Our Hazy Sunday – 23 June 2013

We woke up to a house filled with the choking smell of smoke yesterday.  I looked out of the window and could not see the KL Tower and KLCC.  To escape the terrible smell in our house, we sought ‘refuge’ at Mid Valley Megamall / Gardens Mall and spent a good 6 hours at the mall!

Here’s a pic of the sky line taken on Sunday, 23 June 2013 around 7:30am…

Cass getting ready for her day out at the mall. Check out the smoggy skies…

While the girls, the MIL and the hubs watched Man Of Steel at the cinema, I had over 2 swell hours of retail therapy muahahaha!!

Sadly, we could even smell the acrid smog air inside the mall… check out the gloomy skies caused by the haze, picture taken from the entrance of The Gardens Mall…

After their movie and my 1st round of shopping spree, we had lunch at Korean BBQ. Actually, we had wanted to eat at Sushi Zanmai, but it was full to the brim yet again.  Then we went to our second option – Fong Lye Taiwanese restaurant but luck was not on our side… third option was the Fong Lye Fusion restaurant but it was packed too… fourth option was Hokkaido Japanese restaurant but yet, it was full to the brim. So we had no choice but to try out  the Korean BBQ restaurant.  I guess everyone else was seeking ‘refuge’ at the mall, thus the full house scene at almost all the restaurants.

After lunch, I had another round of shopping, this time with Alycia and Cass at UniQlo as I wanted to bring Alycia to try on some cropped pants.  Next, we headed to Alexis for some sinful desserts and coffee.

The pecan pie was generously topped with pecans and caramel, which was simply delish and SINFUL to the max!!  The tiramisu at Alexis is our all-time favorite and one of the best we have tasted thus far.  From RM10 a slice for their cakes about 10 years ago, the price has gradually risen to RM16 a slice now for almost all their cakes!!

The princess wannabe could not wait to indulge in her slice of chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream…

A shopping queen in the making..  note how apt her mini tee was for yesterday’s occasion – which is a print of 3 happy shopping girls 😀

Check out the skies of KL today, picture taken at 9:30am on 24 June 2013.

‘Happy holiday’ to all the parents with school-going kids and do stay tuned to the news on when school will be reopened.

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