Father’s Day 2013

It was a day for the dads on Sunday but the hubs let his angels and me choose the venue for lunch. Since we were at The Gardens (well, our main intention was to go to Professor, the uniform shop to get Alycia some stuff), we chose Sushi Zanmai again. It’s pretty much a suspense whenever we decide to eat at Sushi Zanmai, from the moment we enter the car park right up to the floor where this restaurant is located, coz if we see a long queue (this is likely the case most of the time), all of us would be disappointed.  If you are a fan of Sushi Zanmai, you will know how packed this restaurant is, perpetually! No matter what time or day we are at this outlet, we will never miss the sight of a long bee line. For someone with absolutely no patience waiting, I joined in the queue yesterday as I was really raring to get bites of all my favorite food at Sushi Zanmai. Finally, after a 15-minute wait (which ain’t too long as we were pretty early at 11ish am), it was finally our turn, yay!!

After lunch, the girls wanted to watch a movie with daddy while I was to go shopping but the tickets for  the movies that they wanted to watch were all sold out.  Instead, we detoured to Kids eWorld, where the X-Rider 4D Simulator ride was.

At RM60 for 4 tickets (there was an ongoing buy-3-free 1 ticket promo), we decided to watch a short movie instead!

Since only 4 pax were allowed into the mini cinema, the hubs stayed outside the cinema while watching us on a screen outside the cinema. It was Cass’ first ever 4D movie ride. Towards the end of the 5-minute ride, bubbles (supposedly snow) were shot out inside the cinema.  We thoroughly enjoyed this Snow Coaster 2 ride cum movie and promised the girls another ride the next time we are at Gardens.

Photo: That's the 4 of us on the X Rider

This was what daddy got from the girls — home-made card in a bottle, which they made during art class on Friday.

As everyone was pretty bored of having cakes (which would end up in the fridge for days and finally into the bin!), we had something different to celebrate Father’s Day this year. Hubs ordered a giant size 4-flavor pizza from Itallianies @ Gardens.  Note how huge the pizza was –teaspoon on the right for comparison.   Shocking fact – despite the gigantic size, the 3 girls managed to finish off the pizza for dinner!  The Mil and hubs are on a low carb diet too and staved off from this high carb Italian dish. I only took 1 slice — still on a low carb diet to knock off 1kg that I’d gained 🙁

How did you celebrate Father’s Day this year?

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2013

  1. That was a well-planned day! We just did a steak and lobster BBQ at home, followed by a bacon/cheese/ beer cupcake!!

  2. My girls made their papa cards, and they also chipped in money to buy a pair of badminton wrist bands for their papa. We went out for a seafood dinner with their grand dad too. Yes, this year, they chipped money to buy their grand dad a Crocodile brand belt.

  3. sound like a great day out on Father’s Day. . over here, non event …

    How come your hubs didnt join in the 4D movie?! I tot Father’s day leh , you should be waiting outside … 😉

  4. Re: the Beer “mancakes”…that’s how they were advertised! I’ll never know as my husb and son just inhaled them! Husb said the beer flavour wasn’t too pronounced, but tasty nonetheless. There are such recipes out there on the internet. I have one for peanut butter bacon cookie…heart attack in the palm of your hand!

  5. Chris, bacon in a cookie, that’s pretty high caloric, but I’ll bet it’s tasty! Just like bacon in a nuts laden sweet ‘kam tui’ mooncake!

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