What We Have Been Up To During The School Holidays

I  just realized this morning that I have not updated this blog for almost 6 days! Busy, busy, busy!!  School holidays plus being maidless.  Just before the school holidays started, our part-time maid who comes in everyday sent me a text message to tell me that she wanted to stop working.  Thankfully it was the school holidays and my most reliable daughter, Alycia was able to help me with some of the household chores like washing the dishes, moping part of the floors, cleaning up her own room and folding the clothes.  Today, school reopened and I finally have my quiet me time again in the morning *happy grin*

Enough of ranting about how busy I have been (well, I never had the luxury of time anyway ever since the kids came along). I will leave you with some of the pix that we took during the 2 weeks school holidays.

When we were back in Ipoh, we went to Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang, situated along KK Road.  When we reached there, we were all awe struck with the beautiful scenery and serenity of the recreation park. My parents were equally surprised that having lived in Ipoh for decades, they never knew that such a beautiful tourist spot existed!

At the entrance of Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang and it was sizzling HOT that day!

After the outing, we were all drenched in our own sweat!  And then it poured heavily – my dad had to speed home to retrieve the laundry hanging at the porch but we were a tad late. What a day LOL!

The jetty – tourists can take a 5-minute boat ride to the other side to an animal sanctuary.


While waiting for the boat, Cass fed the fishes with fish food. There were tons of huge and obviously very well fed cat fish and carps in the lake.

Boat ride with granny.  I wonder why on earth the boat operator did not ask us to wear the safety jackets that were kept nicely on a shelf on the boat!!  Are they even aware of the recent fatal boat tragedy in East Malaysia??  What kind of mentality do they have? As usual, only tragedies will wake some people up from their comfortable snooze and shake them away from their lackadaisical attitude.

Over the other side of the lake was a mini zoo.  We were attracted to a pair of ostrich, which were caged up together with some deer. The ostriches were taller than all of us.

Photo: ostriches n deer

We will definitely visit Gunung Lang again.  The kids loved the boat ride. Cass loved feeding the fishes and Alycia vowed to climb to the top of the play tower on the rope ladder the next time she visits Gunung Lang.

Back in KL, we went to a friend’s apartment at Mont Kiara to have steamboat.  This bachelor friend of ours who loves cooking prepared 2 huge pots of soups for the steamboat dinner for over 20 friends. One pot is chicken herbal soup and the other is shark’s bones with prawn shells.   There was a huge spread of fish maw, an assortment of balls, assortment of mushrooms, noodles and lots of sliced meat and veggie. We were all full to the brim after the enjoyable steamboat dinner.

It is now back to the grind for the girls and me.  The next exam for Alycia will be in August and the last one in October for the 3 girls.   And next week will be meet-the-teacher and report card day for us! I just wish that exams will be abolished for primary school kids. It is just too stressful for the kids and the parents.

4 thoughts on “What We Have Been Up To During The School Holidays

  1. ahh..nice outing to Gunung Lang. I also dare to stand at the side and feed the fishes 😛 dared not take the boat ride. hey, Alycia is going to be as tall as you soon 🙂

  2. Very nice scenery, by the way your school reopens so fast, in Singapore, school holidays is for the whole month of June, school will reopen only in July.

  3. nice outing to Gunung Lang .. will remember that if we go to Ipoh .. Bolehland mentality lo … they just couldnt care less about our safety … 🙁

    I can see your tomboy was wearing shorts … and the 2 princess wannabes in pretty skirts 😉

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