Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

She may look demure and as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but when she sees food, this girl with an insatiable appetite is capable of doing anything and I mean anything… not even the harshest of threats can stop her from shoving forbidden food into her mouth at times. Well, that’s the way this little tough cookie crumbles.

Barely 5 minutes after walloping her dinner last Friday, this suave little rat (she was born in the year of the rat and she ‘steals’ food as swift as a rat too!) and her sisters started to peck on the hot loaf of wholemeal bread that’s just out from the oven the moment our eyes were away from the tray of bread….

If you bake breads regularly, you will know that hot breads with crispy crust taste just so divine! The steaming toothsome flavor of yeast mixed with milk, butter and Manuka honey effused from the hot bread as you bite into the crispy crust can be very addictive. One bite will surely lead you to another bite and another and the outcome is often like this…

… which often leaves grandma beaming with joy and satisfaction

And I admit that I was also a partner in crime muahahahaha!!  Today, grandma will be baking walnut rye bread with figs and we can’t wait to peck on the hot bread this evening 😀

8 thoughts on “Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

  1. Ooohh….i love freshly baked bread too….no wonder your girls acted like a rat. haha…. I have 1 rat at home too, and she too loves to eat.

  2. Sigh…can we exchange grandmas? wink, wink.

    One grandma is not interested in cooking while the other is too far away!

    May we know which brand of breadmaker your MIL uses? Hopefully, an easy as ABC one LOL

  3. Kit, my mil bakes her breads from scratch, i.e. she kneads the dough, lets the bread proof for over 20 hours in total, then prepares another dough on the day of baking before baking the bread 😀 For time-pressed mums like us, you can use breadmaker. I used to make bread using Sanyo breadmaker. My mum is now using Kenwood, that can also make jams 🙂

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