Homecooked Dinner – 23 Feb 2013

Presenting 6 of our 7-course homecooked dinner that we had at home 2 evenings ago.

1) Gado-gado– composed of fried tofu bought from the Japanese food section at Isetan, blanched cabbage, long beans and special homemade Gado-gado sauce.

2) Steamed egg with minced meat

3) Stuffed dried oysters with minced meat, fish meat and watercress.  Sauce composed of dried oysters, minced garlic and fatt choy (Angel’s hair). My dad made this for CNY and he brought some for us last week.

4) Stir-fried Por Choy (Chinese spinach)

5) Minced arrow-roots  with minced khang choy (Chinese celery) and minced siew yoke (roast pork)

6) Roast chicken (restaurant bought)

7) Lotus root soup (not in pic)

Close-up shot of the dishes…

There are still lots of raw meat and fish in the freezer bought specially for CNY and it looks like we will continue to have CNY themed dishes for another week or more, YUMS 😀

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