Bonding With Cousin

The sil and nephew from Hong Kong are here for their yearly holiday in Malaysia.

Here’s Cass and her cousin, Ernest.  They hit it off really well the first time they met last year and in this picture, they are both fixing a house from Lego’s Friends series.  Actually, the first time they met was in the year 2009 when Cass was barely a year old.

Cass is also picking up Cantonese very well, with a tinge of Hongkie accent as well. She picked up Cantonese from Ernest during their visit here last year and since then, she has been watching Cantonese cartoons and TVB series to build her vocab and understanding of Cantonese. Now the 3 girls understand Cantonese and can speak Cantonese pretty well, albeit with a really hilarious twang each time they converse 😀

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