Motherhood Uncensored 2

On the eve of Alycia’s BM test early last week, I suddenly remembered that I had not gone through ‘Nilai Murni’ (which literally means pure values if translated directly from BM to English using Google Translate. It is all the good values that one should possess ) with her. And my cool as cucumber daughter nonchalantly told me that she did not bring her book on Nilai Murni back to do revision!! This girl can cause my blood pressure to hit sky high sometimes, especially during the exam season. So what else? It was already 6ish pm and where on earth was I going to find the notes!!?

Bless the person who invented the internet and Google Search. I hurriedly searched for notes on Tahun 4 Nilai Murni and thank God, I found them but the problem was printing them. The teacher who posted her Nilai Murni slides on the internet made it very difficult for the notes to be printed out. I spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to print the darn notes out while nagging Ms Cool As Cucumber away! As I was doing all these, this fella had the cheek to play games on my laptop!! What on earth was she thinking of, W.T.Fun!! After the notes were printed out, I forced   asked  her to memorize them — which was another round of blood vomit session with her!  I went through similar awful moments with her when I gave her Math questions which I set myself.  Lately, I’ve gone through quite a bit of hair-pulling, voice-raising and meltdown moments with this tween of mine.   Well, my only consolation is that she scored a 91/100 for her BM Pemahaman and 93/100 for her Math.    I hope I do not have to go through such distressing moments with her 4 times a year for the next 7 to 9 years!  I pray that she will buckle up and realize her mistakes and behave better!

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  1. i wish I have more time to guide my primary 4 Crystal for her exam. I only took 2 days half day leave off from work to so call guide her and at the same time jaga my shop in the afternoon. I only asked her to do revision on her own and ask me when there’s anything she doesn’t understand. she just simply read through her books and done with, told me that she is sleepy already. she just finished her exam last week and waiting for her results..not as good because she need more guidance.

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