valentines Day

  1. I like your HK bowl and chopsticks … haha .. now that I read your Vday post, I have to remind my boss about our postponed date and perhaps a gift ….

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