Life Is Never A Bore When You Have Mischievous Kids

I mentioned in my earlier post that in my motherhood journey, I encounter and grapple with problems related to my kids everyday. Almost everyday, I  face a new ‘juicy’ issue to jolt me up from the jadedness of being a WFHM. Today, when I picked Cass up from school, I just had a hunch that teacher E would tell me what my mischievous Cass had done in school today.  From a far,  as I was walking towards the school gate, I could already see that teacher E was trying to tell me something. Oh no, not another complaint!!  Why is my adorable sweetie pie slowly turning into a brat just like rascal #2?!   I felt like making a U-turn and not face the teacher but hey, that’s evading a problem and I have always been telling my girls not to run away from a problem but to face it bravely.  And I love caring and dedicated teachers like teacher E – strict and firm, yet very caring.

My naughty girl got hold of a piece of blue tack and stuck it to her gob of hair but she just would not tell teacher E where she took the blue tack from and when she stuck it to her hair.  After grilling her, she finally told me that she had curi the piece of blue tack from the wall of her classroom, just like what I had expected her to have done.  And she said “Sasha also did it”.  Kids, they think that if there is a partner in crime, the crime is not that much a crime! Sasha is Cass’ best friend since last year.

When I got home, I tried to remove the blue tack from Cass’ hair but the sticky tack was too much and all over that gob of hair. And I was pulling hair off her scalp too! So I had no choice but to snip off that gob of hair.   And I warned her never to do this again.  With 3 kids, life is never, ever a moment of bore.

3 thoughts on “Life Is Never A Bore When You Have Mischievous Kids

  1. Indeed life is never bored with kids around us. I, too have so many stories to listen everyday about my kids’ mischievousness.

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